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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Border Betrayal
DHS Cancels Fence on ABP's Arizona Ranch

Glenn Spencer waits for Border Patrol to apprehend group of illegal aliens who were spotted on ABP's ranch last night.
American Border Patrol -- February 19
Where's the Fence?
    "They are all over the place." That's what the Border Patrol agent told Glenn Spencer as he apprehended a group of fifteen illegal aliens on the ABP ranch last night.
    ABP has confirmed that cross-border traffic in the western part of the Naco Border Patrol Station patrol area (that includes ABP's ranch) is extremely heavy.
    "The Border Patrol promised that they would build a fence on the ranch, but now they are backing down," Spencer said.
    According to the Arizona Republic, DHS will construct only 11 miles of new fence in Arizona, none of it on ABP's ranch.

Deseret News -- Salt Lake City      sc 
Major immigration bill held by Senate   
A vote on an omnibus piece of immigration legislation was put on hold today, with sponsor Sen. Bill Hickman, R-St. George, saying he's working on fine tuning the legislation to make it palatable to religious and business organizations. -- Describing the changes to SB81 as "word smithing here and there," Hickman said... AP Internal Use Only

Statesman Journal -- Salem, Oregon   
Mexican president meets with MALDEF   
Last week, President Felipe Calderón of Mexico visited the US for the first time since being elected in 2006. In meetings in Boston, New York, Chicago, Sacramento and Los Angeles, he made a case for broad bilateral partnerships that will improve the standard of living and protection of rights of Mexicans in the US and in Mexico. [More Mexican meddling] AP Internal Use Only

TyronePA.com -- Tyrone, Pennsylvania  
Illegals picked up along I-99 in Snyder Township   
The Pennsylvania State Police in Hollidaysburg enacted a traffic stop on three vehicles along the northbound lane of I-99 in Snyder Township yesterday afternoon around 1 p.m. -- The stop was in reference to an alleged retail theft which occurred in Freedom Township, Blair County... AP Internal Use Only

Stockton (Calif.) Record   
'Migrants' hope to cut a fair deal   
Proposed revisions to the existing H-2A guest worker program, which will make it easier for farmers to recruit foreign workers, have sparked criticism among local migrant worker advocates while offering hope to local farmers. -- The action is part of the Bush administration's 26-step plan to solve the immigration issue...  AP Internal Use Only

Robert Spencer -- Human Events   
National security at the border   
Three Afghanis were arrested Wednesday at an international airport in India’s Kerala state for flying with forged Mexican passports. They had just arrived there from Kuwait, where officials examined the passports identifying them as “Antonio Lopez Juan,” “Javier Sanchez Alberto,” and “Atonio Lopez Ernesto,” and...

Hispanic Business   
Police investigate Phoenix residents' immigration status   
Activists in Arizona expressed their concern over the possible implementation of a new policy by which the Phoenix police could check into the immigration status of people accused of committing even minor offenses such as jaywalking. AP Internal Use Only

Bob Lonsberry   
Is ignoring illegals compassionate?   
When you counsel someone to be compassionate, you make an assumption. -- It is an assumption of moral superiority. You presume that they are, in fact, not already compassionate. You presume that their position is inherently one that lacks caring and human concern but that your position... AP Internal Use Only

Dump the Mexican Reconquista L. A. mayor
Los Angeles can and should be the envy of the world. Instead, our city is a mess, and it gets worse each month. We can't afford four more years of a mayor who spends all his time running for the next office, staging photo-ops and going on out- of- town trips. We need a competent, full-time working mayor... AP Internal Use Only

KVOA-TV -- Tucson   
Judge denies injunction during appeal of Arizona sanctions ruling   
A federal judge has rejected a request by business groups to put Arizona's employer sanctions law on hold while the groups appeal a ruling that upheld the law. -- In rejecting the injunction request, U.S. District Judge Neil Wake ruled Tuesday that the business groups didn't have a probability of succeeding in their appeal...   AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic - Phoenix  
Immigration measures move ahead at Capitol   
Arizona's conflicted views on immigration surfaced Monday at the state Capitol, as a bill that would create a guest-worker program and another that would make it harder for day laborers to solicit work both won approval in their first outing. AP Internal Use Only

Cliff Kincaid -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto   
Obama's communist mentor   
In his biography of Barack Obama, David Mendell writes about Obama’s life as a “secret smoker” and how he “went to great lengths to conceal the habit.” But what about Obama’s secret political life? It turns out that Obama’s childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist... AP Internal Use Only

WAVY-TV -- Portsmouth, Virginia   
Local company at center of illegal immigration investigation   
Illegal immigration is a hot button issue across the nation, and it has one local company under the microscope of federal immigration agents. -- The agents have zeroed in on Hymark Cylinders in Hampton for allegedly hiring illegal [aliens] for cheap labor. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Guardsman gets prison over Texas alien smuggling   
A Texas National Guardsman and another man must serve at least three years in federal prison for helping smuggling illegal [aliens] through a checkpoint. -- Sgt. Clarence Hodge Jr. of Fort Worth and Jerry Zuniga of Laredo pleaded guilty last August to charges of conspiracy to transport illegal [aliens] during 2007. AP Internal Use Only

James Fulford -- VDare.com  
The Mexican country mouse and the American city mouse   
Twenty-five years ago, in fact I read this self-revelatory anecdote in a William F. Buckley column: “Once, two or three years ago, I was doing a program with the amiable Mr. Gene Shalit of NBC. Everything went swimmingly. Too swimmingly. Because he played me like a cobra..." AP Internal Use Only

WANE-TV -- Fort Wayne, Indiana   
Latino groups speak out against proposed Indiana immigration law   
A house committee advanced a bill to crack down on companies that knowingly hire illegal [aliens]. With this proposal, companies could have their business licenses suspended or revoked if they hire illegal workers after 2009. The state would kick in one-and-a-half million dollars to help enforce it... AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol Report
Recently American Patrol reported that arrests at our southern border fell after Eisenhower's Operation Wetback to under 20,000 for five years. Upon closer examination of the actual data (as opposed to reading the graph) we have learned that apprehensions fell below 30,000 for three years. We apologize for this misreading of the graph. AP Internal Use Only

San Antonio Express-News   
Referendums: GOP zeroes in on immigration   
It may not carry one iota of legal import, but it surely can help bulk up political muscle. -- The Texas Republican Party carefully vetted its base before deciding which referendum questions to put to voters in the March 4 primary. From an original list of 100, leaders settled on just three, and it's no coincidence that...

Edmond (Oklahoma) Sun   
Legislature considers English-only idea   
Oklahoma City -- Establishing English as the state’s official language is among the changes that could be made in 2008 when area lawmakers consider expanding last year’s sweeping restrictions on illegal immigration. -- Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, authored HB 1804, the landmark immigration legislation enacted in 2007. This year, he hopes to further the bill’s reach. AP Internal Use Only

KTVB-TV -- Boise, Idaho   
Bill to give illegals tuition break dies from lack of support   
A large crowd gathered at the Capitol Annex this afternoon to show support for a bill that would give illegal [alien] students in-state tuition rates at Idaho universities. -- As it stands now any [illegal alien] who applies to an Idaho university must pay out-of-state tuition...AP Internal Use Only

Border Fire Report   
Michigan sued for denying illegal invader licenses   
A new Michigan law that prohibits issuing driver’s licenses to illegal [aliens] is being legally challenged by a national group that claims residents are safer and law enforcement is more effective when all drivers have licenses, regardless of legal status... AP Internal Use Only

KTVB-TV -- Boise, Idaho   
Bill to give illegals tuition break dies from lack of support   
A large crowd gathered at the Capitol Annex this afternoon to show support for a bill that would give illegal [alien] students in-state tuition rates at Idaho universities. -- As it stands now any [illegal alien] who applies to an Idaho university must pay out-of-state tuition...AP Internal Use Only

My Fox Colorado   
Human smuggler arrested for 15th time   
Eagle County, Colo. -- Two illegal [aliens] were arrested for human smuggling in Eagle today. One of the men has been deported 14 times for human smuggling prior to today's arrest. --- Omar Alaverez- Mecedo was arrested and charged with Human Smuggling, a class three felony... AP Internal Use Only

Access North Georgia  
Possible illegal alien smuggling ring busted near Buford   
During a routine traffic stop Monday afternoon near Buford, Gwinnett County police found ten illegal [aliens] whom authorities say may have been involved in an Arizona-based human smuggling ring. -- Cpl. Illana Spellman said Tuesday that police pulled over a 2001 silver Dodge pick-up with Arizona license plates... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic - Phoenix   
'Revolution' one of the R's taught in Tucson   
...In one of Romero's TUSD classrooms, in fact, a video posted for a time on the Internet Web site YouTube showed at least four separate posters of the beret-capped Ché decorating the classroom walls. And a poster of Pancho Villa. And, yes, one poster of the godfather of the revolution himself, Fidel... AP Internal Use Only

Philadelphia Inquirer  
Specter says convicted illegals too often not deported   
U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, the top-ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said today that he wants to increase the number of illegal aliens deported after being convicted of crimes. -- In addition, Specter said government statistics show that convicted aliens have a high recidivism rate, putting the public at risk AP Internal Use Only

Asbury Park Press   
Anti-illegal immigration rally slated in Lakewood   
Lakewood, NJ -- The woman who struggled for months last year to hold an anti-illegal immigration rally, before finally pulling off an event in October, is now lining up a second protest in the spring. -- Diane Reaves received approval from the Township Committee last week to hold the demonstration May 24 in Pine Park. AP Internal Use Only

Paul M. Weyrich -- Washington Times   
Dangerous delays in immigration checks   
It seems immigration, legal and illegal, is too numerically overwhelming for the federal government to handle properly. -- I recently praised the Labor Department and Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao for the decision to change the wage and visa application rules governing farm laborers in an attempt to... AP Internal Use Only

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas  
Illegals possibly hiding near school   
Border Patrol agents say illegal [aliens] could still be hiding near Besteiro Elementary in Brownsville. -- The school was on lockdown earlier today as a precaution. -- It happened after agents pulled a suspicious driver over near the campus. When the car stopped, more than a dozen people jumped out and ran... AP Internal Use Only

Vail Daily  
13 illegals detained after traffic stop   
Wolcott, Colo. -- A van with 13 illegal immigrants was pulled over early Monday morning leading to the arrest of two men on charges of human smuggling, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office said. -- A sheriff’s deputy stopped a silver Chevrolet van headed east on Interstate 70 about 8:20 a.m. because... AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Bill would let police seize vehicles driven by illegals   
A proposal to allow police to seize cars from illegal [aliens] prompted an emotional public hearing before a legislative committee Monday. -- The bill, sponsored by Rep. James Mills (R-Gainesville), would allow police to seize any vehicle involved in a traffic violation or accident if it's driven by an illegal [alien]... AP Internal Use Only

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