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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday
Topic: Obama's 'Health Care' Power-Grab 
Fox News Channel
Rivera Rat Misleads
Author Points to Bias 
American Patrol Report -- October 31

    In his groundbreaking book, Wakeup Call from Mexico, author Wilson Beck takes a close look at Hispanic - Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S. by Geraldo Rivera. "Rivera focuses on legal immigration and would have his readers believe that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigration in the U.S. or their impact of the U.S. culture," Beck writes. Beck says Geraldo is "completely off track" for failing to look at illegal immigrants as a group. "Rivera not only fails to recognize the huge difference between illegal and legal immigration but does not seem to understand what America's negative response to illegal immigration is not fear. It is a desire to maintain its level of education, values and integrity," Beck argues.
    Geraldo has gone so far as to blame the rise of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela on anti-immigrant Republicans.
    Nine years ago the American Patrol Report radio show exposed Geraldo as "a front man for the Mexican invasion."
    Geraldo is now working to stifle the free speech of Lou Dobbs. If you think Geraldo is wrong, contact Fox News.

NewsReal Blog          sc    
Congressional group comes to CAIR's defense   
Earlier this week, NewsRealblog reported that four Republican lawmakers, led by Rep. Sue Myrick of North Carolina (the others being Trent Franks of Arizona, Paul Broun of Georgia and John Shadegg of Arizona), were asking Congressional Sergeant-at-Arms Wilson Livingood to investigate...

Tom Tancredo -- WorldNetDaily.com     
Census count diminishes citizenship   
A funny thing happened on the way to the 2010 census. A United States senator stood up and said the next census will be a fraud on the American people. -- Louisiana Sen. David Vitter set off a firestorm recently when he introduced an amendment proposing that the upcoming census ask respondents if they are U.S. citizens...

Mark Krikorian -- Center for Immigration Studies     
Here's some real hate speech for you   
After the 2007 amnesty failed in the Senate, the open borders crowd decided to forego policy debates and turn up to 11 their efforts to demonize their opponents. As part of that strategy, the Southern Poverty Law Center was assigned to designate FAIR a "hate group," La Raza started a "We Can Stop the Hate" campaign... [Guide exposes SPLC weasels]

KRIS-TV -- Corpus Christi     
Border Patrol truck damaged during chase   
Nueces County, Texas -- There was a little bit of extra excitement for a couple Border Patrol agents headed to a chase involving suspected illegal [aliens] this afternoon. The agents tried to take a turn on FM 665 a little too fast for their heavy duty truck. They skidded off the road and hit a traffic sign...

KATU-TV -- Portland, Oregon     
Hundreds rally against Obama's "socialist agenda"   
Hundreds rallied for lower taxes and an end to what they said was a socialist agenda in the Obama White House in a parking lot on Sandy Boulevard Friday. -- Leaders of the Tea Party Express came to Portland aboard two coaches and found a huge crowd eager to participate... [See Obama Watch]

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul -- Forbes Magazine     
Obama's Economy Treachery: Be prepared for the worst   
Any number of pundits claim that we have now passed the worst of the recession. Green shoots of recovery are supposedly popping up all around the country, and the economy is expected to resume growing soon at an annual rate of 3% to 4%. Many of these are the same people who insisted that the economy would continue growing last year... [See Obama Watch]

Joshua Hoyt -- Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights          sc   
Radical Chicago Lefties chomping at the bit to destroy America   
...I happened to be standing next to Rahm Emanuel as Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Grant Park that night. I have known Rahm many years and we have never been particularly close. But I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "Do us proud." He joked back, "Nah... I think we will just go f*** it up!"...

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson     
Ex-Border Patrol agent from Tucson accused of taking bribes   
A former U.S. Border Patrol agent was arrested Friday and charged with accepting bribes from drug traffickers in Southern Arizona. -- Federal prosecutors say Yamilkar Fierros, of Tucson, was taken into custody by FBI special agents...

Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch     
Southern cities are attracting more "immigrants"   
Charlotte, NC -- Carola Cardenas left her native Venezuela twice to live in the United States. Both times she moved to cities that have long attracted large numbers of immigrants, first to Los Angeles, then New York. -- But after four years living in the shadow of Manhattan in nearby New Jersey, Cardenas, 36, and her husband decided to plant some roots elsewhere...

Tom Fitton -- Judicial Watch     
Obama rewards party donors with White House perks   
Remember the Clinton scandal from the 1990s when the Bill and Hillary shamelessly rented out the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House to top Democratic donors? Well, not to be outdone, it appears President Obama is now offering up the entire White House complex for sale...

Roy Beck -- Numbers USA     
White House claims 'porkulus' scheme saved/created 650,000 jobs..... but......   
[Earlier today], the White House issued a new report claiming that the Stimulus Bill earlier this year has created or saved approximately 650,000 U.S. jobs. -- Unfortunately, another government program -- immigration -- completely wiped out any overall benefit the stimulus jobs could have been for the American working man and woman...

Fox News     
2 illegals convicted of raping 12-year-old girl   
Orlando -- Two men were convicted Friday of kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old central Florida girl. -- An Orange County jury found 25-year-old Juan Hernandez-Monzalvo and 24-year-old Richard Morales-Marin guilty of kidnapping with sexual battery, as well as several other charges... [Both are illegals according to this item from WFTV] [More of Obama's pet fiends]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Maryland has become a haven for illegal alien gangs... more on the way   
The Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force just released a report which claims that due to tougher laws and a concerted effort by law enforcement, many illegal alien gangs are leaving Virginia for the safe havens of Maryland. -- The report said: "Many gang members from Northern Virginia are moving or driving to Prince George's and other Maryland counties..."

Fox News     
Health Care Scam: Limbaugh tells Fox News Dems trying to 'steal' private sector   
Health care reform legislation being pushed through Congress represents the "biggest snatch of freedom and liberty" in U.S. history, Rush Limbaugh tells "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace in an exclusive interview to air this Sunday. -- The conservative radio talk show host blasted the Democrats' health care bills as a front that would steal money from American businesses... [See Obama Watch]

Press TV -- Tehran          
15 killed in Mexico in suspected drug violence    
Fifteen people have been shot dead at a borderline Mexico ranch by suspected drug gangs operating across the border from the US, local media reported. -- According to a Sonora state official, the bodies have been recovered from a truck in the northern border areas... [Related item]

Center for Immigration Studies        
Daily news from CIS   
A former kosher slaughterhouse supervisor has testified the plant scrambled to get workers new identification documents the night before a massive immigration raid. -- Former Agriprocessor's supervisor Carlos Guerrero-Espinoza says managers provided new permanent resident cards to 20 employees and had them fill out new applications...   

Victor Davis Hanson -- Investor's Business Daily     
'Present' vote won't create border order    
Immigration activists and Hispanic groups are demanding that President Obama deliver on his promised comprehensive package of immigration reform. -- Already, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has derided federal sweeps of illegal aliens as "un-American." And recently the Obama administration stripped the federal authority...

KCAL-TV -- Los Angeles     
No charges against LAPD in park fracas with Reconquistas   
Prosecutors say they will not file charges against a group of Los Angeles police officers who fired rubber bullets and pummeled demonstrators with batons at a pro-immigration rally two years ago. -- The district attorney's office said Friday it will not seek charges against several officers after reviewing the evidence... [See Amnesty Watch]

KABC-TV -- Los Angeles     
California steals from workers   
Sacramento -- Starting next week, the state begins withholding another 10% in taxes, and the increase is indefinite. -- It's not what cash strapped Californians want to hear, especially with the holidays just around the corner. --- It's part of the budget deal Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and lawmakers agreed to, to help the state ease the financial crisis... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

The Daily Bail     
Here's Your "Change": Cash For Clunkers costs taxpayers $24,000 per vehicle  
There are several different ways of analyzing the $3 billion Cash For Clunkers rebate program so popular this Summer. To date, no analysis has looked at the economic cost of junking perfectly functioning vehicles before their expiration date....

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Nineteen months after the start of Joint Operation Chihuahua [the assignment of more than a thousand military to assist civilian law enforcement agencies in the area], the state of Chihuahua Secretary of Public Security now says that the war against organized crime is being lost...

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