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Saturday, April 22, 2005

An Open Conspiracy
Mexicans Meet in Mexico to Advance la Reconquista

Does the President of the United States Care? No.
Dallas Morning News -- April 21AP Internal Use Only
Latino leaders to discuss 'Great American Boycott' in Mexico City
    Mexico's government will hold an unusual meeting Monday in Mexico City of U.S. Latino leaders, who expect officials there to urge them to reconsider the call for a May 1 boycott of U.S. businesses.
    Latino leaders, including several from Dallas, said the meeting would be a "give and take" on immigrant issues and recent protests. They said the Mexican government was concerned that the proposed boycott would undermine their common efforts to win support for the immigrant cause.

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The Terry Anderson Show
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Snag 'em and bag 'em
Clarion Ledger Editorial -- Jackson
Immigration law: Time to reel in the big 'uns
The arrests of what federal authorities claim were the employers of illegal immigrants at a pallet- making company in nine states including Mississippi will be watched far beyond that industry. -- Rather than looking the other way as employers hire [illegal aliens... criminals]...AP Internal Use Only

Screw the United Nations
Joseph Klein -- Front Page Magazine
The U.N.'s "Open Border" Immigration Policy
While pro-immigrant rallies get most of the attention from the mainstream press, many law-abiding American citizens are fed up with the reality of tens of thousands of foreign nationals every few weeks continuing to enter this country illegally through our porous borders, added to the more than 11 million illegal aliens who are already here.AP Internal Use Only

Caca Puro
Mainstream Media
Dave Kopel -- Rocky Mountain News
Dailies are reliably pro-illegals
When you read the local news sections of the Rocky Mountain News or The Denver Post these days, it's sometimes like reading an infomercial for illegal immigration. -- I analyzed the staff-written news stories about illegal immigration which appeared in the Denver dailies from April 8 through April 15. I counted the number of paragraphs presenting the "pro" side for illegal aliens...AP Internal Use Only

Useless Feds
Pine Bluff (Arkansas) Commercial
Worthless feds allow invasion stations to spread like cancer
Little Rock, Ark. -- As [illegal alien... criminal] communities spring up in the U.S. far from the traditional entry points of Miami and New York, foreign nations are trying to keep pace with their countrymen through mobile consulates. -- The trend was apparent Saturday in Little Rock, where Venezuela had its first mobile consulate in Arkansas.AP Internal Use Only

Waah! Waah!
Waah! Waah!
San Diego Union-Tribune.
Disagreement seen in tactics for nationwide May 1 tantrum
The organizers of a nationwide boycott planned for May 1, who intend to demonstrate the economic power of [illegal aliens... criminals] in the marketplace and the workplace, are confident that participation will be high even though factions are divided over tactics.AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
April 24

Stop the Insanity | Other Events
INVASION: Hammer Your Elected Officials on April 24

Incompetent TSA
KFSN-TV -- Fresno
Air Force scrambles planes after United flight diverted
With three Secret Service agents aboard and the pilots fully in control of a United Airlines jetliner [flight 735 from Chicago to Sacramento] being diverted to Denver, two F-16 fighter jets scrambled to intercept the flight merely escorted the plane into Denver International Airport.AP Internal Use Only

Richard Ruelas -- Arizona Republic
Invaders have no need to fear future ICE raids
Attention, all cooks, busboys, maids, landscapers and construction workers: Don't worry. -- You might be concerned because the federal government announced Thursday it would increase its crackdowns on employers of undocumented immigrants. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau says it is ready to put renewed focus...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
April 26

Garden Grove, Calif. -- 7:30 PM | Other Events
CCIR Meeting Featuring T. J. Bonner

El Universal -- Mexico City
Study: Block most perilous invasion points
A major immigration study recommended Friday that Mexico bar its citizens from the most dangerous illegal border crossings, and suggested the United States provide more temporary work visas and enforce visa requirements in the workplace. [The notion that Mexico would ever help stop the invasion is laughable.]AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. -- American Chronicle
Illegal Alien Anarchy . . . Connecting the Dots!
There is no society that can indefinitely allow a relentless flood of illegal aliens to contravene its laws, violate its sovereign borders, overwhelm its infrastructures and social systems, degrade employment opportunities for its own people, while the massiveness of the illegal invasion constantly degrades America's way of life...AP Internal Use Only

Fed Up on 'Sinkhole de Mayo' - May 5
National Anti-Invasion Protest

Coming Up in

Crawford, Texas - May 6
A Rumble at the Ranch

Hasta la vista, baby!
Arizona Daily Star
3 jailed in rollover that killed 4 apparent illegal aliens
Authorities arrested three people Friday, including a Mexican citizen they suspect was the driver of a stolen truck loaded with suspected illegal border crossers that rolled over late Wednesday near Sonoita. -- Four people were killed, and 17 others were injured in the rollover.AP Internal Use Only

The Nashville Tennessean
Midstate job thieves face deportation as invaders fret
Dozens of [illegal aliens... criminals] arrested in Middle Tennessee as part of a nationwide raid this week likely will be deported within weeks, federal officials said yesterday. -- Some could be leaving the U.S. in the coming days if they waive their right to deportation proceedings, the officials said.AP Internal Use Only

Stinking Buzzard Rags
Joe Guzzardi -- VDare.com
Invasion disaster -- Blame the White House, the media, and us
When I think about the immigration protests of the past weeks and anticipate the big one on May 1st, I'm reminded of the advice we get from our family dentists: "Don't wait too long to take care of this. If you do, it will only get more painful and more expensive." -- That's where the U.S. is with illegal immigration today. AP Internal Use Only

See Ya, Juan.
Arizona Daily Star
Invader tally called misleading
In late February, Border Patrol agents apprehended and deported Roberto Robledo Sandoval after finding him with others inside a drop house in Mesa. Robledo Sandoval called the experience - armed men kept them in the house waiting for family members in Mexico to wire more money - the worst nightmare of his life....AP Internal Use Only

Get The Hell Out
Orange County Register
Invader incident "stirs up tension" among nuisances
..."That deputy was acting in accordance with federal law. I applaud that deputy," said Evelyn Miller, a member of the Minutemen Project, an anti-illegal-immigration group. -- "This will have a chilling affect," said Amin David of Los Amigos community group [and a vehement Mexican Reconquista]. AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
East Valley Tribune -- Mesa
Anti-invasion groups to rally near Mexican Consulate
Spurred by the massive demonstrations that drew tens of thousands of immigrants into the streets of Phoenix last week, an outspoken political activist from Mesa will lead an anti-immigration rally today outside the Mexican Consulate. -- JT Ready, who ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Mesa City Council last month...AP Internal Use Only

Phony Mahony
Brenda Walker -- VDare.com
Mahony Baloney
Cable TV pundit Tucker Carlson did a nice smackdown Thursday of uber-charlatan Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, who has amassed a portfolio of less than admirable moral choices. -- Not only has Mahony been one ot the biggest advocates for ignoring American immigration law, but his actions regarding the pedophile priests...AP Internal Use Only

Border Patrol on the Border
Arizona Daily Star
Pederson: Add 12,000 to Border Patrol
U.S. Senate candidate Jim Pederson called for 12,000 new Border Patrol agents, creation of a tough and fair guest-worker program, and imposition of greater sanctions on businesses that hire illegal entrants at a press conference Friday in Tucson. -- Pederson's plan for dealing with illegal immigration also called...AP Internal Use Only

Washington Post
How the GOP lost its way
The immigration reform debate has highlighted a long-standing fissure in the GOP between the elitist Rockefeller business wing and the party's conservative populist base. Whether the two groups can continue to coexist and preserve the Republican majority is increasingly doubtful as conservatives begin to consider...AP Internal Use Only

Malkin vs. Hinojosa
Video clip of Michelle Malkin knocking the sox off rabid Mexican Reconquista UCLA Professor Raul Hinojosa on a recent O'Reilly show segment.AP Internal Use Only

Stinkin' Liar
Houston Chronicle
Threat of more raids met with skepticism
The federal officials threatening a crackdown on businesses that employ illegal immigrants are akin to parents who say "we really mean it this time," critics of immigration enforcement policies said Friday. -- "One bust is not a trend, and there has been a terrible track record up until now," said Susan Wysoki, a spokeswoman for FAIR...AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexicans
Assocated Press 
Is this outrageous or what?
Mexican pop diva [and infamous jailbird] Gloria Trevi, Puerto Rican reggaeton star Don Omar and other Latino artists have recorded a bilingual version of "The Star- Spangled Banner" in a show of support for [illegal aliens... criminals] in the United States. -- The Latino- oriented record label Urban Box Office...AP Internal Use Only

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