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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glenn Spencer is on special assignment. Features will resume Friday,

U.S. Customs and Border Protection           sc     
U.S. Border Patrol weekly blotter 
Border Patrol agents arrested one illegal alien from Mexico and one illegal alien from Honduras near Hebbronville, Texas. During processing, the Mexican subject admitted to being a member of the Sureño 13 gang, and the Honduran subject admitted to being a member of the 18th Street gang. Records checks revealed the subject from Honduras had a prior conviction for possessing tools for forgery / counterfeiting...

The Blaze      
'President Bachmann' promises to build border fence   
The 2012 GOP Presidential candidates are firming up their positions and staking claims on territories they believe will influence voters in Iowa and all across the country. Rep. Michele Bachmann was in her home state of Iowa yesterday and planted her flag firmly in the ground on the subject of protecting America's Southern border...

Seattle Times         
State cancels illegal alien reporter's driver's license
The state of Washington has canceled the driver's license of a former newspaper journalist who, in a New York Times Magazine article last month, revealed that for 14 years he kept a secret from his U.S. employers: He is an illegal [alien]. -- In a piece he penned under the headline, "My life as an [illegal alien]," Jose Antonio Vargas laid bare...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner       
House committee passes "See Something, Say Something" lawsuit protection
The House Judiciary Committee yesterday approved legislation to better protect citizens who report suspicious activity indicating possible terror activity. -- The See Something, Say Something Act (H.R. 963) expands protections against lawsuits for individuals who report suspicious terrorist-related activity... [See Big Brother Watch - Big Sis Watch - Obama Watch - Police State Watch]

Coming Up
July 23
California's Crusader -- Temecula, Calif. -- 7 PM
Candlelight Vigil for Slain BP Agent
Robert Rosas

Fox News         
Patrick pushing in-state tuition for illegal aliens  
A measure in the Massachusetts Legislature calling for undocumented students to be able to attend public colleges at in-state rates seemed doomed until Gov. Deval Patrick gave it a boost Wednesday. -- Patrick made a surprise stop at a packed hearing at the Statehouse to urge the legislators to pass the bill...

Daviel Greenfield -- Front Page Magazine         
Sheila Jackson Lee: The race card hits its debt limit   
Two days after being sued for discrimination by a disabled aide, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee stood on the floor of the house and accused opponents of the debt limit hike of racism. The race card she was using had expired long ago, but the media has never gotten the message...

KEYT-TV -- Santa Barbara, Calif.         
Abandoned boat now a crime scene   
An abandoned boat near Surfer's Point is the focus of a crime scene Thursday morning in Ventura County. -- The call came in after 7 a.m. as a water rescue near the mouth of the Ventura River. Once emergency crews got to the scene, they found a Mexican [panga] fishing boat with 15 life jackets on board and eight large fuel containers... [Related item]

California Watch         
Sonoma County sheriff to limit involvement in immigration cases   
An agreement announced yesterday by the American Civil Liberties Union limits the involvement of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office in enforcing federal immigration laws. -- In a lawsuit filed in September 2008 on behalf of the Committee for Immigrant Rights of Sonoma County and three individuals, the ACLU argued...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner         
Illegal alien cop killer has extensive rap sheet, reports watchdog group   
An investigation by a non-profit watchdog group has uncovered evidence that the drunk illegal alien who recently killed a decorated and beloved Houston police officer had six arrest warrants, multiple encounters with law enforcement and had been caught driving not once, but four times, without a license...

ATF whistleblower case triggers retaliation inquiry   
The Justice Department's inspector general has opened an investigation into possible retaliation against a whistle-blowing agent at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to two people briefed on the inquiry. -- Watchdogs are examining whether anyone at the Justice Department improperly released internal correspondence to try to smear ATF agent John Dodson...

Allan Wall -- VDare.com        
Losing the home field advantage not "only in America"   
In a recent soccer game at the Rose Bowl, thousands of Mexican-Americans born in the U.S. cheered for Mexico and booed the U.S. team. (And it's not the first time that's happened). -- This should be a wake-up call to apathetic Americans about current mass immigration and assimilation (or lack thereof)...

KFYI-AM -- Phoenix         
Arizona college student tortured and murdered in Mexico   
A southern Arizona student and father expecting his first child has been found dead in Nogales, Mexico, with what authorities say are signs of torture. -- Sonora State Police say the body of 21-year-old Juan Carlos Navarro of Nogales, Ariz., was found wrapped in a blanket on a roadside...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.         
Tamar Jacoby up to no good again, as usual   
This is an audio recording and transcript of a nationwide conference call conducted by notorious open-borders cheerleader Tamar Jacoby on June 30, 2011.

Infowars -- Austin, Texas         
DHS video characterizes white Americans as most likely terrorists
A new promotional video released by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, as Big Sis continues its relentless drive to cement the myth that mad bombers are hiding around every corner, when in reality Americans are just as likely to be killed by lightning strikes or peanut allergies... [Related item]

Robert Robb -- Arizona Republic -- Phoenix         
'Administrative amnesty' bad precedent   
The country appears headed toward another bitter immigration debate. This time, the Obama administration is mostly to blame. -- President Barack Obama has made the following pitch for comprehensive immigration reform: I've done what I've been asked to do on enforcement. Now, it's time for Republicans to give on legalization...

Here's Your "Change": Jobless rate jumps again, rises to 418,000   
The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose more than expected last week, pointing to a labor market that is struggling to regain momentum. -- Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 418,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday... [See Obama Watch]

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson         
Fundraising website for border fence starts quest    
The website where people can donate to build a state-supported border fence is up - but it'll likely take millions of dollars for the ballyhooed plan to lead to actual construction. -- Modern, sturdy border fences are expensive - it cost between $2.6 million to $7.4 million per mile to build hundreds of miles of new fencing in Arizona over the last five years... #abp

Los Angeles Times         
Six Sri Lankan illegals apprehended at LAX   
Officials apprehended six [illegal] Sri Lankan [aliens] flying into LAX from Peru. -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers stopped the six -- three men, a woman and her two children -- after their flight landed. -- Authorities had been notified Tuesday afternoon by the flight crew that they had found torn passport pieces in the plane's bathroom...

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