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Thursday, September 13, 2001

And this is just the beginning.

Los Angeles Times

"There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."

Theodore Roosevelt

"Foreign nationals who are terrorist operatives routinely utilize false identity documents to illegally enter the US and/or remain here once they have entered." 
Steven Emerson
Terrorist Expert and Investigator

International Terrorism
and Immigration Policy

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Los Angeles Daily News
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7:00 PM - Fox News
Pentagon wreckage burst into flame again

Associated Press

U.S. Customs Agents Expand Search of Cars Along Mexico-U.S. Border
U.S. Customs officials confirmed Thursday that they were searching all cars at crossing along its 2,100-mile border with Mexico as part of increased security, following terrorist attacks in Washington and New York. Security has been extremely tight all along the border, with U.S. customs agents replacing their usual random checks with detailed searches of every car heading into the United States. On Thursday, these searches were seen at the Juarez, Eagle Pass and Laredo, Texas, crossings - including those of cars driving from the United States into Mexico.

Arizona Daily Star

Border Patrol station work at a crawl, unpaid workers walk off job
Work at the Douglas Border Patrol station has slowed to almost a standstill after subcontractors walked off the job last month when they hadn't been paid in more than two months. Border Patrol officials and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers say they don't know yet whether the situation will delay the March completion date for the $5 million Border Patrol station. Rowdy Adams, agent in charge at the Douglas Border Patrol station, said he began getting calls about the problem with the project's general contractor a month ago.

Associated Press / Scripps-Howard

Aggressive Fox vows to advance Mexico (more Mexican arrogance)
Vicente Fox says his country will no longer be a second- class citizen in the hemisphere, and plans to push democracy and human rights issues. -- Behind the show and ceremony of the choreographed visit to Washington recently, Vicente Fox is sending a message to other Latin American leaders that he's leading a new Mexico that no longer accepts a subservient role to Washington, D.C., or second- class status in the hemisphere's diplomacy. "This is a very aggressive policy that Mexico is taking," said Fox's national security adviser Adolfo Aguilar Zinser.

We Get
America Is Fed Up
Attack On America: E-Mail from Farmingville, NY

...Tuesday afternoon, Islamic students at Stony Brook University on LI near our home were holding a loud party to celebrate the Twin Tower destruction by terrorists at the Burger King which was broken up violently by a band of irate Black Americans....

Associated Press / Scripps-Howard

Aggressive Fox vows to advance Mexico (more Mexican arrogance)
Mexican President Vicente Fox says his country will no longer be a second- class citizen in the hemisphere, and plans to push democracy and human rights issues. -- Behind the show and ceremony of the choreographed visit to Washington recently, Mexican President Vicente Fox is sending a message to other Latin American leaders that he's leading a new Mexico that no longer accepts a subservient role to Washington, D.C., or second-class status in the hemisphere's diplomacy. "This is a very aggressive policy that Mexico is taking," said Fox's national security adviser Adolfo Aguilar Zinser. "It's something rather new for Mexico."

Toronto Sun

Get used to waiting at border
Just as surely as this week's horrific carnage in New York and Washington has forever changed the face and mind of America, so Canadians will have to accept that life in our relatively safe and sedate corner of the globe has been similarly altered. -- Bob Rae, former Ontario premier and a current member of Canada's federal intelligence review committee, put the issue bluntly in a wide-ranging interview yesterday. -- "The thing we have to realize is that this is an international crisis of enormous proportions. -- "It is not a problem that any one country can hope to solve or even address on its own...."

Washington Post

Attack on America: Foreign Policy Consequences Huge
The worst terrorist attack in American history is sure to have profound consequences for U.S. foreign policies on missile defense and the Middle East, as Washington scrambles to reconsider its security needs in a suddenly altered world. -- With the death toll rising, there is broad agreement among policymakers about the need for stepped-up spending on "homeland defense," rather than the theater war-fighting capability that has dominated American military planning since the end of the Cold War. - 3:55 PM
Newark, La Guardia, JFK airports shut down, several Arabs reported arrested - 3:00 PM
New York airports shut down - 2:45 PM
Senate side of U.S. Capitol being evacuated - 2:47 PM
House side of U.S. Capitol being evacuated

Houston Chronicle

Drivers take it slow at border crossing
The cars snaked over the bridge back into Mexico in a double line that stretched far from the Rio Grande. Crossing the border required patience Wednesday. Motorists waited two hours or more to drive over the Gateway International Bridge into this South Texas border town. Upon arrival they were closely questioned by teams of U.S. Customs and immigration inspectors. Car hoods were opened and documents were scrutinized. Officers jumped into truck beds and searched beneath chassis with mirrors.

Torrance Daily Breeze

Attack: Port toughens inspection procedures
Cargo ships arriving at the Port of L.A. are facing a heightened level of scrutiny from federal investigators, who have begun inspecting the vessels before they are allowed to call at the harbor. Teams of investigators from the Coast Guard, Customs and INS boarded 21 ships Wednesday, part of a new security procedure begun in the wake of this week's terrorist attacks. This is the first time the three federal agencies have worked together to inspect each ship that arrives in L.A. and Long Beach.... - 1:25 PM
In an effort to assess the security of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile and review anti-terrorism efforts under way at U.S. nuclear power plants, a group of congressional leaders will visit U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories this weekend.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Search for terrorists extends around world
Authorities searching nationwide for terrorists behind the deadly airliner attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center have identified teams that totaled as many as 50 infiltrators who supported or carried out the strikes, according to news reports today. About 40 of the men have been accounted for, including those killed in the suicide attacks, but 10 remain at large, the Los Angeles Times and CNN reported, quoting anonymous law enforcement sources. In the hours immediately after the assaults, a source told the Times, agents searching cars and apartments up and down the East Coast......

Village Voice

When Terrorists Strike, Immigrant Freedom Is First to Go
Just the notion that the U.S. would conduct a war against the Taliban is drawing protest from Pakistan, to which masses of destitute peasants would flee. In the end, it may well be more expedient for Congress to pass tougher, more xenophobic immigration measures. -- Under the Clinton administration, Congress stiffened immigration laws, allowing the government to use secret evidence against immigrants and giving the feds authority to designate organizations as terrorist-which then permitted the government to freeze their assets. - 12:45 PM
Stock exchanges to reopen on Monday

11:05 AM - CNN
American Express building in New York City being evacuated over concerns it may collapse.

10:55 AM -- Fox News reports that another building near the site of the WTC is "going down".

We Get E-Mail

Who said this?
America is the only nation on Earth to claim a right to intervene militarily in every region of the world. But this foreign policy is not America's tradition; it is an aberration. During our first 150 years, we renounced interventionism and threatened war on any foreign power that dared to intervene in our hemisphere. Can we, of all people, not understand why foreigners bitterly resent our intrusions?... On the day after Pearl Harbor, ex-President Herbert Hoover sat down and wrote to friends: "You and I know that this continuous putting pins in rattlesnakes finally got this country bitten."

U.S. equipped terror sponsors
Clinton exported NSA-ducking phone, high-tech encryption devices to Syria
The dozen or so Islamic terrorists who pulled off the plot to strike at America's nerve centers in New York and Washington spent months, if not years, researching, planning and coordinating the surprise attacks, U.S. security officials say. And they did it completely in secret, using the world's most sophisticated telecommunications equipment......

Associated Newspapers, Ltd. - UK

Suspects 'caught crashes on camera'
Five men suspected of being involved in the attack on the World Trade Centre set up cameras to record the atrocity, it emerged today. -- The men set up cameras on the west bank of the Hudson River, trained them on the twin towers to capture the attacks and apparently congratulated each other when the crashes occurred, the New York Times reported. -- The five were under investigation by police in Union City, New Jersey, but it was unclear if any of them were in custody today.

10:05 AM
Five firefighters rescued in World Trade Center rubble, CNN reports.

San Diego Union-Tribune

41 more illegal-alien Iraqis found in TJ
Hours after Tuesday's attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, an anonymous caller led Mexican immigration agents to 41 undocumented Iraqis waiting to cross to the United States, authorities said yesterday. -- The 38 men and three women, all Chaldean Christians seeking political asylum in the United States, were loaded on a bus early yesterday and sent to Mexico City, where they were to be housed in a federal detention facility while their cases are being studied, said Rodolfo Valdes Gutierrez, head of Mexico's Immigration Office in Tijuana.


Bush Braces Nation For Long and Difficult Struggle
Washington -- President George W. Bush yesterday called the terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon "acts of war" against the nation and its way of life and vowed to rally an international coalition to ferret out the perpetrators and defeat them. -- But Bush and other top government leaders also sought to brace a still- stunned nation for a long and difficult struggle against what the president called "a different enemy than we have ever faced," a foe that "hides in shadows ... preys on innocent and unsuspecting people, then runs for cover."

Boston Globe

Seeking trail of suspects across borders
As security along the US-Canada border was ratcheted to the tightest levels in recent history, investigators in both countries were seeking evidence yesterday that the hijackers responsible for Tuesday's attacks had slipped into the United States from Canada. -- Canadian officials confirmed that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the FBI, and intelligence services are investigating whether two or more of the terrorists arrived by road from Quebec or aboard a ferry from Nova Scotia. -- Meanwhile, new details were learned of the journey the suspected hijackers may have made across Maine before they carried out the fiery attacks.

Orange Co. Register

Amnesty may lose support
Among the many things Tuesday's catastrophe may fundamentally alter is the debate over our nation's immigration policy. -- Before the bombing, a fragile consensus was in the offing between Congress and the White House that something needed to be done to change the status of millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States. The debate was by no means expected to be easy. But momentum seemed to be building. Politicians had concluded that the anti-immigrant sentiment of the 1990s had abated. [Reader comment: Deport them all.]

Jewish World Review

We must confront the U.S. government's failure
It is likely that more Americans died yesterday due to acts of violence than on any other single day in American history. -- Two parties are responsible for this sequence of atrocities. The moral blame falls exclusively on the perpetrators, who as of this writing remain unknown. -- The tactical blame falls on the U.S. government, which has grievously failed in its topmost duty to protect American citizens from harm. Specialists on terrorism have been aware for years of this dereliction of duty; now the whole world knows it.

7:58 AM
Just-reopened La Guardia airport being evacuated already (CNN)

National Review

Why They Hate Us - Sources of terror in the Arab world
They danced in the streets of the West Bank towns and in Gaza when they heard the news. They danced in parts of Lebanon. In Baghdad, state television played a song called "Down with America" as the World Trade Center towers collapsed. To these and their kind, the fact that many innocent people far away were killed is cause for rejoicing. They are possessed by hate, a simple thing that reduces everything and everybody to a simple perspective. Our tribe good, destined for victory - their tribe bad, destined for destruction. Us or Them. -- There are of course many millions of Arabs and Muslims...

The Times - London

[PC at any expense]: Airlines security staff were warned against picking on Arabs
The US Government told America's airlines this summer that they would be breaching passengers' civil rights if they made extra checks on those of Arab origin. -- Norman Mineta, the US Transportation Secretary, ordered an investigation in June into complaints made by Arab-Americans that they were being unfairly picked on for security screenings at Detroit's main airport. -- Mr Mineta said at the time: "Routine security measures are necessary to protect the flying public against possible terrorist attacks, but we must also protect the civil rights of airline passengers."

7:38 AM
Mineta: Some commercial air transportation will be restored beginning at 8 AM Pacific

Associated Press

Security still tight at border
Juarez - Tension and tight controls reigned Wednesday on the U.S.- Mexico border, as U.S. authorities checked every suspicious bag and Mexican police found 33 Iraqi immigrants holed up at a Tijuana hotel, apparently waiting to cross the border. -- The arrest of the Iraqis - reportedly members of a Catholic group seeking U.S. asylum - illustrated how the 2,100-mile border has become a point of entry for foreigners from as far away as China.

The Guardian - UK

Anti-Islamic violence breaks out around world
Anti-Islamic sentiment has turned to violence in pockets across the world, in retaliation for Tuesday's terrorist attacks, despite the fact that no group has claimed responsibility or been officially blamed. -- A Molotov cocktail was thrown at an Arab- American community centre in Chicago, a firebomb was hurled at a mosque in Montreal, and in Australia, aggressors threw stones and bottles at a busload of Muslim schoolchildren.

7:18 AM
Limited U.S. air traffic to be restored within the hour

The News - Mexico City

Mexico moves notches down on U.S. agenda
As weary U.S. officials sifted for answers through the rubble left in the wake of Tuesday's attacks, politicians, experts and ordinary citizens here were already asking the inevitable and more personal question: "What does it mean for Mexico?" -- Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castañeda, considered by many as the likely architect of any future Mexico- U.S. accords, on Wednesday sought to strike an optimistic tone, calling the crisis a "short term situation - complicated - but one I think is going to be resolved very soon." Most experts agree Vicente Fox's border agenda will be pushed to the back burner...

L.A. Times

Investigators Identify 50 Terrorists Tied to Plot
Authorities searching nationwide for terrorists behind the deadly airliner attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center have identified teams that totaled as many as 50 infiltrators who supported or carried out the strikes, a source familiar with the investigation said Wednesday. -- About 40 of the men have been accounted for, including those killed in the suicide attacks, but 10 remain at large, the source said. -- The infiltrators, who carried Middle Eastern passports, belonged to four independent cells, said law enforcement and intelligence officials.

7:03 AM
Giuliani: 4,763 reported still missing (CNN)

KFSM - Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Hady Omar: Fort Smith Man In Custody
Hady Omar of Fort Smith is being held for questioning by the FBI in connection with the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and The Pentagon in Washington, according to sources. -- Omar, 22, and his wife, Candrice Kjossa, were stopped in their vehicle in Huntington, Ark., at 3:15 p.m. after authorities were advised to be on the lookout for a red vehicle bearing Florida license plates, a match of the car the couple were in. -- Omar is being held on a holdover order by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (as a likely illegal alien).

San Francisco Chronicle

ACLU fears intrusive policies, racial profiling
As shock turns to rage over Tuesday's horrific attacks, civil rights experts worry that some of America's fundamental freedoms will be the next victims of the terrorist assault. The Federal Aviation Administration already has responded to the breach of security at three major airports with a series of stepped-up measures. But constitutional law scholars fear that lawmakers may respond with more intrusive policies in the name of national security. [Reader comment: We wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings...]

New York Post

Three who cheered attack face boot as illegal aliens
Three men who celebrated as the Twin Towers crumbled are facing deportation, The Post has learned. The men, described as illegal immigrants from the Middle East, were arrested Tuesday afternoon in a white Chevy van near the Meadowlands based on a tip from witnesses who saw them "cheering" and "jumping up and down" in Liberty State Park after the attack, a source said. -- The feds declined to release the men's identities or nationalities.

Hartford Courant

Judge Orders Deportation For College Official
Rejecting Ludlow Dawes' claim that he would be tortured if he returns to Jamaica, an immigration judge has ordered the Manchester Community College public relations official deported. Dawes' lawyer, Matthew Costello, said Wednesday that he would appeal Immigration Judge Michael W. Straus' ruling. Costello said he believed that Dawes, of Bloomfield, would be able to remain free on bond.

N.Y. Times (Free Registration)

Inside the Bunker [A mole in the White House?]
At 9:03 a.m. Tuesday, as Vice President Dick Cheney was staring at the TV screen, the second hijacked airliner exploded against the Twin Towers. At that moment his Secret Service detail grabbed him and hurried him down to "PEOC." --- The most worrisome aspect of these revelations has to do with the credibility of the "Air Force One is next" message. It is described clearly as a threat, not a friendly warning - but if so, why would the terrorists send the message? More to the point, how did they get the code- word information and transponder know- how that established their mala fides?

Seattle Times

Canadian border porous, U.S. says
Nearly two years ago, a lone U.S. Customs agent, working at a remote border post in Northwest Washington, stood between the U.S. and a terrorist attack. -- Now, two days after the worst act of terrorism ever, law-enforcement eyes again are looking north, suspecting some of the terrorists involved in this week's horrific attack may have entered the U.S. from Canada, much as Ahmed Ressam attempted when he was arrested in Port Angeles in December 1999 with a carload of bomb-making materials. -- "We're not sure, but we think so," said a senior anti-terrorist law-enforcement official in Washington, D.C.

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