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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tag Story Goes Viral
Political Interference?
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- November 1   
Fence tags upset U.S. Border Patrol. Story goes nationwide.
    Last Fourth of July American Border Patrol, a non-profit Arizona corporation placed small American flags on the border fence. This was the third year it had done so. Each flag had a small tag attached with a message from a U.S. citizen about the border problem. Most of the messages called on the government to finish building the border fence and / or to protect our nation. In a sense, these citizens were petitioning our government for redress of grievances, i.e., failure to protect our borders. The First Amendment protects such speech.
    From the outset, ABP had permission from the Naco Border Patrol station to place the flags -- and tags -- on the fence.
    Last week the U.S. Border Patrol ordered ABP to remove the tags. The tag removal story has now gone viral.
    One reporter asked why the feds cracked down so long after the flags were put up. I said it might be because Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Az) was embarrassed when ABP's border camera recently caught people smuggling drugs over a fence she didn't think needed to be improved, and that her political ad ran on USTREAM while the smugglers were at work. After looking at the story, the reporter laughed and said, "That's ironic!"

Virgil Goode -- Human Events         sc    
Pandering to the Hispanic Vote: Ideological compromise with no rewards    
When I lost reelection by 727 votes in 2008, the open-borders lobby immediately credited my defeat to my opposition to mass immigration. America's Voice, one of the leading pro-amnesty organizations, credited my defeat to "[t]he power of the Latino vote," using it as an example of how voters "broadly rejected anti-immigrant candidates and politics."

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner     
Arizona teachers suing to restore racist program   
Eliminating a radical La Raza ("The Race") studies program in an Arizona public school district is unconstitutional and restricts free speech, according to a group of teachers who are suing the state to reinstate the taxpayer-financed curriculum that one instructor says "ignited racial hostility."

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Four attacks with fragmentation grenades on police installations in Nuevo Leon left at least eight injured Saturday evening. The attacks took place in and around Monterrey and in the nearby towns of Allende and Montemorelos. In the past few weeks, organized criminals have carried out more than 20 attacks against police offices...

Associated Press     
Obama pulls back on 'enemies' remark to Latinos   
A day before the pivotal midterm elections, President Barack Obama pulled back from remarks he made last month when he called on Latino voters to punish their "enemies" on Election Day. In an interview Monday with radio host Michael Baisden, Obama said he should have used the word "opponents" instead of enemies...

Associated Press     
Appeals court hints at tossing part of Arizona law   
Arizona's immigration law faced tough scrutiny from a federal appeals panel Monday as the state's governor appeared in person to support the controversial provision on the day before the election in which she's seeking her first full term. -- The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals signaled it was ready to toss out the provision of Arizona's law that criminalizes the failure to carry immigration papers...

Ben Johnson -- Floyd Reports        
Obama sends Feds to harass Arizona poll watchers at SEIU's request   
As part of its traditional Friday news dump, the Obama administration announced the Justice Department will be sending "400 federal observers to 30 jurisdictions in 18 states" to oversee the midterm elections. Unfortunately, the feds will not attempt to keep illegal [aliens] or fraudulent voters from casting a ballot; instead, they will harass poll watchers who try to assure everyone admitted to the polls is properly registered....

North County Times -- Escondido, Calif.    
Two facing deportation after Saturday night police-ICE partnership    
Federal immigration agents working with police Saturday night in Escondido arrested two people authorities identified as illegal [aliens] with past criminal convictions. -- They released another person -- who was also identified as an illegal [alien] -- because he didn't meet the criteria for detention under the pilot program...

"Federale" -- VDare.com     
Will a GOP Congress block Obama's ongoing administrative amnesty?   
President Obama has shown himself even more determined to implement an administrative ("stealth") amnesty than President Bush was to obtain a legislative amnesty. -- The Bush Presidency was marked by a blatant policy of non-enforcement for the first six years -- even after the events of 9/11. You know -- The Religion of Peace & Body Parts and all that...

Infowars -- Austin, Texas    
The cult of Obama crashes and burns    
The image of one man begging on his knees as Obama's convoy pulls away from a restaurant in Chicago yesterday speaks volumes about how far the man's status has fallen in the eyes of everyday Americans. -- Facing a midterm election defeat unparalleled by any other in history, Obama's fall from grace represents the stark reality that the people are fuming...

Washington Times           sc    
Reid promises vote on 'DREAM Act' amnesty scheme   
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid over the weekend promised to force the Senate to vote on an immigration bill, the Dream Act, in a lame-duck session of Congress this month. -- Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat who is in a desperate battle to keep his Senate seat, told Univision's "Al Punto," a Sunday political talk show, that he has the right as majority leader to decide what legislation reaches the floor... [See Amnesty Watch]

Tuesday could produce new Latino stars - in GOP   
In an election year when Democrats are accusing the GOP of being anti-immigrant, Hispanic candidates are poised to make historic gains Tuesday – on the Republican ticket. -- It's an unusual twist on one of the dominant narratives of the election: The party that reignited the immigration debate by writing the Arizona enforcement law...

Washington Times    
Arizona beheading raises fears of cartels   
Chandler, Az. -- The gruesome case of a man who was stabbed and beheaded in a suburban Phoenix apartment has police investigating whether the killing is the most extreme example of Mexican drug cartel violence spilling over the border. -- Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy's body was found Oct. 10 in a Chandler apartment, his severed head a couple of feet away...

Connie Hair -- Human Events    
9th Circuit Court to hear Arizona immigration law    
...Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever spoke with Human Events about the recent escalation of violence along the southern U.S. border in Arizona and the lawsuit. -- "The Obama Administration actually did us a favor when they sued the State of Arizona because no decision-maker, no policymaker can run and hide anymore..."

CNS News    
'Broken' immigration system to be reviewed by U.N. Human Rights Council    
The United States this week will undergo its first appraisal by the U.N. Human Rights Council, and one of the issues likely to be raised -- thanks to the Obama administration -- is Arizona's new immigration law. -- On Friday, representatives of HRC member states, observer countries and non-governmental organizations will evaluate the U.S. human rights record in a three-hour "interactive dialogue...

American Border Patrol       
Photos of the day   
These photos are of the flags and tags on the border fence at American Border Patrol's ranch in Arizona. Most of the messages are fading as the tags age. The message on the tag in the bottom photo reads...

Pueblo (Colo.) Chieftain     
Tancredo rides momentum into Pueblo   
The ringing of bells and shouts of "Save Colorado! Vote for Tancredo!" Greeted American Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo on Sunday in Pueblo. -- On a last campaign push through the state, Tancredo addressed a boisterous group of supporters from a park bench outside his campaign headquarters on Main Street...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution      
Some state voters aren't U.S. citizens   
For years, Georgia's method of registering voters allowed some non-U.S. citizens to register and some to cast ballots. -- And while state officials say they've fixed the problem with new voters, there's nothing to stop noncitizens who registered before the changes from voting Tuesday...

The Citizen -- Fayetteville, Ga.     
D.A. King to speak to Republicans about illegal immigration   
D.A. King, a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration and president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society, will be the guest speaker at the Fayette County Republican Party's November First Saturday Breakfast. Mr. King is a former Marine and a 27-year resident of Marietta, Georgia, who has been studying our illegal immigration crisis for more than eight years...

El Paso Times         
50 bullets hit car with Texas plates in Juárez; 3 slain    
Three people riding in a BMW with Texas license plates were killed in a shooting during the weekend in Juárez. -- Chihuahua state police identified the victims as Guillermo Araiza Hidalgo, 23, Luis Carlos Araiza Hidalgo, 15, and Giovanna Herrera, 26...

KGUN-TV -- Tucson       
A "towering reminder" of Southern Arizona's battle with illegal immigration   
Some might say it's a towering reminder of an ongoing battle in southern Arizona; the problem of drug and human smuggling, as well as illegal immigration. And, because of all of this, an Elfrida man's childhood fantasy now serves a much more serious purpose. A 30-foot tower Richard Humphries personally designed 5 years ago helps this concerned citizen keep a lookout on a desert he says is getting trampled on before his eyes...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix    
Immigration-law fight far from over as Appeals Court considers injunction  
With battle lines over immigration drawn and the nation watching, attorneys for Arizona and the U.S. Department of Justice will debate Monday lifting a preliminary injunction against portions of the state's controversial immigration law, known as Senate Bill 1070...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Mexican charged with 2006 rape, murder finally extradited to U.S.   
Last week, Mexican law enforcement turned over Edmundo Cerda-Anima to the FBI for the 2006 rape and murder of a Jefferson Parish, Louisiana woman. -- Cerda-Anima was then brought to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and charged with second-degree murder and aggravated rape... [See Crime Watch]

Associated Press     
Mexico police find Canadian's car; a body in trunk   
Chilpancingo, Gro., Mex. -- A missing Canadian businessman's rental car was found completely burned with a corpse in the trunk on Sunday, police in southern Mexico reported. -- Investigators are working to determine if it is the body of Daniel Dion, who was last seen about a week ago in the Pacific coast resort city of Acapulco...

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