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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mexico the Aggressor
J.D. Hayworth Leads Charge Against Invasion

Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R) leads group urging Sec. Rice to protest Mexican aggression.
Secretary Rice Urged To Call On Mexico to End Pro-Illegal Immigration Policies
    Washington - A group of House Republicans is urging Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice to protest the government of Mexico's encouragement of illegal immigration when she meets with Mexican officials this week.
    "We want the government of Mexico to understand that its aggressive encouragement of illegal immigration is a daunting if not insurmountable barrier to continued good relations," said J.D. Hayworth (R-Az) who authored the letter.

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KTRK-TV -- Houston
25 invaders captured in Houston
An anonymous tip led federal agents to a home in east Houston, where they say they saw the delivery of 25 undocumented immigrants [criminals]. -- Twenty-four are Mexican nationals. One is from Honduras. Immigration and customs enforcement officials took all 25 into custody, along with five people they believe were involved in a smuggling operation.AP Internal Use Only

Crime Watch
Associated Press
Immigrant apparently killed judge's kin
Chicago (AP) - A man who filed bizarre, rambling lawsuits over his cancer treatment shot himself to death during a traffic stop outside Milwaukee and left a suicide note claiming he killed the husband and mother of a federal judge who ruled against him, police said Thursday.AP Internal Use Only

All American Moron
Dan Stein -- The Stein Report
Dems Preparing Assault on Bush Border Security Lapses
I attended a Capitol Hill hearing today on "Interior Immigration Enforcement Resources." No one could have missed the fact that Democrats are preparing to pounce on the Bush administration's failure to fully fund authorized detention space and ICE enforcement agents...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform Red Dot
CAIR blasts police chief over bogus Mexican ID
A spokesman for a Colorado immigration reform group has blasted the Glenwood Springs police chief for providing that city's community center as a venue on March 12 for the Consulate General of Mexico to issue its Consular ID card to Mexican nationals living in the region. [Also see: Aiding and abetting illegals is a crime]AP Internal Use Only

No Cheap Tuition for Invaders
No Illegals!
NBC15 -- Madison
Move underway in Wisconsin to reward invaders
There's a move to make education more affordable for illegal immigrants [criminals]. -- Representative Pedro Colon is announcing a provision in the state's budget to give undocumented immigrant students in-state tuition. Supporters say that most immigrant students were brought to this country as young children and did not have control over that aspect of their lives. [So what?]AP Internal Use Only

Yeh Ling-Ling
Yeh Ling-Ling
The Herald -- Provo
Benefits only encourage illegal immigrants to come
Illegal aliens should not be given any permits to drive or any other benefits. -- The Utah State Legislature should learn from the amnesty Congress passed in 1986. It granted amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens. -- Recently, Bear Stearns economist Robert Justich estimated the illegal immigrant population in the U.S. to be 18 to 20 million...AP Internal Use Only

El Universal - Mexico City
Officials urged to raise human rights concerns
An international human rights group on Wednesday urged Mexican officials to raise human rights concerns during the scheduled visit of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice [shown here with annoying Ernesto Derbez]. -- Rice's visit comes as politicians here are increasingly accusing the United States of meddling in Mexico's internal affairs. AP Internal Use Only

House of Representatives
Washington Times
DeLay wants bill on illegals linked to Iraq spending
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said yesterday that the House will insist that the final emergency Iraq spending bill also include the bill the House passed last month to crack down on abuses of the asylum system and illegal immigrants' ability to use driver's licenses. -- "This is a bill that pays for security for this country, and keeping Americans safe..."AP Internal Use Only

Whack Job
Monterey Herald
Invader gets slap on wrist in death of firefighter
The driver of a vehicle that struck and killed a Soledad firefighter almost one year ago was sentenced to two years in prison Wednesday for leaving the accident scene. -- Oreina Alvarez Zarco will likely spend less than a year in prison, since she has already served almost a full year in jail and generated almost 180 days of credits for good behavior. AP Internal Use Only

Good-Hearted Criminals
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Mexican meth tidal wave threatens to overwhelm
...The major trafficking organizations, which are predominantly operated by Mexican nationals, "realize they can make huge profits [in the Southeast]," a DEA spokesperson said. The added enforcement in the West "has squeezed the balloon and moved it East." -- "There's a lot larger cases, more cases with Hispanics..." AP Internal Use Only

Lydia Chavez (UC Berkeley Crackpot) -- Bangkok Post
Latin American states need to protect their own
...Gil Cedillo, a California state senator who has been trying to reverse earlier legislation that in 1994 made it illegal for undocumented workers [criminals] in California to drive, wrote in a recent policy paper: "While the number of immigrant drivers may be minimally reduced, most simply drive without being trained, tested, licensed, and insured.''AP Internal Use Only

Waah! Waah!
Epoch Times
Invasion cheerleaders whine to OAS
..."As human beings we all have inalienable rights," says Ruben Chandrasekar, Regional Organizer for the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and both legal and illegal immigrants [criminals] should be allowed those rights. Chandrasekar is one of a number of representatives of legal or social organizations that testified on Thursday...AP Internal Use Only

North County Times
Officials, rights groups debate legality of 'Minuteman Project'
Law-enforcement officials appeared this week to have mixed reactions to the controversial Minuteman Project, planned by a group that says that next month, it will patrol a desolate stretch of the U.S. border with Mexico in search of illegal immigrants in Arizona. -- And a group of Latino activists [the notorious reconquista goon Armando Navarro] announced it was preparing its own group...AP Internal Use Only

Border, interior enforcement called severely lacking
Current and former government officials told Congress Wednesday that the nation's border and immigration security suffers from the lack of a comprehensive mission, poor information sharing and coordination between agencies, inadequate resources, inept management and bureaucratic infighting. [See: What Homeland Security?]AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Rice talks of 'close work' with corruption-bloated Mexico
Facing a diplomatic test, Condoleezza Rice said Thursday she hoped to begin a dialogue on border issues and immigration with the United States' "close neighbor and friend" during her first trip to Mexico as secretary of state. -- She was to announce a $10 million grant to support the expansion of Mexico's micro-financing program...AP Internal Use Only

¿No Habla English?
Green Bay Press-Gazette
31 spoken in metropolitan Green Bay, census finds
...The report "Many Languages, One America," developed from the latest census data, examines languages spoken in counties across the nation, as well as in 203 metropolitan areas, including Green Bay. -- The report was created by the U.S. English Foundation, a group that includes in its mission the promotion of English as the country's common language.AP Internal Use Only

Derbez Watch
El Universal -- Mexico City
Derbez: Arizona jail plan invalid
Mexico gave a chilly response on Wednesday to an Arizona plan for a private prison south of the border, saying proponents hadn't bothered to discuss it with Mexican authorities. -- "To start with, they cannot decide to open a jail in Sonora. It's a matter of national sovereignty," said Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez.AP Internal Use Only

Jorge Bush
Wheeling News-Register
Congress Should Insist On New Border Agents
Most members of Congress believe that border security is important enough to pay 2,000 new Border Patrol agents. President Bush would be content with 210. He's wrong. -- One feature of the intelligence reform law enacted last year was a stipulation that 2,000 new Border Patrol agents should be hired. AP Internal Use Only

Left Wing Wackos
ACLU aims to make sure 'rights' of invaders aren't violated
While hundreds of Americans plan to take part in volunteer patrols of the U.S.-Mexican border next month, they'll apparently have some company from the American Civil Liberties Union. -- According to the Tucson Citizen, the Arizona chapter of the ACLU wants to monitor the activities of those on patrol. [More on these nuisances from the Sierra Vista Herald]AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol
Earned Legalization
President Bush and several Republican senators do their best to cover up their attempts to pass yet another amnesty for illegal aliens. The "not-an-amnesty" amnesty included in President Bush's "temporary" guest worker program proposal is, perhaps, the most obvious of them all. Others use more sophisticated terms, like "earned legalization..."AP Internal Use Only

California Highway Patrol
San Diego Union-Tribune
CHP rams fleeing invader load vehicle
El Cajon, Calif. -- A California Highway Patrol officer rammed a sport utility vehicle loaded with suspected illegal immigrants before it could start down Interstate 8 the wrong way last night, authorities said. -- The officer, with a partner, had seen a Chevrolet Suburban speeding in westbound lanes and tried to pull it over... [Note other border antics on same page]AP Internal Use Only

Las Vegas Sun
DMV break-in prompts security concern, fear of ID theft
Las Vegas (AP) - Federal homeland security officials have been notified about the theft of blank Nevada state driver's licenses, the state's top security administrator said. -- But local authorities said Wednesday that identity theft rather than terrorism was their main concern.AP Internal Use Only

Greensboro News-Record
20 invading job thieves had valid North Carolina licenses
Greensboro, N.C. -- Most of the aircraft workers arrested Tuesday on immigration charges at Piedmont Triad International Airport were carrying North Carolina driver's licenses they shouldn't have been issued. -- Twenty of 24 suspected, illegal immigrants had N.C. licenses... [See: What Homeland Security?]AP Internal Use Only

White House Louse
Commander of
Evansville Courier-Press Editorial
Bush's broken promise on hiring BP agents decried
A decision by the Bush administration to cut back dramatically on the number of new border patrol agents promised in next year's budget is frustrating to Americans concerned about illegal immigration, and is disappointing to undermanned agents assigned to protect our border with Mexico.AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
Invading pests intend to use 'international law' against Minutemen
The Mexican government will go to international tribunals if its legal strategies fail against "illegal immigrant hunters" in the U.S.A., warned Luis Ernesto Derbez, Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Relations. Derbez said that all available legal recourses and diplomatic actions will be taken in order to counteract this phenomenon... [What 'phenomenon'? -- Note the deafening silence from the White House.]AP Internal Use Only

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