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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Up a River Without a Paddle
Denial is not just a river in Egypt
Tom Gray -- City Journal -- New York -- April 12 
Yes, Los Angeles Is Going Broke
Richard Riordan was right --- and it's about time Mayor Villaraigosa admitted it.
Will Obama bail out Villaraigosa and the rest of California?
    Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is in a race against the clock. Two years ago, he declared at a press conference that city finances were sound and would stay that way: "The fact of the matter is this city will never go bankrupt." Then he hedged a bit, adding, "It will never go bankrupt under my watch." Villaraigosa's watch -- his second mayoral term, after which the law obliges him to leave office --- ends just over a year from now, on July 1, 2013. He may be able to keep his (amended) promise, but perhaps not by much. [...]
    At least some Los Angeles officials are speaking seriously about the city's fiscal solvency, even if their sense of urgency comes a bit late. Others, most notably former mayor Richard Riordan, have been sounding the alarm for at least two years. In fact, Villaraigosa delivered his May 2010 no-bankruptcy pledge in response to a Wall Street Journal op-ed, coauthored by Riordan and investment advisor Alex Rubalcava, predicting that L.A. would likely declare bankruptcy by 2014. Riordan and Rubalcava argued that the city's finances were set to collapse under the weight of pensions and retiree health costs. [...]
    Villaraigosa has about a year to take some bold steps to put his city back on a sound footing. The path of least resistance is to let his successor deal with the mess, and maybe that's what he had in mind when he promised that L.A. would not go bankrupt on his watch. But he owes the city more, and he might start by admitting that Riordan was right.
Red DotRelated: Jerry Brown says lawmakers need to 'man up' and cut California's budget

Allan Wall -- VDare.com    
Titanic Centennial: The immigration dimension    
Exactly one hundred years ago, April 15th, 1912, RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic. The tragic and fascinating story of Titanic has captivated the public for a century. -- The centennial is being commemorated in various ways. My family and I recently visited an excellent Titanic museum located in Branson, Missouri. (See here and here.) It was definitely worth seeing. There are other Titanic museums...

Arizona Sentinel    
Jeff Flake, not interested in upholding the Constitution   
Lets take a look at some issues. Jeff Flake says he's not interested in the eligibility of Soetoro/Obama. He says he's our president, (might be his, but he's not mine). He say’s he was duly elected, well , sir that's not true, and here is why. He was never properly vetted by the two parties, and we know why , they are one in the same. He was never properly vetted by the MSM, and we know why, because they are all in the tank...

Associated Press   
Obama pledges amnesty early in 2nd term  
Cartagena, Colombia -- President Barack Obama is promising to tackle immigration reform in the first year of a second term. -- Obama says in a television interview that he would work on immigration this year, but can't get support from Republicans in Congress. Obama also tried to paint his Republican presidential challenger, Mitt Romney, as an extremist on immigration...

David Codrea -- The Examiner 
Gunwalker' suspect arrested for cocaine month before ATF released him   
Gun Rights Examiner has obtained a copy of the Phoenix Police Department arrest report for Manuel Celis-Acosta, a "main suspect" in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firerarms and Explosives' "gunwalking" operation. -- Celis-Acosta was the subject of a story by Richard A. Serrano of The Los Angeles Times last month, where it was reported "Seven months after federal agents began the ill-fated...

Human Events    
Top 10 miscarriages of the Justice Department   
Rarely, if ever, has there been a more politicized Justice Department than the one presided over by Attorney General Eric Holder. Ask yourself this: In which administration have there been more egregious miscarriages of justice than the following list? -- 1. Challenges voter ID laws: The Justice Department has challenged state voter ID laws, first in South Carolina and more recently in Texas, the first such actions in 20 years...

Nogales (Arizona) International    
Film takes a broad look at illegal immigration   
A new immigration documentary featuring Nogales is now playing at the Oasis Cinema. -- The documentary presents immigration and border issues in a relatively non-partisan light, a rare approach in the volatile national immigration debate. Instead of demonizing [illegal aliens] or vilifying anti-illegal immigration advocates, it threads the needle to show the human side of [illegal aliens...

Katie Pavlich -- Townhall.com    
Darrell Issa: Fast and Furious far from over   
St. Louis -- Entering the Edward Jones arena to an applauding audience at the NRA Annual Convention in downtown St. Louis Friday, Congressman Darrell Issa made it clear his congressional investigation into the Operation Fast and Furious scandal isn't going away until the Obama Justice Department comes clean. -- "The investigation of Operation Fast and Furious will not end until the full truth is exposed..."

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
Glenn Spencer spotted this buck at 6:15 this morning. It was just a few feet west of his ranch. Photo was taken from Border Road along the Mexican border west of the San Pedro River. ...

San Diego Community News    
Border Patrol agents battle more coastal drug, human smuggling tries 
U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested 12 suspected illegal [aliens] recently when their Panga --- or open-style fishing boat --- hit the shore in Ocean Beach. And not long ago, federal agents converged on a boat in Pacific Beach with several other illegal immigrants aboard --- one of whom was discovered dead. -- The Ocean Beach incident in February was only the latest in an ever-increasing string of human and drug-trafficking cases...

CBS News   
Unions say foreign workers taking stimulus jobs   
Michigan once had the worst unemployment rate in the U.S. So when stimulus tax dollars poured into the state's electric car industry, residents had reason to celebrate. But what happened next has angered some of President Obama's most ardent supporters. -- In 2010, Obama and Vice President Biden personally appeared to break ground at two Michigan plants...

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