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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Coming Civil War -- In Mexico
Bush Must Close Border Now

Map from Lou Dobbs showing areas involved in increased violence. A massive flood north to the border could happen at any time.
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- September 15
    Dobbs: The United States is issuing an urgent warning to Americans about travel to Mexico. The State Department says that, quote, "brutal violence is on the rise all across Mexico, particularly in four Mexican states." (Transcript)AP Internal Use Only
Boston Globe -- September 17AP Internal Use Only
    "These actions threaten to plunge Mexico into political turmoil, with consequences for such key issues in US-Mexican relations as trade, investment, immigration, and law enforcement."
Note: ABP needs your support to report on any major increase in border intrusions (the gov't may not tell us).

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Randy Graf on the Terry Anderson Show
9 PM Pacific Sunday | Click here, look for 'listen' links

Say NO to Mexico
Mercosur -- Falkland Islands
Chavez ignores Calderon and praises Lopez Obrador
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez reiterated Sunday in Caracas that his government "does not recognize the president elect of Mexico" who he said "represents a desperate extreme right which appeals to all sorts of dirty tricks", although "it's difficult to see them hail victory". [See this American Patrol feature]AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
Miami Herald
ICE detains 15, accuses them of using fake documents
Immigration officers have detained 15 foreign nationals and accused them of using fake documents while working for a company doing roofing contract work at a federal detention facility in south Miami- Dade, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Friday.AP Internal Use Only

López Obrador
Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News
Mexico's 'parallel' government in question
Now that Mexican leftists have acclaimed defeated candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador president of a parallel government, the question is will they settle into the role of a normal democratic opposition or try to press their agenda through more militant resistance... [See this American Patrol feature]AP Internal Use Only

No Invaders
Debra Saunders -- National Ledger
Illegal government workers
Working from his Woodland Hills, Calif., home office, gadfly Carl Olson is on a mission that should not be as impossible as it seems: He wants local and state governments to follow the law. -- Olson, of the watchdog group State Department Watch, has been showing up at board meetings for government entities...AP Internal Use Only

Dump this incompetent idiot!
Buchanan: Impeach Bush for not halting the invasion
Author Pat Buchanan says President Bush should be impeached for failing to stop the invasion of illegal aliens across the U.S. border with Mexico. -- "I think he's committed an impeachable offense in refusing to enforce the immigration laws and in failing to uphold the Constitution by defending the states against this invasion..." [Glenn Spencer stated that Bush is a traitor and called for his impeachment last Thursday on the Barbara Jean Show]AP Internal Use Only

Imported Thug
Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City
Invaders arrested at apartment rife with gang activity
Agents from the Salt Lake Metro Gang Task Force, Salt Lake City police and immigration officials arrested four people early Thursday at an apartment complex that has become a sore spot for law enforcers. -- Officers showed up with search warrants in hand near 300 S. Cheyenne about 4:30 a.m.AP Internal Use Only

Whack Job
Warner Todd Huston -- NewsBusters.org
Frisco rag claims border fence increases invaders
The Chronicle today has published a piece titled "Border fences -- and fantasies", that claims that illegal immigration has increased because of the California border fence project (called Operation Vanguard) and calls the larger border fence approved by Congress recently "tomfoolery".AP Internal Use Only

Bush Crony Garza
Fox News
Garza lauds extradition of alleged drug lord
Mexico City -- The U.S. ambassador praised the "courage and conviction" of Mexico's President Vicente Fox on Sunday after Mexico extradited alleged drug kingpin Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix to the United States. -- Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix was loaded into a helicopter Saturday in the Mexican city of Matamoros...AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol
Boycott Miller
American Patrol supports the boycott of Miller Brewing Company. Watch this segment of our video "Treachery and Treason in America" -- It features this check written by Miller Brewing Company to the Southwest Voter Research Project. -- Click here to watch this video of Miller praising Reconquistas. Also visit MillerBoycott.comAP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
Linda Thom -- VDare.com
Hispanic onslaught swamping California schools
The maple leaves are turning red and yellow. Back- to- school sales abound. As does the annual crop of stories about unexpected school overcrowding-for example, see here and here. -- I call my grandchildren and hear a recap of my grandson's first week in kindergarten. -- Because my grandchildren live in California...AP Internal Use Only

File Photo
Dunn (North Carolina) Daily Record
Uncooperative Mexicans hinder crash investigation
The N.C. Highway Patrol continues its investigation of a Johnston County van rollover Sunday which killed two passengers and injured at least six other people. -- However, the probe is being hindered because the victims, all Mexican migrant workers, are reluctant to cooperate.AP Internal Use Only

Two Weasels
BS Peddlers
U. S. Rep. Tom Tancredo
Tancredo slams Bush cabal over arrest of "Dog" Chapman
U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo criticized Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in a letter to the Justice Department in the wake of media reports yesterday that the U.S. Marshals raided the Hawaii home of Duane "Dog" Chapman at the direction of the Mexican government. -- A spokeswoman for the Marshals Office confirmed yesterday... [Case Updates Here]AP Internal Use Only

Scott Rogers -- The Conservative Voice
Playing politics with immigration reform
Have you noticed lately that the Democrats accuse Republicans of politicizing on every single issue before Congress? -- It is clear that the Dems strategy here is to show the American people that Republicans care more about retaining their seats in Congress than helping the American people. This is a bold-faced lie.AP Internal Use Only

Dump RINO Kolbe - Graf For Congress
Randy Graf
U.S. News & World Report
An Arizona win puts immigration back in play
Tucson -- A few weeks ago, it was became suddenly clear that the Republican free-for-all primary in the southeastern corner of Arizona was anything but ordinary. Randy Graf -- a former golf pro, state representative and cowboy- boots- clad founding member of the Minutemen border group...AP Internal Use Only

Deport Job Thieves
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Company officials targeted in fight against illegal hiring
The federal government has been lax about work site enforcement of immigration laws, according to government reports. But officials in the field say they're making a record number of arrests. -- Immigration officials dedicated only 4 percent of their time to workplace enforcement from 1997 to 2003, according to the Congressional Research Service...AP Internal Use Only

The Klan with a Tan
'Tan Klan' Info
Dave Gibson -- NewsByUs.com
Taxpayers being forced to support Latino Nazi Party
In 2005, the Latino group known as La Raza (The Race) was given $15.2 million in U.S. federal grants. La Raza also received an additional $4 million in so-called 'earmarks' tucked into the 2005 Housing Bill, which our Congress passed and President Bush signed. Considering the racist agenda of La Raza...AP Internal Use Only

Get Out Squatters!
Daily Nonpareil -- Council Bluffs, Iowa
Group wants U.S. borders sealed
Around a dozen members of the United Citizens of America lined Madison Ave. on Saturday afternoon, asking Congress to take action to seal the nation's borders. -- Craig Halverson, the group's Iowa leader, wonders why, if President Bush says the United States is at war, illegal [aliens... criminals] continue to pour across the borders.AP Internal Use Only

Dimitri Vassilaros -- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Illegals: An apocalypse now
...America's defenseless back door has transformed the 118,000 acres of refuge for more than 325 species of birds, 53 species of reptiles and amphibians, 58 species of mammals, including mule deer, white- tailed deer, pronghorn, javelina and mountain lions, into a refuge for the wild life of illegal immigrants from Mexico. AP Internal Use Only

Len Munsil
Len Munsil
Robert Robb -- Arizona Republic
Munsil may find a way to beat Napolitano
The assumption in political circles is that Democrat Janet Napolitano wins re-election in a cakewalk. The race with Republican Len Munsil, however, should be interesting, even if the outcome is lopsided. And there is good reason to believe that the race may turn out far closer than conventional wisdom has it...AP Internal Use Only

Joe Guzzardi
Joe Guzzardi
Are dishonest journalists inherently dishonest?
Can a journalist who is willfully dishonest in his immigration reporting be an exemplary citizen in every other aspect of his life? -- Can a professional flout his own trade's ethical code yet remain an otherwise reliable member of society? -- Look at it this way: If you knew that a certain stockbroker...AP Internal Use Only

Overcrowded Schools
Tom Ashcraft -- Charlotte Observer
Court-created right to education draws illegals
Soft headed liberal policies, often pushed under a rubric of "compassion," make folks in government feel good when they are adopted. Officials can pat each other on the back and tell themselves how much they care, how enlightened they are. Such policies, however, frequently lead to consequences the opposite of good government.AP Internal Use Only

Duane Chapman
Dog Chapman
Jon Shanks -- National Ledger
Duane 'Dog' Chapman - Where's the justice?
Duane 'Dog' Chapman caught a really bad criminal in Mexico. Dog Chapman nailed convicted rapist Andrew Luster, who had evaded U.S. law enforcement for over six months. He captured Luster, who was eventually sentenced to 124 years in jail. Now Duane 'Dog' Chapman is a wanted man. -- In Mexico.AP Internal Use Only

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