February 12, 2004

The United States of America is Dead?
Bush Issues Declaration of Dependence

"The Nation-State Is Finished"AP Internal Use Only
by William F. Jasper -- The New American
Robert Bartley, a closet one-worlder at the WSJ, used his newspaper's "conservative" clout to seduce American business leaders into sacrificing U.S. sovereignty for trade.

The Bush amnesty plan (which the president insists is not an amnesty) calls for legalizing millions of illegal aliens, whom President Bush, in deference to the canons of political correctness, calls "undocumented workers." It also calls for increasing the flow of "temporary" foreign workers into the country, as well as upping our annual quotas for legal immigrants. All of which would prove disastrous for our already overwhelmed immigration and border patrol agencies. Bush's proposed immigration fiasco did not originate with President Bush, however, or even with his "Amigo Numero Uno," Mexican President Vicente Fox, who endorses this new plan for open borders. This suicidal migration scheme would be more appropriately christened the Robert L. Bartley Open Borders Plan, and the Monterrey Summit of the Americas might well have been dubbed the Robert L. Bartley Memorial Summit, both in honor of the late Wall Street Journal editor who championed the death of nationhood.

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