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Monday, January 30, 2012

A State of War
Gov. Brewer skewers Obama in tell-all book
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- January 30   
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    I have just finished reading "Scorpions for Breakfast," the new book by Arizona Governor Brewer and I couldn't believe it. I have spent twenty years fighting illegal immigration advocates and we finally have an advocate for the United States of America with standing. Gov. Brewer nails many of the open border advocates, including the SEIU, La Raza, and the mainstream media; but she does best when she exposes Barack Obama.
    (Barack Obama reminds me of the young man who murdered his parents and is pleading for mercy because he is an orphan. He is blaming America for income disparity when it is his party --- the Democrats --- that have been importing poverty from the Third World for decades --- but we can't say this, can we.)
    Brewer gives a blow-by-blow account of the fight over SB 1070, the Arizona law that seeks to help the federal government enforce immigration laws. As the fight unfolded, the Obama administration argued that states have no right to enforce laws that it didn't want to enforce in the first place. It is ridiculous!
    But the worst of it comes when Obama's minions (including Hillary Clinton) allied themselves with hostile nations, including China and Mexico, to criticize Arizona for so-called human rights violations. Mexico is invading the U.S. and Obama is on their side.
    If you read her book, and you should, and you don't come away with a full understanding that Barack Obama is an enemy of the United States of America, you are an idiot. If you still support him, you are a traitor.

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Sheriff Joe Arpaio has raised more money than ever    
In the face of one of the most trying years the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has experienced -- with upheaval at the highest levels and a U.S. Justice Department probe accusing the agency of engaging in widespread discrimination -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio has raised more money than ever for his re-election campaign. -- And the vast majority of those donors --- more than 80 percent --- live outside Arizona...

Tri-Valley Central -- Pinal County, Arizona   
Russell Pearce wins state GOP leadership role   
Phoenix -- Ousted state Senate President Russell Pearce won election Saturday to a top Arizona GOP party post, giving the architect of the state's tough immigration laws a new political role less than three months after he lost his seat in a recall election. -- State Republicans elected Pearce the party's 1st vice chairman at a meeting in Phoenix, party spokesman Shane Wikfors said..

Cathy Lenny -- The Examiner  
Missouri bills target illegals   
A couple of bills proposed by state legislators target illegal [aliens]. -- One bill in the Missouri Senate, SB 590, would require that all public elementary and secondary schools determine the legal status of students by requiring a valid birth certificate or certified copy. -- For a student born outside the U.S. or the child of an unlawfully present alien, the parent or guardian must notify the school of the actual citizenship...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers        
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Zapopan, Jal., Mex. -- Federal police arrested on Wednesday 7 extortionists and kidnappers part of the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación. The cartel emerged after the death of Ignacio Coronel Villarreal, alias "Nacho Coronel," who was leader of the "Pacific Cartel" in the State of Jalisco. Investigation has found that this criminal group has influence in the eastern state of Jalisco and the southern and south-west of the State of Colima.

Washington Post   
To Mexican officials, DOJ official suggested letting guns cross border 
Newly released Justice Department emails sent to Capitol Hill for a congressional inquiry into a gun-smuggling operation indicate that the head of the department's criminal division suggested letting some illicit "straw" weapons buyers in the U.S. transport their guns across the border into Mexico where they could be arrested. -- According to the e-mails turned over to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee...

Washington Times Editorial   
Obama's twisty light-bulb logic  
President Obama said in his State of the Union address, "I will not back down from protecting our kids from mercury pollution." Of course, no one is asking him to back down. There is no movement in favor of exposing kids to mercury poisoning. It was like boldly proclaiming opposition to organized dog fights. -- Mr. Obama was obliquely referring to his support for the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards...

Michelle Malkin -- Fox News   
Malkin endorses Santorum   
Rick Santorum opposed TARP. -- He didn't cave when Chicken Littles in Washington invoked a manufactured crisis in 2008. He didn't follow the pro-bailout GOP crowd — including Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich — and he didn't have to obfuscate or rationalize his position then or now, like Rick Perry and Herman Cain did. He also opposed the auto bailout, Freddie and Fannie bailout, and porkulus bills...

D.A. King -- Gwinnett Daily Post -- Lawrenceville, Ga.   
House bill would halt illegals' admission to Georgia's public universities
Georgia's House Bill 59, from state Rep. Tom Rice (R-Norcross), is essentially a bill that says all public universities and tech schools in Georgia must ask for proof of eligibility from student applicants for admission and verify that aliens who apply are indeed eligible, using legal immigration status. -- It should be passed ASAP. -- In 2006, Georgia passed the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act...

Anthony Martin -- The Examiner   
Holder to testify this week on damaging new information   
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will testify this week before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on the scandal known as 'Operation Fast and Furious,' or 'Project Gunwalker.' -- Central to committee chairman Darrell Issa's questioning of Holder will be new information in the latest Friday night document dump that shows the Attorney General knew about the illegal operation..

Paul Craig Roberts -- Op-Ed News        sc   
Big Brother Internet   
Do you remember the Safe-Cyber instructions they taught you in the mandatory Computer Ed class (operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology)? First you fire up your Secured Computing Device (SCD) and its hardware token authenticator. -- Then you enter the six-digit algorithmically generated password displayed (a new one flashes every 60 seconds) and are asked to supply your biometric identifier...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner   
Another Juarez police officer murdered   
On Saturday morning, Officer Julián Amado Juárez Baena, 35, was shot to death at the intersection of Cartamo and Garambullo Streets. He was shot multiple times in the head and chest, according to the Chihuahua state prosecutor's office. -- Several shell casings from both AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles were recovered at the scene. -- So far, eight police officers have been killed in the city this month...

Gordon Logan -- Before It's News   
The Rothschild banker behind the world's drug cartels   
George Soros is a very versatile Jewish criminal. A few years ago, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert accused Soros of being the banker behind the drug cartels. When deposited in the crooked fractional reserve banking system, a million dollars of drug money can be turned into ten or twenty counterfeit millions in loans, so bankers are very close indeed to the cartels.

Victor Davis Hanson -- Pajamas Media   
What we do NOT want to hear anymore  
The State of the Union could have been written by a computer program. All the now familiar Obama furniture was in the room: the mock outrage at "them," the psychodramatic first-person boasting (as in, "I will oppose..," "I will not work with...," "I will decline...," "I will not stand by...," "I will not cede...,? "I will not walk away...," "I will not back down...," "I will not go back..."); the now customary rear-view-mirror jab...

Jeff Poor -- Daily Caller   
Buchanan: Reagan White House saw Newt as 'something of a political opportunist'
Over the last week, several people that worked in the Reagan administration have come forward and countered former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's claim that he is a "Reagan Republican." These people say Gingrich "wasn't on board with a lot of what President Ronald Reagan tried to accomplish during his two terms."...

Daily Caller  
DOJ dodges, won't say if Holder knew 'Fast and Furious' gun killed border guard
A document the Department of Justice sent to Congress Friday shows that Eric Holder's deputy chief of staff was made aware on the day of U.S. border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's murder that a weapon traced back to Operation Fast and Furious killed him. But when asked Sunday, a Justice spokesperson would not would not answer The Daily Caller's question about whether Attorney General Eric Holder himself was informed...

City Biz List Baltimore   
Subversive group asks judge to quash tuition referendum   
An [illegal alien] advocacy group argued in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Friday to invalidate a referendum petition meant to strike down a new law granting in-state tuition rates to illegal [aliens]. -- The law was held up last July when a petition drive led by Republicans delegates gathered twice the signatures needed to put the measure on November's ballot...

Beaufort (SC) Observer Editorial 
More evidence against Eric Holder   
A new release of documents from the Justice Department January 27, 2011 show conclusively that Eric Holder lied to Congress when he said he did not know about Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's being killed by Fast and Furious guns until "weeks" later. In fact he know within a matter of a few hours. That is what the records show. Click here to read the details... [Related item]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner   
California lawmaker wants ban on ICE detainers... despite risk to the public 
San Francisco, CA - On Saturday, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) held a press conference at St. Mary's Cathedral to announce he is sponsoring legislation to counter the federal Secure Communities program, which requires local law jails to share the fingerprint data of all arrestees with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)...

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix   
Arizona governor signs bill to authorize state guard    
Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill authorizing creation of a state guard. -- That's a militia force that could be mobilized if the National Guard is unavailable or "for any reason" considered necessary by the governor. -- Spokesman Matt Benson did not immediately return a call for comment on whether Brewer plans to create the force. -- The bill signed Thursday would authorize an Arizona governor to establish...

Douglas Taylor -- Buffalo (NY) News   
Democrats playing a dangerous game   
The dues of millions of union members, intuitively those of New York members, are being poured into the Florida Republican presidential primary in a move of surpassing cynicism. -- Coordinating with the National Democratic Committee and the Obama re-election campaign, the unions are campaigning to make Newt Gingrich the winner there Tuesday, and the front-runner for the GOP nomination.

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner   
Evidence of massive number of rapes being committed along our porous border 
During Thursday night's presidential debate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney briefly eluded to yet another tragic consequence of illegal immigration, so often ignored by the mainstream media. -- Romney said: "The second is the group of people who are brought over by coyotes and who are in many cases abused by virtue of coming into this country illegally."

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.   
Action needed Monday and Tuesday!   
PLEASE Help us get HB 59 out of the House Higher Education Committee. -- Your phone calls and emails are your voice! The illegal alien lobby is very active in trying to kill HB 59 in order to keep illegal aliens (who are ineligible to work anywhere in the country) in Georgia's post secondary education classroom seats. Below are suggested points to make in your calls and e-mails...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix  
Burke of Fast and Furious had anti-gun history   
The career path of former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke can be charted through an ascending string of jobs from Arizona's Supreme Court to the U.S. Senate, White House, Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department. -- It is a resume that spans more than two decades in three branches of government. -- Then, suddenly, it nose-dives on Aug. 30, 2011, when Burke resigned as U.S. attorney amid a scandal...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner   
Experts: DHS intelligence gathering should be localized   
A new report by a bipartisan group of security experts argues that Department of Homeland Security should shift its intelligence gathering efforts away from foreign enemies and focus on local threats by working with law enforcement agencies and the private sector to secure critical infrastructure, the U.S. borders, and cities from domestic threats...

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