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Sunday, January 14, 2001
Contribute to VCTJanuary 14, 1965 - In a message to Congress President Lyndon Johnson urges priority for a new law to abolish the national quota system. On October 3, his request comes true. Johnson signs the Hart-Celler bill eliminating national origins quotas, replacing it with a system based on "family reunification."

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Re: "Council Sees what Penman can't or won't"

In her recent article, "Council Sees what Penman can't of won't" published in Saturday, January 13, 2001, issue of The Inland Empire, Cassie MacDuff criticizes San Bernardino City Attorney Jim Penman for being "insensitive" to ethnic minorities, for his infringing upon the "immigrant's right to complain", and for his unwillingness to apologize, which the author describes as "condescending and wrong-headed". I find MacDuff's remarks hypocritical and biased. While being so particular about the Mexican family First Amendment rights, she doesn't seem to acknowledge that Penman has a right to free speech too. To all MacDuff's concerns of "insensitivity", she does not hesitate to quote a "prominent Latino attorney" Florentino Garza referring to those who have supported Penman's position as "racists and rednecks", for which offensive epithets she does not seem to expect Garza to apologize.


Grass-Roots Politics Hints at Cracks in L.A.'s Ethnic Walls

Once synonymous with racial tension and riots, Los Angeles has been a perilous place to practice ethnic coalition building. But recent grass-roots efforts crossing racial and ethnic boundaries suggest that demographic changes may be forcing communities to reassess that assumption. It's a question that will be central in the city election campaigns that formally opened this month, in which the abilities of candidates to patch together diverse coalitions of supporters will be a major test of how far the city has progressed in overcoming identity politics. Fledgling alliances, from partnerships in fighting for school construction dollars to talk of a Latino-Jewish institute, could turn out to be fragile. Indeed, local politics often remains polarized along ethnic and racial lines.

San Bernardino

A privilege to live here

The snit between a Mexican migrant and the City Attorney continues. These are the latest letters to the local paper: Valente Duran has been quoted as saying, "In Mexico, they treat us better than here." Duran should go down to the border and check very carefully. I think they have removed all barriers that keep unhappy Mexicans from returning home. I strongly suggest that Mr. Duran get out while he can -- because they may put the barriers back up soon. Anyone who has even one brain cell and who has spent time in a foreign country, knows that one is indeed privileged to live in the United States. Regardless of your station, if you live here you are better off than 99 percent of the rest of the people in the world. -- Complete list of links related to this ongoing story --

Mark Andrew Dwyer

"Cheap" Labor

First, it was the cotton. Now, it's the meat packing and the strawberries. Once again, some big shots in American business show that nothing else counts when their profits are at stake. With a help of a number of influential politicians from both ruling parties that appear sympathetic to their agenda, they are willing to sacrifice both the vital interest of American nation and the principles of justice and fairness of the democratic society in order to get their "cheap labor". And the labor ain't as cheap as some suggest: a short-term gain for a few spells out a long-term headache for most of us. Just recall what were the consequences of slavery; except, perhaps, for those whose ancestors made fortunes on trading and exploiting slaves, hardly anybody else, either Black or White, seem happy of what came out of it.

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Senator Gramm, why are you doing this?

Dear Senator Gramm,
We donated $100 towards your last presidential campaign. We have followed and supported most of your initiatives and legislation. Many in the Southwest believed you when you claimed that NAFTA would reduce the illegal alien flow into the USA. The years have passed and the flow has become a flood. Senator, we need NO MORE GUEST WORKERS. Further more, guests know when to leave. The so called guests whom you are inviting into my sovereign home will never leave, and I believe you know it. Family unification will, after the inevitable amnesty, further swell our already out of control student body population. The average Mexican family in California has 4 school aged children. At a total of over thirty thousand dollars per year to train them, how on earth will this un-skilled "Guest Worker" pay enough taxes in a lifetime to cover this cost?

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Sen. Zell Miller and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

I sent an alert to members of the Georgia coalition about the latest outrage and urged them to contact our Senator Zell Miller, a snake if there ever was one. A long time ago, we sent him the Bonds I tape, and we've faxed and called since he got into the Senate last year. He is the one whose office staff told us last year: "Well, just because he signed it (the pro-amnesty letter) doesn't mean he supports it." !! Zell served two terms as our governor, and before that, twenty years or something as our lieutenant governor. He has an affable, folksy demeanor, but he is mean-spirited and vengeful. He lies and thinks nothing of it. He ran for governor on the pledge he would serve only one term and then ran for a second term. He became a millionaire while serving as lt. governor on a low salary---there was some shady dealing regarding a new bank from which he and his wife profited that was never given the investigation it should have been from the Atlanta newspaper.

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Thanks for exposing Phil Gramm, VCT

Congrats on your exposure of the Gramm proposal and the IBP connection. Keep pounding away on it, people need to know. Also, I saw an editorial today (Friday, Jan. 12) on World Net Daily. The article (titled Belaboring Bad Law where you punch it in and Hypocrisy Reigns in Chavez Withdrawal is by Alan W. Bock). Well, Bock rambles on and on about how the U.S. has a restrictive immigration policy (can you believe it?) and talks about having had illegal aliens do yardwork. Look at the article and you can see what I mean. It's like in blind loyalty to a libertarian ideology (and wanting yardwork done) Bock (who lives in South California) is oblivious to the bigger cultural and political issues.

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No Amnesty for Illegals - EVER!

Dear Senator, I do hope YOU read this yourself, (And to those that this may concern): STOP this Flood of illegal's that are swamping Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and America. Look at the flourish of DRUGS that has come up from the border and up into the middle northwest and thorough our Country. All is a credit to the Latino influx. STOP encouraging their coming here illegally. You are as un-American an American as anyone I have heard of. It has already been proven, that when YOU give MORE amnesty to the illegal Trespassers that are already illegally here on our American Soil, that you are inviting hundreds of thousands more to come here. All of them know that the likes of you will help them.

Hiding In The Narco State

D.A.'s Yielding on Death Penalty Could Encourage Extradition in Murder Case

A year and a half ago, as detectives tell the story, a man (Evelio Rivera Zacarias) obsessed with his ex- girlfriend stormed into the home of a family he didn't know and began shooting at point-blank range. Among the four people he killed that night in Rosemead was a 14- year- old boy whom he hunted down on the sidewalk and shot in the head in front of the boy's pleading mother. The suspect then fled to Mexico, where he has remained free. Mexico will not extradite suspects who face the death penalty here, and then- L.A. County Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti would not seek any lesser sentence. Garcetti said it would have set a bad precedent to let criminals avoid the death sentence by fleeing to Mexico. But now Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley has decided to make a change.

Eugene, Oregon

Anti-drug effort aims at Latinos

Apparently the illicit drug problem among Latinos in the Willamette Valley has gotten so bad that the locals have had to set up a special committee: "Two years ago, there was no work among police in the Latino communities to address the drug problem," said Eugene police Lt. Pete Kerns, a committee member. "Now we realize that a (workable) strategy takes a lot of work and a lot of fence-mending." "I see people pushing the envelope," added Emilio Hernandez, who co-chairs the steering committee. "I see police really listening to the cultural differences in how we can best deal with these problems." No precise figures exist, but police and social service advocates agree that drug dealing and drug use is a pervasive problem among local Latinos. They say media reports that touched on the local heroin problem and its impact on Latinos made them realize they needed to work together.

Downtown San Diego

Handcuffed Mexican escapes from Border Patrol

Authorities haven't released much of a description of Saul Lopez Duarte, but folks in downtown San Diego didn't have much trouble spotting him: He was the one in handcuffs. Lopez, a 19- year- old Mexican citizen, escaped from a Border Patrol van, a couple of agents and a security guard Wednesday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center downtown, the Border Patrol said yesterday. He hasn't been seen since. The Border Patrol said Lopez was caught trying to re- enter the United States after having already been deported for previous illegal entries. A Border Patrol spokeswoman said Lopez had been among a vanload of detainees being taken to the MCC. After taking a group of five from the van to the federal prison, the agents went to get Lopez.

Florida - Tower of Babel

Bilingual explosion puts schools to test - system can barely handle the growth

At Cypress Lake High School one morning, a young woman appeared on the morning news show and read a list of announcements. In Spanish. The next day, a Haitian student appeared before the cameras to give a report. In Creole. Almost overnight, Cypress Lake's bilingual population exploded, and the school is scrambling to accommodate the newcomers. In a year, the number of students in the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program tripled, from an estimated 60 to almost 180. - A wave of Brazilians moved to the southern end of Lee County recently, flooding schools in the San Carlos and Estero areas with Portuguese- speaking children. -- Eighty-four percent of the district's new students this year were minorities. Of them, 55 percent - about 935 - were Hispanic.

Narco State Next Door

Idiotic Ideas: California to get electricity from Mexico?

California's power shortfall - and a newly approved natural gas pipeline linking Baja to the United States - have led investors to propose building several new power plants and expanding previously announced ones in Baja, Mexico's top energy regulator disclosed Friday. By 2005, the region could be exporting 1,000 megawatts of power - enough to light 1 million homes. That level of exports would represent as much as 2 percent of California's current power consumption, enough of a buffer to save the state from the rolling blackouts that loomed this week. It also would reverse the current situation in which Baja frequently must import as much as 10 percent of its peak summer load from Southern California, utility officials say.

Narco State Next Door

New face of Mexico's Paisano Program - a quarter million Mexicans return to the U.S. with blessing of Vicente Fox

"Our brothers and sisters deserve respect and attention," he [Fox] said on his visit to the Mexico- U.S. border. Fox promised that his administration would make a "gigantic effort" to stop the abuse, bribes and delays of the past. U.S. Immigration watchdog Maurice Cuchens saw President Fox's move as especially strategic in light of recent reforms in citizenship laws and voting privileges for Mexican's abroad. "It's not coincidental that Fox is courting Mexicans in the United States when they soon will be able to vote in elections and obtain dual citizenship as children of Mexican nationals. They are a new, very important constituency and, increasingly, they are gaining capital," he said.

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