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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Human Events Features American Border Patrol
The National Conservative Weekly Describes ABP's Ambitious Plans

Glenn Spencer
Human Events - week of Jan. 17 -- By Robert Bluey
    Glenn Spencer has big plans for his American Border Patrol organization in 2005, including a new home, better monitoring of illegal aliens, and the hope that federal Border Patrol agents will benefit from the work he's doing on the Arizona border with Mexico.
    "Here on the border the problem is simple," said Spencer, the organization's president who founded it in June, 2002. "Here's the law. Here's the line. What's the problem?"

Red DotPast Features Red DotAmerican Border Patrol Updates

The Terry Anderson Show with Jim Gilchrist
Jim is the leader of the Minuteman Project
9 PM PT Sunday

Magic City Morning Star
Look out Georgiafornians!
Word on the street is that Ralph Reed wants to go to Congress and will be running for a House or Senate seat in 2006. -- Just what Georgia needs ... another promoter of the President's "guest worker bill that isn't an amnesty" joining the family of open borders brothers. Sean "I'll carry the President's bags" Hannity grilled Reverend Ralph the other night on his "I love the President" TV show.AP Internal Use Only

Crime Watch
KGTV -- San Diego
Invaders 'rescued' from the smugglers they illegally hired
San Diego -- U.S. Border Patrol and San Diego County Sheriff's deputies say they rescued number of undocumented immigrants [criminals] from smugglers [guides hired by said criminals] who brought them across the border, then held them hostage for money in a Spring Valley home, 10News reported. -- The migrants were being kept in a what was referred to as a load house...AP Internal Use Only

Cheap Labor
San Diego Union Tribune
Farm workers losing jobs: We need 'guest workers'?
For the past century, raisins in California's Central Valley have been harvested in exactly the same way: a monthlong frenzy of hand picking that required more workers than almost any other crop. -- Last season, many raisin growers turned to machines to do the work. Although they had long held out, they are now joining growers nationwide in embracing mechanization...AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
'The Boot'
Houston Chronicle
Deportation orders outpace the ability to carry them out
An estimated 400,000 people who have been ordered out of the United States, including many convicted criminals or those from terrorist states, are still living in the country - in some cases decades after getting deportation orders - because federal officials have failed to ensure their removal. -- Twenty-two cities nationwide this year will get full-time teams of enforcement officers...AP Internal Use Only

Marty Lich
Marty Lich
Marty Lich -- Magic City Morning Star
Is Life Like That?
Funny, *they* say Life is Like that! Or that is what I hear from time to time. -- And yes indeed, life is like that. Unfair, judgmental, one-sided. Or is it the media, and not life is really like that? For the most part. -- Case in point and no pun intended: Opening scene, Glenwood Springs, Colorado and a business called the Busy Bee Cleaning Service....AP Internal Use Only

RINO Chris Cannon
RINO Cannon
Salt Lake Tribune
MALDEF lackey RINO Cannon continues amnesty push
Rep. Chris Cannon says he is determined to help President Bush reform the nation's immigration laws, despite resistance from Republicans and a barrage of attacks Cannon endured from immigration foes in his recent re- election. -- The Utah Republican said reform-minded members of Congress are "working like crazy" with the White House to put together a broad immigration reform package...AP Internal Use Only

Say NO to Mexico
Arizona Republic
Irksome Mexicans continue grousing over Prop. 200
Mexico City -- For months, Arizona's Proposition 200 evoked nothing but yawns among Mexican media and politicians. But in the weeks since it became law, the measure has started raising hackles nationwide. --- "This law provokes a xenophobic attitude, a discriminatory attitude," said Eliana Garcia Laguna, a PRD lawmaker... -- Garcia Laguna and other members of the PRD... called on Fox to withdraw Mexico's ambassador to Washington.AP Internal Use Only

Onslaught - Third World Horde
L.A. Times
Borders, Priorities Blur Along the 'Wild Frontier'
Columbus, N.M. - Frustrated by security crackdowns in Arizona, thousands of illegal immigrants and drug traffickers are flooding once-quiet New Mexico, making it the newest frontier in America's struggle to control its southern border. -- Border Patrol agents who once caught handfuls of immigrants a day here now arrest 140 or 150 a night.AP Internal Use Only

BS Broadcasting
BBC -- January 23
Invaders say "This is Mexico"
Owen Bennet-Jones (BBC): They're here illegally and they should go back to Mexico; what do they think of that?
Illegal Mexican invader (translator): They're saying that this is Mexican territory; why are they going to kick us out of here?
Jones (BBC): Well now it's the United States.
Illegal Mexican invader (translator): Look around.
Jones (BBC): All you see is Mexicans.  Windows Media Player Format Listen

Jorge Bush
North County Times -- Oceanside, Calif.
Bush renews amnesty debate, but idea gets little support locally
President Bush did not mention immigration in his second inaugural address last week, but it is certain to become an issue in Congress during his second term. In the days prior to the speech Thursday, he renewed his call for an amnesty plan and a guest worker program. It is a commitment that even some of his staunchest Republican supporters find hard to explain.AP Internal Use Only

Joe Guzzardi
Joe Guzzardi
Time To End The Marriage Visa Racket
Since I moved back to California in 1988, I've received three marriage proposals. -- None had anything to do with love. They were straight business propositions wherein I- an American citizen - would be paid to marry illegal aliens. Then my new bride would be able to pursue legal permanent residence.AP Internal Use Only

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