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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Calderon Not Promoting Mexican Migration?
He is lying -- so what's new?
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- April 28 
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   Last Wednesday Mexican President Calderon spoke to a group of Mexican immigrants in Houston: "I want to be very clear. We are respectful of U.S. sovereignty. But we have to be firmly against those initiatives that tend to criminalize those that are not committing a crime."
    Calderon is really saying that Mexicans who enter the U.S. without permission are not breaking the law. He is lying -- and encouraging them to migrate.
    In The Labyrinth of Solitude, Octavio Paz says about Mexicans, "we tell lies for the mere pleasure of it... The Mexican tells lies because he delights in fantasy..." In Bordering On Chaos, Andres Oppenheimer observed, "There was new about Mexico's tradition of lying, of course. Since as far as historians can remember, double-talk and deceit had been part of Mexico's national character."
    In 1997 Mexican President Zedillo told a gathering of the National Council of La Raza that Mexicans can now have dual citizenship and vote in U.S. elections. When I addressed this problem in 1998 I caught the Mexican Consul General of Los Angeles in an outright lie.
    Oftentimes when I point out that Mexico is sponsoring the wholesale invasion of the Untied States and is lying about it, I am called a bigot. Those who do so oftentimes just don't have the intellectual equipment necessary to understand what is really going on.

King World News        sc
The "recovery" faked by phony government numbers  
John Williams, of Shadowstats, stated in his latest commentary, "The recovery is an illusion." There are two graphs in this piece from Williams, which show highly manipulated and phony government GDP reporting versus the inflation corrected real GDP. The difference between the two graphs is a shocking revelation of government propaganda at its best. Here is what Williams had to say...

Allan Wall -- VDare.com    
Meddling Mexican Calderon trolls the U.S.... again  
How about this? Mexican Presidente Felipe Calderon was in Washington, D.C. the day before the Supreme Court started hearing the SB 1070 case! Here are some excerpts from an article on the Mexican government's presidential website: During his working visit to Washington DC, Mexican President Felipe Calderón met with a two-party group of US federal congressmen...

End of the American Dream   
Bad things about the economy that Obama doesn't want you to know  
The human capacity for self-delusion truly is remarkable. Most people out there end up believing exactly what they want to believe even when the truth is staring them right in the face. Take the U.S. economy for example. Barack Obama wants to believe that his policies have worked and that the U.S. economy is improving. So that is what he is telling the American people. The mainstream media wants to believe that Barack Obama...

James Fulford -- VDare.com    
Pew declares "victory" over illegal immigration  
The latest Main Stream Media immigration meme: immigration has stalled, as a result of a) Immigration enforcement ( Obama tends to get credit, in spite of his Administrative Amnesty) -- b) The U.S. economic situation -- c) Slightly better economic times in Mexico --- This is all based on a recent report from the Pew Hispanic Center...

Michelle Malkin -- VDare.com 
"Crucify Them": The Obama way  
One of President Obama's radical eco-bureaucrats has apologized for confirming an indelible truth: This White House treats politically incorrect private industries as public enemies who deserve regulatory death sentences. -- Environmental Protection Agency administrator Al Armendariz, an avowed greenie on leave from Southern Methodist University, gave a little-noticed speech in 2010 outlining his sadistic philosophy...

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas      
U.S. won't pursue charges in border agent shooting  
El Paso -- Federal prosecutors said Friday there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges against a U.S. Border Patrol agent in the shooting death of a 15-year-old Mexican national in 2010. -- The agent didn't act inconsistently with Border Patrol policy or training regarding the use of force in the death of Sergio Hernandez-Guereca, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement announcing the decision, which was quickly denounced by the Mexican government.

John Hayward -- Human Events    
Good News: Jon Corzine's missing $1.6 billion has been located   
Somehow, the chief investment guru of the Obama Administration, former New Jersey governor, Democrat senator, and top Obama campaign contributor Jon Corzine --- managed to lose $1.6 billion of his clients' money, in the fiery crash of his MF Global corporation. During the extensive congressional investigations, the term "vaporized" was floated...

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