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Thursday, May 12 , 2011

Mexico Makes a Move on Pima County
A Step Toward Reconquista?
D.K. Jamaal -- The Examiner -- May 10

Will Yuma County join in?
Arizona Democrats want to secede over border fence
    Talk about fleebagging.
    A group of Arizona lawyers are attempting to get a measure on the November 2012 ballot that would allow Pima County, which includes Tucson, to secede from Arizona and become a 51st state named Baja Arizona.
    The move comes over liberal anger with a plan by conservative state officials to bypass the federal government to finance and build its own Mexican border fence.
    Conservative darling and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has accused [the feds] of non-enforcement of immigration law, and it seems those in Arizona who oppose illegal immigration are finally fed up.
    The Democratic splinter group bills itself 'Start our State' and must drum up 48,000 signatures to get the secession measure on the ballot, having until July 5, 2011 to do so.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report -- July 20, 2008
Mexican War II? - It Could Start in Pima County, Arizona

KGBT-TV -- Harlingen, Texas            sc    
Valley police support tougher human smuggling bill    
Rio Grande Valley police are supporting a bill that would it easier for prosecutors to convict human smugglers. -- Senate Bill 146 makes it a state jail felony to intentionally transport an undocumented person with the intent of hiding the individual from law enforcement officers or from fleeing arrest...

U.S. Customs and Border Protection         
U.S. Border Patrol weekly blotter   
El Centro Sector -- Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal alien from Mexico near Calexico, California. During processing, the subject was identified as a member of the Sureño gang. Records checks revealed the subject had an extensive criminal history and previously had been removed from the United States....

U.S. Customs and Border Protection   
Update on accident that killed two Border Patrol agents   
Two U.S. Border Patrol agents were killed today during an incident involving a train near Gila Bend, Ariz. The accident happened at approximately 6 a.m. PDT. An investigation is underway. -- The agents, Hector R. Clark, 39 and Eduardo Rojas, Jr., 35, were pronounced dead at the scene. They were on-duty driving an unmarked official car when it was struck by a 90-car freight train... [Related item]

George Neumayr -- American Spectator   
Obama and the alligator   
Having hit his stride in the polls, Barack Obama seems to clutch the teleprompter less tightly these days. He looked relaxed as he addressed the subject of "immigration reform" on Tuesday and even attempted a semi-cavalier joke at the expense of those concerned about America's porous borders. "Maybe they'll need a moat," he said, dismissing their calls for more border security. "Maybe they want alligators in the moat."

Daniel Joppich -- The American Thinker -- Bellevue, Wash.  
The least important person in Washington   
Apparently our campaigner-in-chief didn't get the memo. He seems to think that jetting around the country giving veiled campaign speeches and fundraising appearances is more important than dealing with the real problems the country is facing. -- Yesterday he was in Texas looking over the millions of acres of scorched land destroyed by wildfires. Oh, that's right. He didn't have time for that...

McClatchy Newspapers   
Open-borders cheerleaders hope Gov. Brown will focus on their issues 
...Barbara Coe, of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, which opposes public benefits for illegal [aliens], said it is obvious that Latino leaders are striking while the political iron is hot. -- "I think they will push for more and more and more," she said. "I dreaded this coming, I feared its coming, and my fears have been realized."

Daily Caller -- Washington   
Poll: Cain jumps to second among Republican candidates    
Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain placed a surprising second in a Zogby poll of likely Republican primary voters released Tuesday. -- The poll measured support for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who says he will not run, at 17 percent. Cain was preferred by 14 percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul by 10 percent...

The American Dream   
28 statistics about the gutting of the U.S. economy that will blow your mind 
Red alert! Over 40 billion dollars of America's national wealth is being shipped out of the country every single month. Our economy is being gutted and we are bleeding wealth and we are bleeding jobs. This is a distress call. Is anyone listening? Thousands of our factories and millions of our jobs are being shipped overseas... [See Obama Watch]

Contra Costa Times -- Walnut Creek, Calif.  
Santa Cruz council votes against opt-out of immigration reporting system   
The City Council on Tuesday voted not to support state legislation that would allow local authorities to opt out of a federal immigration reporting-and-detention program opponents say is designed to deport undocumented residents rather than just violent offenders...

Anthony Martin -- The Examiner  
Will Patriots call for the help of our allies in the growing tyranny at home?   
2012 will the most important year in American politics since the Civil War. That one election will determine whether the U.S. will adhere to the rule of law and not of men, as encapsulated in what is supposed to be the ultimate law of the land -- the Constitution -- or plunge the nation into a thousand years of darkness, succumbing to the forces of oppression, progressivim, and tyranny... [See Obama Watch & NWO Treason Watch]

Mark Salter -- Real Clear Politics   
Obama's Immigration Reform Vision: Clouded by cynicism   
President Obama made a campaign stop in El Paso, Texas, this past Monday to shore up his support from Hispanic voters, who are disappointed by his failure to achieve comprehensive reform of our immigration laws [read: grant amnesty to millions of invaders]. -- To be clear, he did not go to El Paso to encourage Congress to pass reform legislation, the purpose he claimed in his remarks...

Californians for Population Stabilization     
Durbin re-introduces the DREAM Act amnesty scheme 
Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has introduced his latest version of the DREAM Act amnesty in the U.S. Senate. This comes on the heels of Obama's immigration speech where the President called for a broader amnesty....

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner   
Mexican border crime underreported, says Texas lawmaker   
The Obama Administration is deceiving Americans by underreporting serious crime along the Mexican border, according to the Texas lawmaker who chairs a congressional Homeland Security committee. -- Federal, state and local law enforcement officials who deal firsthand with violent Mexican drug cartels will deliver testimony to prove it at a special committee hearing this week...

Peter Brimelow -- VDare.com   
Obama speaks, VDare refutes!   
My quick thoughts on President Obama's much-promoted May 10 immigration speech: Obama nowhere mentioned the word "unemployment." -- But he is urging not merely the amnestying of millions of undocumented Democrats, allowing them full access to the American job market, but also increasing legal immigration -- already at record levels...

Border Patrol agents killed while pursuing illegals   
Two U.S. Border Patrol agents were killed when their vehicle was struck by a freight train in southern Arizona as they pursued a group of suspected illegal [aliens], authorities said on Thursday. -- Lieutenant Justin Griffin of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said the freight train struck the agent's vehicle near Gila Bend, about 70 miles southwest of Phoenix...

Devvy Kidd -- Rense.com   
The conundrum of removing Obama / Soetoro from office   
The anti-truth "mainstream" media (newspapers, Internet and boob tube) as well as cable TV anchor hosts like shallow Sean Hannity, Beck and O'Reilly, smugly believe the issue Obama / Soetoro's dual citizenship is somehow going to go away based on the release of "the" birth certificate, April 27, 2011...

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol took this photo from his patio deck this morning. It shows a Huey helicopter with a registration of XC - ??? (can't read the other three numbers too well)...

Tenth Amendment Center   
North Dakota governor signs Obamacare nullification bill   
Apparently deciding that the risk of angering his constituents over a failure to act against Obamacare was worse than angering his Attorney General, Wayne Stenehjem, who holds that the state cannot pass laws contradicting federal law, Governor Jack Dalrymple signed SB2309...

Patrick Range McDonald and Mars Melnicoff -- L.A. Weekly   
Los Angeles: Broke and broken   
During the Budget and Finance Committee hearings for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's proposed 2011-12 budget, Stephen Box gamely took a seat inside the ornate John Ferraro Council Chamber in Los Angeles City Hall and watched things slowly unfold over four days of sometimes mind-numbing testimony. It wasn't always the highest of dramas, but...

Indianapolis Star   
Immigration bills signed amid arrests    
Five [illegal aliens] arrested for trespassing after slipping into the governor's office Monday have been released from Marion County jail. -- Jail spokesman Julio Fernandez said the six were each released on $150 cash bond. The first was released last night and the final one this morning...

The Hill -- Washington  
Schumer: There's 'a chance' of immigration reform soon   
There's a chance that immigration reform could happen soon, but it's not a sure thing, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday. -- "I think there's a chance. I don't put it at a majority chance, but there's a chance. We're still talking -- I'm talking to both business and labor about this bill," Schumer said in an interview with Bloomberg News... [Schumer is the same clown who wants TSA goons groping you at train stations]

Matt Taibbi -- Rolling Stone   
The People vs. Goldman Sachs   
They weren't murderers or anything; they had merely stolen more money than most people can rationally conceive of, from their own customers, in a few blinks of an eye. But then they went one step further. They came to Washington, took an oath before Congress, and lied about it... [See Obama Watch & Geithner Watch]

Sacramento Bee   
Feinstein uses private bills to block deportations   
Nayely Arreola was a high school junior when a U.S. senator first protected her from deportation. The year: 2003. -- Nayely is now 25, newly married and a graduate of Fresno Pacific University. She and her family still remain protected, thanks to special bills that need not pass to exert influence...

Usual suspects call for Sheriff Arpaio's resignation   
On Wednesday, critics called for the resignation of the controversial Arizona sheriff known for his tough stand on illegal immigration, alleging he misspent millions of dollars in taxpayer money. -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is accused of using nearly $100 million designated for a jail fund to pay deputies' salaries, CNN affiliate KNPX reported...

Stephen Dinan -- Washington Times   
Mexican flag casts giant shadow on Obama at border   
El Paso -- It's usually a reliable rule of thumb that everything is bigger in Texas, and in the U.S. in general - everything, that is, except for flags. -- Dominating the southern horizon at Chamizal National Memorial Park, the site on the U.S.-Mexico border where President Obama delivered his major immigration speech Tuesday, was a giant Mexican flag...

Washington Times        sc  
Quayle: President's immigration stance 'absurd'    
Rep. Ben Quayle on Wednesday said it was "absurd" for President Obama to assert that the U.S.-Mexico border is secure. -- "There has been some progress... and a lot of it has to do with fencing, with increased border patrol agents. [But] the Tucson area is still in disarray," Mr. Quayle, Arizona Republican, said during an interview on The Washington Times-affiliated "America's Morning News."

Associated Press   
Renegade sanctuary city softens stance on arrested illegal alien "youth"
San Francisco's mayor said Tuesday that the city will no longer automatically report illegal [alien] youths to federal authorities when they are arrested on felony charges - a shift he said stays true to the city's longstanding sanctuary city policy. -- Mayor Edwin Lee told the Board of Supervisors at its weekly meeting that juveniles who are first-time offenders...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne testifies about border 
Washington -- The Tucson Sector of the Southwest border remains a major entry point for illegal [aliens] and is vulnerable to penetration by terrorists, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne told a key congressional panel Wednesday. -- "In the Tucson Sector since 2009, well over 400,000 people crossed illegally into the United States," Horne told members of the House Homeland Security Committee...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Obama jokes about border, as children are killed by illegal aliens   
Between April 2-3, two people were killed in separate incidents in Hamilton County, OH. Both accidents were reportedly caused by intoxicated illegal aliens. -- The first victim was 3-year-old Shakir West who was walking alongside his mom on the streets of Cincinnati, Saturday morning when an allegedly drunk Rodolfo Temaj-Felix, 24, sped through a crosswalk and ran down the little boy and his mother... [See Obama Watch]

Alex Newman -- The New American   
WikiLeaks exposes North American integration plot   
As early as January of 2005, high-ranking officials were discussing the best way to sell the idea of North American "integration" to the public and policymakers while getting around national constitutions. The prospect of creating a monetary unit to replace national currencies was a hot topic as well... [See Obama Watch & NWO Treason Watch]

Michael Barajas -- San Antonio Express-News   
Migrant Nation: Hispanic Caucus urges Obama to rein in ICE reform
When the DREAM Act failed last year, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus feared it was a sign that immigration reform [aka amnesty] was dead in the water. It was a sentiment that grew stronger as the new, Tea Party-infused House rolled into D.C. months later. -- U.S. Representative Charlie Gonzalez, D-San Antonio, who chairs the caucus, now says he hopes months of talks...

Associated Press  
Georgia college student a reluctant immigration symbol   
Jessica Colotl has always tried to keep a low profile -- obeying the speed limit, making sure her car's lights work properly -- knowing that a brush with law enforcement could lead to her deportation and cost her a college diploma. -- After a few close calls, her fears were realized last spring, when she was stopped for a minor traffic violation...

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