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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bordering on Treason
The Washington Post is Lying
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- December 29   
Not entirely useless
    An editorial in today's Washington Post includes the following declaration: "Calls to 'close the border' before any other reform can be considered can hardly be taken seriously, given how many resources are now being devoted to border control."
    The Washington Post, the most influential news outlet in our nation's capitol, is saying that there is nothing more we can do to control the flood of people and contraband across our borders. Are we to believe them? No, they are not telling the truth. In fact, they are lying.
    The Secure Fence Act of 2006 called for the construction of 700 miles of double-layered fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. But only 35 miles of double-layered fence was constructed. In that same four-year period, the Department of Homeland Security spent nearly $1 billion on a virtual fence system that failed, just as we predicted.
    The Washington power-elite, led by the Washington Post, want to unite the U.S., Mexico and Canada into a North American Union. This dream would be ruined by a fence along the border or by effective border control of any sort. The resources that have been devoted to border control have, for the most part, been wasted. But this was not by accident. The systems were designed to fail.
    Not only are American citizens being subjected to the injustices of illegal immigration and a flood of illicit drugs, their tax money is being wasted on phony schemes designed to make it appear that a sincere effort is being made to control the border. The Washington Post is betraying its nation. Some call that treason.

Hugh Holub -- Tucson Citizen          sc  
More rumors and few facts regarding the death of BP Agent Brian Terry 
It is getting stranger and stranger regarding the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry west of Rio Rico on December 14th. -- As noted by many, the federal stonewalling of information about the incident creates more doubt, suspicion and rumors... [See Big Sis Watch - Obama Watch]

Salt Lake Tribune    
Illegal immigration flow may be reversing    
...An annual study this year by the Pew Hispanic Center, using U.S. census data, estimated that the number of immigrants in Utah illegally dropped by 10,000 between 2008 and 2009 -- from 120,000 overall to 110,000. But study authors caution those numbers are within statistical margins of error, so it is possible that no decrease occurred -- but numbers suggest illegal immigration is at least slowing to a trickle...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner    
Judge sides with illegal aliens against U.S. law officers   
A federal judge -- appointed by now disbarred attorney Bill Clinton -- gave a group of illegal aliens the go ahead to sue the U.S. government for violating their constitutional rights during the operation that led to their apprehension, according to a Washington, D.C. watchdog group...

WUSA-TV -- Washington     
Anne Arundel County, Md. joins fingerprint database program    
Annapolis -- Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold says the county is taking part in a federal program that uses fingerprints and databases to identify illegal immigrants who are arrested on local charges. -- Leopold announced Tuesday that the county is participating in Secure Communities, a program that allows immigration officials to check fingerprints of all people booked into jail...

The News-Bulletin -- Belen, NM     
Latest New Mexico governor has some very bizarre ideas   
...During this election cycle, [David C.] Chavez made an issue of the fact New Mexico is one of three states that does not require proof of citizenship or legal residency to obtain a driver's license. Washington and Utah have similar allowances. -- And Chavez has put together a bill he hopes will offer some resolution...

Rick Oltman of The Immigration Tea Party -- The Examiner   
Ignorance is certainly their strength   
A group of self appointed sanctimonious diversity zealots have decided to propagandize other "journalists" against the use of the term "illegal alien." Just when you thought that journalists couldn't act any dumber, they prove you wrong... [More from Rick Oltman] [Examiner items]

Joe Newby -- The Examiner     
Airport pat-downs to continue while some foreigners allowed to bypass security
On Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the intrusive pat-downs and virtual strip searches via whole body scanners would continue at the nation's airports. -- Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union", Napolitano said the pat-down technique would not change in "the forseeable future." [See Obama Watch - Big Brother Watch - NWO Treason Watch]

Fox News     
Rep. Peter King to ramp up immigration crackdown  
Rep. Peter King plans to use his new bully pulpit to target immigration. -- The New York congressman, who will become the new chairman of the House Homeland Security next week, told the New York Post that he will push for legislation to tighter border security and arrest more immigrants crossing the border illegally...

Peter A. Brown -- Wall Street Journal     
Amnesty scheme unlikely without a shift in public attitudes   
There was much ado this month over whether the congressional repeal of the ban on gay men and women serving openly in the military represents a major change in American attitudes. But there was not the same attention when Congress killed an attempt to allow illegal [aliens] brought to America as children to become legal residents and, eventually, citizens... [See Amnesty Watch]

Spokane (Wash.) Spokesman-Review    
Judge rules U.S. must provide lawyers    
Two mentally disabled immigrants must be given lawyers as they fight deportation, a U.S. district court judge has ruled. Jose Franco-Gonzalez, 29, of Costa Mesa, Calif., and Guillermo Gomez-Sanchez, 48, of San Bernardino, Calif., are at the center of a case that marks one of the first instances in which a judge ordered representation for an individual in immigration proceedings...

Gerald Celente -- Rense.com     
Top trends of 2011   
After the tumultuous years of the Great Recession, a battered people may wish that 2011 will bring a return to kinder, gentler times. But that is not what we are predicting: 1. Wake-Up Call: The people of all nations, having become convinced of the inability of leaders and know-it-all "arbiters of everything" to fulfill their promises... [See Hope and Change Watch]

The Intel Hub     
Gulf activists harassed by TSA agents who claim filming is illegal   
As anger against the TSA has mounted, many have wondered if activists will be specifically targeted in an attempt to scare and intimidate them. No subject has been bigger than the gulf disaster and it looks as one of the groups who exposed the extensive use of Corexit9500 in the gulf have fallen victim to TSA tyranny... [See Big Brother Watch & NWO Treason Watch]

NewsMax.com        sc     
Chris Matthews: Obama should release birth certificate   
Even MSNBC's pro-Obama host Chris Matthews has joined the crowd calling on the president to release his long-form birth certificate to settle the controversy surrounding his birthplace once and for all, saying "if it exists, why not put it out?"

California Independent Voter Network     
'Gov. Moonbeam' likely to support Dream Act-like provisions in California
Even though the Dream Act failed in the Senate and is not likely to come up in the near future with Republicans taking the House, young proponents of the law are thinking that California could be one of the ripe states to pass provisions in the spirit of the shot-down federal bill...

Associated Press     
Cops nab 10 suspected illegals after traffic stop   
New Stanton, Pa. -- State police who stopped a van for a broken windshield on the western stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike say 10 foreign workers inside have been turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and could be deported. -- Sgt. Anthony DeLuca says the workers were headed to work on a publicly financed housing project in Jeannette...

Orange County Register -- Santa Ana, Calif.    
Here's Your 'Change': Teen unemployment 3 times the state average
Older laid-off workers have their difficulties finding work, but it's the teens -- particularly those in California -- who are bearing the brunt of the recession. -- Unemployment among California workers ages 16 to 19 was 34.7% in November. That's nearly three times the state average of 12.4%, reports the state Employment Development Department... [See Obama Watch & Cal Meltdown Watch]

Herman Cain -- WorldNetDaily.com     
2010: Don't forget, and do tell!   
Don't forget what President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress did in 2010 – and tell everybody who will listen! And if they do not get outraged, then they are sleeping under a rock, and they can't get out. -- Pure politicians have for years depended on voters to forget their misdeeds leading up to the next election. But things are different!

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Texas family forced to leave ranch because of drug / human smugglers    
The Burns family in Brooks County, Texas, are packing up and leaving their 38,000 acre ranch because the area has become a war zone, thanks to the Mexican drug cartels and illegal aliens crossing on or near their property on a daily basis. -- The Burns' family home has been broken into, their land littered with garbage... [This as Big Sis and Obama claim the border is more secure than ever before]

The Daily Caller -- Washington     
Hawaii's governor wants to reveal Obama birth info   
Honolulu -- Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie wants to find a way to release more information about President Barack Obama's Hawaii birth and dispel conspiracy theories that he was born elsewhere. -- Abercrombie was a friend of Obama's parents and knew him as a child, and is deeply troubled by the effort to cast doubt on the president's citizenship...

Associated Press     
Last police officer in Mexican border town missing   
Cd. Juarez, Chih., Mex. -- The last remaining police officer in the Mexican border town of Guadalupe has disappeared, and prosecutors in northern Chihuahua state said Tuesday they have started a search for her. -- Twenty-eight-year-old officer Ericka Gandara held out despite the desertions and resignations that left her as the only officer in the Juarez Valley town...

Matt Patterson     
Global cooling proves global warming?   
The New York Times ran an unintentionally hilarious piece by Judah Cohen on Christmas Day with the ironic title "Bundle Up, It's Global Warming." The article begins, no joke: "The earth continues to get warmer, yet it's feeling a lot colder outside." Cohen proceeds to helpfully detail the record cold and snow lately experienced in North America and Europe...

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review        sc   
Special report: Who owns the border?   
To some southern Arizonans, the line between the U.S. and Mexico is just imaginary. Others believe it should be a fortified barrier. Either way, the border is again a flashpoint in American politics, with the spotlight shining on Cochise County. -- The Herald / Review and our sister Wick Communications newspapers in southern Arizona have prepared a special report...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Support slain BP Agent Terry Brian's family and scholarship in his name   
Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's girlfriend, Sarah Brelsford has established an e-mail address for the public to send messages of support to Terry's family. She is also setting up a scholarship in the murdered agent's name and is now accepting pledges...

Economic Collapse Blog    
U.S. Police State: Almost everything is a crime in America now   
Doesn't it seem like almost everything is becoming a crime in America now? Americans are being arrested and charged with crimes for doing things like leaving dog poop on the ground, opening up Christmas presents early, not recycling properly, farting in class and having brown lawns... [See Big Brother Watch -- Obama Watch]

Kimberly Dvorak -- The Examiner     
Judge rules illegal aliens can collect workers compensation   
Straight out of kangaroo court, a D.C. Court of Appeals judge ruled that illegal alien, Palemon Gonzales, is eligible to receive about $11,000 in worker's compensation benefits. -- The employer at the time, David Karim claims he knew nothing about the employee's legal status as he used his cousin, Armando Casarrubias' green card to obtain a busboy job...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
State legislator wants Maryland to have their own DREAM Act   
On Tuesday, incoming Maryland State Senator Victor Ramirez (D-Prince George’s) announced s plans to introduce legislation which would give in-state college tuition to illegal aliens who have graduated from Maryland high schools. Ramirez said: "After we have invested in their education, it makes sense to treat them equally..."

Associated Press     
Here's Your Change: Many U.S. companies are hiring... overseas    
Corporate profits are up. Stock prices are up. So why isn't anyone hiring? -- Actually, many American companies are -- just maybe not in your town. They're hiring overseas, where sales are surging and the pipeline of orders is fat. -- More than half of the 15,000 people that Caterpillar Inc. has hired this year were outside the U.S... [See "Hope & Change" Watch]

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