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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Illegals Flooding Into U. S.
Border Patrol Agents Overwhelmed

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ABP reports that flood of illegal aliens in Southeastern Arizona is "well above average."
American Border Patrol -- March 8
    American Border Patrol reports that illegal aliens are flooding across the border. "Naco Border Patrol agents are just about overwhelmed right now," said Glenn Spencer head of ABP. A drug load vehicle raced across ABP's ranch yesterday in front of ABP personnel, only to be chased back across the border by pursuing agents. At about the same time a group of 58 aliens was spotted nearby in the Huachuca Mountains.
    "Any suggestion that the government has the border under control is pure nonsense," Spencer said.
    ABP is seeking funding to secure its ranch against drug runners.

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Dobbs: Question on Dangerous Junker Mexican Trucks
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Bye bye, traitor!
Roger Simon -- The Politico
The immigration minefield
Immigration reform [aka amnesty] is a predicament wrapped in a dilemma. -- While it is common for issues to separate Republicans and Democrats, immigration is an issue that opens yawning divides within each group. -- "We are engaged in a struggle for the soul of the party," Mel Martinez, the general chairman of the RNC, told me.AP Internal Use Only

Don't Visit The Ditch
CFMJ Radio -- Toronto
Toronto M.P. warns constituents to stay away from Mexico
Friday is get-away day for many March Break travellers. This year, it comes on the heels of a warning from a Toronto Liberal M.P. -- Jim Karygiannis has sent out flyers to his constituents, advising them of the dangers of travelling to Mexico. This, after several Canadians were killed there in the past year. AP Internal Use Only

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com
Deport the Irish
Of all the arrogant ethnic groups who believe that their history (or IQ or geography) makes them too special to obey US immigration law, the Irish deserve unique condemnation. There are around 50,000 illegal Irish squatting in this country - a low number considering there may be 20 - 30 million foreigners unlawfully residing here...AP Internal Use Only

SPLC Lackey
Jen Allen
Arizona Daily Star Morris Dees Southern Poverty Law Center
Arizona 'immigrants' take old message to new Congress
..."We are much more optimistic than we have ever been in the past," said Jennifer Allen, of Border Action Network, a Tucson- based immigrants' rights group. "The conditions for once are on our side." -- "The border has been discussed and reframed as if border communities are pawns to be moved around or don't even exist," Allen said.AP Internal Use Only

Yeh Ling-Ling
Yeh Ling-Ling
Sacramento News & Review
Less people, less problems
...President Bush and Congress should immediately reform our legal immigration by using Mexico's policy as a model and enforce immigration laws as strictly as our southern neighbor. Nationwide, nearly half of our adult cash- welfare recipients are between 20 and 29. All able-bodied welfare recipients should be put to work...AP Internal Use Only

Mexico Stinks
Sierra Vista Herald / Review
Suspected smugglers accused of ripping off rivals
Phoenix -- Authorities said Thursday that they arrested four suspected immigrant smugglers who are accused of forcing a rival human trafficking vehicle off a roadway and then kidnapping about 15 [illegal aliens... criminals] at gunpoint. -- The kidnapped immigrants were later rescued by officers who tracked the suspected smugglers...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
March 10

Glendale, Calif. - Phoenix - Elsewhere Nationwide | Other Events
Protest B of A's Issuance of Credit Cards to Invaders
More Info on Operation Bankrupt

Cybercast News Service
Immigration reform on the way, Senate Dems pledge
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday promised to push comprehensive immigration reform [amnesty] through the U.S. Senate before the August recess, saying he hopes to get it passed much sooner. -- Reid made the pledge at a news conference in the U.S. Capitol...AP Internal Use Only

Sue You!
Des Moines Register
Jury convicts invader arrested in Swift raid
Des Moines -- A federal jury has convicted the first undocumented immigrant charged with identity theft following last year's raid at a meatpacking plant in Marshalltown. -- The jury Wednesday found Lorena Andrade Rodriguez guilty of five counts that stemmed from her use of a stolen Social Security card to get a job at the plant in 2004.AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
March 10

Salem, Oregon -- 8 am to 1 pm Pacific | Other Events
Protest Against Pro-invasion SEIU

Screw Mexico
Washington Times
Can Mexico curb emigres?
President Felipe Calderon won't be fighting for migration reform when he meets with President Bush in Mexico next week. Instead, he will be spelling out what he intends to do to keep Mexicans at home. -- Mr. Calderon, who was inaugurated on Dec. 1, has pledged to take 100 actions in his first 100 days in office...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
The Dustin Inman Society
Price co-sponsors bill that would end acceptance of sham IDs
Rep. Tom Price (GA-06-R) issued the following statement today after co-sponsoring the Photo Identification Security Act (H.R. 1314). This legislation would stipulate the specific forms of identification necessary to attain a credit card or bank account. -- "The current loophole in federal law is an invitation to illegal immigration," said Price...AP Internal Use Only

Fighting Immigration Anarchy - by Daniel Sheehy

"This book is not just informative but inspiring. Readers will want to join up."
Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation and editor of VDare.com |

Highway Treason
Devvy Kidd -- NewsWithViews.com
Rally at Texas state capitol a resounding success
Chuck Baldwin's recent, superb column on the heroes of the Alamo is quite timely because just a few days before it's publication, a whole lot of Texans were at our state capitol in the true spirit of Davy Crockett and the others who died in defense of freedom, liberty and protecting what belongs to us. This rally was organized by courageous Americans...AP Internal Use Only

NBC11-TV -- San Jose
Invaders in San Rafael arrested, ordered deported
San Rafael, Calif. -- Federal agents from the ICE arrested an estimated 30 undocumented immigrants in the Canal area of San Rafael early Tuesday morning, the agency reported. -- San Rafael police did not participate in the serving of the deportation warrants but were notified of them at 5 a.m.AP Internal Use Only

Click to visit the ABP site
American Border Patrol
ABP Seeking Volunteers
American Border Patrol has developed a secure remote camera operating site on its Arizona ranch and is seeking volunteers to monitor its camera system. Volunteers will work in teams of two or three in an enclosed facility. Shifts will run for four hours. -- Please call Mike Christie at (520) 803-7703 between 9 am and 2 pm MST (Mon.-Fri.).AP Internal Use Only

Duane Chapman
'Dog' Chapman
KITV -- Honolulu
House passes resolution supporting 'Dog' Chapman
While the state Legislature is facing a major deadline this week, trying to pass bills to help Hawaii's economy, housing and education, one committee spent two hours on Wednesday hearing testimony on a non-binding resolution to support bounty hunter and reality TV star Duane "Dog" Chapman in his fight against extradition to Mexico.AP Internal Use Only

Overpaid Scumbags
The Editors -- Family Security Foundation
The collateral damage of illegal immigration
The illegal immigration series has attempted to highlight The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration that the mainstream media and politicians ignore, and bring to light the massive amount of collateral damage Americans suffer who are being ripped off, infected, molested, killed, and murdered as a result of our out of control immigration policies... AP Internal Use Only

Denver Post
Beating of white teen becomes 'community issue' in Rifle
The beating of a white 14-year- old Rifle High School girl, allegedly by several female Hispanic students, is the latest indication of rising ethnic tensions in this fast-changing community, school officials said Wednesday. -- The friction in this working- class town, which is becoming increasingly Hispanic...AP Internal Use Only

United Press International
Latinos land 2 in 3 U.S. construction jobs
Latinos make up 13.6 percent of the U.S. employment population, but accounted for 36.7 percent of the 2006 U.S. employment growth, a study showed Wednesday. -- Most of the jobs Hispanic workers landed were in the construction industry, the Pew Hispanic Center said.AP Internal Use Only

House of Representatives
The Politico
In House, immigration risky for all sides
In the House, the 2006 elections offered no clear guidance for either party on how to tackle the politically volatile issue of immigration. -- Some Republicans lost their seats by obsessing over the subject, while others skillfully used it -- along with other law-and-order issues -- to their advantage. AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Moron
What Homeland
John Nash -- Hernando Today -- Hernando County, Florida
Illegal immigration -- a triple threat
Three great challenges face these US: 1. A sick and weakening economy; 2. Fanatical Islamic aggression; 3. An unchecked flood of illegal [aliens... criminals]. Of those, the most worrisome is the torrent of illegals pouring across our essentially unprotected border with Mexico, because it significantly exacerbates the other two challenges.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Officials fear for children after invader raid
Immigrants brought prosperity to New Bedford. They manned its lucrative whaling fleet, ran its textile mills and provided the muscle for the fishing boats that leave here daily for the Atlantic. -- But this New England city, which occasionally gives a knowing wink- and- nod at its illegal [alien... criminal] population, found itself in turmoil...AP Internal Use Only

Good Riddance!
Orange County Register
Mission Viejo backs law to weed out illegal aliens
Mission Viejo has joined the national immigration debate, adopting an ordinance requiring its employees and contractors to participate in a federal program meant to weed out [illegal aliens... criminals]. -- "We will be setting an example for all those in the community," said Mayor Pro Tem John Paul Ledesma, who put the ordinance on the agenda.AP Internal Use Only

See Ya, Squatters
Wichita Eagle
Illegal aliens draw legislators' eye
Topeka -- Hispanics are Kansas' fastest-growing ethnic group, but legislators continue to pursue immigration policies leading some Hispanics to believe they're not really welcome. -- While critics see that message in proposals before the Republican-controlled Legislature, backers say they're responding to demands from constituents...AP Internal Use Only

Bush is a loser
EuroNews.net -- France
Protests ahead of Bush's Latin American tour
Demonstrators in Colombia's capital are sending a message of protest to the US President. George W. Bush will be there within days as part of a tour of Latin American countries. But here and in other cities he can expect less than a warm welcome, with protesters expressing anger over issues ranging from immigration to the war in Iraq.AP Internal Use Only

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