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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mexicans Take Up Arms
Massacres have opposite effect from U.S.
Feature Photo
Friends and relatives of photojournalist Guillermo Luna attend his funeral in Veracruz, Mexico, Friday, May 4, 2012 (See Article)
Associated Press -- January 21  
In Mexico, Self-Defense Squads Battle Violence
    Ayutla, Gro., Mex. -- The young man at the roadside checkpoint wept softly behind the red bandanna that masked his face. At his side was a relic revolver, and his feet were shod in the muddy, broken boots of a farmer.
    Haltingly, he told how his cousin's body was found in a mass grave with about 40 other victims of a drug gang. Apparently, the cousin had caught a ride with an off-duty soldier and when gunmen stopped the vehicle, they killed everyone on the car.
    "There isn't one of us who hasn't felt the pain ... of seeing them take a family member and not being able to ever get them back," said the young civilian self-defense patrol member, who identified himself as "just another representative of the people of the mountain."
    Now he has joined hundreds of other men in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero who have taken up arms to defend their villages against drug gangs, a vigilante movement born of frustration at extortion, killings and kidnappings that local police are unable, or unwilling, to stop.
    Vigilantes patrol a dozen or more towns in rural Mexico, the unauthorized but often tolerated edge of a growing movement toward armed citizen self-defense squads across the country.
Red DotRelated:
Washington Post -- December 29, 2012
In Mexico, only one gun store but no dearth of violence
    Mexico, DF -- In all of Mexico, there is only one gun store. The shop, known officially as the Directorate of Arms and Munitions Sales, is operated by the Mexican military. The clerks wear pressed green camouflage. They are soldiers.

CBS-TV -- Washington     
Unemployment rate same today as it was when Obama first took office   
Even though much has changed the past four years, President Barack Obama begins his second term with one thing that hasn't: the unemployment rate. -- When Obama first took office in January 2009, the unemployment rate was 7.8 percent. Today the unemployment rate is once again at 7.8 percent. -- The unemployment rate rose as high as 10 percent during Obama's first term before falling back down to 7.8 percent last November...

Pierre Tristam -- Flagler Live -- Palm Coast, Fla.    
Full-court press of pro-amnesty balderdash continues   
While the national obsession with guns takes a turn for the hysterical, an interesting duel is taking shape in Washington between Barack Obama and Florida's Sen. Marco Rubio. It involves an issue almost as incendiary as guns. Immigration. -- Luckily for us, neither Obama nor Rubio is being hysterical about it. They both recognize that 11 million [illegal aliens] can't be wished away...

Chicago Tribune     
Usual suspect protest Obama's deportation policies   
As President Barack Obama gets sworn in for his second term Monday, immigration activists in Chicago plan a march downtown to protest administration policies that have led to a record number of deportations. -- The president has pledged to make comprehensive immigration reform a priority during the next few months, and Republicans and Democrats in Congress have been meeting toward a possible deal...

David North -- Center for Immigration Studies     
The multiple negatives in immigration speak    
Two of the characteristics of the lingo of the immigration business are its often-convoluted nature and its double-negatives. -- For example, cancellation or suspension of removal is good news for the alien --- it means that he will not be deported --- but voluntary departure is bad news, it means that he has to leave the country (but not in custody)...

Fox News    
CBS political director urges Obama to 'go for the throat' of GOP to cement legacy
A column published on Slate.com over the weekend urged President Obama to "pulverize" and destroy his Republican opponents -- even "go for the throat" -- in order to "cement his legacy." -- The words of advice, though, didn't come from a Democratic strategist or a former member of the president's inner circle. -- The nearly 2,000-word playbook came from CBS News' political director John Dickerson...

Alan Caruba -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Ga.    
Will you celebrate or mourn Obama's inauguration?   
Traditionally, the nation celebrates an inauguration as a demonstration of the peaceful transfer or extension of presidential power, but for half of the nation's voters Inauguration Day 2013 is more likely to be a day of mourning, a day of fear for the nation's ability to survive Barack Hussein Obama. -- Let's start with the basics. As Terence P. Jeffrey points out in a recent commentary on CNSnews.com...

Weasel Zippers     
Obama names dubious character to head ATF   
As part of President Barack Obama’s 23-point gun control plan, he nominated Minnesota U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones-who currently doubles right now as the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives-to be the ATF Director. -- Jones was personally a part of the high-ranking Department of Justice unit that first met on October 26, 2009, to create the new DOJ policy that was used to justify "gunwalking" in Operation Fast and Furious.

John Derbyshire -- VDare.com     
The dubious case for skilled immigration   
I'm obliged to Paul Nachman for noticing Radio Derb's comments on Marco Rubio. -- Paul correctly reproduces my remark on skilled immigration early in that segment, but adds: A quibble on one point: Let's not admit for permanent residence/ultimate citizenship any skilled immigrants short of world-class superstars...

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