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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Smear campaign aimed at ABP?
Keeping the Truth From Congress?
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Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- February 7 
    American Border Patrol has been working to solve the border problem for ten years. Anyone interested in the truth about our organization should watch this video.
    Sure it takes a few minutes, but if you watch it you will understand why there is a smear campaign ABP and me -- we know too much.
    Richard Humphries has been working with me for ten years. Richard is a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot --- F4s; and a former undercover drug agent and pilot for the State of Arizona. We have flown together all over the west --- from Idaho to the eastern tip of Texas.
    A few years ago his daughter, a senior in high school, told Richard she had learned in class that ABP was a hate group. Richard doesn't fool around so he went to the school and demanded --- and got – permission to set the record straight in front of his daughter's class.
    Last March as I began to demonstrate the Sonic Barrier system to an Arizona State Senate Committee, two Hispanic senators walked out. In October, my mere presence at a border technology conference caused the El Paso Times to join in the smear campaign. These are just a couple of examples that don't even mention the ever-present SPLC.
    The issue of defining border security is now looming large in the debate over amnesty. ABP is the expert on this issue – no other group even comes close. As the saying goes, "The closer to the target, the heavier the flack." We expect a lot of flack in the coming days and weeks as open borders folks fight to keep the truth from Congress.
Red DotRelated: They are coming after Sheriff Joe as well -- help him out.

NAFBPO   Disturbing photos      
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Tijuana, BCN, Mex. -- There were 5 people executed in the city, including a 14 year old boy shot when his grandfather argued with a gunman, a former municipal policeman. The 10 year policeman was fired in 2002 when he was arrested in the US carrying over 5 kilos of crystal. --And-- Ururachi, Chih. -- The 40 year old chief of this town was shot and killed on duty Monday afternoon....

WSB Radio -- Atlanta     
Cobb Chairman accused of flip-flopping over IMAGE program   
Cobb Chairman Tim Lee supported the idea of using the federal ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) program to root out [illegal aliens] in the county's workforce. -- But he is not so sure about forcing companies that do county contract work to follow that same standard. -- "Companies should have the right to engage in it if they want to," Lee explained...

Rev. Jesse Peterson -- WND.com     
Amnesty: Nail in the coffin for black America 
For the past 22 years, I, along with a few others, have been sounding the alarm: The Mexican Mafia and their affiliated gangs have declared an all-out war on black Americans! -- In Compton, Calif., a mother and her three children were recently intimidated by a group of Hispanic gang members. The intimidation reached a boiling point when four Hispanic men in a black SUV pulled up and began harassing a male family friend, calling him a "nigger" and saying black people...

Eric Ruark -- ImmigrationReform.com     
Sessions hits the mark on true immigration reform   
We often lament the fact that most politicians in D.C. have abandoned their obligation to put the interests of the American people first when it comes to immigration policy. The proposals put forward by the White House and the Gang of Eight in the Senate will reward illegal aliens who have broken our laws (and not just immigration law) and the narrow political and economic interests that profit from our...

Flake: Rubio 'the linchpin' of amnesty scheme   
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is the key link in the chain to implement immigration reform., his fellow Republican Sen. Jeff Flake has claimed. -- Rubio has unique credibility as the most prominent Latino in American politics, his colleague says. Coming from a Cuban family, the Floridian has no peer in the Republican Party for his "vision of what being conservative... ought to mean, particularly in the context of immigration..."

Rubio for president in 2016?   
Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) unexpectedly became a darling of conservative media last week while promoting an immigration reform plan that includes a path to citizenship for the reportedly 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States. -- On January 28, the Cuban American junior senator introduced a comprehensive immigration reform proposal alongside a bipartisan group of senators...

Texas GOP Vote     
Rep. Ted Poe named as chairman of House Immigration Reform Caucus 
In an announcement today from his Washington, D.C. office, Houston Congressman Ted Poe has been named to serve as Chairman of the 58 member Immigration Reform Caucus (IRC). This news is very important for those who believe that our immigration system is currently in a broken state. -- "Our immigration system has been broken for decades," said Poe. "Now is the time for Congress to take the lead..."

Daily Caller    
Obama organizing group sends out immigration appeal from invader   
Organizing for America, the political action arm of President Obama's campaign operation, has sent out a personal plea from an illegal [alien] demanding immigration reform [aka amnesty], and calling on others to share their stories of how they came to the U.S. without going through the regular legal process. -- On Wednesday evening, OFA sent out a personal appeal by Jose Magana, an illegal immigrant, with the subject line...

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com     
Is Obama effectively misleading voters about amnesty?   
The administration has done a successful job of spinning its proposed amnesty as focused on citizenship, something the illegal aliens care nothing about. An indication is contained in the video below, in which Rep Trey Gowdy reports that his conservative constituents would be open to an amnesty if the government could institute border and workplace security...

Are we throwing in the towel on American workers?   
Last week the nation's jobless rate ticked back up to 7.9%, yet at Microsoft more than 6,000 jobs go begging. These are jobs that pay, on average, $104,000 for applicants with only a bachelor's of science degree. "Great jobs," notes Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith. No kidding. -- Multiply that across America's high-technology landscape and the total is tens of thousands of jobs requiring math, science...

London Daily Mail     
Interactive map shows concentration of illegals state by state
The most illegal [aliens] in the United States are concentrated mainly on the western region of the country, a new estimate revealed. -- According to data from the Pew Hispanic Center, California has the most [illegal aliens], with 6.8 percent of the population (or roughly 2.5million people) living in the country illegally...

Julian Pecquet -- The Hill    
Foreign governments lobby hard in favor of amnesty   
Foreign governments are working hard to shape the debate on immigration reform as momentum for a comprehensive bill builds in Congress. -- While the issue routinely comes up in talks between foreign leaders and the executive branch, embassy officials are ramping up their outreach to Congress and the White House in order to take advantage of the best hope for reform in years...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.  
Bumper sticker to fight RubiObamAmnesty! REMEMBER 1986!   
Free bumper sticker with a $15 donation to help us fight amnesty-again. -- We need funding help to stop amnesty. Again. Get several! Send them to your U.S. Senators and your U.S. House Representitive! - I did! -- We just got shipment in and have plenty of stickers. They are high-quality, 7" X 3-3/4" and made of quality all-weather vinyl. A real eye-catcher...

Steven Camarota -- CIS.org     
Survey: Americans prefer illegals head home   
A new poll using neutral language --- and avoiding the false choice of conditional legalization vs. mass deportations --- finds that most Americans want illegal [aliens] to return to their home counties, rather than be given legal status. The findings also show a very large gap in intensity, with those who want illegal [aliens] to head home feeling much stronger about that option than those who would like to see... [Related]

Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal     
Local Tea Party board to decide if they will support Cobb's immigration proposal 
Georgia Tea Party Chairman J.D. Van Brink said his nine-member board will decide Monday whether to endorse a proposal that requires contractors doing business with Cobb County to apply for federal IMAGE certification. -- The ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers is a federal program that identifies illegal immigrants on the payroll...

Hands Off Our Guns!
Rally at the Arizona State Capitol
February 16 -- High Noon --

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com     
Rubio to give bilingual (Spanish) Republican response to SOTU   
The Republican Party's designation of Sen Marco Rubio as its voice of the diverse future is looking worse all the time. Not only is he the crown prince of the Senate amnesty plot, er framework, but now he has been chosen to give the Republican response to the President's State of the Union speech -- in English and Spanish. -- Memo to the Senator: Americans do not want to be a 'bilingual' nation...

American Border Patrol     
Surge continues south of Tucson   
Data from secureborderintel.org confirms that the surge south of Tucson continued into late January. In early August SBI was counting about 10 human smuggling events per day. Looking ahead to Jan. 23, it counted 115. -- The tremendous increase activity has slowed BTI's work, however ABP expects to have a comprehensive review of BTI's work by early March.

Associated Press     
U.S. seizes $2.2M from former Mexican official   
Federal authorities in South Texas say they've seized $2.2 million from the account of a former Mexican official who's a fugitive from justice. -- Investigators contend in a civil complaint that the former finance secretary for the Mexican border state Coahuila was involved in a money-laundering scheme. They explained Wednesday that Hector Javier Villareal Hernandez obtained fraudulent loans from Mexican banks...

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