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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fighting Back for America
Spencer demands retraction of false and defamatory remarks
American Patrol Report -- March 14 
Louis Heredia, left, Sen. Steve Gallardo, right.
    Acting through his lawyer, John Munger, Glenn Spencer has demanded that Louis Heredia, Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party, publicly retract statements he made accusing Spencer of anti-Semitism and racism.
    On March 1, 2012, the day Spencer appeared before a state senate committee, Heredia was quoted in several publications stating that Spencer is "an avowed anti-Semite and purported racist." Heredia also stated that he is the leader of a "vigilante militia known as the American Border Patrol."
    In a letter to Heredia, Arizona State Sen. Steve Gallardo, the Phoenix New Times and the TucsonCitizen.com, Munger said: "Mr. Spencer demands that you retract those statements formally and publicly by issuing a letter of retraction to us as well as to the press generally in Arizona." Munger said that if Heredia fails to comply, "we intend to put you to your proof that he is what you have alleged, and we will seek damages on your failure to do so."
    Spencer said he retained Munger's law firm last November in anticipation of attacks on him that would come from his expected appearance before the Arizona state border committee. "I told John to expect attacks on me soon as it was learned I was to speak before the Arizona senate border committee," Spencer said. "We didn't have to wait long," He added.
    Spencer said he has long been the target of attacks by people who do not want the border controlled. "After ten years of hard work we have come up with a solution to the border problem, and Heredia and the others apparently don't want the people of Arizona to know that," Spencer said.

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers   Disturbing photos      sc   
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Jose Hernandez Mendez, 26, of Topaz Court, Lexington [SC], turned himself in to the Lexington County Sheriff's Department Wednesday and faced charges stemming from machete attacks dating back to 2008. He also was detained for being in the country illegally, Lexington County Sheriff James Metts said in a statement...

Jackson (Miss.) Clarion Ledger    
Usual suspects bemoan proposed Mississippi immigration law   
Mississippi's proposed immigration-crackdown legislation will not only lead to racial profiling and stigmatization of Hispanics but will also hurt the state's economy, opponents of the proposal said Tuesday. -- A group of organizations stood inside the state Capitol to denounce House Bill 488, aimed at strengthening the state's ability to deal with [illegal aliens], as potentially harmful...

Coming Up
March 16
VFW Post #4171 -- Golden, Colo. -- 5:30-9 PM MDT
Tom Tancredo presents Trevor Loudon

Ronald W. Mortensen -- Center for Immigration Studies    
Why you should be concerned about Utah's key role in the amnesty movement 
Utah was carefully chosen by the pro-illegal alien amnesty movement, including the government of Mexico, to serve as the jumping-off point for another national amnesty. -- In 2011, the pro-amnesty movement implemented a hostile takeover of Utah, beginning with the disingenuous Utah Compact and following up with the passage of HB116, Utah's guest worker program...

American Patrol Report   
Don't trust Wikipedia   
American Patrol heard that Wikipedia was reporting bad things about Glenn Spencer. We checked and found that Glenn's page had been altered greatly to include slanderous lies. It was corrected. Wikipedia had promised two years ago to notify Glenn's secretary if any changes were made by others. They did not. -- Update: Wikipedia tells Glenn that the people who made changes to his page have been banned from Wikipedia for sabotage.

Washington Free Beacon    
With friends like these...   
At the Chinese Foreign Ministry's regular press conference last week, spokesperson Liu Weimin's revealed that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was awarded "the Best Friend of American Worker" by the US International Longshoremen's Association. The Chinese ambassador to the United States reportedly received the award on his behalf. Liu explained: It is learned that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the cooperation between...

Fox News Latino    
Kids hired to work as 'mules' by Mexican drug gangs   
Mexican drug gangs have found a new way to transport drugs across the border. -- Children are being used as "mules" to ferry drugs across the border into the United States or sell them in a nearby Mexican town. -- Luis Alberto is only 14 but has the wizened gaze of a grown-up hardened by life. He never met his father, worked as a child, was hired by a gang to sell drugs and then got addicted to them...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner    
Crazed invader charged with raping 2-year-old girl, assaulting victim's father
Massillon, Ohio -- On Saturday, Juan Bautista, 25, was arrested after he was allegedly caught raping a 2-year-old girl in her home. The victim's father was awoken by his daughter's loud cries and ran into her room where he reportedly discovered the suspect sexually assaulting the toddler. -- When the man pulled his daughter away from her attacker, Bautista ran to the kitchen and returned with a knife and stabbed the man...

Eliana Benador -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Ga.    
High treason for Obama, his regime & the people's representatives  
While American people continue in their attempt to hide from an endless deteriorating reality, yesterday breaking news brought that president Hussein Obama takes "the killing of Afghan civilians by a deranged gunman as seriously as if it were our own citizens and our own children who were murdered." Furthermore, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the death penalty is a consideration as the military moves...

M. Catharine Evans -- The American Thinker -- Bellevue, Wash.    
GOP leadership drops the ball on Fast and Furious
When it comes to gun walking and mass murder, top House Republicans act as if their party lost the midterm elections. -- Tea party patriots are justifiably frustrated over House Speaker John Boehner's and young guns Majority Leader Eric Cantor's and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy's weak-kneed response to Operation Fast and Furious. -- While the Left whips up scandals over a Georgetown law student's inability to locate...

Tom Tancredo / Breitbart   
Obama: Communist-recognized congressman 'shares our values'   
..."He is one on the greatest congressmen in the country," said President Obama. The reason, Obama told a Teamsters union rally in 2004, "is because he shares our values. "At that time --- just eight years ago --- Congressman Danny Davis was continuing his efforts to help move then-State Senator Obama up the Chicago political food chain. And not that long ago --- in fact, just two weeks...

Fox News    
American flag with Obama's image sparks outrage   
An American flag with President Obama's image in place of the stars flew over a Florida county's Democrat headquarters long enough to enrage local veterans who called the altered banner "a disgrace." -- Lake County Democratic Party officials took down the flag, which flew just below a standard Old Glory on the flagpole outside headquarters in Tavares following complaints by local veterans...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner   
Previously deported illegal alien charged with statutory rape   
Charlotte, NC -- On Tuesday, Juan Martinez Hernandez, 35, made his first court appearance after being charged with four counts of statutory rape and two counts of taking indecent liberties with a child. -- Hernandez was arrested after a 14-year-old girl who gave birth in her family's Charlotte apartment identified him as the baby's father...

American Patrol Report   
Gallardo likens Spencer to convicted murderess
Appearing on March 6 on the Phoenix PBS station's "Horizon" show dealing with a proposed border militia, Arizona State Sen. Steve Gallardo likened Glenn Spencer to Shawna Forde, a convicted murderess. -- "We're going to have folks like Glenn Spencer and Shawna Forde – those are the folks who are going to be part of this militia," Gallardo said. (Watch the video) -- "Sen. Gallardo has lost touch with reality," Spencer said.

O'Reilly: My probe better than Sheriff Joe's   
Responding to a viewer question about why he's been silent on a just-completed six-month law enforcement investigation into Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility, top Fox News anchorman Bill O'Reilly replied on video, saying: 1) there's no hard evidence Obama isn't eligible; 2) Hawaii newspaper ads proved Obama was born there; and 3) he's just too busy to look into it anyway...

Paul Kersey -- VDare.com    
Electing New Texans: Obama's war against White America   
The simplest way to understand the Obama Administration's attack yesterday (March 13) on Texas' new voter ID law: it is blatantly in the business of Electing A New People --- and, to that end, voter fraud is almost as helpful as illegal immigration. -- Fox News reported: On Monday, the Justice Department's head of the civil rights division, Tom Perez, sent a six-page letter to Texas' director of elections saying...

Daniel Greenfield -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Ga.    
How I became a hate group   
When I went to sleep last night, little did I know that while outside sirens competed with car alarms in the symphony that is New York City, I had already been declared a hate group. -- Being declared a hate group wasn't in my plans for the day, but like winning the lottery, it seems to be one of those things that happens when you least expect it. Except that as the little bald man in front of the bodega tells you...

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