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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Truth About Newt
His is a record of capitulation
New York Times -- November 23  
Gingrich's Words on Immigration Become a Target
Newt Gingrich -- a real turkey
    Des Moines, Iowa -- An intense debate over immigration flared among the Republican presidential candidates on Wednesday as Mitt Romney declared that Newt Gingrich "offered a new doorway to amnesty" when he called for a "humane" immigration policy to avoid deportation for people who are deeply rooted in their churches and communities. [...]
    With the controversy likely to shape the next phase of the nominating fight, Mr. Romney repeatedly used the word "amnesty" during a campaign visit here to describe the position Mr. Gingrich outlined at a debate Tuesday night. While aides to Mr. Gingrich forcefully refuted the characterization of his plan as "amnesty," a swift backlash erupted among conservative activists that could present the biggest test of his resurgent candidacy.
Red Dot
American Patrol Report -- November 24
On June 18, 2001, Glenn Spencer appeared on the O'Reilly Factor with Newt Gingrich as host. He explained La Reconquista in detail. [O'Reilly transcript also embedded in this PDF file]
Red DotNumbersUSA -- November 23
Gingrich Shows 'Compassion' for Illegal Aliens He Helped Stay Rooted in U.S.
    ...As Speaker of the House, Gingrich was in the pivotal position to help Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Lamar Smith push through the 1996 comprehensive bill that set up the verification program that eventually was named "E-Verify." [...]
    What did Speaker Gingrich do?
    Those of us involved in that fight know that we were constantly and desperately seeking support from Gingrich which didn't come.
    Instead, Gingrich tried to kill the new job verification system entirely. Fortunately, the killer amendment he supported failed. No thanks to Gingrich, we have an E-Verify system today.

Washington Times    sc  
Arpaio is next marked man for recall by 'posse' in Arizona   
Credit: Associated PressThe same Arizona group that took down the state's leading immigration hard-liner is now gunning for its best-known lawman. -- Fresh off a successful drive to oust Republican state Senate President Russell Pearce this month, leaders of Citizens for a Better Arizona announced this week that they plan to form a "citizens posse" to challenge Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his 2012 re-election bid...

David Seminara -- Center for Immigration Studies   
Stapling green cards to diplomas, and other absurd ideas   
Another debate, and another disappointing night for the Republicans on the immigration front. We've seen a total of 11 GOP debates to date, and I've yet to hear a candidate demonstrate a deep understanding of our immigration problem. The electorate is crying out for serious reform but all of the GOP hopefuls seem to offer little more than clichés and pandering...

Coming Up
November 25
Colonies Crossroads Shopping Center -- Upland, Calif.
Stop the California Dream Act!

Petition Signing -- 10AM to 1 PM

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner  
Illegal alien charged with string of sexual assaults
Credit: Associated PressSomerville, Mass. -- Last week, Alfredo Romero Posada, 22, was arrested and charged with a string of sexual assaults which occurred over a two-month period in Somerville and Medford. -- According to Assistant District Attorney Ceara Mahoney, the first attack occurred about on September 10, when Posada grabbed a 25-year-old woman’s buttocks and crotch on Wallace Street in Somerville...

Allan Wall -- NewsWithViews.com   
Illegal alien driver's license in the Land of Enchantment   
Credit: Associated Press"DON'T LET NEW MEXICO BE THE NEXT ARIZONA - STOP GOVERNOR MARTINEZ" is the headline on a "Send a Message" action page, on the website called "America's Voice." -- Emblazoned on the page is a photo of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, who has run afoul of the Open Borders lobby for attempting to – can you believe this? – deny driver's licenses to illegal aliens...

WXIA-TV -- Atlanta   
Fewer crops, more guest workers   
Credit: Associated PressVidalia, Ga. -- Georgia vegetable growers are expecting to plant fewer crops this fall, and to try to use an unpopular federal program to recruit legal farm workers next spring. -- "I think a lot of growers are looking to H2A as an alternative this spring," said Charles Hall, director of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. -- H2A provides temporary visas to foreign workers to enter the United States solely to...

Anthony Martin -- The Examiner   
View from Main Street on Candidates: "None of the above"   
As part of a venture sponsored by a small, private opinion survey group, this writer was asked to serve as the reporter / correspondent for a special focus group that was billed as 'a view from Main Street' concerning the 2012 Presidential candidates. Those who were part of the group delivered a dire verdict on the candidates who have been mentioned, both Democrat and Republican --- "none of the above."

Milford (Mass.) Daily News   
ICE arrests 53 in immigration sting   
In a four-day sting that ended Monday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested 53 convicted illegal [aliens], including two in Framingham and one in Milford. -- "Operation Threats Against the Community" ran from Nov. 18 to Nov. 21, ICE said in a statement, and resulted in the arrests of 22 convicted repeat offenders. Of 42 men and 11 women arrested, 24 are convicted felons...

Los Angeles Times   
L.A. considers lifting 30-day impound on cars of unlicensed drivers    
A new policy that would allow unlicensed drivers, including illegal [aliens], to avoid having their cars impounded for up to 30 days is in the process of being finalized but first will be subject to community input and Police Commission review, Los Angeles officials said Tuesday. -- Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been working closely with the Los Angeles Police Department to develop a policy...

Limbaugh: Gingrich's comments on illegals will haunt him   
Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's statement that he would allow some longtime illegal [aliens] to stay in the United States will haunt the former House speaker during the primaries, Rush Limbaugh says. -- During the GOP debate Tuesday night, Gingrich said the United States should not automatically deport those living in the country illegally if...

Jim Rickards -- King World News   
Who will bail out the Fed?   
From Occupy Wall Street to the halls of Congress there is anger at bailouts orchestrated by the U.S. Federal Reserve. These bailouts have not been limited to banks but include brokers, money market funds and foreign corporations. The Fed has released details grudgingly and some disclosures were forced by the Dodd-Frank legislation. Gradually the bailouts have been revealed as if a veil were slowly being drawn to...

At least 20 found dead in Mexico's second city   
Mexican authorities found more than 20 bodies in several cars left around a major traffic intersection in the western city of Guadalajara, officials said on Thursday. -- Local media reported the bodies were discovered in Mexico's second city alongside a message from drug cartels. The state attorney-general's office said there could be up to 23 dead...

Tom Tancredo       
Liberal Mitt's greatest hits   
Video clips flip-flopping RINO Romney doesn't want you to see....

Family Security Matters   
Texas Police Chief: Congress is out of touch.... and other news   
A lower Valley law enforcement leader says Congressional leaders don't know the reality of life on the border. -- Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia just came back from visiting Congressional leaders and Homeland Security officials. He thinks leaders need to be educated about what's really going on along the southern border. -- Garcia was part of a delegation of border police chiefs and sheriffs who went for three days...

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