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Monday, February 4, 2013

Fired for Reporting the Truth?
The Strange Case of Jonathon Shacat
Feature Photo
Swiss journalists speaking with Mike King and Glenn Spencer, head of ABP, on December 6, 2010. Shown at right is Jonathon Shacat of the Sierra Vista Herald.
American Patrol Report -- February 4
While lots of newspaper reporters are losing their jobs these days, Jonathon's seems to be special case – he was the only reporter in Arizona who ever covered the work of American Border Patrol.

Glenn Spencer, founder and president of ABP, has something to say about what happened to Shacat. We urge you to read it because it may be an example of what is happening to the media across the nation to keep the truth about the border from the American people.

Click here to read The Strange Case of Jonathon Shacat.

House may act on immigration before Senate    
While the Senate has made public its plan for immigration reform, the House may be closer to unveiling an actual piece of legislation on the issue, according to The Hill newspaper. -- Although it's not clear how quickly it could move through the lower chamber, a bipartisan group of House members has been working in secret on a draft bill it hopes to release around the time of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address...

Tyler Rose -- WND.com     
Tea Party on Amnesty: Wrong policy, wrong time 
Despite the appearance of bipartisan support for "comprehensive immigration reform," where Republicans such as Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.; John McCain, R-Ariz.; and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., are leading the charge to provide a pathway to citizenship, it's still a no-go for the more constitutionally minded elements of the country. -- Former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who represented Arizona as a Republican in Congress...

Washington Post     
Big Sis for president in 2016?   
So, what happens if Hillary Clinton doesn't run in 2016? -- It is hard to imagine the presidential field without a woman contender, and here's one to keep your eye on: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Napolitano is quietly making it known that she is considering the race, and there is reason to take her seriously. -- Before coming to Washington, Napolitano was a highly regarded and very popular governor...

Marianas Variety -- Saipan, MP     
Obama's amnesty scheme has yet to factor in NMI legal workers   
The recent push on Capitol Hill to address immigration concerns does not include the documented guest workers of the Northern Marianas. -- On the heels of the current bipartisan support to fix the U.S. immigration system, there is no current mention of how the reform will fix the immigration system in place in the Northern Marianas. -- Last Saturday, U.S. Pinoys for Good Governance in cooperation with radio station KWAW...

Huffington Post     
Lou Barletta: Amnesty risks flood of illegals   
Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) said Sunday that he cannot support providing a path to citizenship for [illegal aliens] because he doesn't think President Barack Obama has any desire to enforce existing immigration laws. Barletta dismissed the record number of deportations already taking place. -- "You wouldn't replace your carpet at home if you still had a hole in the roof," he said on ABC's "This Week."

The Right Perspective -- New York 
Ron Paul says amnesty will turn the U.S. into a police state   
A bi-partisan effort to reform American immigration policy will turn the United States into a police state, claims former Texas congressman Ron Paul. -- "Whenever the federal government decides to reform something we can be fairly sure that the problem is about to get worse, especially if they call the plan bi-partisan," Paul wrote about the plan in his weekly op-ed column...

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol     
Al Hunt hasn't a clue   
Re: Will this amnesty push go the distance? -- "A border-security trigger is realistic if it includes quantifiable goals, like the number of new Border Patrol agents, the amount of resources allocated and the new technologies utilized. It isn't reasonable if it requires meeting an amorphous standard like "operational control" of a border that is always changing." How about ABP's plan?

Albert R. Hunt -- Bloomberg     
Will this amnesty push go the distance?   
Immigration reform is having a "Kumbaya" moment, with support from the White House, a bipartisan contingent in Congress, business and labor. -- The Republicans are petrified after their dismal showing among the fastest-growing slices of the electorate, Hispanics and Asians; President Barack Obama wants to reward the loyalty of those voters. Business and labor, as well as many politicians, want to fix... [See Al Hunt Hasn't a Clue by Glenn Spencer]

Noel Sheppard -- NewsBusters.org     
Chris Matthews: 'Does Obama want immigration reform or more Hispanic votes?'
Chris Matthews - apparently absent the thrill up his leg - asked a question on his syndicated program Sunday that will shock people on both sides of the aisle. -- "Does the president want immigration reform or does he want more Hispanic votes?" -- MATTHEWS: Let me ask a skeptical question: Does the president want immigration reform or does he want more Hispanic votes? Because it may be in getting the bill...

Introduction by Paul Craig Roberts -- Infowars     
Obamacare: A deception   
The article below is the most comprehensive analysis available of "Obamacare" -- the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The author, a knowledgeable person who wishes to remain anonymous, explains how Obamacare works for the insurance companies but not for you. -- Obamacare was formulated on the concept of health care as a commercial commodity and was cloaked in ideological slogans such as...

Micah  Cohen -- New York Times  
Which G.O.P. House members might support amnesty?   
Last Monday, a bipartisan group of eight senators agreed to a set of overarching principles for immigration reform. On Tuesday, President Obama traveled to Las Vegas to outline his own proposals. Mr. Obama’s speech was followed by reports that a bipartisan group of representatives in the House were hashing out a set of measures. -- Lawmakers have tried this before, of course...

Spanish-speaking home invaders get Second Amendment treatment   
The one good thing about the firearms debate ginned up by Obama's gun grabbers is the increased reporting of successful instances of self-defense showing up in the media. Most don't get reported at all; the press prefers to broadcast the bad news that includes guns. -- Professor Emeritus James Q. Wilson of UCLA said, "We know from Census Bureau surveys that something beyond 100,000 uses of guns for self-defense occur every year."

Taylor Rose -- WND.com    
McCain a 'bozo' for supporting amnesty   
Sen. John McCain is a "bozo" for supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, and rising GOP star Sen. Marco Rubio is doing it because he's maneuvering for a possible presidential candidacy, charges a former Republican Colorado congressman who for years was the chief advocate in Congress for border security. -- Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, author of "In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border and Security", spoke to...

Washington Times     
Immigrants working in U.S. sending $120B back home
Immigrants working in the United States sent $120 billion back to their home countries in 2012, according to reports. -- More than $23 billion went to Mexico, $13.45 billion to China, $10.84 billion to India and $10 billion to the Philippines, among other recipients, The Daily Mail reported Thursday. -- Only $5.1 billion was sent back to the U.S. by the 2.4 million American citizens working abroad...

Red Alert Politics    
Harry Reid says amnesty will pass, despite Republican efforts   
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) thinks immigration reform will pass in both the House and Senate because it would be "a bad day for the Republican Party" if the legislation didn't pass. -- "It's certainly going to pass the Senate, and it would be a bad day for our country and a bad day for the Republican Party if they continue to stand in the way of this," he said in a pre-taped interview aired Sunday morning...

Daniel Greenfield -- Front Page Magazine     
Border security no longer part of amnesty scheme   
First legalize the aliens, then secure the border and then put them on a path to citizenship was how Senators tried to sell us on the illegal alien Amnesty plan. (It's not amnesty, they pay a fine!) -- But even the threadbare border security option does not apply, because the final determination on the 'trigger' for moving forward with the path to citizenship is not the blue ribbon commission, but the word of Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano...

Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle Editorial Staff    
Cheapened citizenship   
...Demagoguery has won the day. If you're against illegal immigration or blanket amnesty for illegals, you're supposedly anti-immigrant. All immigration is the same, whether legal or not, we're supposed to believe, and regardless of whether there's any assimilation involved or any true desire to become American. -- Those of us who have been privileged to be involved in naturalization ceremonies – for which legal immigrants study...

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