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Thursday, January 6, 2005

Mexico Creating Gordian Knot*
Lying About Invasion Handbook Leads to More Problems

Lou Dobbs Tonight - January 5 (Features Rick Oltman of FAIR)
Lou Dobbs: The guidebook, produced by the Mexican government, is filled with tips for illegal aliens to enter this country safely and, of course, illegally. Now, some say the book could stall White House plans for its proposed guest worker program, and accelerate immigration reform. Casey Wian reports from Los Angeles.
Casey Wian: The Mexican migrant guide may be only a comic book in appearance, but it is quickly becoming a real life drama for the government of Mexico.
* - Gordian Knot

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L.A. Mayoral Race - Who do You Favor?
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How To Infest the U.S.
Invasion Guide
The Independent -- London
American outrage over DIY handbook for Mexican invaders
Conservative groups in the United States have been outraged by an illustrated handbook issued by Mexican authorities that gives migrants tips on how to cross America's southern border illegally. -- The books, denounced by some as "how-to manuals", urge would- be immigrants to carry enough water, follow railway lines and wear clothing that will protect them from the elements.AP Internal Use Only

David Frum -- National Review
GOP, You Are Warned
No issue, not one, threatens to do more damage to the Republican coalition than immigration. There's no issue where the beliefs and interests of the party rank-and-file diverge more radically from the beliefs and interests of the party's leaders. Immigration for Republicans in 2005 is what crime was for Democrats in 1965 or abortion in 1975...AP Internal Use Only

Say NO to Mexico
Jon Dougherty -- NewsMax.com
Lawmakers Up in Arms Over Mexico's 'How-to' for Illegals
A 32-page "Guide For the Mexican Migrant" that tells illegal immigrants how to cross the U.S. border, and how to stay in the U.S. unobtrusively, was supposedly intended to keep Mexican citizens from risking breaking into the United States because it's dangerous, kills hundreds of Mexican migrants annually, and violates U.S. law.AP Internal Use Only

Screw Taxpayers
Jan Herron -- Magic City Morning Star
Mexican Government Border Crossing Comic Book
The "comic books" issued by the Mexican government to the illegal aliens it sends to the US should be exposed for its true intent - conspiracy by a foreign government to aid and abet illegal aliens into the US. Step-by-step illustrations and written instructions show clearly the Mexican government's "in the gringo's face" interference with US sovereignty and law enforcement.AP Internal Use Only

RINO Dreier
San Francisco Chronicle
L.A. area Republican counters Bush's immigration plan
A leading California Republican introduced legislation Wednesday to crack down on the hiring of undocumented immigrants, highlighting the daunting obstacles to President Bush's plan to provide temporary legalization to the estimated 6 million immigrants currently working illegally in the United States.AP Internal Use Only

Moore for Mayor -- City of Los Angeles

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No Amnesty for Invaders
Petition to Bush: No amnesty for illegals
A website is collecting online "signatures" of Americans who oppose any sort of amnesty or guest-worker program that would legalize certain illegal aliens living in the U.S., such as the one proposed by President Bush. -- NoMoreAmnesty.com includes a history of the 1986 amnesty...AP Internal Use Only

Moore for L.A. Mayor
Moore for
L.A. Mayor
Moore, others debate at L.A. Valley College
Video taped by activist Hal Netkin. Debate took place on January 5 at L.A. Valley College, and involves the only good candidate, Walter Moore, ex-top-L.A. cop Bernard Parks, MEChA-boy Antonio Villaraigosa, MALDEF lackey Bob Hertzberg, and Richard Alarcon, brother of a rabid communist/Chicano rabble rouser. Runs about 60 min.AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
New York Times
A Mexican Manual for Illegal Migrants Upsets Some in U.S.
The Mexican government drew fire from American advocates of tighter borders on Wednesday for publishing a pamphlet that instructs migrants how to safely enter the United States illegally and live there without being detected. -- Officials here say the small booklet, illustrated in comic-book style, is not intended to encourage illegal immigration... [What a load of bull]AP Internal Use Only

The Beach Reporter -- Manhattan Beach
Redondo Beach rally planned to oppose day laborer nuisances
A rally supporting Redondo Beach Police for arresting day laborers illegally soliciting work on public land is being planned. -- "We are coming to Redondo Beach in response to the judge's restriction on the Police Department and city officials," stated a member of the Save Our State organization that is planning the rally. [Get complete details from Save Our State]AP Internal Use Only

Foreign Invaders
Inc. Magazine
Invasion predicted to be hot topic this year
House Speaker Dennis Hastert took the floor for his first speech in the109th congress on Jan. 4 to discussed a theme that has divided many business owners: immigration. The terrorists who attacked the U.S., Hastert said, exploited border-security oversights and abused American immigration laws...AP Internal Use Only

How To Infest the U.S.
Invasion Guide
El Universal -- Mexico City
Mexican invasion comic book sparks controversy
Monterrey, Mex. -- The government is distributing a comic book guide that warns would-be migrants about the perils of crossing illegally into the United States and offers tips to stay safe enraging some advocates of stricter immigration policies in the United States who argue the booklet encourages illegal migration. [Also see this feature, this feature, and this feature]AP Internal Use Only

Sue You!
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Fraud trial of Somali activist begins
Opening statements began Tuesday in federal court in Memphis in the immigration fraud trial of Omar Jamal, an activist in the Twin Cities' Somali community. -- Jamal faces six felony counts of filing false immigration information in 1998, and if convicted could be deported.AP Internal Use Only

Dos Mundos -- Kansas City
Kansas invader soiree draws a crowd
About 200 people attended a public forum at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Olathe Sunday night. Organized by community activists and the Johnson County Immigrant Rights Coalition, the meeting, conducted in Spanish, delved into topics related to U.S. citizenship and immigration.AP Internal Use Only

Pig With Lipstick - That's Jorge
Hardbeat News
Bush Welcomes New Congressmembers But Ignores Immigration
President George Bush yesterday welcomed several newly-elected congress members to the White House and pitched some of the issues he'd like to see on Congress' agenda as it resumes today. But noticeably absent from his pitch was the issue of immigration reform. -- While Bush ended the year calling for immigration reforms and the implementation of his guest worker program...AP Internal Use Only

Squatter License
The News-Journal
Lawbreaking invaders demand Delaware driver's licenses
As Wednesday's gray rainy day faded to cold darkness, activists in Wilmington lit candles to highlight a problem faced by uncounted immigrants. -- Voces Sin Fronteras or Voices Without Borders - a faith-based nonprofit group for social change and justice for Latinos - held the vigil to push for new laws to let undocumented immigrants [criminals] get driver's licenses.AP Internal Use Only

Letters and E-Mail
LTE - San Francisco Chronicle
Population control is responsible
Yeh Ling-Ling's commentary ("Stop population growth -- here and abroad," Jan. 4) says something that's true, though it may not please many people. It's a commonly held belief that more population would help fix Social Security, create more job opportunities and boost economic growth, but the negative impact of too much population can't be underestimated.AP Internal Use Only

L.A. Times
Salvadorans' Stay in U.S. to Be Extended
Federal authorities will announce today that 248,000 Salvadoran immigrants who hold special residency and work permits - most of whom live in California - will receive an 18-month extension to stay in the United States until September 2006. -- The special visas, which would have expired in March, were created to assist El Salvador...AP Internal Use Only

No Way, Jose!
Associated Press
White House won't release papers on Bush's La Raza lackey
The White House refused Thursday to provide senators additional documents on attorney general nominee Alberto Gonzales' involvement in the decision to allow aggressive interrogations of terrorism detainees, setting up a confrontation with Democrats looking into his role in the now-repudiated policies.AP Internal Use Only

Woe Be Me!!!
KSL -- Salt Lake City
"Save America" causing concern for lawbreaking hordes
An organization that calls itself "Save America" is causing great concern among members of Utah's Hispanic community. -- The group says it wants to stop illegal immigration. But at tonight's meeting, some felt the tone was too extreme. -- The organizer of "Save America" says it is simply a group of concerned Utah citizens bringing attention to what is a national issue. AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
La Journada - Mexico City -- [Roughly Translated]
Study: 10% of Mexican population moved to U.S. since 1990
A new study revealed that in the last Mexican decade one tenth part of, the mainly young ones, emigrated towards the United States, in a fact that threatens transferring to that country the benefit of the economic wealth that, for only time in history, will be generated by an increase in the number of Mexican in productive age. [See Spanish version]AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Washington Times
Tougher laws eyed for illegal aliens
A senior House Republican yesterday called for an improved Social Security card to prevent illegal immigrants from gaining jobs and for quintupling the penalty for those who employ them, marking the first major shot in the immigration debate expected to take place in this Congress. -- Another Republican committee chairman, meanwhile, is set to introduce a bill that would include some of the measures like national standards for driver's licenses...AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle
Baby-killing Mexican gets 3 life sentences in Texas
Galveston - A League City man was given three life sentences Tuesday after admitting he molested his 2- year- old daughter and beat her to death in a case that brought to light an ineffective state child abuse hot line system. -- Frank Padilla was scheduled for trial next month. His guilty pleas avoided a lengthy trial in which he faced the death penalty.AP Internal Use Only

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