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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Migration By Design
Bush Still Doesn't Get It

"Instead of tapping into its massive oil reserves, Mexico has become increasingly dependent on money its citizens send home from the United States."
Lou Dobbs Tonight - August 17
Dobbs: I don't know of another example* where nearly half of the people of a country are willing, willing, their eager to leave their home of birth to migrate. It's extraordinary.
Casey Wian: It really is and it doesn't bode well for Mexico's future because overwhelmingly the people who want to leave Mexico tend to be younger...Vicente Fox ran as a reformer and it's clear he hasn't made much progress.
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Also see segments on Herndon and Pot Bust
* - You cannot give me a similar example of such a large migratory wave by an ant-like multitude, stubborn, unarmed, and carried on in the face of the most powerful and best-armed nation on earth."
Mexico Recovers Its Own

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The Indy Channel
Fatal Crash: How Did Illegal Alien Get Driver's License?
Indianapolis -- The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is under scrutiny as victims' family members question how a two-time convicted drunken driver, who was in this country illegally, was allowed behind the wheel. -- Rosalio Pedraza is charged with killing two members of a wedding party while driving drunk.AP Internal Use Only

Jailhouse Bound
Boston Globe
Illegal alien faces host of charges in Hudson
Hudson, N.H. -- An illegal immigrant was behind bars, facing a variety of charges -- but not trespassing. -- Last week, a judge ruled illegals cannot be charged with trespassing simply because they are in the country illegally. Instead, police charged Winner Drumond of Brazil with speeding, disobeying an officer, driving without a license...AP Internal Use Only

No Way Jose
San Francisco Chronicle
Oakland DMV employees charged in license, ID card scam
A federal grand jury has indicted five more people in a scheme in which employees of the state Department of Motor Vehicles office in Oakland accepted bribes to provide licenses and identification cards to illegal immigrants, court records show. -- The grand jury returned indictments against the Oakland residents...AP Internal Use Only

Watch This Payaso
Pedro Watch
Atlanta Latino  [See 'English' link in upper right corner]
Congress-crackpot McKinney wallows with invasion aides
Democratic congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (Georgia - District 4) hosted an informal dinner on August 10 at her office in DeKalb County in order to discuss with various Latino community leaders about forging an alliance between Hispanics and African- Americans.AP Internal Use Only

People's Weekly World  [Communist Screed]
Texas AFL-CIO takes stand against 'Minutemen'
The Texas AFL-CIO held its 45th convention at the new, all-union Hilton Americas Hotel here Aug. 11-13. -- Among its decisions, the convention took a strong stand in support of immigrant rights and against racism - particularly against the "Minutemen" vigilantes who are threatening to carry out their anti- immigrant program in Houston this October.AP Internal Use Only

Friends of the Border Patrol
Victory! Meeting to go on in Moorpark on August 20
A short while ago, FBP was notified by Darin Henry, president of the Simi Valley Moorpark Republican Assembly unit, that The City of Moorpark has withdrawn that outrageous demand for a $5,000 security deposit that was in violation of the original contract and in a knee- jerk response to the possibility, not actual threat...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
August 20

Simi Valley/Moorpark Republican Assembly -- 1 PM - Moorpark, Calif.
Guest Speaker: Andy Ramirez of Friends of the BP
Click Above Link for Information and Map | Other Events

Friendly Day Laborer Pests
Pest Nest
Washington Times
Insanity: Invader day laborer lounge in Herndon approved
The Herndon Town Council last night approved the creation of a formal, taxpayer-funded gathering spot for day laborers, saying the chaos in a 7-Eleven parking lot where the workers now gather would only worsen if it did nothing. -- The council members, in a 5 to 2 vote that several called the hardest decision in their public service...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
August 24

California Coalition for Immigration Reform Meeting - 7:30 PM
Guest Speakers: Glenn Spencer & Andy Ramirez
Garden Grove, Calif. - Click Above Link for Information | Other Events

Maryland Moron Duncan
Tom Knott -- Washington Times
Taxpayers also will feel Duncan's compassion
Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan is urging his part of the state to roll out a welcome mat to illegal aliens after returning from a fact-finding mission to El Salvador. -- Mr. Duncan thinks we must express compassion to those who enter our country illegally. He thinks we must be tolerant and enlightened... [Contact this menace]AP Internal Use Only

Bush's Favorite Scumbags
Washington Post
Driver Held After Crash Into Seats at Md. Eatery
A man was arrested this weekend in Rockville after driving his car into three benches provided for customers of a Twinbrook area Dairy Queen and a parked truck, police said. A crowd of ice-cream eaters directed a patrol car toward the suspect, who investigators say had fled in his vehicle. [Reader note: The article doesn't say it, but the charging documents state that the driver is an illegal alien.]AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
August 24

Redlands, Calif.
Fire U. S. Rep. Jerry Lewis Rally - 3 to 6 pm
Click Above Link for Information || Map | Other EventsAP Internal Use Only

Cybercast News Service
Illegal Alien Crisis Produces Partisan Split in Arizona
Unhappy with federal efforts to maintain border security and keep illegal aliens from crossing into Arizona, the state's governor and a top legislator have submitted dramatically different plans to achieve the same goal. The issue could eventually dominate the 2006 governor's race in Arizona.AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
Financial Times
Border tension rises between US and Mexico
Political tension over illegal immigration and crime along the US-Mexico border worsened this week, as Vicente Fox, Mexico's president, complained of a lack of co-operation from US officials after two US states declared emergencies along their borders with Mexico.AP Internal Use Only

What Homeland
USA Today
Mexican drug cartels' wars move closer to U.S. border
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico -- The kingpins of this hemisphere's illegal drug trade are no longer Colombians. -- In the largest shake-up since the 1980s, Mexican cartels have leveraged the profits from their delivery routes to wrest control from Colombian producers, senior U.S. drug officials say. The shift also is the result of the success... [Globalist Bush wants an open border with the cesspit that is Mexico]AP Internal Use Only

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
38 found in Ontario drop house
Thirty-eight illegal immigrants recently smuggled into the country from Central America and Mexico were arrested on Aug. 10 at an Ontario "drop house" and placed into deportation proceedings, federal officials said Wednesday. -- Ontario Police responded to an afternoon call about suspicious subjects and possible trespassing...AP Internal Use Only

Useless Toads
Public Agenda
Immigration is a Hot Button Issue
There is marked dissatisfaction over illegal immigration and deep concern over its implications. Some but not all of this is driven by concern about terrorism ­ a number of surveys have shown support for limiting immigration surged after 9/11. -- Three-quarters of the public give the U.S. a "C" grade or worse in "protecting our borders from illegal immigration..."AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D. A. King
Marietta Daily Journal
It's 2005: Do you know where your tax dollars are?
On Saturday, Cobb County taxpayers are scheduled to pay to host an event that will provide free, routine, non-emergency health care to illegal aliens. Absurd you say? Sadly, it is not. -- In a partnership with the Mexican Consulate, "Dia de la Mujer Latina Inc." (Day of the Latin-American Woman) - an ethnically specific non-profit corporation...AP Internal Use Only

Waah! Waah!
People's Weekly World  [Communist Drivel]
DeLay's remarks on invaders decried in communist rag
Houston -- House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (D-Texas) told a group of his constituents this month that he thinks laws allowing "illegal immigrants" [criminals by definition] to be treated in area hospitals and laws permitting their children to attend public schools should be repealed.AP Internal Use Only

Mens News Daily
New Mexico's State of Emergency? Baloney!
This week the mainstream news media breathlessly announced a New Mexico state of emergency had been declared by Governor Bill Richardson -- who is planning a presidential run as another... ahem... moderate. Gov. Richardson, observing the chaos created by unbridled illegal immigration in his state, used the situation to criticize the President. AP Internal Use Only

Imported Thug
Washington Times
MS-13 seen as posing organized-crime risks
Street gangs, particularly MS-13, have become organized criminal enterprises in Central America and threaten to establish similar operations in this country, federal law- enforcement officials said yesterday. -- "MS-13 has a very well-entrenched, very well-disciplined clique structure in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras..."AP Internal Use Only

Vehement Reconquista
Nativo Lopez
Michael Fumento -- Townhall.com
'Pathetic buffoon' Lopez falls from grace
Will inner-city blacks ever throw off the yoke of self-victimization imposed by "leaders" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Perhaps, judging by the brief fame of race-baiting HISPANIC demagogue Nativo Lopez, who went muy pronto from media darling to pathetic buffoon.AP Internal Use Only

Sign petition to Bush to Secure Our Borders Immediately
The ReformUS.org website is being operated by Roy Beck's NumbersUSA.

Arizona's Prop. 200
Arizona Republic
Officials OK Prop. 200 vote rules
Arizona's top elected officials agreed Wednesday on a plan to carry out the voting provisions of Proposition 200 and begin asking voters to show identification at the polls. -- Attorney General Terry Goddard, who has been bickering with Secretary of State Jan Brewer, endorsed her proposed voting changes.AP Internal Use Only

The Monitor -- McAllen
Agencies recover stolen vehicles, nab invaders
Hidalgo, Texas -- A possible auto theft ring may have been broken Wednesday when a U.S. Border Patrol agent unknowingly tracked a stolen car to the parking lot of a local apartment complex. -- An agent from the McAllen station was tracking a group of undocumented immigrants in an empty field...AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
Dallas Morning News
Porous border frustrates states
Frustration is rising along the Southwest border. -- Angered by unending waves of illegal immigration, some Americans have taken matters into their own hands by forming "Minuteman" patrols that they plan to expand from Arizona to Texas this fall.AP Internal Use Only

Say NO to Mexico
Washington Times
Corrupt Mexicans fund staging areas for illegals
The Mexican staging area for illegal aliens that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson demanded this week be bulldozed is among hundreds of similar sites along the border sponsored and maintained by the Mexican government. -- Many of the sites are marked with blue flags and pennants to signal that water is available.AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
SUV carrying invaders, drugs crashes near San Diego
The driver of an SUV packed with illegal immigrants and nearly 700 pounds of marijuana sped from police with his headlights off the wrong way on Interstate 8 before crashing head on into a California Highway Patrol car, officials said. -- Wednesday night's pursuit was the latest in a series of incidents involving smugglers...AP Internal Use Only

El Universal -- Mexico City
Garza's remarks miff Mexicans
U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza's comment that he briefly closed a consulate partly to punish Mexico's government for border violence drew a sharp response Wednesday from Mexican officials. -- Deputy Foreign Relations Secretary Gerónimo Gutiérrez issued a news release saying Garza's statements "have not been well received."AP Internal Use Only

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