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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aztlan Surrender Act of 2009
Eighty-seven Sign On to Amnesty Bill
American Patrol Report -- December 16
Rep. Luis Gutierrez introduces his bill to end U.S. sovereignty.

    A bill [view here - pdf] that prohibits the United States of America from using its military to protect its borders, ties the hands of U.S. Border Patrol by imposing severe border environmental rules, and forces Customs and Border Protection to treat invaders as honored guests, is supported by at least 87 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.
    The bill also grants amnesty to anyone who got across the border before December 15, 2009, the date it was introduced, and prohibits local police from enforcing immigration laws.
    Besides the 87 co-sponsors, the bill is also supported by Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid.
    Rep. Lamar Smith, a leading expert on immigration law, said, "This is the kind of legislation that foreign governments would promote, not the U.S. Congress."
    "I call this the Aztlan Surrender Act of 2009," said Glenn Spencer of the American Patrol Report. "The idea that so many members of Congress would openly advocate ending U.S. sovereignty should strike real fear in the hearts of all loyal Americans." Spencer said unless the invasion is halted, and reversed, in ten years the co-sponsors list could exceed 200 and such a bill would pass, putting to an end to the U.S. as a sovereign nation.

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers          sc        
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Tijuana, BCN Mex. -- The Metropolitan Archbishop, Rafael Romo Munoz, qualified as a shame the fence that the government of the United States is building to separate migrant families; he stated this during the Bi-National Shelter (event) held yesterday where the Friendship Park once was...

Seth McLaughlin -- Human Events     
White House gives Illinois Gitmo detainees   
President Obama's push to relocate at least 100 terrorism suspects from Guantanamo Bay military prison to the Thomson Correctional Center in rural Illinois has been billed as a much needed job creator and economic injection for the northwestern nook of the state...

Center for Immigration Studies        
Daily news from CIS   
An immigration judge from Miami, Florida, presided yesterday over the first hearings of cases filed at the Saipan U.S. Immigration Court. -- Immigration Judge J. Daniel Dowell conducted the historic proceedings that saw five removal cases filed against four Chinese nationals and a Filipino...   

Prison Planet -- Austin, Texas    
UN Chief: We will impose global governance    
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has again publicly admitted that the agenda behind the Copenhagen summit and the climate change fraud is the imposition of a global government and the end of national sovereignty. -- Speaking about the agenda to impose targets on CO2 emissions, as well as a global tax...

Associated Press    
White Americans' majority to end by mid-century   
The estimated time when whites will no longer make up the majority of Americans has been pushed back eight years --Census Bureau projections released Wednesday update last year's prediction that white children would become a minority in 2023 and the overall white population would follow in 2042 to 2050 -- because...

American Border Patrol     
Possible sighting of government UAV reported   
6:25 pm MST -- We believe we observed for the first time in 3 years a Predator B UAV overflying the US-Mexico border in southern Cochise County, Arizona this evening.

Michelle Malkin     
Culture of corruption: Cory Voorhis, Denver ICE & the Voorhis prosecution   
Not a peep from the national mainstream media about the embarrassing withdrawal of US Attorney nominee Stephanie Villafuerte and the damning indictment of the Colorado Democrat machine. -- As I said, the withdrawal still leaves many unanswered questions about Denver's ICE bureau, the prosecution of ICE whistleblower Cory Voorhis...

William Tucker -- American Spectator    
Put men back to work   
...The clincher was the CNN poll showing only 19 percent of Americans think Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. The fog created by liberal adulation is beginning to lift. The President is being revealed for what he is -- an academically trained intellectual with a lot of abstract ideas who doesn't have much real feel for the country....

Omaha (Neb.) World Herald     
Positions firm on amnesty scheme   
People on both sides of the immigration debate are bracing for another fierce round of lobbying as a new proposal emerged Tuesday on Capitol Hill to provide illegal [aliens] a way to gain legal status. -- Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill., introduced the most recent plan aimed at overhauling the nation's immigration laws... [Related items] [See Amnesty Watch]

Coshocton (Ohio) Tribune     
Ohio troopers seize $1.2 million in heroin   
Ohio Highway Patrol troopers seized three kilograms of heroin during two separate traffic stops this past weekend, according to a patrol news release. -- The three kilos, with a combined street value of $1.2 million, push this year's total to 10,241 grams, or about 61 percent higher than 2008 total seizures of the opiate, the release shows...

Houston Chronicle     
Good News!: In-state rates for illegal aliens attacked   
Attorneys for an anti-illegal immigration organization are challenging a Texas state law that allows illegal [alien] students to attend colleges and universities at in-state rates, saying it violates federal law. -- David A. Rogers, a lawyer for the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas, an organization that opposes illegal immigration...

Kimberly Dvorak -- The Examiner     
Screw up; move up in play again in Customs and Border Protection    
In another clear screw up move up policy set to purge the Legacy Customs representatives from the agency in order to foster a new ‘Global Patrol' –CBP moves to appoint a well known insider with liberal leanings regarding amnesty [David V. Aguilar] to the top post of Acting Deputy Commissioner of CBP...

Stein Report   
House Democrats support latest amnesty bill   
Wonder who is co-sponsoring Rep. Luis Gutierrez's (D-IL) Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security Act (CIR ASAP) of 2009? Here is a list of 90 House Democrats that have signed on to co-sponsor this latest push for amnesty. If you live in any of these representatives' districts we encourage you to...

Courthouse News Service -- Pasadena, Calif.         sc    
Sheriff Arpaio sued by members of MCSA and discredited ACORN    
Phoenix -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been sued again, by people who say they were arrested for applauding critics of Arpaio at a county Board of Supervisors meeting, or for "trespassing" in a public building where they had gone to make an appointment with a county supervisor...

New training video: How to slit throats   
A new video released by the Christian Action Network shows Muslim women at a compound in New York state practicing throat-slitting techniques and assault weapons attacks. -- The video was distributed by the makers of the movie "Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.," which documents...

In These Times     
SEIU goon claims workplace raids are "flawed"   
...The union's Executive Vice-President Eliseo Medina urges the Obama administration instead to push for comprehensive immigration reform [aka amnesty], rather than punitive and unproductive enforcement strategies. With regard to workplace enforcement of immigration laws, Medina says DHS should work with the Department of Labor [run by this rabid reconquista zealot]...

Hot Air     
WaPo/ABC poll: Obama hits new lows on health care, overall approval rating   
His numbers are down across the board since last month, so technically there's a trend here. But not really. The problem with WaPo's polls is that they've been using samples that skew overwhelmingly Democratic; this month they finally bowed to ideological trends and cleaned up their act...

Federal corruption and cover-up in the prosecution of Cory Voorhis, Part 1   
On Wednesday, December 9th, during an appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Ranking Republican member Jeff Sessions asked Napolitano about the case of Cory Voorhis. It was the first public indication that Senators are aware of the case...

South Florida Sun Sentinel      
Judge halts deportation of illegal alien agitator, for now   
An immigration judge temporarily stopped the deportation of a Florida State University graduate and political activist from Coral Springs. -- Andrea Huerfano, 23, was released from detention Monday after spending a week at the Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach...

Illegal alien invasion cheerleaders press to keep issue hot   
Advocates of authorizing the millions of illegal [aliens] across the country plan to launch an effort this week to make sure their issue does not get lost amid the debates over healthcare reform, climate change, and Wall Street regulations... [Related items] [See Amnesty Watch]

Orange County Register -- Santa Ana, Calif.     
Jury: Costa Mesa did not violate pro-invasion zealot's rights    
A federal jury determined today that the city of Costa Mesa and Mayor Allan Mansoor did not violate an immigration advocate's right to free speech when he was ejected from a 2006 council meeting. -- The verdict, which came after about an hour of deliberations, concludes Benito Acosta's federal trial against the city and Mansoor...

Michelle Malkin     
Obama brings the Gitmolympics home   
President Obama's hometown cronies lost their bid to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to the Windy City. But this week they got a consolation prize: the Gitmolympics. On Tuesday, the White House went public with its official plans to purchase the Thomson Correctional Facility from financially strapped Illinois to house Guantanamo Bay detainees. The War on Terror meets the Chicago Way...

Associated Press     
Four decapitated bodies found in Mexican border city   
Tijuana, BCN, Mex. -- Police have found the decapitated bodies of four men in the Mexican border city of Tijuana. -- The Baja California state prosecutor's office says police found three of the bodies inside a home early Tuesday. An hour later, they found a fourth decapitated body inside a pickup truck...

Associated Press     
High court to rule on deportation issue   
The Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether immigrants convicted of repeat, minor drug possession crimes should be subject to deportation. -- The justices said Monday they will hear an appeal from Jose Angel Carachuri-Rosendo, who was deported to his native Mexico after pleading no contest...

Border Trade Alliance     
One of the worst moving up in U.S. Customs and Border Protection   
U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced last week that U.S. Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar will become Acting Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The announcement comes nearly a month after Acting Deputy Commissioner Jayson Ahern announced his retirement...

D.A. King -- Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal     
Obama to American Workers: Drop dead!!!   
Yesterday Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives to reward the hordes of illegal aliens who made it past our Border Patrol Agents with legalization, jobs, public benefits and eventually the right to vote as citizens... [Related items]

Agence France-Presse     
Drug-related violence, bombings kill 50 in Mexico   
Tijuana, BCN, Mex. -- Ongoing violence between Mexico's drug cartels has killed at least 50 people in Mexico's north in recent days, as the governor's house and a police station came under bomb attack in central Michoacan state, officials said. -- The attack with fragmentary bombs on the police station in Michoacan capital Morelia...

Eagle Forum       
Tell your Senators to vote NO on a health care bill that treats illegal aliens better than U.S. citizens!   
Three months after Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted "You lie!" at President Obama while addressing a joint session of Congress, the issue of allowing illegal aliens access to taxpayer-funded health insurance benefits...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Tijuana, BCN, Mex. -- Responding to a report Monday morning, Tijuana police found a body of a man, 25 – 30, hanging from a bridge in the city. The victim showed signs of torture and a bullet hole in his head. An accompanying narco-message indicated he was the victim of gang rivalry...

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