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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Wisdom of the Masses
We know we are being lied to – despite ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.
Rasmussen -- October 13  
Birds of a feather. All betray our fundamental interests -- and the people know it.
56% Say U.S. Government Policies Encourage Illegal Immigration
    U.S. voters want aggressive action to restrict illegal immigration, but they don't think immigrants should bear the brunt of the enforcement efforts on their own. Most say the federal government and those hiring illegal aliens also need to be brought into the discussion.
    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% say the policies of the federal government encourage people to enter the United States illegally. Only 27% disagree, and 17% are not sure.
American Patrol Report -- October 13  
    Beginning in January, American Border Patrol will "barnstorm" America to show just how bad the border situation really is. "After Operation Good Fences, 73% - 56 plus 17 - will not only agree that the federal government has been deceiving them, they will learn that the situation on the border is much worse than they thought," said Glenn Spencer of ABP.
    If you would like Glenn to fly into your area, send an email to info@americanborderpatrol.com. If you would like to help him make the trip, you can donate here.

Michelle Malkin   sc 
Obama's Treasury money men: "Counselor" is the new czar   
If you read Chapter 6 of Culture of Corruption, you know all about President Obama’s Wall Street money men — who look an awful like President Bush’s bailout-happy money men from the world of Government Sachs and CITI. I’ll include an excerpt below.... [See Geithner Watch and Obama Watch]

CNS News     
FCC Commissioner finds 'diversity' chief's free-speech ideas "troubling"   
Federal Communications Commissioner Robert McDowell said Tuesday that statements about regulating freedom of speech in broadcasting made by FCC Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd are "troubling." Everyone should be concerned when federal regulators have the power to impact freedom of speech, McDowell added. [Lloyd is one of many disturbing Obama pals] [See Free Speech Watch]

KTRK-TV -- Houston   Video Included     
War in Juarez grows worse   
Cd. Juarez, Chih., Mex. -- The drug violence in Juarez, Mexico, just across the Texas border, is growing worse. -- So far this month, nearly 100 people have been killed. The city now holds the infamous title of "deadliest city in the world." -- News Anchor Art Rascon traveled to Juarez and he has a closer look...

Aurora (Colo.) Sentinel     
Lawbreakers claim nation's immigration system 'is broken'   
A rally on the steps of the Aurora Municipal Center on Tuesday urged the federal government to pass immigration reform that supporters say will scale back immigration raids. -- The group, made up of local faith leaders, congressional staff, politicians, labor unions, [illegal alien "rights'] organizations and community members... [See Amnesty Watch]

Denver Daily News     
Denver: Usual suspects arrogantly demand amnesty  
Colorado immigration rights groups demanded yesterday that U.S. lawmakers immediately pass an immigration reform bill [aka amnesty] that would reunite families, enact the DREAM Act and protect [illegal alien job thieves]. -- Yesterday’s rallies coincided with an event being held by U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez... [Related item with shameless baby-waving] [See Amnesty Watch]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
The body of an execution victim was found in Boca del Rio, a few miles south of Veracruz. A threatening note on a tag board was held on the body by a long knife which had been plunged into the victim. The message states that this will be the fate of those who inform about the safe houses of the "company."

Financial Times -- London     
Here's Your 'Change': A second Great Depression is still possible   
Over the past year the global economy has experienced a massive contraction, the deepest since the Great Depression of the 1930s. But this spring, economists started talking of "green shoots" of recovery and that optimistic assessment quickly spread to Wall Street...

CHIRLA -- Los Angeles  Translated by Google   
Illegals and pals toss tantrum in Los Angeles, demand amnesty   
Aluminum buckets and tubs that served as war drums rumbled through the streets yesterday in downtown Los Angeles during a march to support an initiative that [is being] promoted [by notorious Rep. Luis Gutierrez]. -- It was a way to emphasize the need to reform immigration laws to allow millions of illegal [aliens.... criminals] in the country can live and work legally in the US. [See Amnesty Watch]

Wall Street Journal     
Populist rage at government   
Americans have historically swung between anger at big business and anger at Washington. This year their rage has targeted business and government with equal fury. -- Public frustration over Wall Street failures that led to the financial crisis was typified by the uproar over bonus payments to American International Group Inc. executives...

Mark Krikorian -- National Review     
More on broken-taillight policing   
Broken-taillight immigration enforcement must be working, because the ACLU is against it. Their latest salvo is against Cobb County, near Atlanta, where the 287(g) program (which facilitates state/local cooperation with the feds) is supposedly causing "racial profiling" and other bad things...

USA Today    
Senators try to exclude illegal aliens from 2010 Census   
A controversial amendment that would require the Census Bureau to ask for the first time whether people are in the USA illegally is headed for a Senate vote Wednesday. -- Proposed last week by Republican Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Bob Bennett of Utah, the amendment would exclude illegal [aliens]...

Dennis Prager -- Townhall.com     
Why Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize   
...The Oslo committee's view is, tragically, true. Thanks to Barack Obama, America is for the first time is aligning its values with those of "the majority of the world's population." If you think the world's population has had better values than America, that it has made societies that are more open, free, and tolerant than American society...

Los Angeles Times     
Americans being victims of 'minor crimes' by illegal perps is OK with Obama?   
...Responding to concerns [over 287(g)], the Obama administration announced in July that participating agencies would be subject to federal supervision and required to focus their efforts primarily on serious and violent criminals. Police agencies must sign new agreements by today...

Bill forces citizens to list guns on taxes?   
A firearms tracking bill has many bloggers up in arms over a federal requirement that would purportedly force gun owners to list their firearms on federal income tax returns -- But while the bill implements sweeping gun-control measures – including one that would prohibit citizens from owning a gun without a license... [See Gun Grabber Watch

Robert Spencer -- Human Events     
Obama advisor loves Sharia   
Dalia Mogahed, Barack Obama's adviser on Muslim affairs, appeared on British television last week, where she said: "Sharia is not well understood and Islam as a faith is not well understood." How have we misunderstood Islamic law? We have associated it with "maximum criminal punishments..."

Associated Press     
Another RINO senator open to health care scheme   
...Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, told The Associated Press that the bill approved Tuesday by the Finance Committee needs substantial improvements to make coverage more affordable, contain costs, and protect Medicare. Nevertheless, she joined her Maine GOP colleague Sen. Olympia Snowe in endorsing the goal of far-reaching changes....

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
Yesterday the U.S. Border Patrol replaced vehicle barriers at the San Pedro River in Southeastern Arizona. Absence of these barriers has been blamed on increased illegal traffic in the area....

New York Times     
Open-borders zealot Luis Gutierrez wants to let 'em all in    
"We need a bill that says if you come here to hurt our communities, we will not support you; but if you are here to work hard and to make a better life for your family, you will have the opportunity to earn your citizenship," Mr. Gutierrez said in a prepared statement..." [See Amnesty Watch]

America's Voice (Reconquistas)     
Liar and cheap labor hustler Sharry and pals continue war on Lou Dobbs, CNN   
Over the past few weeks, a wide coalition of groups – America's Voice included -- have been channeling the growing outrage over CNN's determination to keep controversial host Lou Dobbs in its nightly news lineup. This is especially hypocritical as the network prepares to air it special "Latino in America" series with Soledad O'Brien... [More on Frank Sharry]

Stein Report     
Amnesty supporters prepare for Senate fight   
National Journal says the amnesty lobby is gearing up for a fight in the Senate soon. "'We went through this two years ago, and I don't think the public's reaction is going to be any better in 2010 given the state of the economy today,' said Ira Mehlman...

Georgie Anne Geyer -- uExpress.com     
Are we witnessing the demise of American 'exceptionalism'   
In all the nasty, sarcastic, ridiculing words from the Far Right about President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, there has been an important historic undercurrent that has been little noticed. -- Perhaps The Wall Street Journal's first-day editorial on the award expressed this current best, when it editorialized that President Obama sees the U.S. differently...

Stein Report     
Over half of Americans say gov't policy encourages illegal immigration   
The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports finds that 56 percent of voters say government policy encourages illegal immigration. Voters say that employers who hire illegal immigrants need to be penalized, and they support enforcement efforts like those by Sheriff Joe Arpaio...

Michelle Malkin -- Human Events     
Who's behind the White House war on Fox News?   
White House interim communications director Anita Dunn assumed the role of lead Fox News Channel-basher this weekend. The attack was a dud. The left-leaning Nation magazine ridiculed President Obama's press shop for turning him into the "whiner-in-chief." AOL media columnist Jeff Bercovici called the war on Fox a "loser's strategy" that "signals weakness." And that's the friendly fire...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.    
Yesterday's ImmigrationWorks conference call on the push for amnesty   
CIR update hosted by Tamar Jacoby. Speakers included: John Gay, formerly with the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition; Craig Regelbrugge with the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform; and Lynden Melmed, former USCIS general counsel...

Center for Immigration Studies     
Poll: Mexicans say amnesty would boost illegal immigration   
A new survey by Zogby International finds that people in Mexico think that granting legal status to illegal [aliens] in the United States would encourage more illegal immigration to the United States. As the top immigrant-sending country for both legal and illegal [aliens]...

Washington Times     
Illegal immigration cheerleaders call for amnesty in D.C.   
Expressing frustration with the lack of action by the Obama administration and Congress, hundreds of immigration activists staged a rally Tuesday on Capitol Hill, pressing for an overhaul of the nation's immigration laws to offer a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal [aliens] living in the U.S.... [See Amnesty Watch]

John Nichols -- The Nation     
The Obama administration really needs to get over itself. -- First, the president and his aides go to war with Fox News because the network maintains a generally anti-Obama slant. -- Then, an anonymous administration aide attacks bloggers for failing to maintain a sufficiently pro-Obama slant... [How do you like your 'change' now?]

Dan Holler -- Human Events     
The business of global warming   
Soon, fast-talking Senators will take up the Kerry-Boxer bill to supposedly limit global warming. Meanwhile, corporate America is doing a global warming Kabuki dance. -- Over the past several weeks, several high-profile companies have left the U.S. Chamber of Commerce...

The Hill -- Washington     
Dems face uphill battle on immigration   
A small cadre of Democrats on Tuesday continued to push Congress to take up a major immigration reform bill even though the issue has all but evaporated from the majority’s agenda. -- At an afternoon rally in front of the Capitol, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.)... said an immigration overhaul is long overdue... [See Amnesty Watch]

The Examiner     
Americans blame feds, support Sheriff Joe Arpaio on immigration   
...There is no larger area of disconnect between our politicians and our citizens than this issue. It is not surprising that it is the good people of this country who are exercising greater wisdom and common sense. During the amnesty discussion of 2007, the federal government via President Bush and Congress took the position that...

XETV -- San Diego / Tijuana    
Fourteen suspected illegals nabbed on boat   
Fourteen suspected illegal [aliens] were in federal custody Wednesday after being found aboard a boat in Mission Bay, authorities said. -- A U.S. Border Patrol agent spotted the boat cross into U.S. waters near Imperial Beach and called the U.S. Coast Guard for assistance around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday...

Charlotte (NC) Observer     
Kidnap report leads to illegal alien van   
State troopers found a van packed with [illegal aliens] Monday after a Charlotte man called 911 to report that his cousin had been kidnapped, officials said. -- The incident started about around 9 a.m. near West Sugar Creek Road and Interstate 85, where investigators said family members were waiting to meet a male relative apparently arriving from Mexico...

Center for Immigration Studies        
Daily news from CIS (Tuesday)   
David Caicedo, board president for Wind of the Spirit, the pro-immigrant rights resource group based in Morristown and a Morristown High School graduate, was a guest on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning on NPR. David Caicedo, board president of Wind of the Spirit...  

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