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Thursday, November 4, 2004

The Real War Heats Up
"Conquest of Aztlan" Enters Final Stage

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American Patrol Comment: The real war is not in Iraq, but on the Mexican border. Congress and the President will soon take actions that will seal our fate -- for good or ill. If they fail to stop illegal immigration and secure the border, America will become a Third World nation and Mexico will have achieved the "Conquest of Aztlan."

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Newsday -- New York
Suffolk residents should question the sanity of the PBA chief
The head of the Suffolk Police Benevolent Association [PBA] Thursday denounced County Executive Steve Levy's proposal to "deputize" cops and turn them into immigration agents, while county legislators defeated a bill aimed at providing $500,000 to fund the training. -- Levy has proposed deputization as a way to crack down on illegal immigration and to deport dangerous criminals...AP Internal Use Only

Ridiculous License Photo - FL_
ABC-TV7 -- Fort Meyers, Florida
Three arrested in fraudulent driver's license scheme
Collier County -- A Cape Coral woman is under arrest for allegedly helping thousands of illegal immigrants obtain fraudulent driver's licenses. The year long investigation was conducted by the Collier County Sheriff's Office, with assistance from the Collier County Tax Collector's Office and Region 6 Domestic Security Task Force.AP Internal Use Only

Air Travel
KVBC-TV -- Las Vegas
Las Vegas airport may be key invader smuggling location
Three years after 9/11, U.S. borders are still ripping at the seams. Millions of illegal immigrants will come into America through Mexico this year, many of them from hostile countries. News 3 Investigator Darcy Spears has been digging deeper into this security threat, and tells us what role McCarran Airport plays in the human smuggling scene.AP Internal Use Only

Arizona's Prop. 200
Voters approve new crackdown on illegals
Arizona voters' approval of a referendum clamping down on illegal aliens is bolstering a grassroots effort that may result in similar measures across the nation. -- The Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, placed on the ballot by activists, makes it mandatory for people registering to vote to show proof of U.S. citizenship, the San Antonio Express-News reported...AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic
Presumed invaders already fretting Prop. 200
Arizona Latino leaders say they have been inundated with calls since voters approved Prop. 200 Tuesday, asking whether immigrant parents should send their children to school or whether it's safe to go shopping. -- "It's a very reasonable fear,'' said Thomas Saenz of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund [click here for more info on these invasion cheerleaders].AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
Orange County Register -- Santa Ana (Free Registration)
O.C. raid nets drugs, Mexican invaders
Gang-unit investigators raided two Costa Mesa homes Wednesday evening and arrested five suspects, seized weapons and drugs and found three people recently smuggled from Mexico, police said. -- The three smuggled into the U.S. were being held against their will, police said [boo- hoo - another ploy used by these pests to portray themselves as victims]...AP Internal Use Only

Another Evil Ford Foundation Attack on America
MALDEF Protest coming up tomorrow - Hollywood
Click headline for full details.

Temecula Bugle
Activists protest hiring illegals
...The sad truth is, our Federal Government lacks the will to enforce our immigration laws, and because of that, we are losing our culture, our language, and our country. Polling for the last three years shows that Americans want immigration laws enforced. Recently, the polling numbers have moved as high as 80%, but there is still no response from Washington.AP Internal Use Only

Arizona's Prop. 200
Tucson Citizen
Prop. 200 'legally challenge-proof,' backer says
Proposition 200 - the ballot initiative aimed at discouraging illegal immigration, is "legally challenge-proof," said supporter Kathy McKee the day after Arizona voters approved the measure by a 56-44 percent margin. -- There were no legal challenges filed yesterday. -- "I'm curious how they're gonna challenge it...."

Drug Bust
Tucson Citizen
Big pot bust in Sierra Vista Wal-Mart lot, 2 invaders nailed
Plainclothes Border Patrol agents seized $648,000 worth of pot during a bust at a staging area for narcotics smuggling in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Sierra Vista, according to the agency. -- The marijuana was bundled in the back-seat area of a white 2001 Chevrolet Silverado, authorities said. The pot was covered with a sheet of plywood and a blanket...AP Internal Use Only

The Klan with a Tan
Capitol Media Services
Nat'l Council of 'The Race' & others to try blocking Prop. 200
Hispanic rights groups are going to ask a federal court to block Proposition 200 from ever being allowed to take effect. -- Daniel Ortega, a board member of the National Council of La Raza, said Wednesday the initiative adopted by Arizona voters violates the U.S. Constitution which gives Congress supremacy in immigration issues. AP Internal Use Only

Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs
U.S. News and World Report
The people's representatives?
...Congress continues to ignore our conflated crisis of border security and illegal immigration, which is driving down the wages of working Americans and taxes collected by local and state governments. -- These lawmakers are hardly representative of American society. I can't find more than a few blue-collar workers in the House, but about a third of House members are lawyers...AP Internal Use Only

Latest Update
Election gives immigration moderates reason to cheer
A reader wrote last week chastising us for running ads in Iowa pointing out John Kerry is co-sponsoring the AgJOBS amnesty in the Senate. ProjectUSA's "attacks" on Sen. Kerry, he argued, were "only helping Bush." -- Similarly, Republicans wrote whenever we called attention to George Bush's policies upbraiding us for helping Senator Kerry...AP Internal Use Only

Great News!
Washington Times
Arizonans spread hopes for moves against illegals
Denver - Arizona voters defied their political leadership Tuesday by approving Proposition 200, a measure against illegal immigration, in a move that could fuel similar grass-roots movements across the West. -- With 99 percent of the vote counted, Proposition 200 had 56 percent support...AP Internal Use Only

Video Link
Full Disclosure (Cable TV Show)
Invaders kill cops who wait for the feds to enforce the law
In the City which at one time declared itself a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens, former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates describes how illegal aliens shot and killed police officers while the Department waited for Federal authorities to enforce immigration law at the border and on the streets of Los Angeles... [30 minute video]AP Internal Use Only

Arizona's Prop. 200
Arizona Republic
Officials still unsure what immigration measure requires
Arizona voters answered the ballot question on Proposition 200 Tuesday, sweeping the controversial measure into law by a double-digit spread. Now, attorneys across the state are scrambling to answer an even more complicated question: How should government agencies put the measure's provisions into effect?AP Internal Use Only

Mara Salvatrucha
MS13 Gang
Alipac.org / Charlotte Observer
Cops nab MS-13 gangsters planning Halloween executions
Ten gang members, who police believe had planned to shoot rivals over the Halloween weekend, were arrested on minor charges before any shooting started. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Detective Tim Jolly said 10 members of Mara Salvatrucha 13 were arrested Saturday when police and federal authorities found them partying inside a vacant mobile home in north Charlotte.AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
El Universal - Mexico City
Corrupt Mexican gov't screams over Prop. 200's passage
The Mexican government on Wednesday criticized Arizona voters' passage of Proposition 200, calling it a measure "that encourages acts of discrimination based on ethnic profiling." -- The initiative, which was backed by conservative groups and requires Arizona residents to show identification cards to vote and receive social services, was passed Tuesday.AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
Daily Breeze -- Torrance, Calif.
Governor spells out shades of difference on driver issue
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday forcefully spelled out a key concession he needs from Democrats before signing any resurrected legislation that would give illegal immigrants [criminals] the ability to obtain drivers' licenses. -- The governor's forceful edict comes just as leading Democrats on the issue appeared to be edging apart on whether to acquiesce. [Illegals need to be deported, not licensed.]AP Internal Use Only

Arizona's Prop. 200
Associated Press
Arizona's Proposition 200: Immigration Restrictions Analyzed
Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that lawyers are analyzing a newly approved measure that aims to keep illegal immigrants from voting and obtaining some government services to determine how it will affect state agencies. -- Arizona voters approved Proposition 200 on Tuesday, 56 percent to 44 percent.AP Internal Use Only

Time For A Round-up
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Border Patrol tries new tactic, nets 228 in bus station sweeps
U.S. Border Patrol agents this week began conducting patrols at Phoenix-area bus stations in an effort to disrupt smuggling organizations that transport undocumented immigrants from the border to other parts of the country. -- Since Saturday, when the patrols began, Border Patrol agents have apprehended 228 undocumented immigrants [criminals]...AP Internal Use Only

El Meddling Presidente
El Presidente
San Antonio Express-News 
Prop. 200 spreads -- Meddling Mexicans miffed
...Despite strong opposition from the state's governor and congressional delegation, voters approved Proposition 200... It tightens Arizona laws to keep undocumented immigrants [criminals] from voting and from getting welfare and other government help. -- The Mexican government lamented passage of the measure, saying it "will lead to discrimination based on racial profiling while limiting access to basic health and educational services..." AP Internal Use Only

Kangaroo Court
The Express-Times -- Easton, Pennsylvania
Crackpot judge compliments lawbreaking invaders, turns them loose
Easton, Pa. -- Instead of punishing 27 illegal immigrants, a Northampton County judge complimented them and set them free. -- The immigrants were arrested Oct. 27 for using false or stolen Social Security numbers [a felony in most cases] to get jobs with Rapp Brothers Pallet Services in Williams Township. [D.A. John Morganelli is furious.]AP Internal Use Only

Dump David Dreier, RINO Supreme
Pasadena Star News
Dreier victory is closer than usual
Rep. David Dreier won re-election Tuesday, but he did so by the slimmest margin in his career. -- It was also the smallest margin of victory for any incumbent congressman in California this election. -- According to the final tally, the Glendora Republican received 53.7 percent of the vote while Democratic challenger Cynthia Matthews took 42.8 percent.AP Internal Use Only

Arizona's Prop. 200
Arizona Daily Star Hourly Update  [Short-lived link]
Invader cheerleader vows to block enforcement of Prop. 200
..."We didn't lose the war, just the battle," said attorney Danny Ortega, one of those behind the Proposition 200 lawsuit. "The proposition will not be enforced. It's not a surprise that Proposition 200 passed, but it is also no surprise that a lawsuit from several Valley firms is in the works and will be filed in the next few weeks.AP Internal Use Only

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