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Saturday, March 15, 2008

McCain Waffles on Border Security
"Broad Consensus" returns to Border Governors

McCain on Hannity and Colmes
March 13, 2008
American Patrol Report -- March 15
Comment: Inviting Betrayal    
    Appearing on Hannity and Colmes [click here to watch], Sen. John McCain said: "As president I would have the border state governors certify that their borders are secure. Americans will trust the border state governors."
    Is this true? Do they trust Napolitano? Richardson? Schwarzenegger? Perry?
The present border governors oppose the fence and support amnesty. They would readily certify whatever was necessary to legalize illegals.
    But McCain told CPAC that their must be a "broad consensus" that the border is secure. A group of open-borders governors is not a "broad consensus."
    We must move to define border security and what a broad consensus really is. To do less is to invite yet another betrayal.

Henry Lamb -- WorldNetDaily.com    sc    
Three candidates for global governance   
The Revolutionary War was all about establishing the independence of, and bestowing national sovereignty upon, the United States of America. The U.S. Constitution created a system of limited government that championed individual freedom, which produced the most prosperous and productive civilization...

News-Gazette -- Urbana, Illinois   
Illegal alien may be deported for the third time   
A 30-year-old illegal [alien] faces possible prison and his third deportation following his recent arrest by federal authorities. -- Fernando Delgado-Cruz, also known as Fernando Lopez, was arraigned and pleaded innocent Wednesday to a federal charge of unlawful reentry of a removed alien. AP Internal Use Only

Lawfuel -- Wellington, New Zealand   
US Attorney charges company manager In worksite enforcement probe   
Tucson -- Robert Rubio, of Sierra Vista, Arizona, was arrested and charged today for knowingly hiring illegal aliens and intentionally harboring and/or concealing illegal aliens. -- The complaint alleges that Rubio, who is the manager of a company in Sierra Vista, Arizona, tipped off an alien that immigration agents...AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News   
Border fence opponents join 9-day march against wall in South Texas   
Mission, Texas – As the group nears a campground after the day's 12-mile march against a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, a red-cheeked man yells out of his vehicle: "Stop the drugs! Build the fence!" -- His cry serves as a punctuation point here, where drug-related violence across the border has become all too real. AP Internal Use Only

The Roger Hedgecock Show    Audio Report     
Mexican government spokeshole confirms reconquista   
Alberto Lozano of the Mexican consulate in San Diego tells a San Diego Minuteman, "This was and will be Mexico again." This occurred in front of the consulate last Thursday, March 13. Roger Hedgecock discussed this outrage and related issues on his radio show today on KOGO in San Diego. Our thanks to 'Lone Wolf' for the audio clip. (18 min. 7 sec.) [Note: Mexican government clowns have been doing this for years]

Cincinnati Enquirer   
Proposal: Not a citizen? No car   
Hamilton, Ohio -- After three Butler County car dealerships were accused of selling fake ID’s to help illegal immigrants buy cars, a state lawmaker is planning legislation that would add another step to block illegal immigrants from getting temporary license tags or registrations for those vehicles. AP Internal Use Only

Charleston (South Carolina) Post and Courier  
10 big questions on immigration   
South Carolina is like many states grappling with the issue of illegal immigration from both an economic and legal perspective. It's important to know the basics before decisions are made. The Post and Courier researched answers for ten basic questions about immigrants living and working in the United States. AP Internal Use Only

Princeton (New Jersey) Packet   
Father, son arrested in Princeton as illegal aliens   
A longtime Princeton Township resident and his son — both alleged illegal [aliens] — were arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers at their home early Thursday morning. -- The arrested man’s wife is now attempting to fight deportation for herself and her family to their native Guatemala... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Guatemala man pleads guilty in Kearney stabbing   
Kearney, Neb. -- A Guatemala man has pleaded guilty to charges he stabbed his girlfriend and her sister in their northwest Kearney apartment. -- Mauro Yos-Chiguil enter the plea Wednesday to second-degree murder and felony second-degree assault charges in Buffalo County Court. AP Internal Use Only

WTNH-TV -- New Haven   
NY man convicted in human trafficking ring   
New Haven, Conn. -- A New York man has pleaded guilty in New Haven federal court for his role in a human trafficking ring that forced adolescent and teenage girls to work as prostitutes and dancers. -- Corey "Magnificent" Davis, of Queens, pleaded guilty Friday to one count of sex trafficking of a minor. AP Internal Use Only

KEYE-TV -- Austin  
Truck smuggling illegals discovered in Round Rock   
A Round Rock police officer who stopped a truck for speeding Friday uncovered an apparent case of human smuggling. -- It's another case of a large-model truck with the backseats removed in order to transport illegal immigrants. Friday the Round Rock officer found a dozen people packed into a pick-up... AP Internal Use Only

Asbury Park Press  
Mother of two boys: "Why my children?"   
Toms River, NJ -- An illegal [alien] from Mexico was sentenced this morning to two, consecutive life terms in prison for murdering the children of a Stafford Township family that took him into their home. -- In addition, Superior Court Judge Barbara Ann Villano sentenced Richard Toledo to 30 years in prison... [More of Bush's pet fiends]AP Internal Use Only

NBC4-TV -- Detroit   
Two illegals charged in Michigan slayings   
Prosecutors have charged two men in connection with the slaying of a Troy couple in what police said was a hired hit. -- Miguel Angel Servando and Nelson Oswaldo Mendoza, both of Texas, were arraigned Friday. -- Not guilty pleas were entered by the court of behalf of both men. AP Internal Use Only

Danbury (Connecticut) News Times   
Danbury police: Illegal alien had gun in car   
City detectives arrested a man after allegedly finding a .357 caliber revolver in his car. -- Police said Nilander Oliveria is an illegal [alien] who was previously deported. -- Danbury detectives received information indicating Oliveria was back in the area and checked with ICE to confirm that he had been deported. AP Internal Use Only

KTVK-TV -- Phoenix  
Number of Illegals involved in freeway roll over   
Chandler, Az. -- Half a dozen illegal [aliens] hurt after a freeway roll over, just after 11 p.m. last night on the Loop 202 near Higley Road. -- A pick up truck rolled over after trying to cross the gravel gore point to the exit ramp...AP Internal Use Only

Indianapolis Star   
Immigration bill appears dead   
Indiana is unlikely to begin cracking down on businesses that knowingly hire illegal [aliens] anytime soon. -- Lawmakers apparently killed a proposal to do just that late Thursday night after a legislative conference committee could not agree on a final version of a bill that would have yanked the license of offending employers. AP Internal Use Only

Providence (Rhode Island) Journal   
No Social Security card needed for license renewals   
People renewing their driver’s licenses and identification cards will no longer be required to present their Social Security cards to the state Division of Motor Vehicles, as a result of a consent agreement between the agency and the Rhode Island Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union. AP Internal Use Only

KPRC-TV --Houston   
Cameras catch illegal alien crackdown far from border   
Local 2 Investigates a smuggling route funneling illegal [aliens] into Houston. We discovered they are repeatedly being caught by the carloads hundreds of miles away from the border. -- Our cameras caught bust after bust happening in Jackson County, just south of Houston. AP Internal Use Only

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