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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brewer in a Stew
Briefing Leaves Governor Short
Arizona Capitol Times -- Phoenix -- June 28   
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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Brewer disappointed by meeting with feds
    Gov. Jan Brewer said federal officials offered little of consequence and promised even less in a highly anticipated meeting to discuss Arizona' s border security issues.
    Brewer and Attorney General Terry Goddard, who met separately with a handful of federal officials on June 28, painted starkly differing pictures of the federal government' s plans for securing Arizona' s border with Mexico.
    John Brennan, a homeland security and counterterrorism advisor to President Barack Obama, pledged in his meeting with the governor to deploy 524 National Guard troops to the border in the next two months, reinforce 22 miles of preexisting fencing and ask Congress for $600 million to hire 1,000 more Border Patrol agents and 300 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, Brewer said. [...]
    The governor was especially displeased that the White House is providing $310 million for anti-border crime efforts in Mexico while appropriating only $135 million for National Guard deployments in the United States.
Red Dot
America Patrol Report Comment: Mexico is getting more money because Obama thinks they are part of the U.S. homeland. Special report tomorrow.

Las Cruces (NM) Sun-News            sc  
Inside the tunnel: Boys used in drug-smuggling route   
El Paso -- It is a tunnel straight out of "The Shawshank Redemption." -- Mexican drug cartels used boys and small adults to dig a tunnel crawling the width of the Rio Grande. Through it, smugglers would bring contraband to the United States, officials said... [See Crime Watch]

New York Daily News     
Illegals begin to flee Arizona ahead of immigration law, businesses suffer   
It's an exodus that could really hurt the economy. -- The controversial new immigration law in Arizona won't officially be implemented for a month. But droves of legal and illegal [aliens] already are starting to leave the state, hurting local stores and companies...

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson     
Obama teaming up with union goons to push amnesty   
President Obama is enlisting activists and labor leaders in a push for comprehensive immigration legislation [read: amnesty] that will showcase Republican opposition and include a speech by the president. --- Latino leaders say they will work in the coming months to pressure Republicans to give way and support an immigration bill - and make opponents pay at the ballot box if they don't...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Morelia, Mich., Mex. -- Several civil organizations are planning a march on July 17th in support of [illegal aliens.... criminals] in the USA and to support Mexican authorities who have come out against Arizona' s SB-1070. -- This mobilization was called by the leader of a group called Sexual Diversity in Michoacán... [See Meddling Mexicans]

The State Column     
Governor Rick Perry and Jan Brewer sound off   
Texas Governor Rick Perry and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer criticized the Obama administration' s border plan on Monday, saying it did not do enough to quell border violence. -- Federal officials told Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard Monday that Arizona can expect to see the vast majority if National Guard troops deployed to the border. Arizona will get 524 troops... [See Napolitano Watch]

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report    
For the record   
Barack Obama' s primary goal in office is the granting of amnesty for illegal aliens, especially Hispanics. All else pales into insignificance. It is his raison de etre. -- If Barack Hussein Obama can find a way to grant a blanket amnesty through his power to pardon, or some other mechanism, he will do it. He will do it even if he knows it means being impeached and removed from office, just so long as he is confident that the new legal status of illegals remains after he is removed...

Fox News            sc  
Sorry excuse for a congressman mocks border security advocates   
A California congressman known for edgy sarcasm mocked an opponent of illegal immigration during a town hall meeting last week, asking, "Who are you going to kill today?" before the constituent, a self-identified Minuteman, posed his question. -- Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., no stranger to controversy, mocked the idea that the borders are not secure when asked about the federal government's lack of activity on border security...

Obama moving amnesty scheme forward, meets with open-borders crowd   
Barack Obama on Monday met with grass-roots leaders Monday afternoon to discuss immigration reform [read: amnesty], the White House said. -- Obama told those at the meeting that he wants to see a bipartisan process for immigration reform based on a proposal presented in the Senate that addresses the need to secure the border...

Tulsa World    
Agents bust suspected high-ranking Mexican drug cartel member  
Drug agents arrested a suspected high-ranking Mexican Sinaloa Cartel member in north Oklahoma City this morning during a raid an Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics official said will send shock waves through the law enforcement community...

Joe Wolverton, II -- The New American     
Obama threatens to enact amnesty via executive order   
According to published reports, if President Obama fails to secure 60 votes in the Senate in favor of his amnesty plan for illegal aliens, then he will bypass the legislative branch altogether and issue an executive order doing just that. -- Reportedly, the order that is being drafted by the White House would empower DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to...

Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. -- WorldNetDaily.com     
Invasion! U.S. 'sanctuary city' succumbs to illegals   
A California "sanctuary city" has fallen victim to illegal immigration – going bankrupt and firing all of its public employees, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports. -- The city of Maywood, Calif., hit the budget wall after it decided not only to be a sanctuary city, but to be a completely "safe haven" for illegal aliens seeking protection from deportation...

Deroy Murdock -- Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal     
Uninvited Guests - U.S.-Mexican border is terrorists' moving sidewalk   
While Americans march against Arizona's new restrictions on unlawful immigration, hundreds of illegal aliens from countries awash in Muslim terrorists tiptoe across the U.S.-Mexican frontier. -- According to the federal Enforcement Integrated Database, 125 individuals were apprehended along the border...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Illegal alien arrested for multiple burglaries, sexual assault of 10-year-old girl    
Around 2:00 a.m., Monday, police in Buena Park, CA, responded to a call of suspicious noises outside a home, when they arrived, officers discovered Joel Aguirre Solis, 21, hiding in the bushes. -- According to Buena Park Detective Sgt. Roger Powell, Solis is responsible for a recent string of burglaries in the area, one during which, the illegal alien allegedly sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl... [More of Obama's pet fiends]

CBS News     
Supreme Court wades into Arizona immigration debate   
The Supreme Court is entering the nation's charged debate over immigration, agreeing to hear a challenge from business and civil liberties groups to an Arizona law that cracks down on employers who hire [illegal aliens]. -- The justices on Monday accepted an appeal from the Chamber of Commerce, ACLU and others... [See Obama Watch]

Lori Ziganto -- NewsReal Blog     
Arizona needs help. Obama' s answer? Signs, lawsuits and more incompetence 
Well, at least Obama can likely take credit for creating or saving one job: that of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Once floundering, she is now enjoying a 55% approval rating and is likely to be re-elected. This is partially based on the fact that she, like many conservative women in the forefront these days, actually has a spine... [See Obama Watch & Napolitano Watch]

Fox News    
Widow HPD officer says immigration policies left by ICE official endanger force
The widow of a Houston police officer killed by an illegal [alien.... criminal] said Sunday that the policies left in place in her city by a top immigration official in the Obama administration continue to put officers in danger. -- That official, former Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt, is taking a job to oversee partnerships between federal and local officials with ICE... [See Napolitano Watch]

Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press     
Illegal immigration bill signed by governor   
Despite some reservations, Gov. Phil Bredesen on Monday signed legislation requiring local jailers to attempt to determine the immigration status of prisoners and forward the information on to federal immigration officials. --- The bill was opposed by [illegal alien "rights"] groups and the Tennessee chapter of the ACLU, whose Executive Director Hedy Weinberg urged the governor to veto the legislation, calling it "un-American."

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix     
Huge demand to live in U.S. part of illegal immigration problem  
While the national spotlight is focused on illegal immigration, millions of people enter the United States legally each year on both a temporary and permanent basis. -- But the demand to immigrate to the United States far outweighs the number of people that immigration laws allow to move here legally...

Mark Krikorian -- National Review     
Doubling down on Arizona lawsuit bet   
I'm still liking my chances on my prediction that the Justice Department won't, in the end, actually sue Arizona over its new immigration law. I mean, even Tamar Jacoby is against it. -- And I think the White House now has an escape hatch...

USA Today   
Obama: Economy 'strengthening -- we're into recovery'    
President Obama said today "the economy is strengthening" and "we are into recovery," but "we're going to have to continue to be vigilant." -- "If we can make sure that we continue to do the things that we're doing ... then we think that the general trends will be good," Obama said...

Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press     
Nathan Deal: Georgia bears cost of illegal immigration   
Rock Springs, Ga. -- On Monday, gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal told a group of supporters that Georgia needs immigration laws like Arizona's, but on the same day, Arizona's governor said Georgia needs a governor like Karen Handel, one of Mr. Deal's opponents...

L.A. Weekly     
Lawyer: "MEChA Boy" Villaraigosa is above the law   
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's attorneys, after promising the public they would divulge his extensive acceptance of free tickets, meals, alcohol, parking and other goodies that he failed to report under anticorruption laws for the past five years, today instead released a log that fails to explain which corporations and other entities handed him all that largesse...

Washington Times    
Obama to urge Congress to act on immigration   
President Obama on Monday promised [illegal alien "rights" fanatics] he will soon deliver a major speech urging Republicans and Democrats to work together on an immigration bill [aka amnesty] this year. -- In a meeting at the White House with [ethnic hustlers], Mr. Obama said he wants Congress to act as soon as possible, the White House said after the closed-door meeting...

Flagg K. Youngblood -- Human Events      
Derailing Elena Obama   
The main opportunity for knocking Elena Kagan' s Supreme Court nomination off its rails comes from her inextricable ties to Barack Obama and his liberal agenda. -- If you think America has gone down hill in the last eighteen months, can you imagine the same agenda aggressively pushed forward from the Supreme Court for another 40 years?

The Hill -- Washington    
Kyl stands behind original account of immigration confrontation with Obama   
...[Sen. Jon] Kyl said he stood entirely behind his characterization of a meeting with Obama in which the senator described the president as threatening not to bolster border security until Republicans sign onto a comprehensive immigration reform [read: amnesty] bill providing illegal [aliens.... criminals] a path to citizenship...

Washington Independent     
Hickenlooper defends Denver against 'sanctuary city' charges   
Democratic candidate for governor John Hickenlooper defended himself last week against mounting accusations from Republicans that, as mayor, he has run Denver as a so-called sanctuary city, where illegal immigrants are directly and indirectly protected against federal immigration laws and possible deportation...

Washington Independent     
In wake of SB1070, unions jump on amnesty bandwagon   
...Richard Trumka, president of the 11.5-million-member AFL-CIO, gave a pivotal speech on June 18 at the City Club of Cleveland that crystallized labor's shift in outlook. Trumka, the nation's most powerful labor voice, made a moral and economic case for reform and pledged to "face head-on our own contradictions, hypocrisy and history on immigration." [See Amnesty Watch]

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com     
Obama apparatchiks deny total amnesty is in the cards   
The DHS has denied any intention of the executive branch to grant a unilateral "blanket" amnesty for millions of lawbreaking aliens, thereby circumventing Congress. -- However, if you read the fine print closely, weasly lawyer talk appears. "Blanket" the adjective means sweeping, all-inclusive but... [See Obama Watch & Napolitano Watch]

Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune     
GOP governor hopefuls talk tough on illegal immigration   
With rhetoric about immigration intensifying nationwide, Georgia's Republican candidates for governor are taking every chance they get to reiterate their tough stances on illegal immigration. -- At debates and forums, on their websites and in television advertisements, the four top contenders in the seven-person GOP primary say they'd support a tough immigration law...

Prison Planet -- Austin, Texas    
New emergency powers give Obama control of the Web   
President Obama will be handed the power to shut down the Internet for at least four months without Congressional oversight if the Senate votes for the infamous Internet 'kill switch' bill, which was approved by a key Senate committee yesterday and now moves to the floor... [See Big Brother Watch -- NWO Treason Watch -- Free Speech Watch]

Obama still pushing for amnesty despite wide-open border, related crime   
"There has been pressure on the president to take action on immigration reform and to clarify the federal government' s role in immigration matters," said a person involved with the planning of Monday' s meeting, noting that the Justice Department lawsuit against Arizona is widely expected this week...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Two years ago, the feds agreed with Gov. Brewer    
On Friday, Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) told reporters that most illegal aliens enter this country with illegal drugs strapped to their backs. The statement has brought condemnation not only from illegal alien rights groups, but from a U.S. Border Patrol official as well, who says Brewer is flat out wrong...

Associated Press     
Puerto Ricans targeted in massive ID theft schemes   
Born in a U.S. territory where he has lived all his life, Jose Marrero Rivera didn't know his name and social security number were racking up thousands of dollars in unpaid charges in Chicago and Miami. -- The snack bar worker is one of thousands of Puerto Ricans caught up in a lucrative document-fraud scheme to hide illegal [aliens.... criminals] in the United States...

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