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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Good for Goode
Virginia Congressman Stands Up for America

Virgil Goode - He sent Spencer a letter after ABP was smeared by USA Today.
United Press International -- December 21
Uproar over congressman's Koran protest
    Rocky Mount, Va. -- U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode, R-Va., said he will not apologize for criticizing the use of the Koran for swearing in government officials.
    "I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States of America and to prevent our resources from being swamped," Goode wrote.

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Question on Agents Compean and Ramos' Case | Current Results

Government Pimp - Panderer
Pimping & Pandering
Fox News
Mel Martinez: GOP window-dressing or step toward success?
Immigration policy and party message are at the top of a list of issues Republicans are reviewing as they try to woo back the rapidly growing Latino population following a November midterm election that saw Hispanic support for the GOP drop by nearly a third. -- The Republican share of the Latino vote fell from 44 percent...AP Internal Use Only

Ramos & Compean
San Francisco Chronicle
Bush pardons some convicts (but not border agents)
President Bush issued 16 pardons to minor criminals on Thursday and commuted the sentence of an Iowa man serving time for a drug conviction. -- Six of the federal offenses were drug crimes, while others included bank fraud, mail fraud, the acceptance of a kickback, a false statement on a loan application and conspiracy...AP Internal Use Only

What Homeland Security?
What Homeland
Business Journal of Phoenix
Congressman Franks blasts Democrats on border security
Arizona Republican Congressman Trent Franks said he is worried Democrats will weaken border security and anti-terrorism intelligence gathering and surveillance when they take over Congress next month. -- Franks, who represents Glendale, Sun City and Kingman, points to votes by incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...

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Border Nightmare
KFOX-TV -- El Paso / Las Cruces
Invaders seen hiding in trees
Residents living in a neighborhood near Yarbrough close to the border said it's not usual to see illegal immigrants running through their streets. -- "Illegals are crossing, they cross and then you see the border patrol and you like 'hey you're too late, they're already gone'," said Gloria Vasquez, from the Lower Valley.AP Internal Use Only

Get Out, Skunks!
Salt Lake Tribune
Families of arrested invaders fret
If she's going to be sent back to Mexico, when will she be deported? Will she be able to bring anything with her? Will he and his children be able to hug her goodbye? -- The answers to these questions are nowhere to be found for Jose - an [illegal alien... criminal] whose wife was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement...AP Internal Use Only

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American Border Patrol
Year-end tax deduction time

An Arizona rancher took advantage of its special tax status and donated a road grader and an ultra-light aircraft to American Border Patrol. "You'd be surprised what ABP can use," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. Spencer says there is still time for others to take advantage of this tax benefit status...AP Internal Use Only

Say NO to Mexico
Mary Benoit -- JBS.org
Calderon promises more jobs, but at whose expense?
The newly sworn-in president of Mexico has pledged to focus on creating new jobs in Mexico, which supposedly would allow would-be illegal [aliens... criminals] to remain in their native land. On the surface it may sound like good news for anti-illegal immigration advocates. However, what Calderon has implied in previous press releases...AP Internal Use Only

Buh bye!
Debbie Schlussel
Why America's borders are going down the toilet

Every day, I receive the most depressing e-mails from good, hard-working, patriotic Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents who are dedicated to protecting our national security, but frustrated beyond belief by those that are running their agency into the ground. -- The ICE Princess, current ICE chieftess Julie L. Myers...AP Internal Use Only

Fighting Immigration Anarchy - by Daniel Sheehy

"This book is not just informative but inspiring. Readers will want to join up."
Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation and editor of VDare.com |

Readers Write   Mark Andrew Dwyer
Left's arrogance
When someone says "left", many words are coming to my mind, the most repetitive of which, except, perhaps, for "not right," is the word "arrogant". And, indeed, when I look at the history of over 100 years of diverse movements that experimented with various flavors and brands of leftist ideologies, from cosmopolitan Marxism...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Arizona Daily Star
Calderon praises "accomplishments" of invaders
Nogales, Son., Mex. -- Mexican President Felipe Calderón on Wednesday made a brief visit to this border city, where he praised his country's expatriates for keeping strong ties to Mexico. --- Calderón... emphasized that migrating is not a crime, but rather, a natural phenomenon that must be addressed by both Mexico and its neighbor to the north.AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D. A. King
Dustin Inman Society
The Dustin Inman Society needs your help to continue
Organized in July, 2005, 2006 has been a very successful year for the Dustin Inman Society, not the least of our accomplishments being the badly needed push we gave to passing and getting signed into law , Georgia state Senator Chip Rogers' Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act...

Boot This Pig
Chicago Sun-Times Editorial
Arrogant Mexican invader hurts her cause with standoff
It took seven months for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to pick up Martin Barrios, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who had spoken publicly about his efforts to remain in the United States. Barrios appeared in an immigration article in the Chicago Sun-Times in April. On Friday morning, he was arrested...AP Internal Use Only

Sue You!
North County Times -- Escondido
Lawsuit filed against company, driver in fatal Ramona crash
El Cajon, Calif. -- The parents of a Ramona woman killed when a man whom authorities say is an illegal [alien... criminal] with prior drunken driving convictions collided head-on with her car have filed a lawsuit against the man and the company for which he worked...AP Internal Use Only

Snag 'em and bag 'em
Steven Shulman -- Fort Collins Coloradoan
Greeley immigration raid was justified
Almost exactly two years ago, the Swift meatpacking plant in Greeley laid off 800 workers. -- Unlike the furor over the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, raids at Swift, there was little outcry. No one called it a "day of shame,"as Kim Salinas did in a recent commentary about the ICE raids.AP Internal Use Only

U.S. Courts
Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City
15 Mexicans are indicted
Federal indictments were handed down Wednesday for 15 Mexico citizens who were among 145 people arrested in last Tuesday's raid at the Swift & Co. meat-packing plant in Hyrum. Some of those arrested are also facing state criminal charges. -- One indictment was sealed; the 14 others allege such crimes as identity theft...AP Internal Use Only

Jobs Americans Won't Do.. G.W. Bush
Nebraska State Paper
Guess who is hiring Americans?
Some of the jobs Americans purportedly "won't do" have apparently been getting more popular among white people who are doing them these days - but for better money than the illegal [aliens... criminals] they replaced. -- Does this mean Lou Dobbs might be right? Or does it prove, as his critics have so often argued...AP Internal Use Only

Shut Up!!!!
American Patrol
American Patrol site blocked

I used to be in the U.S. Army. When I saw the action of this commanding military officer, Iowa National Guard Commander Major General Ron Dardis, complaining about Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff finally doing a little something about these 20,000,000+ illegals, I became enraged. Dardis wants Chertoff to effectively back off...

Boot Squatters
New York Times
Fewer invaders dare to make annual Mexico visits
In the crossings at the United States' southern border, tens of thousands of illegal Mexican [aliens... criminals] head each year in the direction of Mexico. While no statistics are kept on this reverse migration, researchers in both countries suggest that the numbers have declined as border controls have tightened in recent years.AP Internal Use Only

Border War
U.S. tightens control of Mexico border
Naco, Ariz. -- The United States has begun to apply tactics perfected in the war in Afghanistan to tighten control of the border with Mexico, using a mix of age-old hunting techniques and high-tech spy- in- the- sky surveillance. -- On the ground, U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback, on foot, and in all-terrain vehicles... [Note: American Border Patrol reports that this Reuters story about the border appears to be full of factual errors. It will be responding later today.]AP Internal Use Only

Say NO to Mexico
Mexican soldiers freelancing for drug cartels on U. S. soil
Gun-toting members of the Mexican military are crossing regularly into U.S. territory, where they are partnering with drug cartels and criminal gangs to protect sophisticated smuggling operations, according to Texas sheriffs and lawmakers. -- Some of the Mexican infiltrators are suspected to have been trained by the U.S. military. AP Internal Use Only

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Invader deal may be root of killing
The driver of the car that included 12-year-old Gabriel Garcia as a passenger was allegedly setting up an illegal immigrant deal just before the boy was shot in the head in what was initially called a road rage incident, documents show. -- Gregorio Zuniga Hernandez, of El Cajon, said in San Bernardino County Superior Court documents...AP Internal Use Only

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