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Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The Fence" -- The Big Lie (La Gran Mentira)
Repair Costs Overstated Factor of 1,000
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Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- September 19  
    As her film roles to a close, Rory Kennedy flashes a frame on the screen that says it will cost $49 billion per year to maintain the border fence over the next 25 years, even though construction has been halted. This is another Big Lie.
    A realistic cost of maintaining a double-layered fence is $94,000 per mile per year.
    Kennedy assumed that the entire 700 miles is double-layered. But DHS built only 35 miles of double-layered fence. They built 195 miles of single-layered fences and 310 miles of vehicle barriers, which require little or no maintenance. (DHS finished five miles of single-layered fence at my border ranch 18 months ago and I have never seen them have to do any maintenance on it at all.)
    Experience has shown that the fencing does not have to be replaced after five years as an old worst-case scenario assumed. Therefore, instead of $2 billion per year to maintain the existing fencing as Kennedy said, a more realistic estimate would be $1 million per year (35X $94,000 + 195X$25,000 + 310X$5000 = $971,500). Let's double that and say $2 million per year.
    So, instead of paying $49 billion over 25 years for maintenance, taxpayers would pay $50 million. Rory Kennedy was only off by a factor of 1,000. Oh yes, and the fencing cut apprehensions of illegals by 500,000 per year. How much will that save taxpayers?

KPHO-TV -- Phoenix       sc   
Resident: Illegal aliens caught on camera   
Pat and Pennee Murphree live near the Sawtooth Mountains in Pinal County near the border with Mexico. From their home, they can use a spotting scope to see what deputies refer to as a "cartel cave." -- Earlier this week, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office announced it found communications equipment and binoculars in that cave...

New York Times    
Democrats pander to Hispanics on DREAM Act amnesty scheme   
Democrats' decision to put forward legislation that would grant legal status to some students who are illegal immigrants is meant to bolster support among an important voter group going into the midterms and beyond: Hispanics, the largest minority in the country...

Washington Times     
McCain rips defense bill amendments   
Sen. John McCain on Thursday sharply criticized Democratic leaders for trying to piggyback policies regarding gays in the military and illegal [aliens] onto a defense bill that authorizes spending for national security programs...

San Antonio Express-News     
Local eateries targeted on illegal workers   
In a rare criminal worksite enforcement case, a San Antonio restaurant company, its owner and four managers have been indicted on charges they conspired to hire illegal [aliens]. -- A phone tip by a fired employee in fall 2008 to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement brought a probe of Salsalito Cantina Inc...

Bradley Blakeman -- Fox News     
Foot dragging on the border fence but billions for fences along our highways   
American poet Robert Frost wrote, "good fences make good neighbors" in his poem "Mending Wall." At first blush you would think Frost meant it literally. However, the poet reminds us that before a fence can be seen as a "good fence," there must be a good reason and need for the fence being erected in the first place...

Associated Press     
Disturbing News: Colin Powell brazenly hires illegal aliens   
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says illegal [aliens.... criminals] do essential work in the U.S. and he has firsthand knowledge of that -- because they fix his house. -- Powell, [allegedly] a moderate Republican, urged his party Sunday to support immigration generally because it is "what's keeping this country's lifeblood moving forward."

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SEPT. 20
California's Crusader -- Riverside, Calif. -- 1 PM PT
Vote Barbara Boxer Out Rally

NewsMax.com      sc   
Arizona Sheriff: Obama 'Undermining' Law on the Border   
An Arizona sheriff contends that President Obama is "undermining the rule of law" by blocking the border enforcement needed to prevent illegals and narco-terrorists from flooding into the United States from Mexico. -- In an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said the administration has actively thwarted law enforcement efforts...

KTAR -- Phoenix     
Usual suspects call for boycott of Fiesta Bowl   
An [illegal alien "rights"] group is calling for a boycott of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. -- Dallas-based Accion America is about to hit the airwaves of Spanish radio and T.V. stations asking people to boycott the game as well as Frito-Lay, which makes Tostitos, because of Arizona's new immigration law...

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SEPT. 26
Grizzly Rose -- Denver -- 1 PM MT
Meet Tom Tancredo and Sheriff Joe Arpaio

KTAR -- Phoenix    
Rowdy protest greets sheriff at school meeting   
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's plans for an armed posse to help enforce immigration laws met with a group of rowdy protesters, one of whom was arrested outside a west Phoenix school Thursday night. -- The sheriff spoke at a neighborhood meeting at Manzanita Elementary School...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Hypocritical Mexicans fencing off Guatemala, press ignores   
The Inter-Press Service (IPS) is reporting that the head administrator of the Mexican Superintendency of Tax Administration, Raul Diaz, has confirmed that his government is building a wall in the state of Chiapas, along the Mexican / Guatemalan border. -- The official reason is to stop contraband from coming into Mexico, but...

Russell Pearce -- Townhall.com     
Obama's war against Arizona   
The Obama administration's jihad against Arizona continues to rage. Most recently, it included SB 1070 (Arizona's new immigration law) in a report to the United Nations on human rights abuses. -- The law, which is supported by an overwhelming majority of all Americans, went into effect a month ago. The new law is included in a 29 page report to the UN Human Rights Council...

Raw Story     
Arizona sheriff Arpaio's office 'surveilled political rivals'   
A high-ranking officer inside the office of Arizona's controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio has laid out a detailed case alleging potentially criminal corruption at the highest levels of the department. -- In a 63-page memorandum sent to Arpaio and obtained by Phoenix's Channel 12 News and the Arizona Republic, Deputy Chief Frank Munnell alleges that the department's number-two officer...

Associated Press     
Illegal alien indicted for illegal marijuana grow operation   
Boise, Idaho -- A 22-year-old man that prosecutors say is in the country illegally faces four felony charges after a 1,650-plant marijuana grow operation was found on U.S. Forest Service land in Valley County. -- The Idaho Statesman reports a federal grand jury in Boise indicted Leonardo Villasenor-Cesar of Mexico with... [See Crime Watch]

Fox News     
Reid, McCain spar over immigration add-on in Defense Bill   
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. John McCain escalated a confrontation Thursday over the Democratic leader's move to give some illegal [aliens] a pathway to citizenship, with the nation's military budget hanging in the balance...

Chicago Sun-Times     
Obama at Gutierrez, Menendez, Velazquez meeting touts DREAM Act   
President Obama met with Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Sen. Robert Menendez and Rep. Nydia Velazquez at the White House on Thursday to discuss an upcoming Senate vote on immigration legislation -- especially the DREAM Act, designed to provide students who are not in the country legally a way to continue their studies... [See Amnesty Watch]

Banderas News -- Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mex.     
Mexico builds wall on it's own southern border   
Guatemala City - Travelling without documents to the United States from Latin America can turn into an odyssey, in which migrants have to elude common criminals and drug traffickers along the way, not to mention the laws on migration. But now another obstacle is emerging: a wall between Guatemala and Mexico...

Americans renew call for third party   
Americans' desires for a third political party are as high as they have been in seven years. Fifty-eight percent of Americans believe a third major political party is needed because the Republican and Democratic Parties do a poor job of representing the American people. That is a significant increase from 2008 and ties the high Gallup has recorded for this measure since 2003...

Jason McNew -- The American Thinker -- Bellevue, Wash.           sc 
Obama drops 'Creator' from Declaration quote   
President Obama removed the reference to the "Creator" from the Declaration of Independence when he quoted a portion at a meeting of the Congressional Hispanic Congress. -- Here is a short version of the clip, with just the key minute...

Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger     
Feds charge 53 people in identity theft criminal ring   
Federal authorities have charged 53 people with identity theft and fraud following an investigation into a massive criminal enterprise based in Bergen County. U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman and FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Ward announced the arrest of 47 people... [Related item]

Eight police officers found dead in southern Mexico   
Eight of nine police officers from Mexico's Guerrero state who disappeared after an attack have been found dead, state media reported. -- A ninth officer was injured but survived the attack, which occurred when the officers were investigating a death Friday evening, the state-run news agency Notimex said Saturday...

Los Angeles Times     
Tough immigration law boosts Arizona governor's political fortunes   
Phoenix -- In a year that sees incumbents across the country dropping like flies, an unlikely one is in a very comfortable position: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. -- Only six months ago, Brewer presided over a state with a dire budget deficit. She had two dozen challengers in the Republican primary and her approval rating was well below 50%...

New York Daily News     
Harry Reid drops 'crazy talk' on opponent   
There have been plenty of Sharron Angle detractors questioning her basic sanity (usually pointing to her talk about "Second Amendment solutions" to fix government), but now it's coming directly from the campaign of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Elitist Obama, thinks that all black people hang-out in barber shops and beauty parlors
On Saturday night, President Obama spoke at the annual Congressional Black Caucus dinner, warning the partisan crowd of the upcoming Republican landslide. It was a rambling, 27-minute speech which promoted class warfare and demonized millionaires (even though he is one), but never once touched upon his administration's own failings amid crushing unemployment...

Marin Independent Journal -- Novato, Calif.     
Anti-illegal immigration activist arrested at council meeting   
Police arrested lawyer and immigration activist Jerome Ghigliotti at Novato's City Council meeting Tuesday night and led him away in handcuffs after the council declared his actions in support of the city's controversial E-Verify ballot measure to be out of order...

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