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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Closing In on the Corrupt
Rorhabacher Says Sutton Lied

More on the Bush/Gonzales/Sutton Cabal
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Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- February 28
Wian: ...The once-secret document shows Sutton's office was told by the DEA that Oscar Aldrete-Davila was implicated in a second drug smuggling incident while he was under immunity but before the agents' trial. The evidence that Aldrete-Davila was a serial drug smuggler was kept from the jury that convicted Ramos and Compean.
Rohrabacher: Evidence now emerging suggests that Sutton's office was notified by the DEA of Davila's direct involvement of a second offense. Sutton chose to disregard the information, despite the evidence provided by the DEA.
Wian: Rohrabacher even accused Sutton of lying by misleading jurors and the public about Aldrete-Davila's drug smuggling history.

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Question on cheap university tuition for invaders
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Chicago Daily Herald
17 Mexican illegals arrested in sting
Seventeen [illegal aliens... criminals] were arrested Tuesday in an immigration sting on an Arlington Heights company, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said. -- The workers, all Mexican nationals, had been employed by Cano Packaging, which provides packaging services for the confections and food industry, authorities said.AP Internal Use Only

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March 2

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March and Rally Against the Trans Texas Corridor

Importing Scumbags
KOTV -- Tulsa
Invaders a costly problem
The DOJ recently audited 100 illegal [aliens... criminals] arrested for criminal activity in 2004. Results showed 73 of them re-offended a total of 429 times. The DOJ calls them 'criminal aliens.' -- During the year of the audit, there were more than 260,000 'criminal aliens' in America. Too often, results showed local authorities "catch and release"...AP Internal Use Only

WFMZ-TV -- Allentown, Pennsylvania
Immigration referendum will not be on May ballot
A controversial ordinance on illegal immigration in Allentown has been shot down. A city council committee recommended that council not put the referendum on the May ballot. -- It called for city police officers to be trained to act as immigration officers. Some members of council have said it's a waste of resources.AP Internal Use Only

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American Border Patrol
ABP Seeking Volunteers
American Border Patrol has developed a secure remote camera operating site on its Arizona ranch and is seeking volunteers to monitor its camera system. Volunteers will work in teams of two or three in an enclosed facility. Shifts will run for four hours. -- Please call Mike Christie at (520) 803-7703 between 9 am and 2 pm MST (Mon.-Fri.).AP Internal Use Only

No Sniveling
East Hampton (New York) Star
Clergy calls for investigation of federal raid
Members of the South Fork clergy have called on state and local officials to conduct an investigation into the arrests last week of 38 people in East Hampton Town on federal immigration violations. -- On Feb. 20, agents from [ICE] came to town with arrest warrants for 10 people who had allegedly ignored deportation orders...AP Internal Use Only

WCAX-TV -- Burlington, Vermont
Romney criticizes McCain's immigration plan on N.H. trip
Concord, NH -- Republican Mitt Romney says Senator John McCain's immigration plan is a bad idea that didn't work in the 1980s and won't work now. He also says Rudy Giuliani's support for gun control, abortion and gay rights as a losing combination in the GOP primary...AP Internal Use Only

Fighting Immigration Anarchy - by Daniel Sheehy

"This book is not just informative but inspiring. Readers will want to join up."
Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation and editor of VDare.com |

Scranton Times-Tribune
Hazleton may offer evidence of illegal invaders' impact
A federal judge will allow Hazleton to present anecdotal and observational evidence of the financial drain illegal immigrants have on public services. -- U.S. District Judge James M. Munley's ruling paves the way for city officials to state their rationale for adopting ordinances targeting illegal [aliens... criminals]...AP Internal Use Only

Family Security Foundation
Why you should boycott the state of Maine
The state of Maine relies heavily on the tourism industry to pay its bills. As such, the State's license plates describe it as "Vacationland," and an advertising campaign at one time promoted this on billboards in the Northeast that played on the Post Office abbreviation of the State's name: ME...AP Internal Use Only

Judicial Watch
Battling illegal immigration Texas style
The illegal immigration crisis is so severe that a major border state which once welcomed illegal aliens and considered them good for its economy has created a series of laws to deny them costly taxpayer- funded services. -- A bipartisan group of Texas legislators have joined forces to author and introduce a series of bills to end the costly toll...AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Tighter border security fuel resurgence of smuggler attacks
Tighter border security is fueling a resurgence of violent attacks on [invader] smugglers in Arizona, according to authorities. -- Despite stepped-up efforts to combat illegal immigration, there have been five incidents in the past month involving armed men attacking vehicles possibly transporting [illegal aliens... criminals]...AP Internal Use Only

See Ya, Squatters
Associated Press
Oklahoma panel OKs immigration restrictions
Legislation billed as the nation's toughest on illegal immigrants was approved by a state House committee Wednesday, as supporters seek to halt public benefits for foreigners without documents. -- The House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee voted 14-3 to send the bill to the floor of the Republican- controlled House... AP Internal Use Only

Bush Family Values
Mexican invader gets 18 months for impregnating 12-year-old
An illegal alien from Mexico was sentenced in Maryland to a 10- year term for impregnating the 12- year- old daughter of a family with whom he was living, with 8 1/2 years suspended by the judge. -- Noberto Vasquez- Fuentes was sentenced under a plea agreement that included a guilty plea... [More family values] AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
ASU, UA, NAU struggle with how to implement Prop. 300
A proposal going to the Arizona Board of Regents would give the state's three universities the go-ahead to implement an initiative passed by voters last year that prohibits undocumented residents from getting in-state tuition. -- The proposal would require students who want in-state tuition to present...AP Internal Use Only

Bradenton Herald
Abduction suspect becomes 'Most Wanted'
The manhunt for Manatee County's most wanted fugitive has caught the attention of the host of Fox's "America's Most Wanted." -- Saturday night, John Walsh will profile the international manhunt for kidnapping suspect Vicente Ignacio Beltran- Moreno [a previously deported Mexican invader], during a segment of the one- hour show.AP Internal Use Only

The Hill -- Washington
Hispanic Democrats set to oust Baca as CHC chairman
Civil war within the Congressional Hispanic Caucus appeared to reach its climax Wednesday night as rebellious members sought to overthrow their chairman, Rep. Joe Baca. -- The move, which is still unfolding and could be averted at the eleventh hour, is an effort to end many months of turmoil over the allocation of funds to election campaigns...AP Internal Use Only

KVOA-TV -- Tucson
Rising number of police agencies consider immigration training
Four police departments in Arizona are considering possible deals with the federal government that would give a limited number of local and state officers training in immigration law. -- If the four departments ultimately get the training, they would join two other agencies in Arizona that have already have inked agreements with ICE...AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times
Secrecy could kill 'immigration reform' [amnesty scheme]
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's secret work on an immigration bill threatens the chance of passing any guest-worker program this year, warned Sen. Arlen Specter, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee. -- "If you want to be in at the landing, you have to be in at the takeoff," Mr. Specter of Pennsylvania yesterday cautioned Mr. Kennedy...AP Internal Use Only

Imeach This Tyrant
Amanda B. Carpenter -- Human Events
Bush's amnesty lingo
...President Bush insists he is against amnesty, but will not insist illegal aliens go home in order to apply for legal work status and begin a path to citizenship. -- This is a dilemma. Shortly before midterm elections a Tarrance Group poll showed that 46% to 48% of Americans agreed with the statement that "Any program in which one..."AP Internal Use Only

Idiotic Antics
McClatchy Newspapers
Calif. bill gives each kid $500 at birth
Sacramento, Calif. -- Happy birthday, baby, here's $500 - courtesy of California taxpayers. -- Legislation unveiled Wednesday would provide a tax-free, long-term investment account to every baby born in California, regardless of the parents' financial or immigration status.AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Bank of America just tip of iceberg
Dozens of major United States banking institutions led by Bank of America are implementing a nationwide amnesty program for millions of illegal immigrants by accepting as valid identification Mexico's matricula consular cards, which are just a "laminated piece of paper," critics of the plan have charged.AP Internal Use Only

Click to visit the ABP site
American Border Patrol
Video Report: Virtual fence fails
ABP's Border Cam was on duty late last night when a group of illegal aliens snuck across the border. Despite knowing when and where the aliens crossed the border and how many of them were involved, agents assigned to the Naco Station were challenged by so many people running in different directions. Watch Long Version / Short VersionAP Internal Use Only

Mexican Junk
Washington Times
Lawmakers hit plan to give Mexican trucks U.S. access
Republicans and Democrats yesterday rebuked the Bush administration for its recent agreement to open the border to Mexican trucks. -- The White House last week announced a pilot program allowing up to 100 Mexican trucking companies to operate beyond the 70-mile commercial zone inside the U.S. border.AP Internal Use Only

Scumbag Alert!
Associated Press
Democrats look for Bush on immigration
Democrats sought assurances Wednesday that President Bush will deliver Republican votes for putting illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship and creating a guest worker program. -- The Senate, with Bush's backing, passed a bill last year that did both, but it wilted into campaign fodder for November's midterm elections after House Republicans...AP Internal Use Only

File Photo
Arizona Republic
Van carrying up to 19 illegals rolls on I-17
Eight people were taken to hospitals overnight after DPS said a van carrying 17 to 19 [illegal aliens] overturned on I-17 on the far north side of Phoenix - near the Carefree Highway. -- The Department of Public Safety said at least one of the injured was critically hurt.AP Internal Use Only

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