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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Predator Scandal Grows
Expert speaks out about cost of drone
Mark Hewitt -- The American Thinker -- November 14  
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 $32,000 Per Illegal Alien?
   A program that hasn't received much press is the Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine unmanned surveillance aircraft, the Predator. [...]
    In my former position as the Aircraft Maintenance Director for the US Border Patrol (1995-2000) one of my duties was to collect and report metrics for the monthly Air Operations Measures of Effectiveness Report for the Border Patrol's National Aircraft Maintenance Program -- such as costs per flight hour, mission capability rates, and so on. [...]
    The cost of apprehending a single illegal alien using a $100K fixed-wing aircraft was $20; the cost of apprehending a single illegal alien using a $1M helicopter was almost $220.
It should come to a shock to the public that Customs and Border Protection paid $240 million for unmanned systems which have only been "credited with apprehending more than 7,500 people since they were deployed six years ago." Is the cost of apprehending a single illegal alien with a Predator really $32,000?
Red DotRelated: Last year we estimated the cost at $20,000

John Griffing -- The American Thinker -- Bellevue, Wash.         sc  
The implications of proliferating regional government   
All over the world, regions stand where nations once stood. The world is on the cusp of a revolution in political arrangements, as the citizens of the world are losing control with hardly a word spoken. -- After the successful Aunschluss of the Lisbon Treaty took place, historic European nations fell one by one to the power of the European Union. Recent reports indicate that a small elite now governs Europe...

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Arnold Ahlert -- Front Page Magazine    
The illegal alien scholarship   
Leftists are well-versed in the politics of incrementalism. And nowhere has there been a greater effort to realize the fruits of such incrementalism than in the arena of immigration. Thus it is no accident that the Left has made every attempt to relegate the phrase "illegal alien" to the dust bin of history and replace it with "undocumented immigrant." Such a change implies that...

International Business Times           sc   
Frederick County, Maryland toughens laws    
Illegal immigration is the issue of the week in Frederick County, Maryland following an incident last week in which an illegal immigrant was charged with murder. -- Blaine Young, the county president, said he plans to make Frederick "the most unfriendly county in the state of Maryland to illegal aliens," and to "wear that with a badge of honor," according to the Baltimore Sun...

Sher Zieve -- WebCommentary.com   
Obama Regime still pushes gun controls despite lies and deceit  
With real polls (not the ones Obama has ordered the alphabet networks to counterfeit) continuing to fall for Dictator Obama, he is working as fast as he can to establish his tyranny as a fait accompli. ObamaThugs calling themselves "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) have taken their rioting, perversions, crimes, open defecations and copulations, murders / deaths...

Edwin S. Rubenstein -- VDare.com    
October Jobs: Hispanics displacing Whites AND blacks   
The racial contours of the unemployment crisis are well known. Black unemployment rates are about twice that of whites and nearly 50% above Hispanic rates. During the Great Recession, black joblessness outpaced that of the other groups. While white unemployment has dropped during the (alleged) recovery, unemployment rates for blacks have continued to rise...

Katie Pavlich -- Townhall.com   
Fast and Furious: Brian Terry will change the way America does business 
The Scottsdale International Auto Museum is filled with classic cars from Thunderbird convertibles to MGs with Pink Lady and T-Bird jackets hanging next to an Elvis statue near the back, but Saturday night the museum was turned into a place for people to celebrate the life of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry by supporting his family. Nearly 100 people showed their support...

Andrew C. McCarthy -- Family Security Matters    
The President, the Constitution, and National Security   
Position One: The president has the authority to launch war unilaterally — without any authorization from Congress — in the absence of an attack, or even a threat of aggression, against the United States; and he may do so by invading a country with which the United States is not only at peace but in alliance — a counterterrorism alliance subsidized by American taxpayers...

Beaufort (SC) Observer Editorial   
Holder blows it yet again, no response from Obama   
It's hard to imagine how many more blunders Eric Holder is going to be allowed by Barack Obama to get away with. We now know that he lied to Congress about when he knew about Operation Fast & Furious. And even if what he contends were true (that he did not really know about it) then he is admitting to being grossly negligent and incompetent...

Bill Kinney -- Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal   
When it comes to immigration, sheriff says D.C. must get its heart right 
Cobb County's controversial effort to curb illegal immigration is working. But we and other parts of the country that are fighting that fight are getting no help at all from the president, the attorney general or the Congress, Sheriff Neil Warren told members of the Marietta Rotary Club on Wednesday. -- The centerpiece of Cobb's efforts revolve around the federal 287(g) program...

We Get E-Mail    
Illegal immigration destroying the country   
I am a concerned member of how uncontrolled illegal immigration is a rouse and will destroy this country. -- Here is a colorful article from the NY Times expounding the lovely contributions "Hispanics" are  making dying towns in the midwest. Note; while reading into the story, you can easily begin deduce that most of these "Hispanics" are illegal. It talks about their "high birth rate" as a plus for these communities...

Anthony Martin -- The Examiner    
Report: Holder adopts new strategy on Fast and Furious   
According to a report issued today by The Hill, Attorney General Eric Holder has adopted a new strategy in dealing with the Fast and Furious scandal, also known as Operation Gunwalker. -- Holder intends to become aggressive, says the report, in his defense of his own actions and that of his agency in light of growing criticism that the Department of Justice engaged in illegal activity in smuggling U.S. guns...

Arizona Republic   
Host of factors helped oust Russell Pearce   
Political experts will spend years analyzing how a political novice emerged from obscurity in west Mesa to knock off Arizona's most powerful lawmaker in Tuesday's unprecedented recall election. -- But analysts and people involved in the fierce campaign pointed Wednesday to an array of factors in Jerry Lewis' improbable upset victory over Senate President Russell Pearce. -- Those factors include...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner  
Mexican cartel leader extradited to New York    
Mexican national Bruno Garcia-Arreola, a/k/a "El Gato," an alleged leader the Sinaloa organization that sends tons of marijuana from Mexico to the United States, was extradited by Mexico's Ministry of Justice to face a federal indictment in the Eastern District of New York that charges him with drug trafficking conspiracy and bail jumping. -- The 53-year old suspect was arraigned on Friday...

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