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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 -- 7:00 AM

Villaraigosa Amnesty Now Official
Republicans are cowards
Los Angeles Times -- November 7   
L.A. council approves ID cards for city residents
The cards could be used by illegal immigrants to open bank accounts, borrow library books and pay utility bills. There would also be a separate debit card feature that users could pre-load with cash
Our version
    While the federal government has failed to pass immigration reform, the city of Los Angeles is able to manage its own affairs, said Councilman Richard Alarcon, who along with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a chief sponsor of the card plan.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Opinion
    When Barack Obama named Antonio Villaraigosa to chair the Democratic convention, we said this: "If Republicans don't point out that Villaraigosa reports to Mexico City, they are cowards."
    Stretching back fifteen years we have documented the cowardice of the leadership of the Republican Party. See: Courage and Capitulation --- How Republicans Lost California.
    They have failed to defend the United States of America against an invasion by Mexico. The United States of America may be the first nation in history to lose its sovereignty out of fear of being called a name.

Anthony Martin -- The Examiner     sc  
Informed citizens brace for meltdown
No matter what one thinks about the oft vilified "rich," those who belong to the elite group of the wealthiest of Americans can be depended on to provide a gauge as to the state of the nation, particularly the economy. -- The wealthy are presently sending us a clear message if we will but watch them. They are bracing and preparing for a meltdown of historic proportions...

Radio host rants against GOP Hispanic outreach   
During his national radio show on Friday, American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer, spokesman made the case against Republican Party outreach to Hispanic-Americans, dismissing them as "socialists by nature" who "come from Mexico" to "plunder" the United States. -- According to Fischer, reaching out to Hispanics is a lost cause because the demographic supports Democrats not because of...

Amnesty: Rand Paul turns out to be another major disappointment   
...In an interview with POLITICO, Paul said he'll return to Congress this week pushing measures long avoided by his party. He wants to work with liberal Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and Republicans to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for pot possession. He wants to carve a compromise immigration plan with an "eventual path" to citizenship for illegal [aliens]...

Mickey Kaus -- Daily Caller     sc 
The Grover Plan: More cowbell!   
We'll dilute our way out of it! Republicans did poorly among Hispanics last week. How to address that problem? The answer, they're told by Washington savants, is to back an immigration reform that... increases the number of Hispanics! It's a plan so crazy it just might be crazy. -- Joshua Culling, who works for Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, elaborates on the plan elsewhere on this site...

Mark Krikorian -- National Review    
Thou shalt not be comprehensive   
While sailing the Caribbean with the NR cruisers drowning their sorrows in liquor, I was delighted to see that two of the Senate's most stalwart defenders of conservative principle, Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham, are back to work on amnesty "comprehensive immigration reform." What could go wrong? -- The editors are right in their observation that "Our immigration system is in need of deep reform..."

Paul Mirengoff -- Powerline Blog    
Lindsey Graham poised to sell out to Chuck Schumer on amnesty 
When the smarmiest Senate Democrat and the smarmiest Senate Republican sit down for talks on an issue of fundamental importance to the nation, and to the future of conservatism, conservatives should be very scared. When the smarmy Democrat is Chuck Schumer, a shrewd partisan, and the smarmy Republican is Lindsay Graham, a squish who gets his kicks from cooperating with Democrats, conservatives should panic...

The Hill    
Flake expects role in amnesty talks next year   
Sen.-elect Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) told reporters Tuesday that he expects to play a role in immigration reform talks next year. -- "Expect to be," Flake told reporters while walking to Sen. Jon Kyl's (R-Ariz.) whip office. -- Flake, along with Sen.-elect Ted Cruz (R) of Texas and freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), is expected to make up the core of any Republican group supporting bipartisan Senate immigration reform next year...

Victor Davis Hanson -- National Review     
The Latino-vote obsession    
Postelection panic among conservatives about the Latino vote has reached the point of absurdity — and mostly reveals the naïveté of detached political grandees who know little about the ideology and motivations of those they are now supposed to adroitly woo. -- Republican postmortems have focused heavily on the Latino vote. According to exit polls, it went 70 percent for Barack Obama...

Daniel Horowitz -- Red State     
What Arizona teaches us about politics of illegal immigration   
If you only listened to the media and Republican consultants during the days following the election, you would hear the following erroneous premises about the Hispanic vote and the issue of illegal immigration. -- 1) Our opposition to the circuitous cycle of amnesty and open borders is the sole reason why we are losing the Hispanic vote. -- 2) Immediate and unconditional support for illegal immigrants will win us back those votes...

Patrick J. Buchanan -- Manchester (NH) Union-Leader     
Is the Republican Party headed to the graveyard?   
After its second defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, under whom unemployment has never been lower than the day George W. Bush left office, the Republican Party has at last awakened to its existential crisis. -- Eighteen states have voted Democratic in six straight elections. Among the six are four of our most populous: New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California...

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. --- Sir Winston Churchill

John Hawkins -- Townhall.com     
5 reasons amnesty would be political suicide for the Republican Party   
Of all the misguided, corrupt and deranged ideas floating around inside the D.C. bubble, perhaps the single worst one is giving illegal aliens amnesty as part of some sort of attempt to capture the Hispanic vote. If the GOP were to pursue a policy that primarily benefits corrupt business owners, the government of Mexico, and Democrats at the expense of our country and our own base, we'd truly deserve the "Stupid Party" moniker...

Patrick J. Buchanan -- VDare.com    
"Slippery six" midwest states doom Romney... because of low white share   
What can we learn from the 2012 Presidential election? -- How about this? In politics (as we might have occasionally mentioned over the dozen years of VDARE.com's existence) demography is destiny. -- Mainstream Republicans appear to be waking up to a reality that they've gone out of their way to not think about in the 15 years since Peter Brimelow and Ed Rubenstein pointed out that...

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