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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Immigration Conspiracy
Few Americans Understand What Happened

Activist Speaks Out
Feature Photo
Glenn Spencer – also President and chief pilot for American Border Patrol
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- January 23  
The Immigration Conspiracy
    I have been immersed in the illegal immigration issue for more than twenty years. I have studied and documented the issue every day without stop. I think I know the subject better than most -- if not better than anyone.
    Some people ask why I don't write a book. Ten years ago there were 300,000 books published in the U.S. Last year it reached over ten million. Who will read all those books? Very few.
    But I have written a book -- It is called the American Patrol Report. It has been accessed more than 34 million times. (Actually, I write the feature story for the American Patrol Report – someone else posts the stories). I have also had a radio show.
    The American Patrol Report was started in 1995, although our online archives only go back to 2001 -- twelve years. That means I have written about 6,500 daily features. I stand by every one -- and I stand by every broadcast.
    After over twenty years of research I have firmly concluded that illegal immigration into the U.S. was made possible by a massive conspiracy launched by the Ford Foundation, The Catholic Church, the AFL/CIO, the Los Angeles Times, The Communist Party, and individuals such as Doris Meissner, Robert Bach, Peter Schey, Morris Dees and former California Governor Gray Davis.
    Thanks to the mainstream media, there are probably only a handful of Americans who truly understand what has been done to them. Some say the immigration system is broken. If it is, it's because the conspirators broke it intentionally.
    Of this I am absolutely certain: If Obama's amnesty wins the day, the plan that these conspirators launched so many decades ago will have succeeded -- and we will have lost the United States forever. There will be no recovery -- only chaos.

Kansas City Star     
Kobach: Obama immigration proposal 'out of touch'  
President Obama must not be very serious about immigration reform because the proposal outlined over the weekend is out of touch with sentiments in the U.S. House and with the American public, said Kris Kobach, one of the nation's leading anti-illegal immigration advocates and Kansas' secretary of state. -- "Instead of going for limited reform, he's asking for the full monty," Kobach told The Eagle on Monday...

W.D. Reasoner -- CIS.org     
Categories of misconduct at CBP   
This past December, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report entitled "Border Security: Additional Actions Needed to Strengthen CBP Efforts to Mitigate Risk of Employee Corruption and Misconduct". -- In compiling the report, auditors focused on data provided by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for the years 2005-2012. CBP is composed of two major divisions...

Ira Mehlman -- FAIRUS.org     
New AP poll offers one choice on immigration reform   
Back in the day of the Model T, Henry Ford famously told consumers, "You can have any color you want, as long as it's black." Ford could get away with selling cars in only one color because there really weren't a whole lot of options for consumers who wanted affordably priced automobiles. -- A new Associated Press/Roper poll on immigration apparently drew its inspiration from Mr. Ford...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
MS-13 gang member charged with child sex trafficking in Virginia
Last week, Alexander Rivas, 18, was arrested by Alexandria police, following an investigation that began in November, when the father of a 14-year-old runaway told police his daughter was living with Rivas. Court documents state that the girl was found in the gang member's apartment and she was being used as a prostitute. -- According to prosecutors, Rivas ran a prostitution ring, operating in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, using underage runaways...

Medford (Oregon) Mail Tribune     
Meth traffickers aren't able to dodge federal penalties   
A pair of large-scale methamphetamine traffickers arrested in Jackson County last year could not escape steep federal prison sentences after attempting to rush plea deals through state court that carry shorter incarceration terms, officials said. -- The suspects were arrested while driving on Interstate 5 in March of 2011. The two were arrested by the Oregon State Police in unrelated incidents, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office... [Related]

Mark Krikorian -- National Review     
More cluelessness on immigration   
After Groundhog Day and 50 First Dates, I'm running out of apt movie references, so I'll just get to the point. The L.A. Times reported yesterday on Republican-oriented groups backing amnesty: Traditional pillars of the Republican base, such as police groups, evangelical pastors and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have begun to push skeptical GOP lawmakers to change federal immigration laws to allow most of the nation's 11 million...

Portland Oregonian     
Undeportable criminal illegal alien gets 3 years in prison   
A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced the leader of a counterfeiting ring that passed thousands of dollars of fake bills at area retailers to two years and nine months in prison. -- U.S. District Judge Anna Brown also ordered Somphalavanh Sophanthavong to pay nearly $12,000 in restitution. -- Sophanthavong pleaded guilty last September for his role in printing as much as $120,000 in high-quality fake bills...

D.A. King -- Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal 
IMAGE certification for contractors to protect identity theft and jobs in Cobb County? 
IMAGE certification for contractors to protect identity theft and jobs in Cobb County? The contractors lobby and Tim Lee are not the only enemies of enforcement. -- A two minute video education – Rich Pellegrino and Lance Lamberton: Cobb County's anti-enforcement, open borders dudes...

Da Tagliare -- Godfather Politics     
California set to become northern Mexico by summer's end 
There are millions of Hispanics that have come to the US legally over the years and have settled in all parts of the nation. To them, I say welcome, because they use the legal process to come to America and have every right to be part of this country like all legal immigrants have the right to. -- However, the Obama administration refuses to secure the US-Mexico border, allowing millions of illegal Hispanics to cross into the US...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Illegal alien charged with sexually assaulting 8-year-old girl in Connecticut  
On January 9, Meriden police arrested Samuel Castillo, 36, after he allegedly sexually assaulted a young girl in December. -- The Record Journal reports that the victim told her parents about the sexual abuse after hearing a breast cancer awareness ad. -- Following an investigation, which included an interview with "child professionals," a warrant was issued for Castillo's arrest...

Zero Hedge     
The socialism of Europe has arrived at our shores...   
I am sorry to tell you that whatever door that had been opened is now closed. We currently find ourselves locked in a vault of our Masters' making and whatever treasure it had held is being rapidly depleted and yet more, I am afraid, will be demanded. America has turned the corner from the self-sufficiency of an individual to a new ideology for this country which is that incomes and life-styles should be equalized by taxes...

Lowell (Mass.) Sun     
Reps fight tuition break for illegals   
Two months after Gov. Deval Patrick issued a directive granting in-state tuition to some [illegal aliens], two Republican legislators are looking to undo that action. -- "The key issue here is that the Patrick administration wants to expand benefits and force working families to subsidize people who aren't following the rules," said Andover Rep. Jim Lyons, whose district includes part of Tewksbury...

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