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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Munoz: The Last Straw
Obama supporters are idiots or traitors
Katie Pavlich -- Townhall.com -- January 10   
Obama Appoints La Raza Radical to Control Domestic Policy
~~~ /// ~~~
    President Obama has appointed open border / amnesty advocate Cecilia Munoz to replace Melody Barnes as the head of the Domestic Policy Council. Munoz, a strong supporter of the failed DREAM Act, is the former senior vice president for the radical open-border National Council of La Raza.
Red Dot
American Patrol Report Comment
    With the selection of Munoz to head the Domestic Policy Council, Barack Obama has openly declared war on America. Arizona has more illegal invaders from Mexico than any other state. He is suing to stop it from enforcing immigration laws.
    He has attacked Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing the law.
    He has told ICE agents to stop deporting illegal aliens --- but they are rebelling.
    And the list goes on. Just search this site using the key words – Obama Aztlan – and you will see for yourself.
    Anyone who still supports Barack Obama for president is either an idiot who doesn't bother to learn what this guy is doing - or a traitor who wants to turn vast portions of America over to Mexico – and that includes the mainstream media.
Red Dot(See what Munoz had to say about Glenn Spencer)

Stand with Arizona   
Sheriff Joe to Holder: "Prove it!"   
Barack Obama's Justice Department has accused Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies of "racial profiling." Now Sheriff Joe has just one thing to say to Attorney General Eric Holder... -- "Prove it." -- In a high-profile press conference in Phoenix on December 15th – which many people believe was hastily arranged to distract attention from the 1-year anniversary of Border Agent Brian Terry's murder...

Steven Steinlight -- Center for Immigration Studies   
National ICE Council freezes the Obama blitz 
His eyes fixed on November 6, President Obama is desperately trying to stop hemorrhaging political support in a Hispanic community outraged by the success of his administration's data-based deportation policy and whose vote is potentially critical in several swing states he won by a razor's edge in 2008. It has sent some 400,000 illegal aliens home a year for a total of about a million during his time in office...

RINO Gov. Snyder woos "immigrants" to refill depopulated Michigan   
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder calls himself the most pro-immigration governor in the country, and he's out to prove it. -- Other Republican governors in Arizona, Alabama and South Carolina are embroiled in political tumult over their efforts to weed out illegal [aliens]. Snyder assigned agencies to woo educated immigrants to the only state that lost population in the 2010 U.S. census...

David North -- Center for Immigration Studies 
DHS Inspector-General writes a stunning report on USCIS  
In rare act of political courage, the Acting Inspector General of DHS --- Charles K. Edwards --- has filed a scathing report on the inner workings of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). -- The report, released in full on Monday and previewed in a recent blog of mine, discusses how the new leadership of that agency has pressured staff decision-makers to say "yes" to various immigration petitions...

Kurt Nimmo -- Infowars -- Austin, Texas    
DNC Chair: Tea Party to blame for Giffords shooting   
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida Democrat who chairs Democratic National Committee, blamed the Tea Party movement for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona last year. She made the comments in New Hampshire this morning...

Rick Oltman of The Immigration Tea Party -- The Examiner   
A warning to the G.O.P. 
The New Hampshire Primary is over with predictable results and now the candidates head to the South Carolina and Florida primaries. And, in the last month illegal immigration was barely mentioned. There wasn't an immigration question asked in either of the New Hampshire debates. It was mentioned only once by Mitt Romney as he listed a number of things he did... [More from Rick Oltman]

Canton (Ga.) Patch       sc   
Pro-immigration law enforcement sheriff seeks 6th term  
Sheriff Roger Garrison has announced his bid for reelection in the July 2012 polls, according to a release. -- Garrison will be running against David Waters, another Republican, who announced his bid for sheriff in September. -- In his announcement, Garrison said he will continue to be devoted to the safety of Cherokee County residents and the proactive measure that will decrease crime in the county...

Eagle Forum    
Left Coast court bans U.S. flag   
The "Left Coast" is a humorous term to describe liberal news from California, and here we go again with another example. A federal district court in California upheld a ban by a high school principal against students wearing a T-shirt with an image of the American flag. Many offensive liberal phrases are allowed to be worn on T-shirts in public schools, but now the patriotic symbol of the American flag can be banned...

Boston Herald    
Obama's 'druncle' seeks police officer's driving record   
A lawyer for President Barack Obama's uncle, an illegal [alien] who is charged with drunken driving, says he will ask prosecutors to turn over the driving record of the police officer who stopped him. -- Onyango Obama, the half-brother of the president's late father, was charged with drunken driving in Framingham in August after he allegedly rolled through a stop sign and nearly caused a police cruiser to strike his SUV...

Associated Press   
Feds agree to unseal some of case in agent's death 
Prosecutors have agreed in principle to unseal some of the case against people accused of killing U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry more than a year ago near the Arizona-Mexico border. -- The Arizona Daily Star reports that six news organizations argued in a Dec. 19 court filing that the docket and all records in the case should be unsealed...

Geraldo Rivera -- Fox News Latino   
¡El padre de Romney es de Mexico! Who knew?  
Mitt Romney's father, former Michigan governor George Romney was born in Mexico. That's shocking right? Even though the story has apparently been out there for months, I never heard it. What is even more shocking is that the admission came from the virulently anti-illegal immigration presidential candidate himself. Perhaps in an effort to beat to the punch an investigative report by the excellent Mike Taibbi...

Peter Grady -- Greeley (Colo.) Gazette    
Obama picks member of "racist organization" to head Domestic Policy Council 
President Obama has chosen a woman who was a former senior vice president in what some have said is a racist organization to head his Domestic Policy Council. -- On Tuesday, the White House issued an announcement that President Obama had chosen Cecilia Muñoz to replace Melody Barnes as council head. Muñoz was a former vice-president of the National Council of La Raza, which means "the race."

Dallas Morning News    
Romney making GOP conservatives squirm   
Conservatives are coming to terms with the idea of Mitt Romney as the nominee nobody wanted. -- Romney's victory Tuesday in New Hampshire, coupled with his razor-thin win in Iowa, propels him as the clear front-runner into South Carolina — the third test of a political trifecta that in conventional terms would virtually guarantee the Republican nomination. But this is no conventional year...

Associated Press   
Federal court blocks Oklahoma ban on Sharia law
An amendment that would ban Oklahoma courts from considering international or Islamic law discriminates against religions and a Muslim community leader has the right to challenge its constitutionality, a federal appeals court said Tuesday. -- The court in Denver upheld U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange's order blocking implementation of the amendment shortly after it was approved by...

Patrick Cleburne -- VDare.com    
Cecilia Munoz: The minority occupation government tightens grip   
Any doubts that President Obama was not going to play the race card in the upcoming election were swept away on Tuesday by the appointment of Hispanic partisan Cecilia Munoz as Director of the Domestic Policy Council. The Drudge Report quite correctly rewrote the headline of Tuesday’s The Hill story by Amie Parnes and Erik Wasson to read Obama Picks Amnesty Lobbyist for WH Policy Director...

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
There has been a rash of vehicle break-ins around Sierra Vista, Arizona. On recent trip to town, Glenn Spencer took Wolf along. No problems....

Washington Post    
TUSD to dismantle ethnic studies program  
A school district in Tucson voted to dismantle its ethnic studies program after more than $1 million of monthly state funding was to be cut off in response to conclusions by Arizona's public schools chief and a judge that the program violated the law. -- The Arizona Daily Star reports that the 4-1 vote Tuesday by the Tucson Unified School District means courses in the district's Mexican-American Studies program...

Chicago Tribune    
Sanctuary measure goes too far   
When the Cook County Board was weighing whether to stop holding jail inmates who'd been flagged by federal immigration authorities, the poster child for the proposed ordinance was Rigo Padilla, a university honor student who was nearly deported over a misdemeanor driving offense. -- Now it's Saul Chavez, who'd just completed a two-year probation for a DUI conviction when he allegedly struck and killed...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner   
ACLU condemns Obama over indefinite detention policy... press ignores 
On December 31, while on vacation in Hawaii, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law which in addition to allocating $662 billion to the Pentagon also contains a measure which allows U.S. citizens to be taken into custody and held indefinitely without ever being charged with a crime. -- Not only can any citizen deemed a threat to "national security interests of the United States"...

Graham Rayman -- Village Voice -- New York   
Feds laundered millions for Mexican drug cartel   
Investigators with the Drug Enforcement Agency helped a Mexican narcotics kingpin transfer million of dollars in illegal cash profits, the New York Times reports today. -- The DEA program recalls a similar, much smaller scale operation first reported in the Voice last month in our article about government informant Angel Perez. The Voice article disclosed that Perez convinced U.S. [ICE] agents to move $500,000 in cash..

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