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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nightmare Continues
Senate Democrats Call For Amnesty - Again

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This nightmare bill has failed again!
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- October 23
Dobbs: ..The Senate today starting debate on a proposal that amounts to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. You thought this issue had been resolved? Well, not so.
    The new legislation is part of the failed so-called grand compromise Immigration Reform Act. Now Democratic lawmakers are trying, once again, one bill at a time, trying to subvert the will of the people who expressed themselves about as clearly as can be expressed this past June. This time, these legislatures are calling it the DREAM Act. [...]
    Senator Sessions: That if a person is legalized under this process, they can bring their wife and children and legalize them. They can bring their parents and brothers and sisters. So the $1.3 million, which is quite a large number, is a really low figure. It would be much more than that.
Video Watch Amnesty / NY Licenses Transcript

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Los Angeles Times
Mexican invaders arrested on suspicion of stealing relief supplies
Six [illegal Mexican aliens... criminals] were arrested today by U.S. Border Patrol agents at Qualcomm Stadium, after a report that they were stealing food and water meant for evacuees, according to spokesman Damon Foreman. -- San Diego police responded to a call about alleged theft from the evacuation center and encountered six people in a van...AP Internal Use Only

The Boot
Baltimore Sun
New Virginia law may push invaders into Maryland
A resolution passed in Virginia's Prince William County last week to crack down on illegal [aliens... criminals] might bring a mass relocation to welcoming states like Maryland, experts said. -- The law bars illegal [aliens] from obtaining business licenses or using services for the homeless, elderly and drug-addicted.AP Internal Use Only

Reconquista Fox falls from grace amid corruption probe
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox always delighted in his image as an honest rancher but his reputation is sagging amid a corruption probe and fierce media scrutiny of his flashy cars and lavish lifestyle. -- A charismatic figure who electrified Mexico by ending 71 years of corrupt one-party rule at elections in 2000, Fox is now being investigated...AP Internal Use Only

Mike Madden -- Arizona Republic
Is a 'North American Union' in the future?
Someday soon, you'll be keeping ameros in your wallet, not dollars. The goods they buy will zip freely from Mexico to Canada on an enormous new road. And the United States will merge with its neighbors into a massive North American Union that reigns sovereign over more than 440 million people.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
FBI arrest 40 in Nebraska street gang bust
Omaha --  Law enforcement officials arrested 40 people and seized drugs, cash and weapons, seriously denting Omaha operations of a street gang with ties to Central America, officials with several agencies said Tuesday. -- The arrests were part of an ongoing investigation of the gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13.AP Internal Use Only

Eagle Forum
Tell your Senator to vote NO on the Law of the Sea Treaty!!
Just this week, the United States Supreme Court gave us an important look into what kind of global power grabs we face if the Senate ratifies the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). On October 10, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Jose Medellin, an illegal alien rapist-murderer now on death row in Texas...AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
The Dustin Inman Society
The far far left attacks us again
It is not hard to tell when we are making life difficult for the far left open borders/illegal alien lobby - they will let you know very clearly. Yesterday Sam Zamarripa's somewhat comical and IQ challenged gofer, Jerry Gonzalez at GALEO, along with the Anti-Defamation League and Bill Nigut hit back at my recent MDJ column...AP Internal Use Only

Business Journal of Phoenix
Mexican invader indicted in police shooting
An illegal [alien... criminal] from Mexico was indicted Wednesday for shooting a Phoenix Police officer. -- Jose Abel Cabrera- Somosa was indicted for attempted first-degree murder as well as weapons charges. He has been charged with shooting a Phoenix police officer on Oct. 14 in east Phoenix.AP Internal Use Only

KTAR -- Phoenix
Mexican Reconquista in DC to talk about Arpaio, ICE
A Valley immigrants rights activist headed to Washington, D.C., today to meet with the Hispanic Caucus and talk about the relationship between Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and U.S. ICE. -- ''We hope that this will start what ends up in actually an overview of the operations between Sheriff Arpaio and ICE," said Salvador Reza...AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen Editorial
Tucson paper, usual suspects bemoan Chertoff fence move
Michael Chertoff has got a lot of nerve, but he evidently doesn't have much respect for Arizona, for the federal judiciary or for the rule of law. -- The Homeland Security secretary is waiving several federal laws and waving the bulldozers ahead in southern Arizona's treasured San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. AP Internal Use Only

Harry Reid
Amnesty scam blocked in U.S. Senate
A bill that would have given the children of illegal [aliens... criminals] a chance to become U.S. citizens by attending college or serving in the U.S. military was blocked in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. -- A 52-44 vote on a motion to begin debate on the bill fell eight votes short of the 60 needed to advance controversial legislation...AP Internal Use Only

Idiot Spitzer
10 News Now -- Syracuse
Debate over Spitzer's license treachery continues
In the senate and the assembly, the debate was virtually all driver's licenses, all the time. --- "The governor's proposal needs to be overturned," said Assemblyman Philip Boyle. -- But for all the fury, none of it was anything more than symbolic. Observers say lawsuits or budget cuts might eventually halt Governor Spitzer's hot button plan.AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Federal funding sought for illegal alien costs
In a new sign of local officials' growing frustration over border-security issues, Phoenix will ask the federal government to reimburse the city for all costs related to fighting illegal immigration. -- With the Phoenix City Council's support, Mayor Phil Gordon directed the city staff on Tuesday to bill the federal government for costs including...AP Internal Use Only

KATC-TV -- Lafayette, Louisiana
4 Mexican invaders charged with murder in decapitation
Four men have been charged with first-degree murder of a man whose headless body was found in the Atchafalaya River. -- Nelson Joseph Rivero, 41, of Youngsville and Gustavo Acosta, 19, Julio Rodriguez, 22, and Jose Acosta, 34, are accused of killing 27-year-old Mario Lopez of Mexico... [More of Bush's favorite invaders] AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol
Telemundo caught trespassing in riparian area
Despite clearly posted signs prohibiting unauthorized vehicles, an SUV belonging to Telemundo of Tucson drove through the San Pedro Riparian area and got stuck in the San Pedro River. Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol happened upon the scene as he was escorting Mark Levin, a photojournalist from the Sierra Vista Herald...AP Internal Use Only

Stein Report
DREAM Act defeated 52-44
Update: The Senate voted against further debate on the DREAM act this afternoon by a final tally of 52-44, less than the 60 votes needed to end debate. -- The first cloture vote today will be to decide whether to bring the bill up on the Senate floor. If that passes, the Senate will debate the bill. AP Internal Use Only

Frederick (Maryland) News-Post
Majority list immigration as biggest concern
Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins plans to travel throughout the county to meet with residents and discuss their concerns. -- He was scheduled to meet with the Sabillasville community Tuesday night and will hold another meeting Thursday near Thurmont. -- Other communities he plans to meet with include Blue Ridge...AP Internal Use Only

Christopher Gacek -- Politico.com
'Lou Dobbs voters' will decide '08
CNN anchor Lou Dobbs may be the most important person in the 2008 presidential election aside from the candidates themselves. The bundle of concerns that Dobbs and his audience have about globalization, trade, diminished American sovereignty and immigration will be ignored by politicians at their own peril.AP Internal Use Only

Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal
Radical left-wing loons attack D. A. King, other activist groups
The New York City-based Anti-Defamation League released a report Tuesday that blasts an east Cobb anti-illegal immigration activist for allegedly using hate speech to trumpet his cause. -- D.A. King, who heads the Marietta- based Dustin Inman Society, a coalition of citizens dedicated to secure American borders, dismissed the criticism. AP Internal Use Only

Activist judges stymie local enforcement, critics charge
The so-called "comprehensive approach" to immigration reform that co-joins stepped-up border security with legal and financial benefits for illegal aliens is untenable, some policy analysts suspect, because federal judges are likely to strike down enforcement measures while leaving "amnesty" provisions intact.AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review
Next step in construction of border fence unclear
Bisbee, Arizona -- Construction of a border fence in the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area can be restarted, but it is not clear when the work will actually begin. -- Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff exercised his authority Monday to make the fence exempt from the law because further delays in its construction...AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson
Invader-hiring initiative is altered to add tough penalty
Buffeted by criticism, the architect of an alternative plan to penalize employers for hiring illegal [aliens... criminals] has revised his proposal. -- The new version of the initiative, filed Tuesday, still provides businesses with absolute immunity from charges of hiring illegal [aliens] if they check the legal status of new employees...AP Internal Use Only

Tony Dolz
American Chronicle
The Dems support discrimination ­ Witness the Dream Act amnesty
The Democratic Party supports discrimination by condoning illegal migration and amnesty for illegal aliens. -- These policies discriminate based on origin because 80% of illegal aliens are from Latin America, yet Latin Americans represent only 8% of the world's population. This means Latin Americans benefit from illegal migration and amnesty...AP Internal Use Only

Washington Post
The dividing line on invaders
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald E. Connolly (D) said yesterday that under no circumstances would he follow the lead of Prince William County and push for legislation to cut off services to illegal immigrants or authorize police to check the immigration status of suspects, measures he described as election season demagoguery.AP Internal Use Only

Amnesty treachery won't increase the invasion, Durbin says
The Senate on Wednesday will consider the DREAM Act, a bill that would open a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who were brought into the United States as children and who prove themselves as productive members of society. -- The bill has been derided by conservative critics. But its sponsor, Sen. Dick Durbin, said...AP Internal Use Only

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