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Thursday, December 1, 2005

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Arizona Republic
Napolitano rubbing elbows with the enemy again
Mexico City -- Mexico's foreign secretary talked about immigration and security issues with the Gov. Janet Napolitano on Thursday. -- Napolitano, Mexican Foreign Secretary [and vehement Mexican reconquista] Luis Ernesto Derbez and Sonora state Gov. Eduardo Bours Castelo talked about the importance of strengthening infrastructure...AP Internal Use Only

10 AM PST -- Woodburn, Oregon
Protest Against Mexican ID's

Coming Up
Dec. 3

10 AM CST - Munster, Indiana
Protest Loans to Invaders

Washington Post
GOP chief 'urges caution' on invasion nightmare
Carlsbad, Calif. -- Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman urged his party Thursday to oppose rising anti-immigrant sentiments in the debate over border security and illegal immigration, suggesting that the GOP risks being on the wrong side of history and electoral politics alike if it embraces an exclusionary message.AP Internal Use Only

Cherokee Tribune
Dustin Inman Update: Suspected killer caught in Alabama
A southwest Cherokee County [Georgia] couple's long wait for the capture of the man who caused the car accident that killed their teenage son has ended. -- Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez is in the custody of the Birmingham Police Department and the extradition process to bring him from Alabama back to Georgia is under way.. [See the Dustin Inman Society site]AP Internal Use Only

Bush's Big Lie: "Temporary Workers" Will Secure The Border
As Peter Brimelow blogged Monday, President Bush has returned to his vomit Monday with the same old "Temporary Worker Program" business. Unfortunately, it's nothing more than the same old lies, damned lies, and spin. -- I took the liberty of marking the, let's say spin, in his speech.AP Internal Use Only

Arrogant Mexicans go nuts over border barrier plan
..."We will use all means necessary, and I am referring to things like international tribunals (and other) international action, to make it clear that this is not an act that would resolve the migration issue," [pompous blowhard Luis Ernesto] Derbez said. -- "I guarantee the U.S. government that (a wall) will not stop migrants...." ["You won't know you're being invaded until you try to stop it." Glenn Spencer, 1995]AP Internal Use Only

Save Our State Events Scheduled for December

Dec. 3 -- 8 to 10 AM
San Bernardino Home Depot

Dec. 10 -- 8 to 11 AM
Glendale Home Depot

Bush's Pals
Los Angeles Times
CHP: Latest cop-shooting suspect is a Mexican invader
...Authorities allege that Jaime Zavala Garcia [a Mexican invader, according to the CHP] shot five- year veteran Officer Marlin Eugene Pressley Jr. during a traffic stop on southbound Interstate 15 on Friday afternoon. Garcia fled, and left the Pontiac Firebird he was driving at a Riverside County motel, authorities said.AP Internal Use Only

Globalist Moron
What Homeland
Nathan J. Muller -- ForTheCause.us
Saving this Presidency -- Why Bother?
...Topping the list of treasonous acts committed by this President is his stubborn insistence on leaving our southern border open to the invasion of 3 million illegal aliens annually, along with terrorists, human traffickers, drug smugglers, cold- blooded killers, gangs, and child predators. Saving this presidency would merely invite more of the same...AP Internal Use Only

Sue You!
Washington Times
44 indicted in visa scam
A federal grand jury in California has indicted 44 persons suspected of conspiring to obtain fraudulent immigrant visas for hundreds of Chinese and Vietnamese nationals based on "sham marriages" to U.S. citizens. -- Dean Boyd, a spokesman for ICE, said yesterday that 13 indictments in the case...AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexicans
KUTV -- Salt Lake City
Meddling Mexican trolling Utah today

Some Utah business leaders hope the visit by Mexico's ambassador to the US will spark some dialogue on immigration issues. -- Ambassador Carlos de Icaza is expected to meet with business leaders at a luncheon on Thursday. Friday, the ambassador will meet privately with the Governor and legislative leadership.AP Internal Use Only

KVOA-TV -- Tucson
Invaders breaking into Southern Arizona homes
...Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Montoya says, "...mainly food, clothes, socks, shoes, blankets." -- Deputy Montoya believes it's illegal border crossers who are responsible for three home burglaries so far this week. -- Evelyn Fleming, one of the break-in victims...AP Internal Use Only

Papers please
Orange Coast Daily Pilot
Police could enforce immigration law
Costa Mesa could become the first city to ask its police officers to enforce federal immigration laws if the City Council agrees to a proposal Mayor Allan Mansoor will make Tuesday. -- A 1996 law allows state and local jurisdictions to enforce federal immigration laws. Under Mansoor's plan, Costa Mesa police would be trained by ICE...AP Internal Use Only

Bush Errs Again
Poll Info
Kirsten Brock - Daily Emerald - University of Oregon - Eugene
Immigration reform doesn't cut it
...The problem with this stance is that illegal aliens are not citizens, nor are they law-abiding. By being here, they have already broken the law and need to be deported. The president should realize that illegal immigration does pose a serious threat and the time for being compassionate is over. Either they wait in line...AP Internal Use Only

Vail Daily
Opus erratum
...Here in California, if we add-up the expenses of just the basic components of illegal immigration for a single year - K-12 education for 430,000 kids, pre-natal and delivery costs in county hospitals for 84,000 illegal moms, monthly subsidies to these same illegal moms for their new U.S. citizens, emergency health care costs...AP Internal Use Only

El Rey de Aztlan
Clarence Page -- Chicago Tribune
Why Bush's border scheme won't work
...For one thing, his plan is not new. It is the same temporary guest-worker program he unveiled in January 2004. It has only been repackaged with more emphasis on border security, much less on the guest-worker plan, which sounds to many in Bush's own conservative base like an amnesty like others passed since the 1980s...AP Internal Use Only

Click for DUI Info
Hickory (North Carolina) Daily Record
More charges in fatal wreck (possible invader involved)
Lenoir, N. C. -- The driver of a pickup truck involved in a fatal accident has been charged with felony death by vehicle. -- Jose Daniel Acuna was driving a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer on U.S. 64 in northern Caldwell County Saturday night when he ran off the road and struck a guardrail.AP Internal Use Only

File Photo
Corvallis Gazette-Times
Pro-squatter rally set for Woodburn
Woodburn, Ore. -- PCUN (Pineros y campesinos unidos del noroeste) members, allies and community members will hold a pro-immigrant support action when the Mexican Consulate comes to Woodburn Saturday. [This lunacy appears to be scheduled to start an hour before the OFIR protest at the same location.]AP Internal Use Only

Jorge Bush BS
James R. Edwards, Jr. -- Human Events
Bush Talks Tougher on Immigration, but It's Still Amnesty
President Bush is finally talking tougher on immigration enforcement. But there is little evidence he plans to do much more than repackage his "guestworker" plan and keep denying that it is an amnesty. -- The president's speech Monday in Arizona signaled that he is beginning to see that the American public firmly rejects the immigration snake oil the Bush administration has been pushing...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Corruption-bloated ditch rejects US border fences
Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said his country "does not believe physical barriers are the solution". -- Mr Derbez insisted his country's position over physical barriers was not only in relation to the United States. -- "Mexico voted against the fence Israel built in the Gaza Strip..." [Also see: Meddling Mexicans]AP Internal Use Only

International Relations Center
U.S. Immigration Policy on the Table at the WTO
In the contentious negotiations leading up to the December 13-18 World Trade Organization (WTO) summit, the big drama has centered around agricultural trade and whether the richer countries will grant expanded market access to commodities from the Global South. However, there has also been a battle brewing between developing countries...AP Internal Use Only

Bye bye Jose!
Tucson Citizen
Judge asked to drop charges against invader-aides
A [so-called] humanitarian aid group has asked a judge to dismiss charges against two volunteers accused of transporting illegal immigrants. A hearing on the request is set for Dec. 14. -- A motion filed by defense attorneys argues that Daniel Strauss and Shanti Sellz were acting legally...AP Internal Use Only

KESQ-TV -- Palm Springs
Fencing firm targeted in immigration probe
Immigration authorities have raided the offices of a So. Calif. fencing company, seizing boxes of documents and arresting 17 employees who are believed to be in the U.S. illegally. -- ICE officials say Golden State Fence had rehired some of the 17 employees who were arrested despite previous warnings by federal authorities that they were ineligible to work.AP Internal Use Only

Same Old
Caca de Toro
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial
Immigration Tour 2005: Yak, yak, yak
Talk is cheap. We got no more than a nickel's worth from President Bush during his immigration tour. -- Toughness on border crossers is combined with a guest- worker amnesty. Those two policies combine as well as oil and water. -- But Mr. Bush tries, shaking the bottle as hard as he can...AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune
Jury recommends death for invader / cop-killer Camacho
Vista, Calif. -- A jury voted Wednesday to recommend a sentence of death for the killer of Oceanside police Officer Tony Zeppetella. A sentencing date of Feb. 7 was scheduled. -- The jury deliberated for about 6-1/2 hours over two days before reaching a verdict in the case of Adrian Camacho.AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
KABC-TV -- Los Angeles
Authorities arrest seven in alleged wedding scam

Federal authorities have arrested eleven people in southern California for their roles in an alleged marriage scam. -- A U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman says while marriage fraud isn't new, this scam is "one of the most ambitious" officials have ever seen.AP Internal Use Only

Click to visit the ABP site
American Border Patrol
Volunteer pilots sought for border surveillance missions
American Border Patrol is seeking volunteer pilots for its Border Hawk M, a Cessna TU-206, equipped with a TSIO 520 M 310 hp engine (300 hrs since factory remanufacture), STOL, and extended range tanks. Operations based at Bisbee Municipal Airport, Bisbee Arizona. Night and day flights with cargo doors removed...AP Internal Use Only

Capitol Media Services
Arizona, Utah working on border plan
Phoenix -- Unhappy with the lack of federal action, two Western governors are drawing up their own plan to deal with border security and illegal crossers. -- Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Jon Huntsman Jr. of Utah [and a member of the dangerous CFR] hope they can nudge Congress to take up - and ultimately approve - a comprehensive immigration proposal. AP Internal Use Only

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