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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Minutemen Calling for Reinforcements
Minuteman Founder Gilchrist Asks for Help

Open-border wacko Alfaro Maldonado leads
mob toward the VFW Post in Campo, Calif.
     Jim Gilchrist Writes: Reinforcements are needed in Campo, Ca. immediately to support Jim Chase's California Minutemen, who have deployed for border observation and reporting activities from July 16 through at least August 7 (and beyond).
    I visited Jim Chase's group, accompanied with a California state senator and his aides, last Saturday. We witnessed the literal siege of VFW Post #2080 by about 60 belligerent, death- threatening anti-Americans twice during that day. The hate- spewing members of the racist, American-hating organization known as the Mexican Brown Berets, stormed the VFW Lodge, damaging signs and other property. They were eventually repelled by the late-arriving San Diego County Sheriff's Dept...... More
Red DotAlso see this partial transcript from CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight
(This feature item provided by SWS)

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Mexican Onslaught
Stein Report - New York Times
Illegal Immigration Problems Move From Cities to Suburbs
"While the nature of illegal immigration makes exact numbers hard to come by, the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research organization, estimates that the [illegal alien] population jumped by 25 percent from 2000 to 2004, to at least 10.3 million. About 20 to 25 percent of the entire construction work force in this country..."AP Internal Use Only

Don't Step in This Stinker
Imperial Valley Press -- El Centro
Troublesome Rep. Filner whines about border watchers
With militia Minutemen patrolling the border less than an hour from Imperial Co. this past weekend, Rep. Bob Filner, D- Chula Vista, criticized the effort, saying the citizen groups take the "wrong approach" to border security. -- "We have a history of leaving law enforcement to law enforcement officials," said Filner... [and they've proven to be useless, just like Filner and his ilk.]AP Internal Use Only

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American Border Patrol
Employment Opportunity
American Border Patrol is seeking to fill its Office Manager/Administrator position. Duties include light bookkeeping, light donor data base management (FileMaker Pro), client relations, reception and correspondence. This is a very interesting job with real growth potential...AP Internal Use Only

WGKA - Citizen Georgia - Norcross
July 22 - Town Hall Meeting

Coming Up

The American Resistance -- Atlanta
July 23 - Rally

Cry Me A River
Associated Press
Deportation looms for illegals allegedly raised in U.S.
Phoenix -- For Luis Nava, [an illegal alien] facing deportation after spending all but two years of his life in the United States, his native Mexico is really a foreign place. -- He said he wasn't sure of his immigration status when he and three other Phoenix high school students were apprehended by authorities during a school trip...AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Border chief says citizen volunteers could form patrol auxiliary
The top U.S. border enforcement official said in an interview Wednesday that his agency is exploring ways to involve citizen volunteers in creating "something akin to a Border Patrol auxiliary" - a significant shift in rhetoric that comes after a high- profile civilian campaign this spring along the Arizona- Mexico border.AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King -- VDare.com
Child Labor, And Tragedy, In Georgiafornia
Another from the "why do you think I call it Georgiafornia" file. -- From this morning's Atlanta Journal-Constitution : "A highway worker was killed and another injured Tuesday afternoon when they were struck by a rental truck while picking up trash on I-20 at the Newton- Walton County line"...AP Internal Use Only

Greensboro News-Record
Invaders from Jersey getting N. C. driver licenses
Courts in northern New Jersey are having trouble with fraudulent driver's licenses turning up in the hands of illegal immigrants, but they aren't licenses issued by the Garden State. -- They are licenses given by North Carolina to illegal immigrants who live in New Jersey but who come to the Tar Heel State by the busload or vanload to get the document that allows them to drive, work, bank and rent housing...AP Internal Use Only

Bogus IDs
KUSA-TV -- Denver
Feds to announce counterfeit document ring indictment
Federal prosecutors in Denver are expected to announce Wednesday the dismantling of one of the nation's largest ever counterfeit document rings, which catered mostly to illegal immigrants. -- Authorities have indicted a man who they think is the ringleader of the organization. He has been identified as Pedro Castorena- Ibarra. He is a Mexican citizen and may still be living in Mexico.AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune
Border-watch fans, foes raise a ruckus
Campo, Calif. -- Verbal sticks and stones have been flying as a loosely organized civilian border watch that began Saturday continues. -- People who have been protesting the presence of the armed border watchers scouting for undocumented immigrants [criminals] released a video yesterday...AP Internal Use Only

Connecticut Post
State to widen searches for illegal aliens
Gov. M. Jodi Rell on Tuesday announced that Connecticut has received a $449,000 federal grant to combat "human trafficking" in illegal immigrants. -- Commissioner of Public Safety Leonard Boyle said in an interview that the money would be used to train local and State Police to spot illegal immigration operations...AP Internal Use Only

San Bernardino County Sun
Group wants Lewis ousted
Holding posters and waving large and small American flags, a small group lined the sidewalk Tuesday near Rep. Jerry Lewis' district office, exhorting the public to vote him out. -- What prompted the [protest] is legislation to cut off financial aid to countries refusing to extradite suspected U.S. cop killers who fled to their shores...AP Internal Use Only

Customs and Border Protection
Tucson Sector PIO Press Release
Border Patrol Arrests Pair Convicted of Heinous Crimes
Monday, CBP Border Patrol Agents in the Tucson Sector apprehended yet two more illegal aliens with previous criminal convictions in the United States. -- At about 1:30 pm, agents from the Tucson Station apprehended a group of illegal aliens west of Sasabe, Arizona, who had illegally crossed through the mountains...AP Internal Use Only

Obnoxious Stooge
KNSD-TV -- San Diego
Poll Shows Bush's Credibility Slipping
Washington (AP) -- A growing number of Americans are apparently questioning President George W. Bush's honesty and effectiveness. -- A poll by the Pew Research Center says 46% of Americans who were surveyed don't think Bush is trustworthy. That's compared to a Pew poll in 2003 in which 62% found him trustworthy.AP Internal Use Only

KNBC-TV -- Los Angeles
Apparent illegal alien escapes from So. Cal. jail
Castaic, Calif. -- A manhunt was under way Wednesday morning for a prison-bound inmate who apparently escaped from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department custody at the Pitchess Detention Center, authorities said. -- Bairon Perez walked away from his work assignment at 8:55 p.m.AP Internal Use Only

WSB-TV -- Atlanta
Deportation Possible After Man Assaults Diplomat
A Vietnamese immigrant who lives in Gwinnett County is facing possible deportation after being arrested for punching a Vietnamese official during protests of a historic visit last month. -- Federal authorities arrested Tuan Phuoc Le and accused him of assaulting Nguyen Quoc Huy, vice chairman of the Vietnamese prime minister's office...AP Internal Use Only

Snag 'em and bag 'em
Greeley Tribune
Gang member arrested in raid
The war against Greeley gangs stepped up another notch Tuesday when federal agents launched a raid on gang members who are in the United States illegally. -- Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement along with Greeley and Evans police departments took part in a series of raids Tuesday morning...AP Internal Use Only

Cal Border Police Initiative
The Argus - Fremont
Ballot push starts for border police
Proponents of a plan to create the nation's first state border police have received approval to start collecting signatures to put it on the ballot. -- They have until Dec. 12 to collect the 598,105 signatures they need to place the measure before voters in June. -- The proposed initiative would establish a statewide police force that would enforce federal immigration laws...AP Internal Use Only

Hispanic Intermarriage Swamped By Hispanic Immigration
Last week, I noted that immigration enthusiast Joel Kotkin has claimed that roughly 30 percent of second-generation Hispanics wed people from other ethnic groups, so assimilation is working and we are headed for a multiracial nirvana. I said I would investigate Kotkin's claim...AP Internal Use Only

Treason Lobby News
Joseph Farah -- WorldNetDaily.com
Merger with Mexico
One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is this: Why does the federal government refuse to accept its responsibility to enforce immigration laws and border security? -- Now the answer is becoming clear. -- And it's not pretty. -- The shadow government ­ the elitists ­ do indeed have a plan...AP Internal Use Only

Jorge Doublayooo Boosh
Poll Info
Diane M. Grassi -- ElitesTV.com
Inactions by Government Is Biggest National Security Threat
When the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 was signed into law last December by President Bush, Republican Congressmen in the House of Representatives were concerned that the president's proposed budget for fiscal year 2006 would not provide enough funding for the additional Border Patrol agents... [See: What Homeland Security?]AP Internal Use Only

Stop Foreign Criminals
The Daily News -- Longview, Washington
Columbia County GOP blames illegals for meth epidemic
There are too many illegal immigrants in this country, and it's time for elected officials to do something about it, Columbia County Republicans are saying. -- A resolution passed by the party's central committee last month blamed immigrants for placing a burden on the social welfare system, smuggling methamphetamine into the country...AP Internal Use Only

Philadelphia Inquirer
Dean spouts off at ethnic hustlers' dog and pony show
Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean told the National Council of La Raza [aka 'The Tan Klan'] yesterday that he expected the Republican Party to "scapegoat immigrants" during the 2006 election campaign. -- In a speech on the last day of the Hispanic advocacy organization's annual gathering...AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
Jeff Crouere -- Bayou Buzz
Immigration Bill Would Stem The Flood Of Illegals
The United States is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions on our U.S./Mexican border. Due to lax border enforcement, approximately 15 million illegal aliens are now in the country, leading to a security and financial catastrophe in the making for the United States. To deal with the problems, a bill was introduced yesterday...AP Internal Use Only

Border-hopping Pests
KPHO-TV -- Phoenix
Mesa police issues citations for day laborers, employers
Mesa, Ariz. -- Police have started charging laborers and the drivers who pick them up at a particular intersection in Mesa with criminal trespassing. -- The southeast corner of Gilbert and Broadway roads is one of the most popular spots for day labor pickups along the Broadway corridor.AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia DOT exposed as illegal alien employer after accident
A highway worker was killed and another injured Tuesday afternoon when they were struck by a rental truck while picking up trash... -- Authorities said both workers, who were working as contractors for the Department of Transportation, were illegal immigrants. The one who was injured was a boy about 14 years old.AP Internal Use Only

Photo Album
American Border Patrol
Photo of the Day
Following up on yesterday's photo, the first photo below clearly shows someone lying on the ground in an unusual manner. The second photo shows someone sitting nearby. Photo evidence suggests still others nearby...AP Internal Use Only

Yeh Ling-Ling
Yeh Ling-Ling
Nashua Telegraph
Telegraph editorial sensible approach to immigration problem
The Telegraph's editorial, "A partnership to help control immigration," that was published July 15 is one of the most sensible and responsible editorials I have ever read in newspapers throughout the United States. -- In addition to your recommendations, the president should send a strong and unequivocal message that no amnesty will be granted...AP Internal Use Only

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