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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Glenn Spencer on the Don Griffin Show
WEDNESDAY - 10 am PT - WGNU - 920 AM - St. Louis - Call In: (877) 920-WGNU
Click Here to Listen Online

Calling the Bastard's Bluff
Richardson Admits He Wants Border Left Open

"I don't want to close the border."
Richardson told caller to NPR.
N. M. National Guard on Border?
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- August 22
Casey Wian: Congress passed legislation this past summer authorizing governors to bill the Pentagon for Homeland Defense related National Guard costs.
Rep. C. Norwood (R-Ga): I don't know if any of them are playing politics or not. I know it would be a big great first step if Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, would put his National Guard down on that border and send the bill to Secretary Rumsfeld. Then we'll have some fireworks.
VideoWindows Media Player Format Watch TranscriptAP Internal Use Only
(Also watch Iowa Border Summit and Rep. Steve King)

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U.S. Courts
Capitol Media Services
Federal courts handling more immigration cases, data finds
Phoenix -- Federal prosecutors are taking more immigration cases to court - but not necessarily more serious ones. -- Data being released today show that the number of immigration cases being handled by federal courts in Arizona jumped by more than a third between 2003 and last year.AP Internal Use Only

Say NO to Mexico
Inter Press Service News Agency
Bush's Mexican pals remain as corrupt as ever
Mexico decided five years ago to "leave corruption behind" and has begun to reap the results, President Vicente Fox has triumphantly proclaimed. -- But although some analysts acknowledge a new anti-corruption attitude on the part of the government, the empirical evidence and recent studies clearly indicate that the culture of graft and bribery is still flourishing...AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
Christian Science Monitor Editorial
Is Mexico still a nation?
A survey released last week by the Pew Hispanic Center found more than four in 10 Mexicans are willing to leave their country to live in the US. One in five would risk a dangerous, illegal border crossing. Most surprising, one in three college graduates wants to flee. Before Washington takes up immigration reform this fall...AP Internal Use Only

Screwball Alert!
KOLD-TV -- Tucson
N.M. congressman to push for 'guest worker' scheme
New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce says he plans to draft a bill that would create a guest worker program for immigrants but prohibit amnesty for those who come to the country illegally. -- The legislation would add to a growing stack of bills in Congress dealing with immigration.AP Internal Use Only

Asa - Ridge - Bush
Associated Press
Bush lackeys working to tighten security (and other jokes)
Washington -- The nation's homeland security chief said Tuesday he had ordered a review of border security strategy before two governors declared an immigration emergency on the U.S.-Mexico line. -- Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told reporters his department had recently begun mapping out its surveillance equipment...AP Internal Use Only

Lincoln Tribune
Mexican Mafia: New Crime Syndicate in California
An anti-gang task force arrested 15 defendants charged in a federal racketeering indictment with exercising control over Hispanic street gangs across Orange County, CA. The indictment alleges that members of the Ojeda Organization - named after leader and Mexican Mafia member Peter Ojeda - extorted "taxes" from street gangs...AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
N.H. Attorney General Won't Appeal Ruling
Concord, N.H. -- The attorney general's office will not appeal a ruling that dismissed trespassing charges against a group of illegal immigrants arrested by two police chiefs who said they were frustrated by lax federal enforcement. -- Attorney General Kelly Ayotte has written to the state's police chiefs...AP Internal Use Only

Federal Observer
Mr. Gilchrist Goes to Washington
President Bush and Condoleeza Rice call him a "Vigilante". American citizens call him a Patriot. Yes, a Patriot is how Jim Gilchrist is seen in the eyes of citizens who want the illegal alien invasion crisis to come to a complete halt. -- From coast to coast, American citizens are applauding Jim Gilchrist...AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Minot (N. D.) Daily
Mexico isn't really helping us
Mexican government officials have made it clear for many years that, far from attempting to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, they encourage it actively. They do so for a very good reason - in their minds: Mexico's economy is a wreck, in comparison to that of the United States. AP Internal Use Only

Garden Grove, Calif.
CCIR Meeting
Glenn Spencer - Andy Ramirez

Coming Up
Aug. 24

Redlands, Calif.
Fire Jerry Lewis Rally

Dem Panderfest
Rich Lowry -- National Review
Border Politics: Dems on immigration
In 2003, Gov. Bill Richardson welcomed a bus caravan of "undocumented workers" - i.e., illegal aliens - traveling through his state on its way to Washington, D.C. He enthused: "Thank you for coming to Santa Fe. Know that New Mexico is your home." -- Turns out that they aren't so welcome after all. AP Internal Use Only

Aiding & Abetting is a CRIME!
Mexicans will sing at shows to push for legalizing aliens
In the tradition of aid concerts that have raised money for everything from poverty in Africa to hurting farmers, a pro-immigrant activist in Arizona has planned a series of concerts intended to push federal amnesty for illegal aliens currently in the U.S. -- Elias Bermudez [a former illegal and current reconquista menace] says he's raised more than $43,000...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
August 26

Beverly Wilshire Hotel -- Beverly Hills, Calif.
FAIR Conference on Immigration
with Tom Tancredo, Mark Krikorian, others... - Click for Info | Other Events

Washington Times
Kilgore sticking to gang concern
Virginia gubernatorial candidate Jerry W. Kilgore yesterday said law-enforcement officers would be foolish to assume that there is no link between the al Qaeda terrorist network and the Salvadoran gang Mara Salvatrucha. -- "MS-13 is the most violent street gang around, and Homeland Security has said it makes sense..."AP Internal Use Only

Stop The Onslaught NOW!
Washington Times
Texas sheriffs seek aid fighting illegals
County governments in Texas, overwhelmed by a flood of illegal aliens and rapidly increasing border violence, want the federal government to come up with $10 million to help them pay for manpower increases, rising fuel bills and much-needed vehicles and equipment.AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
September 2

Murrieta / Temecula Republican Assembly
Assemblyman Ray Haynes + Book Signing
with author Dan Sheehy - Click for Info | Other EventsAP Internal Use Only

Crime Watch
Community Dispatch
5 illegals indicted in Savannah
...The six count indictment alleges that the five men, all citizens of India and illegally in the United States, submitted fraudulent applications for U.S. residency to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which would have allowed them to remain and obtain employment in the United States despite their status as illegal aliens.AP Internal Use Only

Stamford Advocate
Anti-invasion group plans Stamford chapter
A controversial group that advocates against immigration wants to boost its presence in Connecticut by forming chapters, including one in the Stamford area. -- Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control, which has been most active in Danbury since forming in April, plans to hold a number of organizational meetings in the fall...AP Internal Use Only

Dan Stein
Video Clip
VideoWindows Media Player Format FAIR's Dan Stein on the Washington Journal today
This is good! Taped from C-SPAN's Washington Journal this morning. The last couple of minutes of the interview are missing due to a technical problem.AP Internal Use Only

North County Times
Left-wingers organize to monitor California border-watchers
An alliance of legal agencies today announced a drive to recruit observers to monitor civilian border patrol groups that plan to deploy at the U.S.- Mexico border next month, as they did earlier this summer. -- The "San Diego Legal Observer Coalition" is a joint project of the ACLU, American Immigration Lawyers Association, La Raza [The Race] Lawyers..."AP Internal Use Only

Girlie Man?
KFI - Reader Report
Arnold turning into a 'girlie-man' on Mexican invasion
Talk show host Bill Handel chatted with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the air this morning, and it appears that Bush's gaggle of neocons have gotten to him on the invasion. -- When asked about what he thinks about the California Border police initiative, Arnold immediately went into the circular argument act usually used by the socialists and Democrats...AP Internal Use Only

Rep. King
Des Moines Register
King: Fence off Mexican border
U.S. Rep. Steve King said Monday he's not ready to propose building a wall between the United States and Mexico, but a 10-foot-tall chain-link fence topped with razor wire would be a good start. -- "It could well find its way into legislation in the next month or two," King said during an immigration control forum in Des Moines.AP Internal Use Only

Pot Smuggling from Mexico
Yuma Sun
5,000 pounds of pot, worth $4 million, seized
The Border Patrol on Monday made what it called the largest single marijuana seizure along Yuma County's border with Mexico - almost 5,000 pounds of marijuana worth nearly $4 million. -- The seizure, made near Avenue 1E, is the largest "ever" in the Yuma area, said Michael Gramley, spokesman for the patrol's Yuma sector...AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
New York Times
Officials fear for border residents
Columbus, N.M. -- If James Johnson were any closer to Mexico, he would be in it. -- And if there is a front line in the border crisis stretching from California to Texas, it may be the 14 miles of wide-open boundary that the Johnson clan shares with Mexican counterparts. -- As many as 500 immigrants a day use their ranch and farm lands as a welcome mat...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Mexican Reconquista
San Jose Mercury News
Radical reconquista Núñez trolls hostile cesspool next door
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is seldom upstaged, but it could happen Thursday when one of his chief legislative rivals flies south of the border to hold private meetings with Mexican President Vicente Fox. -- Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez said he plans to make the trip -- and miss one of the few legislative sessions remaining this year...AP Internal Use Only

Coming from California: An Immigration Reform Tsunami?
...In the wake of the hugely-successful Minuteman Project, the California Border Police Initiative currently gathering signatures in the Golden State is shaping up to be yet another shot- heard- round- the- world, 9.9 magnitude earthquake against illegal immigration, the likes of which America has never seen.AP Internal Use Only

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