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Friday, February 22, 2013

Border Solution to be on Public Display
"Sonic Barrier" (AKA IDENTISEIS) at Phoenix Expo
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American Patrol Report -- February 22  
    IDENTISEIS - the system that is being tested by American Border Patrol as the Sonic Barrier will be on display on March 12 and 13 at the Border Security Expo in Phoenix. Border Technology, Inc. --- inventors of IDENTISEIS --- will conduct live demonstrations of the system using remote cameras located at the Arizona - Mexico border.
    The BTI booth (#628) will be manned by Mike King, company Vice President and system co-inventor. King will present a major new improvement in IDENTISEIS that provides confirmation of how many people it detects and counts.
    The Border Security Expo will feature speeches by David Aguilar of Customs and Border Protection, and Mark Borkowski, head of technology acquisition for CBP. Major high-tech companies with booths at the expo include Raytheon, General Dynamics, Motorola, and IsraelDefense.com.
Red DotSee Expo Registration

Jim Kouri -- The Examiner     
America's capital aids criminal alien prostitution rings   
According to an Inside-the-Beltway legal watchdog report on Tuesday, the District of Columbia and its surrounding areas are deluged with illegal aliens gangs that specialize in juvenile sex-trafficking operations. The criminal aliens are benefiting from the city's "don't-ask-don't tell" immigration policies, also known as Sanctuary City policies, currently practiced by area police...

Jerry Kammer -- CIS.org   
While nobody was reporting, the border was declared secure   
Bloomberg Businessweek has now joined the cheering section for "comprehensive immigration reform". This week it features a story under a headline that proclaims "While Nobody Was Looking, The Border Got Secured". -- But this declaration -- which is ridiculed as absurd by residents of U.S. side of the Mexican border – is more the fault of the editors who wrote the headline than it is of reporter Elizabeth Dwoskin, who wrote it.

Eliseo Medina -- Huffington Post     
What gets attention vs. who will get attention on amnesty scheme   
Sen. John McCain -- the Republican political warrior that he is -- walked into a firing line of a couple of Arizona constituents this week who complained about his work on a bipartisan commonsense immigration reform bill. Among some of his constituents, "bi-partisan" is as treasonous as "common-sense immigration reform." -- McCain stuck to his support for common-sense immigration reform...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.  
Bumper sticker to fight RubiObamAmnesty! REMEMBER 1986!   
Free bumper sticker with a $15 donation to help us fight amnesty-again. -- We need funding help to stop amnesty. Again. Get several! Send them to your U.S. Senators and your U.S. House Representatives! - I did! -- We just got shipment in and have plenty of stickers. They are high-quality, 7" X 3-3/4" and made of quality all-weather vinyl. A real eye-catcher...

White House immigration liaison opposes employer verification   
White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Munoz, who is also directing Pres. Obama's efforts to pass a mass amnesty for illegal aliens, opposed workplace verification when she served as the Senior Immigration Policy Analyst for the National Council of La Raza. The Center for Immigration Studies has uncovered a 75-page document prepared by Munoz in 1990 that responds to the 1986 amnesty bill...

Ann Coulter -- WND.com    
Hispanicked GOP Elite: They'll respect us in the morning  
Don't anyone tell Marco Rubio, John McCain or Jeff Flake that nearly 80 percent of Hindus voted for Obama, or who knows what they'll come up with. -- I understand the interest of business lobbies in getting cheap, unskilled labor through amnesty, but why do Republican officeholders want to create up to 20 million more Democratic voters, especially if it involves flouting the law? Are the campaign donations from...

Houston Chronicle     
Illegal aliens busted at SE Houston house  
Authorities found 30 suspected illegal [aliens] packed inside a house Thursday morning in southeast Houston. -- The discovery was made about 3:30 a.m. at a home in the 8500 block of Glenaire near Glenloch, officials said. -- The people, including a pregnant woman and a 14-year-old boy, were taken into custody by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Police towed away a van parked in the driveway... [Related]

Ted Cruz doubts Obama on immigration   
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) says President Barack Obama wants to "scuttle" immigration reform by injecting a path to citizenship into the debate so Democrats can keep the issue alive for political gain. -- "The president has been focusing on amnesty — a path to citizenship that skips ahead of the line,” the freshman tea party senator said Wednesday at a speech in Dallas, according to The Dallas Morning News....

William F. Jasper -- The New American     
Killing the Dollar: G20 & IMF push for global Fed, global currency    
While headline stories about averting the dangers of an international "currency war" dominated news coverage of the recently concluded G20 meeting in Moscow, the real unreported story is that the global gathering of central bankers and finance ministers is pushing forward with their plan for "supersizing" the International Monetary Fund. The end goal is to transform the IMF into a global Federal Reserve...

Bakersfield Californian    
Automatic budget cuts would hamper progress on amnesty scheme   
The prospect for real bipartisan progress on immigration reform may take a serious hit if sequestration, the automatic cuts scheduled for March 1, take place. -- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano informed the Senate Appropriations Committee last week the cuts will result in a workforce-hours reduction equivalent to 5,000 Border Patrol agents, or about 25 percent of the workforce...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Illegal alien charged with murdering Marine veteran in N.C.   
On Wednesday, police in Fayetteville arrested Francisco Echeverria, 24, after he allegedly gunned down 50-year-old Craig Spencer Morris who was riding his motorcycle at the time. --Around 3 a.m. Tuesday, police discovered a mortally wounded Morris lying near his wrecked motorcycle in the 4200 block of Bragg Boulevard. He had been shot in the chest...

Ann Coulter -- Daily Caller    
Amnesty won't turn Hispanics into Republicans   
Don't anyone tell Marco Rubio, John McCain or Jeff Flake that nearly 80 percent of Hindus voted for Obama, or who knows what they'll come up with. -- I understand the interest of business lobbies in getting cheap, unskilled labor through amnesty, but why do Republican officeholders want to create up to 20 million more Democratic voters, especially if it involves flouting the law?

Yuma Sun     
Border Patrol arrests 6 suspected smugglers   
Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested six suspects Sunday evening who allegedly were carrying a total of 528 pounds of marijuana. -- According to Agent Kyle Estes of the Yuma Sector Public Affairs Office, at about 9 p.m., agents using night vision equipment discovered a group of subjects carrying large backpacks near Gila Bend. -- Agents apprehended the group and seized the narcotics they reportedly were carrying...

Beth Reinhard -- National Review     
Can Obama and Rubio be amnesty scheme frenemies?   
President Obama and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, arguably the two most important people in a potential immigration deal, aren't exactly pals. -- More than one month after the Republican senator declared he was eager to pass sweeping reforms, the president finally picked up the phone. Rarely a day goes by without Rubio blasting Obama's ideas on immigration as misguided or much worse, even when common ground exists...

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas       
Teen indicted in agent's shooting   
A Hargill teenager has been indicted for his alleged role in the shooting of a federal agent. -- Marquez Alvarado, 17, will be arraigned on attempted murder charges on March 5. -- Investigators said Alvarado helped his father and brother attack Homeland Security Investigation Special Agent Kelton Harrison and his partner near Hargill. The agents were on a surveillance mission when the attack happened, officials said...

National Post -- Don Mills, ON     
Toronto council in an uproar over illegals   
Toronto -- A bid to ensure undocumented workers can access city services without fear of repercussions set off a passionate debate at city council on Thursday, with the son of an immigrant saying people who are in the country illegally are an "insult" to those who gained admittance through legal channels. -- "Undocumented workers are illegal workers, illegal immigrants," said Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, who represents Don Valley East. "Their first stop is the welfare office..."

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Media Blackout: Obama shuts-down (useful) federal agency  
On June 15, 2011, the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) officially closed it's facility in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, also on that date, their official website began offering the following message: "This website is no longer maintained and may contain dated information." -- In 1990, President George H.W. Bush announced plans to create the NDIC in order to 'consolidate and coordinate all relevant drug intelligence information...

American Patrol Report     
The Atlantic Monthly ignores border solution   
In today's Atlantic Monthly, Molly Ball writes: "The problem for the immigration debate is that those who claim we need more border security are rarely called upon to prove it. No one has proposed a set of concrete standards; rather, some are calling for a subjective evaluation to be made by border-state governors, some of whom have political incentives to exaggerate the threat -- and track records of doing so." -- Would someone please email her (mball@theatlantic.com) and ask her to click on this link?

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
U.S. Border Patrol agent standing on top of his patrol vehicle uses field glasses to watch for border crossers where the San Pedro River enters the U.S. in Arizona. Border fence does not extend to the river.

Fred Reed -- LewRockwell.com     
Your papers, citizen   
A staple of American self-esteem is that we Yanks are brave, free, independent, self-reliant, ruggedly individual, and disinclined to accept abuse from anyone. This was largely true in, say, 1930. People lived, a great many of them, on farms where they planted their own crops, built their own barns, repaired their own trucks, and protected their own property. They were literate but not educated, knew little of the world...

Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Ph. D. -- WND.com     
Obama skirting Congress in globalist plan?   
The Obama administration appears determined to ram through Congress a key part of a grandiose trade plan that transcends the vision for a "North American Union, encompassing both Europe and Pacific Rim nations. -- As WND reported, President Obama declared in his State of the Union address his intent to complete negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership and announced the launch of talks "on a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union."

Los Angeles Times    
Labor, business leaders reach agreement on outline of amnesty scheme    
Key business and labor leaders said Thursday that they have hammered out the broad outline of a compromise on one of the hardest issues in reforming the nation's immigration system -- how to handle future needs for foreign workers in the U.S. -- Although both sides say key details remain to be negotiated, the deal could clear away a significant roadblock to further action in Congress...

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