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Friday, April 27, 2012

NBC-TV -- Dallas    
Report predicted cartels would attend fight at UTEP   
A federal risk assessment of a now-canceled West Texas boxing match predicted it would draw leaders from two rival drug cartels, but noted the cartels had declared the event a "neutral zone," a law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Friday. -- The official, who is familiar with the contents of the report, spoke on condition of anonymity because the official isn't authorized to release the information...

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas      
3 agencies investigating bailout near McCook 
Three law enforcement agencies are investigating, after a group of illegal [aliens] bailed out a vehicle near McCook. -- DPS spokesperson Johnny Hernandez said the white Chevy pickup was stolen from the McAllen area. The area the group bailed out at is a good place to hide. But authorities said it's also a dangerous one. -- "They've got no water... They have no idea where there at," explained Hernandez...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner
Justice Kagan seeks end of U.S. Constitution, says gun rights leader
..."What would you say if you learned that a member of the highest court in the land has spent the last 30 years openly advocating for the destruction of the US Constitution and even went so far as to accept $20 million from Shariah Law proponents to accomplish her goal?" asks Alan Gottlieb, president of the Second Amendment Foundation. -- "That Supreme Court Justice is Elena Kagan," he bluntly states...

Associated Press  
Meddling Mexican gripes about SB 1070 in Texas speech   
Houston -- Mexican President Felipe Calderon said during a speech Wednesday evening that while he respects U.S. laws designed to control illegal immigration, he's against statutes like Arizona's controversial law that he believes unfairly go after [illegal aliens]. -- "I want to be very clear. We are respectful of U.S. sovereignty. But we have to be firmly against those initiatives that tend to criminalize those that are not committing a crime," Calderon said...

Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Georgia
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal / Co-Governor Chris Riley:
Get illegal aliens out of Georgia's university system!

WTHR-TV -- Indianapolis    
Tax loophole costs billions   
Inside his central Indiana office, a longtime tax consultant sits at his desk, shaking his head in disbelief. -- "There is not a doubt in my mind there's huge fraud taking place here," he said, slowly flipping through the pages of a tax return. -- The tax preparer does not want you to know his name for fear of reprisal, but he does want you to know about a nationwide problem with a huge price tag...

Poll: Feds' favorability at 15-year low    
A decade ago, Americans felt similarly about their local, state and federal governments. No longer. -- Today, just one in three has a favorable view of the federal government --- the lowest level in 15 years, according to a Pew survey. The majority of Americans remain satisfied with their local and state governments --- 61 percent and 52 percent, respectively --- but only 33 percent feel likewise about the federal government...

Patrick J. Buchanan -- LewRockwell.com    
Tomorrow's man --- or yesterday's   
The charismatic young Cuban-American challenged Gov. Charlie Crist in a Senate primary, ran him out of the party and swept to victory by 19 points in a three-way race. -- Among those mentioned as running mates for Mitt Romney, it is Rubio who generates the most excitement. That he is young, Hispanic and conservative, and his place on the ticket might secure Florida, are the cards he brings to the table...

The Blaze   
More links between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood   
On Wednesday evening, GBTV unveiled a powerful documentary, "Rumors of War III," exposing how radical Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, are infiltrating American government at its highest levels. Above is a video clip from the program outlining some of the key players involved. -- The following is an overview of each of the Islamist figures who have found their place --- in some way, shape or form --- at the Obama administration's table...

Agence France-Presse    
Mexico claims US deported more Mexicans than received in 2011   
More Mexicans were deported from the United States than those who migrated there last year, according to a second study this week showing a changing pattern of migration in the region. -- The study, released Wednesday by Mexico's College of the Northern Border, said the flow of Mexicans to the United States started falling in 2008, when more than 700,000 crossings were recorded, to less than 350,000 in 2011.

American Border Patrol      
Photo of the day   
Five of American Border Patrol's seven German Shepherds guard the approach to Melissa's desk at ABP's headquarters. She calls them her "K 9 security." Nice to have when you're only 1,000 feet from the Mexican border....

Associated Press 
Illegal alien tuition bill fails in Colorado    
Colorado Republicans rejected a measure to allow illegal [alien] students to attend state colleges at discounted tuition rates Wednesday, an outcome that prompted tears from youth in attendance and some lawmakers. -- I don't know what to say,' teary-eyed Democratic Sen. Angela Giron told a group of youth outside the House committee room where the bill was shot down on a party-line vote...

Associated Press    
Obama regime backs off new limits on child labor on farms   
Under heavy pressure from farm groups, the Obama administration said Thursday it would drop an unpopular plan to prevent children from doing hazardous work on farms owned by anyone other than their parents. -- The Labor Department said it is withdrawing proposed rules that would ban children younger than 16 from using most power-driven farm equipment, including tractors...

Associated Press   
SB1070 case could lead to sweeping changes    
The United States could see an official about-face in the coming months in how it confronts illegal immigration. -- Supreme Court justices, weighing arguments over Arizona's tough immigration law, seemed to find little problem Wednesday with provisions that require police to check the legal status of people they stop for other reasons. -- Over the last several years, states frustrated with the country's porous borders have...

Wall Street Journal   
U.S. firms add jobs, but mostly overseas    
Thirty-five big U.S.-based multinational companies added jobs much faster than other U.S. employers in the past two years, but nearly three-fourths of those jobs were overseas, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. -- Those companies, which include Wal-Mart Stores Inc., International Paper Co., Honeywell International Inc. and United Parcel Service Inc., boosted their employment at home by 3.1%...

WABE-FM -- Atlanta    
ACLU, others file FOIA request with immigration agency   
The Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, along with some immigrants' rights groups, has filed a “Freedom of Information Act” request with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The request asks for information related to two immigration enforcement programs in Georgia. Azadeh Shashahani, with the Georgia ACLU, says they want information about Secure Communities and 287 (g)...

Elsie Cooper -- American Thinker    
California caves to invaders   
California is changing its laws in order to be "fair and compassionate" toward illegal [aliens] living in the state. Governor Jerry Brown signed the "California Dream Act," which allows illegal [aliens] access to state aid at public universities and colleges. In addition, Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D) along with Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck are calling for illegal [aliens] to be given California driver's licenses...

CBS News -- Washington    
TSA goons manhandle child with leg braces   
The Transportation Security Administration is once again the subject of national scrutiny, this time after aggressively screening a 7-year-old female passenger with cerebral palsy which caused her family to miss their flight. -- The girl, identified as Dina Frank in a report by The Daily, was waiting with her family on Monday to board a flight departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York headed to Florida...

Associated Press    
ACLU sues Border Patrol over traffic stops  
The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit Thursday against the U.S. Border Patrol seeking to bar agents from making traffic stops, saying people are being pulled over and questioned "without reasonable suspicion." -- The lawsuit stems from tensions between immigrants and the expanded presence of Border Patrol agents on Washington state's Olympic Peninsula, which doesn't share a land border with Canada...

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