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Friday, April 13, 2012

SPLC vs. Border Solutions
Attack on Spencer aimed at silencing him
American Patrol Report -- April 13 
Top: SPLC lists American Border Patrol as a hate group -- Bottom: Gallardo walks past Spencer as he leaves committee meeting -- (Source: Cronkite News Service)
    On March 1, 2012, Glenn Spencer appeared before an Arizona State Senate committee. He was invited to show the committee how new technology could be used to solve the border problem. As he prepared to speak, two senators,
    Gallardo and Meza, stormed out of the meeting, protesting Spencer's presence.
    Yesterday Cronkite News Service ran a story about what happened. It shows Senator Gallardo marching out of the committee hearing, complaining that he did not know Spencer was to speak. "There is a reason why they did not put his name on the agenda – they were trying to hide him," Sen. Gallardo told Cronkite News.
    The agenda showed a presentation by Border Technology – but didn't mention that Spencer headed it. One year ago Spencer's name was on the agenda but the SPLC spearheaded a campaign that resulted in his being disinvited to speak before the committee.
    After Gallardo and Meza left the meeting, Chairwoman Allen explained that she had visited Spencer at this ranch and found that the claims by the SPLC were nothing more than an attempt at fundraising.
    "I applaud Senator Allen's courage to stand up to these mudslingers and allow the truth about the border to reach the people of Arizona," Spencer said. "Any fair person who watches what Mike King and I told the senate committee will understand what the SPLC is all about --- keeping the truth about the border from the people," Spencer added.

Knoxville (Tenn.) News    
Crowd protests immigration-enforcement proposal   
..."We don't think police officers should be immigration agents," said Meghan Conley, a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Tennessee and a member of Allies of Knoxville's Immigrant Neighbors. "It's a federal matter. The vast majority of [illegal aliens] are not committing crimes." -- KCSO officials wouldn't respond to the criticism Thursday...

Todd Miller -- NACLA.org    
'Secure the Border': The Sonic Barrier consensus   
On April 6, U.S. Customs and Border Protection finally issued a formal solicitation for proposals from private companies to continue the "virtual wall" project, which [DHS] temporarily suspended in January 2011 (when it was known as SBInet, and Boeing was in charge of its implementation). The solicitation is "for a much-discussed purchase" of integrated fixed towers...

Paul Craig Roberts -- Infowars -- Austin, Texas    
Washington leads world into lawlessness   
The US government pretends to live under the rule of law, to respect human rights, and to provide freedom and democracy to citizens. Washington’s pretense and the stark reality are diametrically opposed. -- US government officials routinely criticize other governments for being undemocratic and for violating human rights. Yet, no other country except Israel sends bombs, missiles, and drones into sovereign countries...

Alarms over Obama coup against Constitution surging   
There always have been those few who have launched diatribes over the dictatorial actions of any given U.S. presidential administration, over civil rights, foreign affairs, the economy, the draft or a dozen other topics – even though the Constitution was written specifically to prevent the collection of too much power by one branch of government...

Journal Gazette -- Ft. Wayne, Indiana    
State asks judge to lift stay on immigration law   
State attorneys say the ACLU is exaggerating the powers Indiana's new immigration law gives to local police in a bid to persuade a federal judge to throw out parts of the law. -- In a brief filed this week in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis, the state attorney general's office argued the ACLU and other plaintiffs have mischaracterized the law and that its provisions "do not mandate that local law enforcement..."

KTAR -- Phoenix    
Usual suspects plan anti-SB1070 tantrum in Phoenix 
[Illegal alien "rights"] groups are planning to protest when Arizona's immigration enforcement law goes before the U.S. Supreme Court. -- Advocacy groups such as Somos America and the American Civil Liberties Union will announce plans Friday in downtown Phoenix for a march against state and federal immigration policies. -- To be held April 25, the march is meant to coincide with when the high court will begin hearing arguments...

Neil W. McCabe -- Human Events        sc   
Big Sis perjured herself to Congress  
In her explosive new book Fast and Furious, Katie Pavlich makes the case that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano not only failed to stop an operation that led to the death of one of her own, Border Agent Brian A. Terry, but she may have also lied to Congress in sworn testimony at a hearing held to find out what really happened...

Mary Grabar -- Townhall.com   
Georgia professors bribe students to lobby legislators   
Why would GALEO (Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials), which lobbies against enforcement of immigration laws, thank "students" and "educators" (among others) for defeating Georgia bills restricting illegal aliens? Their April 9 newsletter joyfully announces in a headline "ZERO anti-immigrant [sic] legislation from GA passed." -- Well, it's because educators, public school teachers, and professors...

Boston Herald   
Obama's scofflaw uncle ordered to report regularly to ICE   
President Obama's illegal-alien uncle met yesterday with federal immigration officials, who say they're pressing ahead with his deportation as he prepares his legal fight to stay in the country. -- Onyango Obama, 67, of Framingham will be required to report regularly to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after their meeting at an undisclosed location, the agency said in a statement...

Washington Post   
Md. Court of Appeals to decide on referendum on in-state tuition for illegals
Annapolis -- Maryland's highest court will decide whether a referendum on a measure allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants will appear on the general election ballot this fall. -- The Court of Appeals said this week that it will hear CASA de Maryland's appeal of a judge's decision to allow a referendum on the Maryland Dream Act. Arguments are scheduled for June 12...

Family Security Matters 
Obama Regime: Your privacy and all your stuff belong to us   
Did you know that the federal government claims that it can take away your constitutional rights any time that it wants to? -- Over the past several decades, there have been an endless parade of laws and executive orders that have been slowly and methodically carving up our rights under the U.S. Constitution. Most Americans are not even aware of the "creeping totalitarianism" that is happening. Most Americans just trust...

Family Security Matters    
Poll: 56% say Obama tried to intimidate court on health care   
A majority of American voters think President Obama's recent comments about the Supreme Court were an attempt to intimidate the justices as they decide the constitutionality of one his biggest accomplishments -- the 2010 Affordable Care Act. In addition, the voters -- unlike the president -- want the high court to either overturn the new health care law completely or at least invalidate the individual mandate...

KVOA-TV -- Tucson    
Another shot at a virtual fence?   
SBI-Net, short for the Security Border Initiative Network, was supposed to be a high tech surveillance system that would monitor all activity along the border. After being plagued with numerous problems, authorities scrapped SBI-Net, and are now turning to a different method. -- Mark Borkowski, with Customs and Border Protection, told us they are now looking for existing technology that can be installed in selected areas...

Shepard Ambellas -- Intel Hub    
Arpaio: How come everybody's hiding this?   
At this point it looks as if all the players on the presidential campaign trail are completely controlled. -- Not one so called Presidential candidate has brought up the actual 2200+ hour law enforcement investigation conducted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse in Arizona regarding President Obama's fraudulent credentials. -- The issue is being hidden on both sides of the fence...

Tom Gray -- City Journal -- New York   
Yes, Los Angeles is going broke   
Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is in a race against the clock. Two years ago, he declared at a press conference that city finances were sound and would stay that way: "The fact of the matter is this city will never go bankrupt." Then he hedged a bit, adding, "It will never go bankrupt under my watch." Villaraigosa's watch --- his second mayoral term, after which the law obliges him to leave office...

CBS News
Whistleblower calls out IT giant over U.S. jobs  
We've all had this happen: you call an American company's 800 number for help, and end up talking to someone in a foreign country. It's called outsourcing. American firms do it because foreign labor can be cheaper. -- But now, one company is being accused of bringing those lower-paid workers to the U.S. illegally and that may be costing Americans jobs...

The Radio Equalizer    
La Raza Leader: Blacks, Hispanics should team up 'to attack common enemies'
Just in case tensions weren't high enough in the Trayvon Martin case, the head of a controversial Hispanic group appears happy to pour gasoline on the fire. -- Calling for an African-American-Hispanic alliance against "common enemies," La Raza President Janet Murguia used Wednesday's Al Sharpton radio show to spread an incendiary message of hate. Happy to conveniently overlook George Zimmerman's Peruvian ancestry...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner
Napolitano continues comical remarks, says citizens' group    
As crime and violence continues along the U.S.- Mexican border unabated and overwhelmed federal agents are increasingly attacked by heavily armed drug smugglers, the nation's Homeland Security chief assures Americans that the de facto war zone is "as secure as it has ever been," according to a non-partisan, public interest group based in Washington, DC...

WLTX-TV -- Columbia, SC    
Trey Gowdy: Hold Obama Regime accountable for Fast and Furious 
An Upstate lawmaker says Congress should hold the Obama administration accountable for a botched gun-trafficking investigation that led to a federal agent's death in Arizona. -- "There has not, to my knowledge, even been a frowny face drawn on a performance evaluation," said Spartanburg GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy, a member of the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee...

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