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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Immigration Battle Taking Shape
Romney's position could give him electoral edge
WNYC News -- New York -- March 7 
City Immigration Advocates Rip Romney's Self-Deportation Plan
Romney's picked "187" Pete Wilson as honorary campaign chair
    On the heels of Mitt Romney's wins on Super Tuesday, leaders of New York City's immigrant organizations criticized the Republican front-runners self-deportation plan, saying it was unfeasible and that it would eventually hurt him in the general election if he clinches the nomination.
    A dozen immigrant advocates gathered in Midtown Wednesday to discuss the state budget and policy priorities ahead of a rally in Albany next week, all of whom ripped the presidential hopeful's immigration plan. "It's just unthinkable, unthinkable that somebody who aims to represent this country at the highest level and to lead this country will have such anti-immigrant views," said Leticia Alanis, director of immigrant advocacy group La Union. Romney --- who won six states on Tuesday --- has said during in GOP debates that he favored self-deportation as a solution to illegal immigration over policies that require the federal government to round up illegal immigrants and return them to their home countries. "I think many candidates are really trying to use the immigrant rhetoric and positions thinking that that's going to take them to positions of power, to positions of leadership," Alanis said. "We need more than political calculations." [...]
    "[It's] not a solution because it's not going to work," said S.J. Jung, president of Flushing-based MinKwon Center for Community Action, who attended the gathering in Manhattan. "If we conduct a reality check, everybody knows and understands that it's not going to work." Jung and Linda Sarsour, executive director at the Arab-American Association of New York, said they believed the self-deportation plan would not be embraced by voters in the general election. "If the GOP doesn't start on an immigration reform, they are not going to see support from the immigrant communities during the 2012 elections," Sarsour said.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    Political correctness skews the polls. People say one thing and vote another. Romney knows this and is setting the stage for a major battle with Obama over illegal immigration.

Gallup   sc 
U.S. unemployment up in February   
U.S. unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, increased to 9.1% in February from 8.6% in January and 8.5% in December. -- The 0.5-percentage-point increase in February compared with January is the largest such month-to-month change Gallup has recorded in its not-seasonally adjusted measure since December 2010, when the rate rose 0.8 points to 9.6% from 8.8% in November...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers   Disturbing photos      
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Acapulco, Gro., Mex. -- The butchered body of a person was left in the bed of a pick up truck parked at the Sam's Club mall. The remains were in black plastic bags. A narco message was left written by the Cartel Nueva Generación at the service of Chapo Guzmán, saying the same would happen to anyone that is against the chief (meaning Chapo)...

USA Today   
U.S. appeals court voids 2 parts of Alabama immigration law   
A federal appeals court has blocked two more parts of a tough Alabama law that targets illegal [aliens]. -- One prohibited courts from enforcing contracts, including rental agreements, with people known to be in the country illegally, and the other banned state and local agencies from doing business with illegal [aliens], our Gannett colleagues at the Montgomery Advertiser report...

Paul Joseph Watson -- InfoWars -- Austin, Texas  
Coup D'etat: Pentagon & Obama declare Congress ceremonial   
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's testimony asserting that the United Nations and NATO have supreme authority over the actions of the United States military, words which effectively declare Congress a ceremonial relic, have prompted Congressman Walter Jones to introduce a resolution that re-affirms such behavior as an "impeachable high crime and misdemeanor" under the Constitution...

Associated Press   
Usual suspects in tizzy over Alabama immigration law   
Montgomery -- It won't just be about history when crowds cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge this weekend and recreate the famous civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery --- it will be about targeting Alabama's toughest-in-the-nation immigration laws and its new voter ID requirements. -- Organizers expect thousands to participate in the crossing of the Selma bridge for the 47th anniversary of the 1965 incident...

Washington Times   
E-Verify group to pressure Boehner with ads   
Fed up with Republican congressional leaders, a group advocating a crackdown on immigration will begin running ads Thursday demanding that House Speaker John A. Boehner allow a vote on legislation requiring businesses to use E-Verify, the government database to check workers’ legal status. -- NumbersUSA, the group sponsoring the ads, accused Mr. Boehner and his fellow Republican House leaders of...

Peter Feaver -- Foreign Policy    sc  
Getting a second opinion or getting a permission slip   
Secretary of Defense Panetta is taking flack from Andrew McCarthy for his response to Senator Graham about the conditions under which the Obama administration would use military force. Graham was trying to pin Panetta down as to whether the Obama administration considers international authorization from the U.N. or other multilateral institution to be necessary -- and, in particular...

Johnathan Turley -- London Guardian  
So, Holder, we should just trust that the president won't assassinate us? 
Attorney General Eric Holder was at Northwestern University law school Monday explaining President Barack Obama's claimed authority to kill any American if he unilaterally determines them to be a threat to the nation. The choice of a law school was a curious place for discussion of authoritarian powers. Obama has replaced the constitutional protections afforded to citizens with a "trust me" pledge that Holder repeated Monday...

Andrew C. McCarthy -- National Review   
Subversive Obama Regime to Congress: You're irrelevant   
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta gave testimony in the Senate yesterday that was just breathtaking: asserting that the Obama administration believes it can go to war against Syria by obtaining permission from an international tribunal --- the United Nations and / or NATO --- and that no authorization from Congress is needed. -- The video is posted by Breitbart TV. Powerline's John Hinderaker also has it...

Los Angeles Times  
L.A. janitors to toss tantrum over Alabama immigration law   
Janitors and their supporters will march in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon to protest efforts in Alabama to restrict illegal immigration. -- The march is one of many events this week, including an Alabama march from Selma to Montgomery, organized by Latino and African American activists calling for the repeal of HB 56, the Alabama law that seeks to crack down on illegal immigration...

Intel Hub   
Privacy Nightmare: McCain bill could have military monitor the Internet 
The message still hasn't sunk in. Congress is proposing yet another law to monitor your activities on the Internet – Here's the ACLU's take on John McCain's new cybersecurity bill: "This is a privacy nightmare that will eventually result in the military substantially monitoring the domestic, civilian Internet." --- There's a power struggle brewing over cybersecurity, with two Senate factions butting heads...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner   
Twice deported illegal alien charged with running fake document mill
Lowville, NY -- On Wednesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Moises Velazquez-Jacobo, 36, for allegedly producing and selling fake documents including green cards and Social Security cards to other illegal aliens. He allegedly bit an agent while being taken into custody. -- The arrest came following a three-month investigation during which time Velazquez-Jacobo...

Daily Caller  
Big Sis unaware of how-to video on beating TSA scanners 
On Wednesday morning, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denied having any knowledge of Jonathan Corbett's popular YouTube video titled "How to Get Anything through TSA Nude Body Scanners." -- "I don't know about that," Napolitano told The Daily Caller, "so I can't speak to it." -- The video, released Monday, shows an easy method of concealing large metal objects from the controversial body scanners...

Mothers Against Illegal Aliens / Amnesty       
State of Emergency in Arizona!    
Based on the outcome and the conclusions of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Cold Case Posse there has been established, sufficient, and probable cause to challenge the integrity of Barack Hussein Obama's Birth Certificate his Selective Service Registration. For those who watched the Press Conference, the video evidence based upon the investigations...

Allan Wall -- VDare.com   
Poll finds xenophobia, anti-immigrant discrimination... in Mexico 
...For years we've been lectured by Mexican government officials about how we should treat Mexican illegal aliens. But, more recently, publicity has begun to be directed toward the bad treatment of illegal aliens in Mexico. -- We're talking about illegal aliens from the Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, countries that are much poorer than Mexico...

Breitbart -- March 8, 2012    
Panetta: 'International permission' trumps Congressional permission for military actions     Defense Secretary Leon Panetta appeared at a Senate Armed Services Committee congressional hearing, where he said "legal basis" was needed to initiate a no-fly zone over Syria. -- Senator Jeff Sessions: "I am almost breathless about that..." More Here

Judi McLeod -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto  
Obama working on the fundamental transformation of Canada   
News guaranteed to shake Canadians off their duffs: Obama covets Canada. -- King-of-the-World-Legend-in-his-own-Mind Barack Obama sees Canada not as a Parliamentary Democracy, but as part of his Marxist-inspired empire. -- Nine months after Canada's May 2011 federal election where Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper took 40% of the vote winning 166 seats for his first majority, the same groups...

Tampa Bay Times -- St. Petersburg, Fla.   
Illegal alien asks Florida Supreme Court for chance to practice law
He came to the United States as a fourth-grader who spoke only Spanish. He needed a year to learn English, then refused to let anything slow him down again. -- He became the 2004 valedictorian at Armwood High School in Seffner, an anthropology major at New College, a law student at Florida State University. He passed the bar exam last year on his first try...

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