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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Open Borders Advocates to Meet with Mexicans
Kolbe and McCaffrey Are Birds of a Feather

General Barry McCaffrey has praised Mexican drug lord and Rep. Kolbe (R-Az) has advocated amnesty for illegals.
Terms of Surrender to Be Drawn Up?
(ABP) The U.S. - Mexico Binational Council will meet next Tuesday (4/26) to hear from two open borders advocates. Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Az) has advocated amnesty for illegal aliens and General Barry McCaffrey has said "We really don't have a border between the two countries."  He also praised a Mexican General who turned out to be a crook.
(See video clip from "Bonds" documentary)

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News from Nevada
Las Vegas Business Press
Ill feelings over health cards subside
On a late Monday afternoon just past, more than a dozen people lined up for the inevitable food handlers' and caregivers' ritual of getting a health card from the Clark County Health District on Shadow Lane in Las Vegas. -- "I'm hearing that I need some ID and I just got to town. I don't have ID yet," said a young Hispanic woman, who appeared to be in her early 20s... AP Internal Use Only

Take A Hike, Amigos.
Kevin Leininger -- News-Sentinel
Illegal immigration: Does one crime lead to another?
Allen Superior Court provided translators for 2,245 people last year, at a cost of $56,246. That was nearly 100 people -- and $20,000 -- more than the year before. -- Since all but 160 of the people needing translators in 2003 spoke primarily Spanish -- and because as many as 1 million people enter the country illegally from Mexico every year -- the statistics raise an obvious, if politically incorrect, question... AP Internal Use Only

Edwin S.
"Insourcing"-Few Jobs. And Immigrants Get Them Anyway
The debate over "outsourcing" has taken an interesting twist. Its proponents now tout foreign direct investment in the U.S.-a.k.a "insourcing"-as a countervailing source of jobs. -- According to this view, foreign companies are generating plenty of new jobs for Americans. They are thereby cushioning the impact of jobs going overseas...AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  Arizona
Tucson Citizen
Border fight called peril to pronghorn (invaders to thank for this)
...Border Patrol Tucson Sector Chief David Aguilar and DiRosa said the agencies are working to minimize the impact on the pronghorn while maximizing national security. -- But to Jenny Neeley, Southwest associate for Defenders of Wildlife, increased Border Patrol activity will only contribute to the pronghorn's extinction. AP Internal Use Only

No Aiding & Abetting Criminals
Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson
Bishops plead for border crossers
Catholic bishops from Tucson, Phoenix and Hermosillo are calling on parishioners to see Jesus Christ in the faces of the men, women and children who continue to make grueling illegal border treks into the United States from Mexico. -- "Whatever happens to the least of us is what happens to Christ," said Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. [Also see: The Pope in Mexico] AP Internal Use Only

¿No Habla English?
Washington Times
Language law translates to $440,000 a year
A new D.C. law directs city agencies to produce their documents in a variety of languages for about 38,000 residents who do not speak or read English well. -- Under the Language Access Act, city agencies must provide translation services in languages spoken by at least 500 residents or by at least 3 percent of persons a given agency serves or is likely to serve... AP Internal Use Only

Joe Guzzardi
Joe Guzzardi
The Truth Hurts Martin Frost (D.-TX)
For sheer entertainment value, nothing tops watching Congressional open borders advocates go ballistic when they're publicly confronted with their own outrageous positions. -- You'd expect more decorum from men who have been in the national spotlight for most of their adult life. -- A month ago, Rep. Chris Cannon (R.-Utah) disgraced himself. During a House Judiciary Immigration subcommittee hearing... AP Internal Use Only

Foreign Invaders
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Arizona: Mexican invasion going full speed ahead
Along Arizona's rugged stretch of U.S.-Mexican border, illegal immigration is reaching levels unprecedented since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, driving up arrests by more than 50 percent from last year and pushing the death toll toward a new record. -- Despite a massive push by DHS officials to control Arizona's 350-mile border... [Also see: Bush's outrageous amnesty scheme spurred invader rush] AP Internal Use Only

Protect Arizona Now - Click Logo
Yuma Sun
Forum features debate on PAN initiative, Grijalva crony rants
Saying it will simply enforce already existing state laws, [state] Rep. Randy Graf urged locals to support it. Responding that it will divide communities, Luis Heredia [a spokesman for reconquista CongressMechista Raul Grijalva who claims invaders aren't criminals... but 'victims'] spoke out against it. -- Both were speaking about the Taxpayer & Citizen Protection Act Initiative, created by the group Protect Arizona Now (PAN)...AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
'Save Our State' Petitions Ready for Downloading Now

Read all instructions carefully. This initiative also ends the threat of invaders getting driver's licenses in California once and for all. All petitions must be in the SOS office by April 25. For additional info, call (877) NO-ILLEGALS | CLICK HERE for alternate petition download site and deadline info

Jim Hahn's 'Mexican City'
Mexican City
Washington Post
100 suspected invaders found 'trapped' in Watts dump
From the outside, the little white bungalow looked no different from many others on the mean streets of Watts. Old and worn, with boarded windows and a yard strewn with trash, the house always appeared dark and vacant. -- Inside, it festered with human misery. -- Federal agents acting on a tip raided the place Wednesday and were startled by what they found: More than 100 illegal immigrants... AP Internal Use Only

Chappaquiddick Ted
Boston Globe
Kennedy pushes in-state tuition rate for lawbreakers
US Senator Edward M. Kennedy, speaking to area Latino leaders yesterday, said he would push Congress to pass a law allowing immigrants to attend colleges at in-state tuition rates even though the students aren't US citizens [legal residents already pay in-state tuition rates]. -- The measure he touted is the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, also known as the Dream Act. AP Internal Use Only

California Highway Patrol
Los Angeles Daily News
Officers caught in bull's-eye
The fatal shooting of a CHP officer allegedly by a teenager trying to impress gang members [suspect is Valentino Mitchell Arenas] marks the latest incident in a worsening trend of police in Los Angeles and elsewhere facing violent attacks, authorities said Friday. -- Attacks against LAPD have jumped more than a third... -- "The leaders of this city, county and state need to realize there's a war on the streets, and we need to address it now."AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
North County Times -- Oceanside, California
57 suspected invaders 'rescued' near Lake Elsinore
More than 50 undocumented immigrants [criminals] were rescued and detained after being held hostage at gunpoint for several days inside a dilapidated single-wide trailer north of Lake Elsinore, authorities said Friday. -- One of the hostages was able to escape from the trailer on Bosley Lane around 5 p.m. Thursday and get help, according to a release from the United States Customs and Border Protection.AP Internal Use Only

Hit The Road, Jose!
Nashville Tennessean
Governor: No license for illegal immigrants
Citing homeland security risks posed by the state's driver's license law, Gov. Phil Bredesen yesterday announced he wants to change the law so that only U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents will get state driver's licenses. -- Tennessee is one of 10 states that allow an undocumented immigrant [criminal] to get a driver's license. AP Internal Use Only

Jim Hahn's 'Mexican City'
Mexican City
Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) 
Councilman wants anti-coyote task force in invader-friendly L.A.
An estimated 10,000 women and children are brought to Los Angeles every year and forced to work as prostitutes. Now City Council member Tony Cardenas says it is time to do something about the problem. -- Cardenas has announced the formation of a special task force to track down human smugglers, brothel operators, and pimps. [What about Special Order 40?] AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle (Free Registration)
Seven arrested on immigrant smuggling charge
Seven East Texas residents were arrested Friday on charges of conspiring to smuggle immigrants into the United States from Mexico, the U.S. Attorney's office said. -- Several law enforcement groups worked on the case in which authorities said the group transported immigrants into the country for cash. AP Internal Use Only

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