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Thursday, December 6, 2001

Great grandson of President of Costa Rica
to speak at the December 8th rally

Michael Dibh, Anaheim City Council, Dec. 4th
   "I am a resident of Anaheim."
   "My great-grandfather was the president of Costa-Rica, Curazo...but since I have an Irish last name and white skin, I am considered a racist."
   "Why do these people think they are greater than the law?"
   "If I was an African-American I would really be ticked off, because they're ridding of the shoulders of African- Americans with affirmative action. Those people deserve it. Illegal aliens don't deserve anything but a kick in the butt back."
Michael Dibh (pronounced "deeve") speaks to Anaheim City Council on Dec. 4th.

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Protest Mexican ID Acceptance at Anaheim City Hall - 12/8

Action Alert -- Congress at it again! Calls needed - Stop 245(i)

Action Alert -- Help Defeat Anti-U.S. Trade Bill HR 3005

Attacks Change Attitudes to Immigrants
Since Sept. 11, the United States has suddenly seemed a much less welcoming place to foreigners and immigrants. -- Only a week before the hijack attacks on New York and Washington that killed around 3,900 people, Mexican President Vicente Fox was in Washington. At the top of his agenda was a plan, endorsed by the Bush administration, to offer amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. -- Now, that proposal has been pushed to the back burner...
Associated Press
Convicted Killer Confesses to 26 Slayings
A man convicted in four murders more than two decades ago confessed to 26 other slayings after he was arrested on drug charges. -- Juan Martin Cantu told investigators he was a drug cartel hit man and killed people from Vera Cruz, Mexico, to Michigan. Cantu allegedly made the confession in a taped interview after his arrest Wednesday for felony marijuana possession. -- Cantu was being detained in by the INS and may be prosecuted for illegal entry.

National Post - Canada
More ethnic diversity means less trust
More ethnic diversity can mean fewer connections and less trust among citizens, says Robert Putnam, the international expert who has charted the fraying of community values in North America with his groundbreaking research. -- His newest finding, bound to be controversial, even provocative, will be unveiled in Ottawa tomorrow, when Mr. Putnam speaks at a federal-government sponsored conference on "bringing communities together."
San Francisco Chronicle
Illegals line up to get ID cards
Hundreds of immigrants braved a rainy five-hour line outside the Mexican Consulate yesterday to take advantage of San Francisco's new policy of requiring all city agencies to accept consular ID cards as legal identification. -- San Francisco on Tuesday became the first city or county in the nation to officially honor the "matricula consulare" ID card, issued by the consulate to any Mexican who produces a birth certificate and proof of local residence.

The News - Mexico / EFE
Illegals try again and again
More than 70% of the undocumented Mexicans who are nabbed at the U.S. border trying to enter illegally make another attempt to cross within a week, despite the presence and threat of detention from the Border Patrol. -- The Border Patrol detained 1.5 million migrants in 2000 and these numbers, culled from a report by the National Population Council of Mexico (Conapo), could skyrocket...
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Illegal immigrants hunted
The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service announced Tuesday its first systematic attempt to find 314,000 illegal immigrants who have been ordered deported but cannot be found. -- Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) expressed doubts about the new action. Tancredo is chairman of the congressional immigration reform caucus who has protested the failure to enforce deportation orders.

Re: Anaheim City Council meeting
Thank you so much from the millions of Americans who feel illegal immigration from Mexico is completely out of control.

Tucson Citizen
Arizona-Sonora region slipping since NAFTA
Although the Arizona-Sonora region made some minor improvements in its economic standing compared to the rest of the border region in 2000, the competitiveness of the region is slipping in some key areas that could leave it far behind the pack. -- Since the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect in 1994, Arizona-Sonora's share of trade, commodity and traffic flows have declined.
Charlotte Observer
Governors want stronger Canadian border
Governors and senators of Northern states on Wednesday asked Congress to allocate more money to hire Customs and Immigration and Naturalization Service agents to work at the border with Canada. -- Without the extra security, vulnerability to terrorists coming from the north will increase, the officials said at a hearing on Northern border security before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on the Treasury and General Government.

Beacon Journal
4 held from Canton facing deportation
At least four of the eight Canton [Ohio] men detained in the government's Sept. 11 investigation have been told they will be deported, their friends said yesterday.

Tulsa World
Is the melting pot facing a meltdown?
Tom Tancredo does not count sheep at night to fall asleep. He counts people, millions of them, all crowding into the American dream. -- The Republican congressman from Littleton, Colo., counts waves of illegal immigrants, more than 800,000 a year, streaming through porous borders. He counts the legions of legal immigrants coming into the country, one million annually for the past three decades.
Montgomery Advertiser
Hispanics take lower rung of jobs
The ever-increasing immigration of Hispanics is changing the face of America's manual labor pool, especially as it pertains to positions once held by blacks, two demographic experts said Tuesday. -- Quintard Taylor, a professor of American History at the University of Washington, and Roberto Suro, an author who has written extensively about the subject, said many black women are looking beyond low- paying domestic jobs because of limited opportunities for their ancestors.

Arizona Daily Star
ADOT ready to inspect Mexican trucks
It may take months for a federal screening system to go into effect to ensure Mexican trucks travel safely on U.S. highways, but Arizona transportation officials say they're ready now. -- Still, assuming that President Bush signs the $59.6 billion transportation appropriations measure authorizing the new program, they caution there will be a shakeout period.
Arizona Daily Star
Man held in keeping illegal alien against will
A Pirtleville man was arrested Tuesday on charges that he held an illegal entrant several days against her will and demanded $500 ransom for her release. -- Oscar Medrano, 44, made an initial appearance in justice court in Bisbee on Wednesday and was ordered held on a $25,000 bond. He remained in the Cochise County Jail late Wednesday.

Re: Anaheim City Council meeting
I attended the Anaheim City Council meeting to protest the Mexican ID cards for illegal aliens in Orange County. Those opposed to the ID cards gave dozens of reasons why ID cards should not be accepted, ranging from being outright illegal to how illegal immigration was detrimental to our schools, neighborhoods and culture and should not be tolerated...

Randy Dees to speak at "Defense of America" Rally

Randy Dees gives the Anaheim City Council a sample of plain talk. Dees will speak at the Dec. 8th rally in Anaheim.
Dees gives the Anaheim City Council some "plain talk."
   "I cannot for the life of me understand why the Anaheim Police Department has a meeting in secret to work out some kind of deal. Are they taking orders from Washington or Mexico City? I'd like to know why it seems that we are taking orders from Vicente Fox instead of George Bush. I voted for George Bush. I didn't see Vicente Fox on the ballot."
   "The word illegal is cut and dried. There is no room for interpretation."

L.A. Times
Groups to Protest Police Acceptance of Mexican ID
Critics of the Anaheim Police Department's decision to accept Mexican identification cards are planning a protest Saturday. -- "Acceptance of Mexican ID cards is a clear statement by the Anaheim Police Department that it will ignore U.S. immigration laws to the discriminatory benefit of Mexican nationals in its jurisdiction," said American Patrol president Glenn Spencer, who said police are engaged in "passive resistance." | December 8 Rally Info

Anaheim City Council Meeting - December 4
Lupe Moreno speaks out against illegal immigration
Santa Ana resident Lupe Moreno was one of many who addressed the Anaheim City Council on Tuesday evening objecting to the Anaheim police chief's decision to accept ID's issued by the Mexican Consul. | December 8 Rally Info
Listen / James Fulford
Psst! Wanna Join A Class Action Suit...?
...Under Clinton, the INS cut back on deporting suppliers of cheap labor, and potential Democratic voters. -- Such raids have all but stopped around the country over the last year. In a booming economy running short of labor, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are increasingly tolerated in the nation's workplaces. The Immigration and Naturalization Service has made crossing the border harder than ever, stepping up patrols and prosecuting companies...
Commentary - Orange Co. Register
Davis, Fox meetings are just photo ops
It is easy to see a two-day visit this week to Mexico City by California Gov. Gray Davis as something of a summit of disappointment. Both Gov. Davis and Mexican President Vicente Fox have proven to be disappointing in office in different ways. They discussed important but difficult issues like speeding up border crossing for commercial vehicles in the midst of heightened security and accomplished little beyond promising to have more meetings.

"Immigrats" spells disaster for America
O.C. Register Reporting of Anaheim Meeting Shows How Bad Things Really Are
Orange Co. Register, December 5:
  "While one opponent of the card waved the California flag from his seat, a proponent carried a sign that read: 'Stop being unfair to immigrants.'"

OUR TAKE: This is a microcosm of the illegal immigration problem -importing ignorance and biased reporting.
Demonstrators at Dec. 4th Anaheim City Council meeting. Sign at left is misspelled. At right: Estamos Unidos - "We are United." Who? Mexicans? Mexico and the U.S.? Either way, it spells trouble.  The sign was misspelled and the Orange County Register refused to report it.

Bloomberg / The News - Mexico City
AFL-CIO renews call for amnesty
The AFL- CIO, U.S.'s largest union, has renewed its call for the legalization of undocumented U.S. workers. -- The nearly 1,000 delegates of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations voted unanimously at a convention in Las Vegas Tuesday to approve a resolution supporting legalizing illegal workers. -- "We stand with immigrant workers to demand that they be treated with dignity and fairness, on and off the job," the AFL- CIO said in the resolution.
Washington Post
INS Seeks Law Enforcement Aid in Crackdown
U.S. immigration authorities announced yesterday that they have enlisted the help of law enforcement agencies in a crackdown on more than 300,000 foreign nationals who have remained in the country illegally after they were ordered deported. -- James W. Ziglar, commissioner of the INS, said the names of as many as 314,000 such foreigners would be entered in a national FBI crime database so police can help identify them.

San Francisco Examiner
S.F. [illegal alien] Mexicans get new identity
In an effort to ease the hassle of being a Mexican immigrant in The City, San Francisco became the first city Tuesday to issue the matricula consulare, or Mexican ID card. -- Mexican immigrants who have been here for at least six months are eligible for the cards, which will allow them to apply for bank loans and open checking accounts, as well as provide identification when asked to by local law enforcement agencies. -- "This is the first city that is going to make this official policy and I guarantee that in the following weeks, you'll see other cities following suit," said Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval.

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