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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Treason, Bush Style
President Still Refuses to Stop Invasion

Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN - August 8
Dobbs: Our borders and our ports aren't secure, but President Bush is pushing Congress again to approve his so-called comprehensive immigration proposals. But while the president is pushing for new immigration laws, there is a seemingly endless list of existing immigration laws that we are simply failing to enforce.
    Casey Wian reports on a federal judge who allowed illegal aliens to sue after they lost their jobs. And it's an interesting reason why.
    And Christine Romans reports on our litany of failures -- our government's litany of failures when it comes to border security and illegal immigration enforcement.
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Jon Coupal -- Metropolitan News
Becoming a Third-World country
To visitors the signs that mark a third-world county are obvious. Crumbling infrastructure, people sleeping in doorways, a wide gap between rich and poor, little or no middle class, limited government services unless you pay "extra," and all political and economic power concentrated in the hands of a small elite minority whose sole mission...AP Internal Use Only

Treason Alert!
Jerome R. Corsi -- Human Events
China wins NAFTA superhighway battle
Red China is investing heavily in developing deep-water ports in Mexico to bring an unprecedented volume of containers into the U.S. along the emerging NAFTA Super Highway. This move signals China's emergence as the unexpected economic winner in the North American Union free market.AP Internal Use Only

Boston Herald
$tingy thanks for Iraq duty: Funds for tuition waivers MIA
...Lashing out at the "wrong priorities" of lawmakers, Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey said, "The Legislature has made the appalling decision to vote on things like tuition breaks for illegal immigrants [criminals], but they couldn't take the time to take a vote to help our Massachusetts war heroes . . . I find it deeply disturbing."

Invaders Get Out!
Kevin Fobbs -- RenewAmerica.us
America's new Alamo -- we must not lose again
Almost two centuries ago, a small band of national patriots joined Texans to launch a battle for freedom and sent a unifying rallying cry through out our nation "Remember The Alamo!" -- Our nation is being threatened by a new Alamo, and the army is between 12 million and 20 million strong. The army is one that is creeping, walking, swimming...

Deport Day Labor Pests
Pest Nest
Associated Press
AFL-CIO agrees to work with day laborer nuisances
The nation's largest federation of unions agreed Wednesday to work with a network of immigrant day laborers to improve wages and working conditions for those who solicit work from street corners across America. -- The agreement between the AFL-CIO and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network...AP Internal Use Only

Bush's Hard Working Amigos
Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail
Marshals arrest man wanted in Texas machete slaying
U.S. marshals in Elkins arrested an illegal immigrant suspected of hacking a Texas seafood shop owner to death with a machete in March. -- Leon Lugo Andrade and his roommate, Luis H. Martinez, were arrested at their apartment at the corner of Second Street and Henry Avenue on Monday...

Coming Up
August 10

Huntington Beach, Calif. -- 10 am PDT | Other Events
Anti-Amnesty Rally at Rep. Rohrabacher's Office

File Photo
Associated Press
Man charged in fatal Arizona crash
Yuma, Ariz. -- A Mexican man has been charged with transporting illegal aliens after Monday's deadly crash in Arizona that killed nine illegal immigrants. -- A US immigration official says the investigation will determine whether more charges are warranted against Adan Pineda, who was identified by other survivors as being the driver of the SUV...AP Internal Use Only

..and stay out!
Chicago Tribune
Mexican invader, agitator to get the boot
A woman who has become one of Chicago's most visible advocates for illegal immigrants now faces deportation herself. -- Elvira Arellano, who was arrested in 2002 during an immigration sweep at O'Hare International Airport, has received a letter from the Department of Homeland Security to report to its downtown Chicago offices Tuesday.

File Photo
Forum brings together varying viewpoints
Geneva, Ill. -- Tuesday night's town hall meeting on immigration reform felt more like a crucible of partisan ideologies than a melting pot of ideas. -- Emotions flared at times among the 80 or so participants - mostly supporters of either the Illinois Minuteman Project, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights...AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole Allen
BAN's Allen
New York Times
Everyone but illegals blamed for border accidents
...Jennifer Allen, executive director of the Border Action Network in Tucson, [a Mexican Reconquista mob], said escalating deaths and the spate of crashes showed that the crackdown on the border had deadly consequences that policy makers in Washington often ignored. Ms. Allen questioned the use of the spike strip...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
August 26

Childress Auto Mall -- Phoenix, Arizona | Other Events
Freedom Riders Ride for Secure Borders

Friends of the Border Patrol
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Support for border agents flood in
Hundreds of e-mails and letters from across the country supporting two convicted Border Patrol agents are pouring into a local Border Patrol support organization since the Daily Bulletin reported the agents' story Sunday. -- Numerous Web sites also are encouraging their users to sign online petitions for a presidential pardon for the two men.AP Internal Use Only

Customs and Border Protection
Press Release
Customs nabs 3 invaders being smuggled inside car seats
San Ysidro, Calif. -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers conducting border security operations at the San Ysidro port of entry arrested a male U.S. citizen this morning after he allegedly attempted to smuggle three [illegal aliens... criminals]... UPDATED: News report with video link. AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
Editorial -- Small Gov Times - Alexandria,Virginia
The truth about Mexican immigration
The liberal, secular Enlightenment gave birth to the "proposition nation" ­ beloved by both Leftists and neoconservatives. According to the proposition nation, to be a citizen one only has to believe in a few propositions. For example, if one believes in a few abstract notions (e.g. the American flag is good, etc.) then he can have citizenship.AP Internal Use Only

Waah! Waah!
Waah! Waah!
Houston Chronicle
Usual suspects carping about Border Patrol again
Harlingen, Texas -- Immigrant advocates called for an independent investigation of the U.S. Border Patrol's pursuit policy Tuesday, a day after a vehicular accident killed nine illegal migrants and injured 12 during a high- speed chase along the Arizona border. -- The accident near Yuma, in which a Chevy Suburban flipped...AP Internal Use Only

The Next Gov. of Arizona
Arizona Republic
Goldwater's issue: Immigration
Don Goldwater is talking illegal immigration. -- Again. -- It has been this way almost non-stop since the Republican announced his candidacy for governor just over a year ago. On this day, Goldwater, of Laveen, is running down his border security plan.AP Internal Use Only

Lou Dobbs
A taste of Texas for the President
There you go again, Mr. President. You just couldn't help yourself this weekend. For crying out loud, you did everything but declare "Mission Accomplished" on our southern border. -- You told everybody listening to your weekly radio address that you fulfilled your pledge to deploy 6,000 National Guard members to support the Border Patrol...AP Internal Use Only

City gets tough on drivers who don't have licenses, insurance
North Chicago -- A law that could cost uninsured motorists up to $500 in fines and impoundment of their vehicles was approved this week by the City Council. -- The law is similar to one in Waukegan and Park City. The Waukegan law provoked an uproar last year when it was adopted.AP Internal Use Only

National Guard
Guard Watch
Gulf Times -- Doha, Qatar
National Guard troops credited with tighter border control
...The US Congress voted overwhelmingly last week to fund the construction of 600km of triple layer border fence. -- Civilian border watcher and critic of the Border Patrol, Glenn Spencer, feels that this bipartisan vote is vindication of his work. He operates a surveillance outpost 80km east of Nogales near the San Pedro river.AP Internal Use Only

Pot Bust
Associated Press
Cops raid Mt. Hamilton pot gardens worth $80 million
San Jose, Calif. -- Federal and county agents seized and destroyed thousands of marijuana plants on Mount Hamilton that authorities said had a potential street value of more than $80 million. -- The Monday bust of five marijuana gardens yielded more than 20,000 plants hidden on steep and heavily wooded terrain.AP Internal Use Only

Get Out Squatters!
DeVillo H. McCann -- Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Unjust to let illegal aliens burden U.S.
Hilda Chacón, a member of the Democrat and Chronicle Board of Contributors, wrote an interesting column "Migrants are valued part of economy" (July 24). Much of what she says about the economies south of our border is true. It is also generally true that "illegal" immigrants work hard and come here to work. I also agree that....AP Internal Use Only

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