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Friday, June 8, 2012

Flags Along the Border
ABP Prepares for Independence Day
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- June 8   
Wes Fleming constructs a new sign at the border. See larger photo -- Join ABP on June 30 to place flags on the sign.
    This year marks the fifth year in a row that American Border Patrol has placed American flags on the border for Independence Day. Last year 10,000 flags were used to spell out SECURE THE BORDER on a billboard just feet north of the border. (See the story on the local newspaper).
    The flags were mailed into ABP by its supporters and each has a small note attached. (See photos from 2008)
    Even though the government built a five-mile fence along the border at our ranch (did our flags do the job?), most of the border remains unprotected – so we are continuing the tradition.
    Already flags are beginning to arrive for the Independence Day, 2012. We are making room for them with a new billboard sign that reads - SAVE THE UNITED STATES – being built to the left of last year's sign. The completed signs will read SAVE THE UNITED STATES SECURE THE BORDER.
    If you want your flag on the border – click here.)
    This year also marks ten years that ABP has been working on the border. To celebrate, we are holding a special event on Saturday, June 30. Our friends are invited to join us (up to 250) – arriving by chartered bus.
    If you would like to join them - and help place the flags on the border - click here.
 Red DotBoxes of flags are now arriving at ABP headquarters. Here is just one of the boxes that arrived this morning.

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner                    sc   
Lawmakers express concerns with Holder leadership following testimony
Following the testimony of Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday, Congressman Lamar Smith expressed concern with Holder's leadership of the Justice Department and the Obama administration's efforts to impose a partisan agenda on the American people. -- The chairman of House Judiciary Committee, Lamar Smith (R-Texas), grilled Attorney General Holder at the hearing in Washington, D.C. about whether...

Economic Collapse Blog  
70 facts that Barack Obama does not want you to see    
Why is the economy going to collapse? Have you ever been asked that question? If so, what did you say? Sometimes it is difficult to communicate dozens of complicated economic and financial concepts in a package that the average person on the street can easily digest. It can be very frustrating to know that something is true but not be able to explain it clearly to someone else...

Obama: "The private sector is doing fine"    
Question: What about the Republicans saying that you're blaming the Europeans for the failures of your own policies? -- President Obama: The truth of the matter is that, as I said, we created 4.3 million jobs over the last 27 months, over 800,000 just this year alone. -- The private sector is doing fine. Where we're seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government... [Related]

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas     
Border Patrol searching for human smuggling suspect    
Hargill, Texas -- Border Patrol agents are working to identify a suspected human smuggler who crashed a truck loaded with nine illegal [aliens] near Hargill. -- The accident happened around 9 p.m. on Cemetery Road, just east of FM 493. -- Two local teens, Arnold Alvarado and his cousin Andy Ramirez, saw the crash and rushed to help. -- "I heard the truck pass (very) quickly," Alvarado said...

Carl Horowitz -- VDare.com 
The treason lobby wants non-citizens to vote    
Should non-citizens be eligible to vote? -- Outlandish! --- especially in a presidential election year. (Isn't epidemic fraud bad enough?) Yet a movement to grant the vote to all immigrants, even illegal [aliens], has been gathering steam for more than two decades. And it looks likely to grow more as America's immigrant population grows...

Obama's excuses are getting stale    
On June 1, 2012, President Barack Obama, during campaign stops in Minnesota, equated Republican activism to a "fever" that has blocked his efforts to enact deficit reduction, highway improvement, and immigration reform [aka amnesty]. -- In Minnesota, the Obama re-election campaign had three fundraising events, only one of which was open to the press --- and that was the least expensive affair where attendees only had to fork out $5,000...

Daily Caller  
Cummings to Issa: Halt contempt proceedings against Holder    
House oversight committee ranking Democratic member Rep. Elijah Cummings asked his committee's chairman, California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, to withdraw the looming contempt of Congress citation against Attorney General Eric Holder for withholding subpoenaed documents related to Operation Fast and Furious. -- In a press release following a Thursday House Judiciary Committee hearing in which Holder sparred...

Georgia Public Broadcasting  
Vidalia onion farmers don't need illegals in Georgia    
Atlanta -- Prison inmates are working on a Vidalia onion farm in southeast Georgia as part of a state program to fill empty farm jobs. -- The 'transitional inmates packing onions at the Wayne Durrence Farm in Glennville are getting ready to return to the outside world. A part of their paychecks goes to the state to defray incarceration costs. -- Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black says the effort differs from a program last year...

Detroit Free Press 
City officials: Detroit will go broke in a week    
Detroit will run out of cash a week from today if a lawsuit challenging the validity of the city's consent agreement with the state is not withdrawn, city officials said this morning. -- Jack Martin, the city's new chief financial officer, said the city will be broke by June 15 but should be able to make payroll for its employees. He said the city will be operating in a deficit situation if the state withholds payments on...

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas               sc 
More Chinese illegals expected to sneak into Rio Grande Valley    
A former Drug Enforcement Administration agent predicts an increase in Chinese immigrants crossing illegally into the Rio Grande Valley. -- "The Chinese organized criminals - especially when it comes to human smuggling - will team up with anybody that will assist them in transporting people from China to the U.S. via Mexico... The Zetas are well organized in smuggling people in the U.S.," says Phil Jordan...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix 
UA professor to discuss immigration, media     
An experienced journalist and member of the UA's journalism department faculty will give a talk at Academy Village next Thursday discussing how the news media reflect and also affect immigration issues facing Southern Arizona. -- Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante will review the many political perspectives that drive conversations about immigration, focusing particularly on how journalists have addressed immigration topics in recent years...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner  
House votes to defund 'public advocate' position at ICE    
On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted to block funding for the recently created 'public advocate' position within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. -- Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) who sponsored the measure told the House: "Scarce taxpayer dollars should not be spent on lobbying for illegal aliens, but that's exactly what the Obama administration wants to do...

Denver Post  
Marc Anthony urges Latinos to support Obama     
Move over, Eva Longoria! Marc Anthony is the latest Latino becoming active in politics. -- The Salsa crooner is supporting President Barack Obama in his quest for re-election. -- In a new 30-second video for the Obama campaign, the singer urges Latinos to back Obama. He also outlines his reasons why Obama deserves the Latinos vote. -- 'We've got jobs, the economy, education, immigration,' Marc Anthony said...

Daily Caller  
Labor Dept. counts oil lobbyists, garbage men, bus drivers as 'green jobs' 
Under questioning by House oversight committee chairman Darrell Issa, senior U.S. Labor Department officials revealed that the Obama administration counts oil lobbyists, bus drivers, garbage men, bicycle shop employees and used-record store clerks as "green jobs." -- The exchange occurred between Issa, Bureau of Labor Statistics Acting Commissioner Josh Galvin and Assistant Secretary for Employment...

Northwest Indiana Times -- Munster  
Challenge to Indiana immigration law put on hold  
A Hammond federal magistrate agreed Wednesday to delay action on a lawsuit challenging Indiana's 2011 immigration law until the U.S. Supreme Court rules later this month in a similar Arizona case. -- Magistrate Andrew Rodovich said the temporary delay will not harm East Chicago's Union Benefica Mexicana, which challenged the constitutionality of employment restrictions in the law...

Chuck Baldwin -- VDare.com 
The White House secret kill list     
In a recent column posted on LewRockwell.com, Judge Andrew Napolitano highlighted a recent New York Times investigative report that reveals how President Barack Obama is engaging in secret assassinations worldwide. Judge Napolitano begins, "The leader of the government regularly sits down with his senior generals and spies and advisers and reviews a list of the people they want him to authorize their agents to kill..."

New York Times  
Deportations continue despite U.S. review of backlog     
After seven months of an ambitious review by the Obama administration of all deportations before the nation's immigration courts, very few of them have been halted, disappointing immigrants President Obama hopes to court for his re-election bid. -- Under the review of more than 411,000 deportation cases, the first of its kind, fewer than 2 percent have been closed so far...

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
Rachid Bouchareb, French filmmaker of Algerian descent, visits American Border Patrol ranch in preparation for shooting a major motion picture dealing with the U.S.-Mexico border. This is Rachid's second visit to the ranch. He plans to start shooting in January and ABP's ranch will be one of the locations used in the film...

Auburn (Ala.) Plainsman  
Usual suspects outline attack plans on Alabama immigration law    
A plan to fight Alabama's new immigration law, H.B. 658, has been set into motion by a collective of approximately 200 local, regional and national organizations. The group is doing this in response to the signing of a revised version of the original immigration law H.B. 56 and what they see as too little change in the parts of the bill that were deemed so controversial in the first place by its opponents...

Green Valley (Arizona) News & Sun 
Suspected illegals still at large    
A group of Hispanics who are possibly illegal [aliens] were able to avoid capture from law enforcement by abandoning their vehicle and running off into the desert early Sunday morning in Safford, Ariz.. -- A Safford officer attempted to pull over a dark green 1998 Dodge four-door station wagon at about 3:30 a.m. for traveling 55 mph in a 45 mph-zone, but the driver refused to yield...

KUSA-TV -- Denver  
Metro State College votes to aid and abet illegals    
Cheers erupted from the crowd as the Metropolitan State College of Denver board of trustees approved a special tuition for [illegal aliens] in a 7-1 vote. -- "We've always served historically under-represented populations, first generation populations," Dr. Stephen Jordan, president of the Metropolitan State College of Denver said. "We think these students fit in with exactly the mission that we serve."

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