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Monday, May 7, 2012

European Nations Struggle to Regain Identity
"The Europe of the Nations Returns"
London Telegraph -- May 7 
Greece elections: Ultra-nationalists Golden Dawn celebrate parliamentary first
New Greek Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras waves to his supporters at the headquarters of his party in Athens.
    The ultra-nationalist far right Golden Dawn says it wants immigrants out of Greece after exit polls show it would pass into parliament for the first time.
    The ultra nationalist far right party Golden Dawn supporters celebrated on Sunday after exit polls showed them winning between 5 to 7 per cent of the vote, enough for them to gain representation in parliament for the first time in Greek history.
    Golden Dawn Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos shouted "The Europe of the nations returns, Greece is only the beginning" as he walked towards party headquarters and pledged to deal with illegal immigrants first.
    Supporters clapped and chanted party slogan "Greece belongs to Greeks".
Israeli National News -- May 4
The Breakup Of The EU Becomes A Campaign Issue In Europe
...A recent poll shows the United Kingdom Independence party, that calls for Britain to exit the European Union, scoring better than the Liberal Democrats in the coalition. Across the channel, Marine Le Pen made opposition to the European Union a key theme in her successful campaign to secure a third-place finish on the first ballot in the presidential election.
    The anti-EU position will shortly be enunciated in the Dutch elections by the Party for Freedom that brought down the government because it opposed yielding to the economic dictates of Brussels.
    The party's leader, Geert Wilders, was in the United States this week to promote his latest book "Marked for Death". Speaking to popular, conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, Wilders predicted the imminent collapse of the European Union and claimed "Europe is the worst thing that ever happened to us."

ABC News   
ABC News getting in bed with Univsion    
ABC News announced this morning that it plans to join forces with Univision News to create a multiplatform news, lifestyle and information programming service aimed at U.S. Hispanics. -- Both organizations promised in a statement to provide "uncompromising coverage of current events with a unique perspective" with the around-the-clock, English-language television network and digital platform...

Salt Lake Tribune    
Former illegal immigration cheerleader heads to prison   
The former head of a Cache County [illegal alien] community center was sentenced Monday to prison for up to life on sex abuse charges, his second conviction for sex crimes. -- Leovigildo "Leo" Bravo, 63, had pleaded guilty in March to one count each of rape, object rape and forcible sodomy, all first-degree felonies punishable by five years to life behind bars...

Tacoma (Wash.) News Tribune    
2 groups sue Border Patrol   
It has become a common practice among local law enforcement agencies in many counties around Washington: if a person is pulled over and can only speak Spanish, call the U.S. Border Patrol. -- But Border Patrol agents don’t just provide interpretation, [illegal alien "rights"] advocates argue. They often question individuals and arrest people who they find are illegally in the country...

D.A. King -- Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal    
Look what the press forgot to report... again   
Ooops! The press forgot to report the fact that the communist party was at the May Day open borders rally at the Georgia Capitol! Again! -- The communist party was at the May Day illegal alien lobby rally against immigration enforcement at the Georgia Capitol - and they held up a bright red banner all day long with a link to their Website. And the media forgot (again) to report that inconvienient fact...

The Economic Collapse    
More suspected Obama globalist chicanery  
69 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have sent Barack Obama a letter expressing their concern that a new international treaty currently being negotiated would essentially ban all "Buy American" laws. This new treaty is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and it is going to be one of the biggest "free trade" agreements in history. Critics are referring to it as the "NAFTA of the Pacific", and it would likely cost the U.S. economy even more jobs than NAFTA did....

Sara Inés Calderón -- Politics365.com    
'MEChA Boy' Villaraigosa's tap dance alignment with Obama  
In predictable fashion, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave a standard answer to a fairly standard question: why should Latinos support President Barack Obama in 2012 recently. In a phone interview with Politic365 on Thursday, he cited 25 months of private sector job growth; 1.2 million new jobs for Latinos; 2 million Latinos out of poverty; expanded tax credits for 4 million Latinos; Pell grants...

Washington Post    
Rubio defends scaled-back DREAM Act  
Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday defended his plan to develop a scaled-back version of the DREAM Act, arguing that his proposal represents not amnesty, but an effort to tackle the "humanitarian issue" of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children. -- In an interview on "Fox News Sunday," Rubio said that his proposal, which is in the works, would provide...

Fox News   
Perry accuses Obama regime of fueling 'surge' in illegal alien kids
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is accusing the Obama administration of "perpetuating" a recent "surge" in illegal immigrant children who are crossing into the U.S. from Mexico and Central America without their parents and often falling straight into government care. -- In a letter obtained by Fox News, Perry wrote to President Obama on Friday citing stats that show more than 5,200 "unaccompanied minors" were taken into U.S. custody...

WOAI-AM -- San Antonio     sc  
Driver's license applicants must now prove Texas residency 
You still don't have to prove you are who you say you are when you cast a vote in Texas, but starting today, you'll have to prove your identity when you apply for a Texas driver's license, 1200 WOAI news reports. -- "T his is a requirement that is passed as a result of legislation, it was passed by the Texas Legislature, and the requirements begin May 7th," Tom Vinger of the DPS told 1200 WOAI news...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner   
Illegal alien charged with carjacking, assault on elderly women  
Hamilton, NJ – On Sunday, police arrested Sergio Fernando Solorzano-Vasquez, 27, after he allegedly attempted to steal a car at knifepoint from two elderly sisters. -- The unidentified 94- and 92-year-old sisters had just finished shopping at a CVS drugstore on Route 33 when they got into their car, only to find Solorzano-Vasquez hiding in the backseat. He then began to slash at them with a knife...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner  
Mexico blasts U.S for not prosecuting border agent who killed illegal alien  
Mexican government officials blasted the U.S. government for "failing to prosecute a Border Patrol agent" who admitted he shot an illegal alien at the U.S.-Mexican border nearly two years ago. An investigation revealed that the agent was being assaulted with rocks thrown by a gang of Mexicans, according to a legal watchdog group based in the nation's capital...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner    
Driver's licenses for illegals being pushed in Colorado  
An open-borders group with ties to the Quaker Church is currently gathering signatures to force a ballot initiative in the fall which, if approved, would allow illegal aliens to apply for driver's licenses. -- Initiative 52, which would allow anyone with a state tax return, a federal taxpayer ID number, or proof of identity from their home country (such as a Matricula Consular card) is being supported by Coloradans for Immigrant Rights (CIR)...

Andrew P. Napolitano -- Washington Times    
Obama's private war  
Did you know the U.S. government is using drones to kill innocent people in Pakistan? Did you know the Pakistani government has asked President Obama to stop it and he won't? Did you know Pakistan is a sovereign country that has nuclear weapons and is an American ally? -- Last week, the Obama administration not only acknowledged the use of the drones, it also revealed that it has plans to increase...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner    
Is Hilda Solis really the "illegal" Labor Secretary?  
Last week, Obama administration Labor Department Secretary Hilda Solis, while giving a speech at the Building and Construction Trades National Conference, took the opportunity to, yet again, push for amnesty, saying: "We all know that what we really need is comprehensive immigration reform so everyone has a level playing field. So thank you for standing with President Obama on our push for immigration reform."

Alan Caruba -- Family Security Matters    
Is Fast and Furious the next Watergate?  
When suspects in a crime are interrogated, they often develop memory loss. When the crime is running guns to drug cartels on both sides of the border, the crime involves the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol officer, Brian Terry, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, Jaime Zapata, and countless Mexican citizens. -- Katie Pavlich has written an extraordinary expose, "Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal..."

Associated Press    
Drug war slayings suppressing news in Mexico  
Mexico, DF -- Four of the reporters and photographers covering the perilous crime beat have been slain in less than a week in violence-torn Veracruz state, where two Mexican drug cartels are warring over control of smuggling routes and targeting sources of independent information. -- The brutal campaign is bleeding the media and threatens to add Veracruz to the growing list of states where fear snuffs out reporting...

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