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Monday, March 11, 2013

Air War Over Southern Arizona
Fair weather security?
American Patrol Report -- March 11   
    A rainstorm moved into Southern Arizona Friday morning and the number of suspected illegal aliens being chased by the Border Patrol dropped from Thursday's count of 320 to a paltry 29 --- 91%.
    The rain probably doesn't bother young illegal aliens, so what happened? The most likely explanation is CBP aircraft couldn't see any suspects to direct ground pounders to intercept.
    According to an analysis of last year's data, secureborderintel.org reports that a total of 62 different aircraft provide tactical support for ground agents from east of Douglas to the Organ Pipe National Monument. The number of aircraft active at any one time ranges from six to as high as twenty. These aircraft, especially the UAVs and high-fliers, are instrumental in spotting suspects with their powerful thermal and color cameras. Helicopters finish the job, giving step-by-step directions. Friday's big drop in activity suggests that without these air assets, our southern border is pretty vulnerable.
    SBI also reports that the Predator appears to be utilized less than 7% of the time in one 31-day period looked at --- again raising questions as to its effectiveness.
    A scene where twenty aircraft are involved in defending the country conjures up images of the Battle of Britain. It also conjures up an image of a very costly process that might be axed by the sequestration.
    Are there cheaper ways to secure the border? Should Congress consider them? Does Congress even know what is going on at the border?
  Latest Report from Secure Border Intel
Updated March 11 -- 29 Bodies

Legislative Gazette -- Albany, NY     
DREAMers: Arrogant lawbreakers "unafraid and unapologetic"   
Undocumented, unafraid, unapologetic," t-shirts were donned by the nearly 200 college-bound students at a DREAM Act rally last Tuesday in the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Albany. -- The [illegal aliens] traveled to the capital to call on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to include the DREAM Act in this year's budget and to lobby lawmakers to support the legislation.

Las Cruces (NM) Sun-News    
Border agents arrest illegal alien convicted of child sex offenses   
Las Cruces Border Patrol agents Sunday night arrested an [illegal alien] previously convicted of various sex offenses with a child, according to a news release. -- During immigration inspections aboard a passenger bus, Fernando Efrian reportedly admitted being in the U.S. illegally to Border Patrol agents. They arrested Efrain, a Honduran citizen traveling to southern California via Interstate 10...

Marinka Peschmann -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto     
Amnesty: Who is going to play the race card now?   
Lodging the accusation of racism against people who are not racists is vile and despicable, yet in recent years the race card has been thrown around like confetti by certain media types and politicians, especially against conservatives and those Americans who want a small, efficient government. In the debate on immigration reform, people who disagree with a path to citizenship for illegal aliens can find themselves branded a racist...

Christianity Today    
Obama affirms 'evangelical' principles for amnesty scheme    
During an hour-long meeting on Friday, President Barack Obama told religious leaders that he hopes Congress will approve a comprehensive immigration reform bill within the next several months. -- The meeting itself, which took place in the White House, is testament to the growing voice of religious leaders in the immigration reform conversation, especially among Republicans. The 14 religious leaders, which included...

Jonathon Shacat -- Cochise County (Arizona) Record     
Border Patrol "public info officers" stonewall freelance journalist   
Two weeks ago freelance journalist [this reporter] Jonathon Shacat interviewed the American and Mexican co-coordinators at the Migrant Resource Center in Agua Prieta, Son. (Mex.) operated by Frontera de Cristo. Shacat planned to submit to several publications one or more articles on the subject of current trends in illegal immigration as it affects communities on the Arizona-Mexico border. -- Shacat, fully bi-lingual and with 12 years experience as a traditional media journalist in Virginia and Arizona, was laid off in January 2013...

Paul Craig Roberts -- Infowars     
Staring armageddon in the face but hiding it with official lies   
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US economy created 236,000 new jobs in February. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I'll let you have at a good price. -- Where are these alleged jobs? The BLS says 48,000 were created in construction. That is possible, considering that revenue-starved real estate developers are misreading the housing situation...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.  
Bumper sticker to fight RubiObamAmnesty! REMEMBER 1986!   
Free bumper sticker with a $10 donation to help us fight amnesty-again. -- We need funding help to stop amnesty. Again. Get several! Send them to your U.S. Senators and your U.S. House Representatives! - I did! -- We just got shipment in and have plenty of stickers. They are high-quality, 7" X 3-3/4" and made of quality all-weather vinyl. A real eye-catcher...

Michael Snyder -- Economic Collapse Blog    
Chart proves the mainstream mediais lying to you about unemployment   
The mainstream media is absolutely giddy that the U.S. unemployment rate has hit a "four-year low" of 7.7 percent. But is unemployment in the United States actually going down? After all, you would think that it should be. The Obama administration has "borrowed" more than 6 trillion dollars from future generations of Americans, interest rates have been pushed to all-time lows, and the Federal Reserve has...

Jim Rogers -- LewRockwell.com     
We're wiping out the savings class globally, to terrible consequence   
Jim Rogers decries the growing uncertainty and recklessness of global central planners as the world enters unchartered financial markets: For the first time in recorded history, we have nearly every central bank printing money and trying to debase their currency. This has never happened before. How it's going to work out, I don't know. It just depends on which one goes down the most and first, and they take turns...

Los Angeles Times     
'Gang of Eight' agrees on amnesty scheme   
Eight senators who have spent weeks trying to write a bipartisan bill to overhaul immigration laws have privately agreed on the most contentious part of the draft --- how to offer legal status to the nation's 11 million illegal [aliens]. -- According to aides familiar with the closed-door negotiations, the bill would require illegal [aliens] to register with Homeland Security Department authorities, file federal income taxes...

KGBT-TV -- Harlingen, Texas     
Cuts to Border Patrol cause for concern    
Residents living close to the border are wondering who will protect them as groups of illegal [aliens] make their way to the United States. -- The effect of Sequestration is trickling its way down to our border protection agencies. -- With rumors of about 5,000 fewer Border Patrol agents patrolling our borders, the sequester cuts have many wondering "How much will change along our borders?"

The Blaze     
Shocking Secrets From an Ex-TSA Agent: 'It's all for show!'    
The New York Post on Sunday published an op-ed from someone claiming to be a former TSA agent at Newark's Liberty Airport, the same airport where agents failed to detect a fake bomb sent through during secret test last month. According to the op-ed, such a mistake isn’t really that surprising considering the culture at TSA. -- Below, we've excerpted the 10 most shocking admissions the person makes...

Associated Press     
New state tourism minister assassinated in Mexico   
Guadalajara, Jal. Mex. -- Authorities in Mexico say the recently appointed tourism minister in western Jalisco state was shot to death Saturday while driving in a suburb of Guadalajara in an attack that may have been related to his business dealings. --A state government official says Jose de Jesus Gallegos Alvarez was shot with a 9-mm pistol during a chase as he drove his Toyota SUV in Zapopan...

Tom Tillson -- BizPac Review     
Southern Poverty Law Center smears patriots and Christians   
If you happen to be a Christian, believe in the right to bear arms, oppose the over-reaching, big-government policies of Barack Obama and feel the United States should enforce its immigration laws, then you're a radical right-wing racist prone to erupt in violence at any moment. -- At least that's what a study by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center would have you believe...

Tom Fitton -- Judicial Watch     
Court says NO to Obama secrecy   
Six months have passed since the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, which killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, and we are no closer to the truth about what happened. And there is only one reason --- Obama secrecy. -- You've watched the Obama administration trot out witnesses before congressional committees investigating the attacks. You've watched Obama officials...

Michael Snyder -- End of the American Dream     
11 things the Obama regime is doing to promote illegal immigration   
Why does it seem like Barack Obama has been doing everything that he can to sabotage our border security and promote more illegal immigration? The number one responsibility of the president of the United States is to defend our nation, and yet Obama stubbornly refuses to secure our borders. In fact, he has been doing quite a bit to make it even easier for millions more drug runners, gang members and welfare parasites to enter our country illegally...

William Norman Grigg -- LewRockwell.com    
The Stalinist in the White House   
In the fashion of Caesar thrice refusing the crown even as he assumed dictatorial powers, tyrants will occasionally engage in self-aggrandizement disguised as self-deprecation. Barack Obama offered a moment of that kind last week when, in reply to a question about the budget sequester posed by a media sycophant, he said, "I'm not a dictator." -- Obama wasn't serious, of course. He does consider himself a dictato...

Associated Press     
Senators hush-hush as they craft amnesty scheme  
The eight senators meet in private several times a week, alternating between Sen. John McCain's and Sen. Charles Schumer's offices. They sit in arm chairs arranged in a circle and sip water or soft drinks as they debate temporary workers and border security. In a capital riven by partisanship and gridlock, they are determined to be the exception and actually get something done...

Associated Press    
Obama poised to pick Thomas Perez for secretary of labor   
wo people familiar with the process say President Obama is close to naming Thomas E. Perez, a civil rights official in the Justice Department, as his choice to head the Department of Labor. -- His nomination could come as early as Monday, the people familiar with the process said Saturday. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the official announcement has not yet been made...

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